battery life in days? really? batteries in the Logitech Nano last months! I have two Logtiech Nano mice; I think the super-small recievers are great for the laptop; and the mouse, while it's on the small side, is still pretty good for extended use, and performance is flawless.

I'm intrigued by this new Logitech Performance Mouse MX, the larger and more ergonomic form factor look great, but I see multiple references to the battery life in days, maximum 1-2 weeks! after which you have to remember to plug it in.

This seems like a major hastle; the batteries in my Logitech Nano mice literally last for months before I need to replace the batteries; like upwards of 6 months or even more. so much so that I can't remember when I've last replaced them.

So even though it may not seem like a big deal at first to have to plug in this mouse to charge, when you compare having to plug it in every few days, or a week at max, to the Logitech Nano where you replace the batteries once every 4-6 months at minimum, for me that's a deal-breaker on this mouse.

That's at least 4-6 months before you have to think about the power to your mouse vs. once every week or less.

Any other thoughts? Are the comments on the very short battery life incorrect?
asked by Adam Carlson on March 19, 2010
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For "tech savvy" users, I am a bit surprised. There are three reasons battery life is not as long as their regular mice:

This is written for both the performance Mouse MX, which uses one battery and the Anywhere Mouse which uses two batteries.

1. Rechargeable batteries do not last as long as regular batteries.
2. The darkfield laser uses a lot more power than a regular laser.
3. While the Anywhere Mouse uses two batteries, the Performance mouse MX uses only one.

To make matters worse, Logitech uses crappy rechargeable batteries.


Go buy TWO 2200 mAh (or higher) rechargeable batteries. Put the crappy one that came with the mouse in a low power device like a remote control or a low use LED flashlight. When one set gets low, swap it out. That way you never have to use the cable. But keep it around if you use it with a laptop so if your batteries get low when you travel you don't need to pack your wall charger with you.

You CAN use a regular battery in the Performance Mouse so long as you NEVER hook up the charging cable while it is in there. If you use the charging cable on a regular battery you will damage the battery for sure and probably the mouse as well. [Logitech does not recommend regular batteries, but electronically speaking, there is no reason not to so long as you don't use the charging cable]. Premium grade photo batteries should last 2-3 months even with very heavy use.

For the Anywhere Mouse, buy two PAIR of the batteries mentioned above. If you are traveling light, carry just one extra battery as this mouse will work on just one battery, but of course for only half the time of using two. Also remember to bring a wall charger if you want to use rechargeable batteries on extended trips. Do not mix rechargeable and conventional batteries in the Anywhere Mouse.

If you use two sets of batteries, I would keep the batteries paired. Mark one pair with a drop of fingernail polish or scratch a SHALLOW "X" on one pair with an awl or a nail, or use two different brands, so you know the pairs. If you don't keep them paired each battery will age differently and your effective use time will drop more quickly than if you keep them paired.

Remember darkfield is a trade off convenience. It tracks anywhere but uses about 5 to 10 times the power of a regular laser. If you don't need darkfield, but need very long battery life, then don't buy a darkfield mouse.

Logitech should have used better batteries, but the price of two or four good quality rechargeable batteries is nothing compared to the price of these mice.

Some say that the charging cradle the Revolution Mouse used was more convenient than the USB cable design of the Performance Mouse. If you are always at the same location that may be true if there are periods of non-use so the mouse can be recharged. If you take it with you, the cable is a lot more convenient. If someone is always using the mouse, the cable is more convenient. If you are the forgetful type and don't recharge the mouse or don't have extra batteries the cable is more convenient.

One more thing: If your darkfield mouse becomes unreliable after using the mouse for a year, clean the optics with some alcohol and a soft lint free cloth. Sometimes the mirrors and lenses in these darkfield mice get cruddy and thus become unreliable. A quick cleaning restores performance.

