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on June 20, 2007
These diapers are fabulous! I have the bumGenius 2.0 (paid $17.95) I thought the adjustable sizing would case the diaper to leak when my child was small, but it didn't. These diapers have worked great and not leaked even as we have changed sizes (up to 17 lbs). The leg openings are snug, but do not leave marks. There is also elastic in the back of the diaper, which has resulted in no "up the back" accidents.

I personally prefer the velcro tabs over the snaps that are on the Fuzzi Bunz diapers. The velcro makes it easier to fit the diaper, especially if your child is moving around. During the day, I use only one insert with the diaper and have not had an issue with leaks. To insure that I did not have leaks with the Fuzzi Bunz, I had to use 2 inserts. The Bum-Ware diapers completely soaked through. I have heard good things about Swaddlebees Organic Velour Fitted Pocket Diaper Medium Periwinkle, but haven't not tried them yet.

The fleece interior of the Fuzzi Bunz was softer than the bumGenius material, but bumGenius was still much softer than the BumWare diapers and all disposables.

One negative is that the bumGenius is only available in a very limited number of colors and no prints. Happy Heiny's has a much wider selection of colors and some very cute prints. I have not used #1 Rated Diaper Happy Heiny's Pocket Diaper with Free Insert to comment on the quality.

All of my bumGenius diapers are colored and I have had them a couple of months. So far, the colors have stayed true and not faded. The diapers have washed well in that neither the diapers nor the liners have stained. I am very conscious about using the velcro tabs before washing them, so I have not had a problem with the diapers sticking together and creating a snake.

Overall bumGenius is my favorites by far! I like bumGenius AIO's because of the convenience, but the ability to modify the diaper size as my child grows makes more sense financially than having to purchase new diapers.

Updated: April 8, 2008
Below I have specifically addressed some of the issues expressed in other reviews with my personal experience.

Length of time owned - over a year and used daily

Size - 24 lbs they still fit great

Fraying tabs - I have one diaper where the tabs have frayed a little, but not enough to impact the function of the tabs.

Piling - All of my tabs have some degree of piling next to the Velcro. It is not pretty, but you can not see it when the diaper is on the baby. It has not impacted function.

Colors fading - No colors have faded. My stash includes multiple pinks, yellows and whites. I also have a blue and one green. The whites are dingy/grayish. I only wash in cold and hot water might help resolve this problem, but I do not recommend purchasing the white color.

Elastic around the legs and back - I have not had ANY elastics break or stretch on any diaper. I do wash my diapers on the gentle cycle.

Suedecloth lining - For my baby the fleece lining of the Fuzzi Bunz caused diaper rash. For us, the suedecloth lining has worked better. However, I have friend who loves the fleece lining. It probably depends upon your baby's skin as to which will suit you best.

Snaps vs. Velcro - I prefer the velcro better because I feel like you can adjust the diaper to fit your baby better and it is faster with a moving toddler. My snap experience has only been with Fuzzi Bunz not with Mommy's Touch One-size Snap All in One - Cloth Diaper, which I have been told is more adaptable.

Bulky - Yes they are bulky. In some pants/outfits you may need to go up a size to accommodate the size of the diaper.

Odors - this can happen to any cloth diaper. I have found the longer they sit unwashed the more likely they will hold odors. At times some of my diapers have held odors, but not the point that they have required stripping. The odor has subsided with subsequent normal washings. However, the dirty inserts must always be removed from the diaper (can be gross) or they will not get clean. I use All Free and Clear, which does contain an optical brightener (this is against Mfg recommendations). I have not tried the Flushable Diaper Liners that were mentioned, but they might help too.

Current opinion: Still love them!!! So much so that in Dec. I added some 3.0s (paid $17.95) and a bumGenuis wet bag. The 3.0s are even better! The biggest drawback is the price, but they are worth it.

UPDATE Dec.7 2008
30lbs still fit

Leaks: No problems with diapers leaking. I don't know if this has contributed to their longevity in this area, but I line dry the covers and put the inserts in the dryer.

Fraying tabs: A couple of tabs have fraying, but not enough to impact functionality

Colors: pink has faded slightly; white looks dingy/grayish; yellow, blue and green still look true

Odors: In the past few of months, the diapers have started holding odors. I called Cotton Babies and was advised to wash them with 1/4 of a cup of bleach in your hot wash routine once a month. I now use bleach on the inserts about once a month. However, I do not use bleach on the covers that often.

