Who will be first to check out budgeting? In the 2012 version Intuit broke the budgeting feature, to me the most important tool in the entire package. Who of you will be willing to plunk down your hard earned cash to see if they restored the 2011 budgeting design in this latest offering?

I've used Quicken for more years than I can remember. If the budget feature going forward is to remain the 2012 style I will be forced to create an Excel spreadsheet and abandon my years of data in Quicken.
asked by J. Donaldson on September 23, 2012
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The 2013 budget module obviously has many problems, and my brand new download is already in revision 6. Let me outline some of the frustrating glitches. First, although 2013 Quicken Deluxe eliminated that frustrating "rolling" year feature (allowing you to actually create a January-December 2013 budget), the new module doesn't actually "duplicate" an existing budget. So when I attempted to duplicate my 2012 budget to create a 2013 budget, what I got didn't capture, for example, carefully planned month-to-month expenditures - like utility payments that are higher in winter than summer, boat work that occurs only in October (winterizing) and May (de-winterizing), etc. Many categories were simply zero. Or they were different than the prior budget. You can't put in an annual amount and have the program average that. Instead you have to manually calculate the average and tell the program to use that average for January and then to do the same for all the remaining months of the year. There are also glitches with categories and sub-categories, and that seems to flow through to reports, which sometimes drop categories which you've selected and sometimes add the category's total to the total of the sub-categories so that the total is wildly inflated. And often when you attempt to correct that, the budget drops back to using the existing year (2012) instead of the year you have specified (2013). Also, none of my existing reports for 2012 or earlier years came up correctly. They all came up with all categories (about 300) selected instead of ones I had selected for that report (about 50). I have used Quicken for many years and haven't liked how they changed the budget module a couple years back. But this one is really bad, and I'm wondering what to do if these major problems aren't corrected. I'm hoping that my many years of budgeting data hasn't been corrupted. And I'm wondering if Intuit has any plans to really correct this product or if some decision has been made to abandon it. I notice that mobile and cloud are big issues (apparently they're also having problems), and perhaps the big picture is that companies like Intuit or Microsoft are quietly exiting the PC field for products like Quicken or Outlook that reside on the PC. Maybe I need to be looking for a web based product like Intuit's Mint.com, and perhaps that's where they will really be putting their resources. Obviously, Intuit hasn't yet put their first team on Quicken Deluxe 2013.
Mikobr answered on November 10, 2012
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The budget feature appears to be working fine for me in 2013 Deluxe (R6). I like it better than in previous versions, but the budget feature did also work for me in the 2012 Premier version. What specific problem are you having with the budget in the 2012 version?
Man in the Middle answered on October 29, 2012
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