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VINE VOICEon July 7, 2012
I love this Boostcase. It is exactly what I needed.

When I first got my iPhone I wasn't having any problem with the battery running down. Then I discovered more and more about my iPhone's features. As I moved on from basic e-mail and phone calls to making use of a variety of apps, I found that I almost always ran out of battery before I ran out of daytime. I tried to keep chargers handy, in my car and in my purse, but it simply wasn't convenient.

Enter the Boostcase. Here are my thoughts on this item:

It can take up to six hours to completely charge both your phone and the Boostcase if both are run down, but that almost never happens. This case offers hours and hours of use. I am on my phone and using apps (with push notifications) from 7 am each day and it is generally somewhere around 10 pm before the case is out of juice and it switches back to the primary phone battery (which at that point still has a full charge). To charge only the case generally takes around three hours.

On the downside, the case is heavy. It more than doubles the weight of my phone. So I stopped carrying the phone in my pocket and now put it in my purse instead. But the shape fits easily into my hand and the texture of the case keeps it from being slippery which helps me maintain my grip on the phone. (And with speaker phone and bluetooth the weight isn't as much of a problem as it would be if you were holding the phone to your ear for long periods of time).

The openings around the phone buttons and camera are more than sufficient and do not make it difficult to use the headphone jack (like some other cases that I have tried).

Since the case is made of two pieces it is easy to detach the battery part of the Boostcase and just use the snap on case that the battery attaches to. This is helpful if you have a stereo system or dock that you want to pop your iPhone into. This also means that you can charge the Boostcase separately from your phone if needed. So, if you are a super high battery user, you could run down the case, detach the battery and leave it charging while you use your phone's internal battery and in three hours you could plug your case back in and be good to go. I find this helpful when I'm on international flights where I'm on the go for 36 hours (or longer)and I want to watch videos for hours on end or use my Kindle reader. All I need is to find a plug-in for my case on my layover (or on the plane) and I never run out of power or lose the use of my phone for any period of time.

Further, I like how there is a pop of color around the sides, but that it is not overstated. (However, if you remove the battery be sure you like the color you have chosen, because the case will be one solid flash of color.)

This case is not inexpensive, but for me it is worth every penny for not having to scrounge around looking for plug-ins or limit my phone usage while out and about.

My overview:

Form, Color and Design: 5 stars
Price: 4 stars
Battery Life: 5 stars
Weight: 4 stars

Overall Star Rating: 4.5
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on April 27, 2012
Not long after buying the original boost case ($54.95) I noticed the boost case hybrid ($79.95) was available. I really like the original boost case because it gives great protection for the iphone, the case completly wraps around all edges of the iphone protecting the phone in case of drops. I quickly got used to the extra size of the boost case and within days didn't notice it anymore, actually preferring it to a bare phone or thin case. Then the hybrid came along. I studied the reviews, the company claims the case gives good protection, I thought being able to easily remove the battery would be a nice feature so I ordered it. What a letdown. This case provides very little protection, from what I can tell the edges of the case are level with the glass and maybe even a hair below. I believe if you dropped your phone and it landed on the screen edge you would have a cracked screen, unlike the orignal cheaper boost case which feels like I could toss the phone down the street and no damage would occur (I won't test that though). I also didn't like the way the iphone felt in my hand with the hybrid case, with or without the battery, it did not feel like I had a secure grip on it. Back to the original boose case which feels very secure in my hand. Bottom line is I highly recommend the lower cost original boost case over this "new and improved" more expensive design.
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on May 17, 2012
I just bought one of these to compare to a Mophie Juice Pack Plus. On receiving it I plugged it in and thought it looked sharp. The subtle blue LED's are great compared to the bright white ones on the Mophie. I was pretty pleased honestly! Then I plugged it in (case and phone together). I had it plugged in via a Kilo-watt so I could see how much power it sucked while it was charging (the engineer in me). It promptly charged my iphone first as expected..... and then nothing. The case LED's blinked as if they were charging but it was taking ZERO watts and was not charging the case. I unplugged the iphone and the case began to charge. Plugged the iphone back in, nothing. So they would not charge together. I did some reading on the boostcase website and they respond to a number of people that had this same issue in the comments on their website and say, this is not right, they should charge together...... So I emailed Boostcase, waited until the next day, NO RESPONSE. So I call up Boostcase expecting an easy resolution since their support has been talked about highly. I got a lady named Lola on the phone who seemed nice enough, however she immediatly told me this was expected behavior. The "electronics have to work twice as hard to charge both the case and the phone together so it doesn't work reliably, it's best to always seperate them for charging." I responded by referencing their website and how they specifically mention this capability and she continued to say that when charged together they may not charge up all the way.