Elastics: In the past couple of months, several of the elastics have lost their elasticity. I called Cotton Babies and after a few questions I was told that the problem was likely caused because I had switched to 7th Generation detergent. I was told that the diaper covers have a year warranty, but all of mine that had problems were outside the warranty time frame. The representative did email instructions on how to replace the elastics. I have not attempted this yet, so I can comment on the process. She also sent me a list of approved detergents. For us, both the odor and elastic issues started appearing about a month after switching detergents to 7th Generation. We have gone back to All Free and Clear now.

Stripping: The bumGenuis website specifically says not to use vinegar or baking soda on the diapers, which is the most common way to strip cloth diapers. It might be ok with the inserts, but I definitely would not use it on the covers as it would probably void your warranty. These are the instructions sent to me for stripping when I contacted Cottonbabies about my issues:

For leaking issues: 1. Wash once in hot water with Dawn liquid dish detergent in the original blue formula (yes, it must be Dawn). Use one tablespoon for regular top loaders and one teaspoon for high efficiency machines.
2. Do two additional hot water washes with no detergent, just clear water.

For smell issues:
1. Wash inserts once in hot water with Dawn liquid dish detergent in the original blue formula (yes, it must be Dawn). Use one teaspoon for high efficiency machines or one tablespoon with a regular machine. Use ¾ cup of chlorine bleach for a top loader and ½ cup for a high efficiency machine.
2. Do two additional hot water washes with no detergent, just clear water.
3. Normally, covers do not hold odors as inserts can, however, you may strip them using the instructions that apply for leaking issues.

Current opinion: I still love these diapers and I want some of the new colors! I don't like that I am going to have to repair the elastics, but I still feel they are cheaper and healthier than disposables.
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on March 2, 2008
Color Name: White
I LOVED these diapers---AT FIRST. They are very absorbant still. They are way, way less likely to leak or blow out than landfill diapers. However after 7 mos the first one we got doesn't fasten very well. The velcro has not held up. Sometimes when we lift my daughter up one side comes undone under her clothes. There is also lots of pilling next to the velcro, even though I always use the laundry tabs. It's ugly. Also, my tall baby is 9 months and 20 pounds, and we already have the diapers unsnapped to the biggest setting. I thought I was saving a lot of money getting these. especially since I would use them for the next baby, but now I don't think they will last until potty training. I got a few other brands to try, and so far I like the Happy Heinys One Size because it snaps out into a bigger size. There isn't a flap to keep the insert in the Happy Heinys, but it hasn't been a problem.

I whole heartedly recommend cloth over landfill diapers. Just buy a few different kinds to try for a while instead of a TON of one kind that everyone likes. Most of the recommendations are from moms who have not been using them for very long.
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These diapers are "genius" -- for so many reasons. One size makes them very economically attractive. My daughter is growing so fast she is out of the sized diapers so quickly and at average $18 a diaper this gets painful financially. These diapers are very well made, user friendly and most importantly keep the runny poops in! They fit snug and cosy, clean up nicely and don't leave nasty red marks around her legs. I've tried prefolds and diaper covers(Bummis Whisper light) as well as Happy Heinys pocket diapers. I found the BumGenius by far superior.
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on June 15, 2008
SUMMARY: Great diapers, very economical (in the long run) and very easy to use, contain messes better than disposables, dry quickly in the dryer, can look bulky, washing routine can be complicated

When I first began looking into cloth diapers, it was mostly out of curiosity. I wanted to be environmentally friendly but I assumed cloth diapering would be too inconvenient. Why else would disposables have the corner on the market? My research turned my assumptions on their head. With modern cloth diapers, you can avoid pins and leaks - and still save money! (Some also say less diaper rash and earlier potty training. It's only been three months for me, so I can't comment on these supposed benefits yet.)

There are several types of cloth diapers. Read a summary here: [...] I decided that pocket diapers were the way to go for me. They offered the convenience of not using pins or a cover, but they dry much faster (and reportedly hold up better) than all-in-ones.

I did my research and decided to buy 24 BumGenius 3.0s. Since I bought in bulk, I paid only $384. That sounds like a lot, but I expect these to last until my baby is done with potty training (about 2 years old). If I spent $40 a month on disposable diapers, in two years I would have spent $960. (And beware the hidden costs of fitted diapers. Although fitted diapers may be a little cheaper than all-in-ones, remember that you'll have to buy new fitted diapers when your baby outgrows that size. Additionally, fitted diapers typically require covers, which are also sized.)