Now I hope none of you own a high performance automobile. Yikes!
Mission Specialist answered on April 27, 2012
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The performance Mouse MX that I've used for 6 months doesn't have a battery life of over a week. I see from logitech's support forums that a lot of other people have had the same problem. I've been waiting over 3 weeks for a shipping label to return this mouse, but so far it hasn't come, and logitech hasn't answered my emails. Buyer beware, their quality is slipping.
Tom C. Jarvis answered on February 9, 2011
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all nimh shorten after a while, couple hundred charges or so depending...but they are very cheap to replace, decent sanyos are about 2-3 dollars a piece.
Vermecilli answered on May 13, 2011
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I realize that this Logitech Performance Mouse MX uses rechargable batteries rather than alkaline, I'm just suprised that they need to be charged every 1-2 weeks whereas the Logitech Nano can run on a single set of alkaline batteries for over 6 months. In my experience with rechargable batteries, there isn't such an enourmous difference in battery life between alkaline and rechargable batteries.

I think I'd rather replace the batteries once every six months and not have to think about it for another six months than have to place the mouse on a USB charger every single week... I'm not even sure if the mouse could be used while it's plugged into the charger, but even if it can, it seems like it would be annoying, in addition to the weekly routine of having to charge it. Of course, I like the idea of not throwing away batteries too; if it needed to be recharged, say, once every 2-3 months, that wouldn't be so bad, but once a week seems extreme.
Adam Carlson answered on August 10, 2010
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Has anyone noticed a difference between using a battery charged by a wall-charger (like an Eneloop, using an Eneloop charger) and charging that same battery to "full" in the mouse? The battery that came with mine states (written on it) that it requires 16 hours to fully charge, yet the mouse is "full" from "low" in less than an hour. How can it possibly be full, considering that it's drawing less power from a USB port than a wall charger would provide, and in 1/16th the time? :) I wonder if the mouse is to blame for the three days of battery life. I'm going to try swapping Eneloops from the wall for a while to see what the difference in longevity really is.
TheTruthHurts answered on June 1, 2012
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I hope my MX1100 (battery life = 3-6 mos) last long enough for a new mouse product line comes out. While I am an avid Logitech fan, It appears that the "Performance" Mouse MX is not going to live up to the usual stellar performance that previous incarnations have had. The fact that battery life is so short, then you have to tether it in order to charge it, is enough to make me look elsewhere for a pointing device if my present mouse meets an early demise!
Carl Capasso answered on January 23, 2011
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So, I've had this mouse for a week now.. battery life is still full, according to these 3 green lights I see every time I use it. Never turned it off..

Is it that the battery life shortens after some time?
I use my computer a whole lot throughout the days and nights.
C. Charlton answered on April 8, 2011
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Okay well after recieving the mouse on March 31st and using it regularly (heavily to some) since then I charged it for the first time last night, not out of necessity but just because it's been showing 2 bars for a while and I felt I might as well do it before I see it turn red or something.
I'm used to 3 months + with my VX Revolution but I can work with the 2 weeks + this mouse gives me if it means I no longer have to be getting batteries to replace dead ones, and I also already had a USB charger on my desk for my HTC EVO so finding a plug or more wires hasn't been a problem. I know it isn't good enough for some people but for me it's fine.
C. Charlton answered on April 17, 2011
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I've had this mouse for over a year now, and while the battery life with the standard battery start to dwindle, I highly recommend replacing it with an Enloop XX AA battery. It is the same brand as the one that comes with it, but higher capacity. I now get at least two weeks with heavy use per charge. Also, because it uses nimh batteries, expect it to lose life as the mouse ages. Fortunately, it can be replaced with any nimh rechargable AA battery.
Hike answered on March 10, 2014
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This uses a single AA battery. Mine came with an Eneloop (widely regarded as one of the best brands). Recharging can be a hassle, but if you already have other AAs, it's a quick swap.
Jesse Miller answered on March 20, 2014
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