I'm an electrical engineer Lola..... the electronics do NOT work any harder to charge the case, the phone, or both of them together. Your device is rated to take in 2.5 watts according to the sticker on it. It doesn't take in "twice as much" to charge the phone and case together. It charges one, then the other. Any claim that the electronics need to work harder when the case and phone are plugged in together is nonsense. Will it take longer to charger? Yes, since they both charge seperatly, one after another.

Frankly, it was both disappointing, and utterly amusing at the same time. So I contacted Amazon minutes after my phone call and requested a return.

This product apparently suffers from either false advertising, or uninformed technical staff, take your pick. I leave it to Amazon to sort out the rest, I don't want to deal with it.

UPDATE: I finally did receive an email response that stated that when the iphone and case are plugged in together it's a timed 3 hour charge cycle to the iphone and then the case charges. If this is interrupted it starts over......

an..... interesting approach. I will test this tonight quick and post back.

I tested the boost case again and indeed at precisely 3 hours in after being plugged in, the case began to charge. Clearly this needs to be documented better that this is how this works. This isn't the ideal charging algorithm to me but this will work for me. Given that I like everything else regarding this case I will elevate my review. I would dock a half star if possible due to the incomplete documentation however since I can't do that and I don't think a full star is warranted I'll give this 5 stars with the caveat that the documentation needs to be cleared up.
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on January 23, 2012
i wanted to get this review up since its a pretty new product and i dont see any reviews for it yet.

i LOVED the idea of this when i saw it at CES (well, i wasnt there, but saw sites talking about it). the one worry i had was how sturdy the battery pack would fit with the sleeve.

well, im happy to say it fits great! its very very sturdy. its very tight, and doesnt feel loose on the sleeve at all. when you put the battery pack on it all feels like one unit... the phone, sleeve and battery pack. im very surprised at how well it all fits together.

battery operation is very simple, and i noticed that when my battery got down low enough and i plugged up the battery pack it started charging automatically, i didnt even have to turn it on with the power button.

sleeve fits well and is very minimal which is what i wanted. im very careful with my electronics. i only dropped my droid 1 that ive had for two years twice, so this minimal sleeve worked out really well.

overall i think this is the absolute best idea for someone that doesnt need the battery on the phone all the time and someone that isnt clumsy with their devices.
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on February 10, 2012
I've been using this battery case for about a week and I must say that I'm impressed. It easily doubles my battery life and I no longer have to constantly plug in the charger during the day. I like that I can remove the battery from the phone and still have a case that provides a modest amount of protection. On the front of the case are ports that channel sound from the iPhone's speakers to the front. The only thing I don't really care for are the cutout's for the iPhone's buttons. They leave the buttons recessed and hard to get to. The Mophie case has exterior buttons and I like that design better. The battery indicator LED's on the bottom of the case don't seem to be accurate. They show 3 out of 4 LED's until the boost battery is nearly depleted and then drop off dramatically. Still I love this case and the added battery life of the phone outweighs my minor complaints.
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on June 14, 2012
I have the blue. It is a very nice deep "Tiffany" blue that looks beautiful with the white. The color would work equally well for a man or woman. I love that I can use just the case (it's a nice bumper case, similar to most other bumper designs on the market, just enough "grip" to keep my iPhone from falling off the arm of my couch when I'm home) or I can add the battery pack, which adds just enough heft to make the phone EASIER to use for most purposes, IMO. The battery pack adds a little extra length, it extends down over the speaker area (but does not interfere with sound) and a little extra on the back (it is curved so that it doesn't appear bulky). I really like it. You can attach the battery part when you need a charge or you can leave it on all the time and just turn it on when you need a charge to your phone. I tend to leave it on pretty much all the time. This product makes the iPhone much more usable, I no longer have to worry about getting through the day/night without a charger.
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on July 31, 2013
This has doubled my battery life on my iPhone. I love how the battery pack comes apart to become 2 cases. Hint for charging: charges fastest plugged into a wall. If you need it charged the fastest, charge your phone and battery separately. It's fallen out of the car a few times, the case popped open to see the board within. To be expected. We just popped it back together and its been fine. Had it for 4 months now.
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on August 7, 2013
I bought this case so I could use my phone for the entire day without having to worry about its battery. Turns out it's really useful if you spend a lot of time without a charger (:
The package arrived when expected.
On the fourth day of my phone with the case, I was running to catch a bus and my phone fell from my pocket and hit the floor REALLY hard. Fortunately, the case protected it well - the case has a little scratch now, but that is nothing compared to how hard it hit the floor.
I am really happy with my case and totally recommend it.
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on March 9, 2012
Very nicely made, and after albeit short trial (36 hours) performs flawlessly. The extra battery heft is not a problem now (come summer, that will change as pockets disappear, one supposes); when weight becomes a consideration will deal with that then. Only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is that I find Boost Case's website and cryptic documentation insurmountable. Also, I can't turn off the automatic sync in Ubuntu Linux - anybody got a fix for that?
For $80 you won't be sorry. Was cruising Wally World's iPhone goodies rack yesterday and there is nothing to compare with the BC Hybrid. Very happy with purchase.
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VINE VOICEon June 21, 2012
* I've never tried any other battery cases so can't compare, but I did think it was pretty cool overall.

The first day I used it on a day when I just happened to not use my phone a lot, so of course it stayed at 100% all day.

The second day I tried it...I didn't use it as much as I would on a normal day (checking Facebook and forums and email all day), but at 7:46p I was still at 79% battery life. My 3yo played with it for probably two straight hours (at least) and I did use it off and on. Normally by then I'd have definitely had to charge a time or two.

The third day, I used the phone in a more normal manner--without the charging case on to start--and my battery was at 24% around 2:30p. I snapped the battery case on and now at 4:55 I'm at 95% battery. I'd say that's pretty good.

It is neat. It does add a bit of heft to the phone (which would drive me nuts if I had to use it on a regular basis or leave it on all the time), but I can't compare to others because this is the first battery case I've ever used, let alone seen. I do like it because you can take it off and on EASILY and only need to put it on when you think or know you will need it (I just keep the battery case charged and ready to go). I also like the feel of the case--slippery enough to slide easily into a pocket, but sticky enough not to slide off the arm of the couch or my lap.

Another neat thing is when you see your battery drop from 100%, you can take it off if you want and lose the additional bulk.

Unless you leave the battery case on all the time, I find there's a bit of transition (for me anyway) in my ability to text correctly...since the battery case adds a good 1/2" on the bottom of the phone, which affects how you hold going back and forth messes me up.

I'm deducting a star because the actual snap-on case could really come up a little higher over the screen/glass. It's the tiniest of a smidge over the top, but more would be better in case of dropping. Luckily my phone doesn't get dropped too much.

Overall I can say that I'd recommend this. I'm not sure if I'll personally keep using it, but hubby might since he has less access to charging cables throughout the day (as opposed to me, a SAHM).
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