I began using these diapers when my baby was about a week old. I told my husband it was because I didn't want to stain the diapers with sticky, black newborn meconium, but really the diapers looked so big and I just couldn't imagine them fitting my tiny baby. But my fears were unwarranted. She weighed in at just over 7 pounds and although the diapers were a little bulky, they fit her perfectly and did not leak. (We used disposables again on a week long car trip. We splurged for the expensive name-brand, but even then they didn't contain any of my baby's explosive poops.)

Washing gets a little complicated. We remove the inserts and spray poopy diapers with Biokleen Bac-Out Stain & Odor Eliminator 32 oz.before placing in a Bummis Waterproof Bag (Large 10 Gal. Diaper Pail-23"X22"). Every other day we place that in the washer and run one cold cycle with half the recommended amount of Country Save HE Laundry Detergent, Powder, 160-Load, 10-lb Boxes (Case of 4). (Be sure to choose a powder detergent with no additives. Liquid detergents and additives have a tendency to stick in the fabric and cause staining and stink issues.) Then we run the diapers again in a hot cycle with no detergent. (NEVER run a sanitary cycle or you might ruin your diapers!) Finally, we place them in the dryer for 30 minutes. (If you have the time, line drying helps with stink and stains and saves energy.)

Final tip: The price currently listed on Amazon is over $36. Do NOT pay that much. On most other sites, they are listed for about half that.
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on April 2, 2009
These are specific instructions for how we use this product. This is what works for us and the information I think is relevant. We've been using 15 of these almost exclusively for 3 months with no issues (we do wash every day).

1. You must use an approved detergent or the material will get a waxy coating and not absorb (leak). It must also have no additives. The detergent that works for you may depend on your water. We use Planet, a powder detergent available from Whole Foods. Our backup detergent is Country Save powder available at New Seasons Market or here on Amazon.

2. IMPORTANT - We use dried baby wipes (Costco brand) as liners in the diapers. This was a huge discovery in terms of cleanup. We can discard most of the waste on the soiled liner with minimal diaper rinsing needed. You can actually wash and dry wipes that have only been peed on with the diapers. When cleaning the baby of pee, I toss the used liner in the dirty diaper bin to be used as a liner later. When you do need to rinse, remove the insert first and leave the diaper in the pale wet. We have a handheld bidet (mini shower) installed on the toilet which makes rinsing much easier. These are easy to install and are useful beyond diaper cleaning.

3. We wash the diapers once in warm water with ¼ of the recommended detergent. Sometimes there is a faint stain but the stains don't usually survive the second wash. This is less washing than Bumgenius recommends but we want to minimize washing effort.

4. If the diapers start leaking after a few months, you may have a detergent build up. You can strip the diapers using one tablespoon of blue Dawn for a regular washer or ½ for HE in hot water. Rinse two more times in hot water (water only). You can also add up to ½ cup of bleach if you have a smell issue (we haven't yet).

5. We dry diapers on medium heat. We try not to over-dry to prolong the life of the diaper.

6. Be diligent about using the Velcro tabs when washing to keep your Velcro sticky.

7. Do not use diaper rash cream with these diapers. It will get through the liner onto the diaper.

8. Save your money on overpriced plastic diaper pail gizmos. Get a quality small metal step-lid can that will fit a plactic grocery bag. You will need one for washing and one for discards.
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Verified Purchase
I purchased several bumGenius 2.0 diapers just before my son was born so that we could start using them on his little newborn tush as soon as possible. While we're still experimenting with other cloth diapers and covers as well, I've found the bumGenius diaper to be both super-convenient to use and very well constructed, too. They look a tiny bit bulky compared to the disposables, but they fit very snug and secure on my 8-lb. week-old boy, and they are easy for both myself and my husband to change. My also son seems to be happy wearing them. I took a chance and bought these based on very good customer reviews, and I'm glad I did. Although a bit pricey compared to separate fitted diapers/liners/covers, they are worth investing in if the budget allows, even if only for use when out with baby or when people not versed in cloth diapers need to change (i.e. grandparents). Highly recommended by this first-time mom!
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on January 8, 2008
I have tried the Kidalog Baby Love diapers 3 Baby Love All-in-One Cloth Diapers, the Fuzzi Bunz(not recommended!!!), and Happy Heiny's one-size#1 Rated Diaper Happy Heiny's Pocket Diaper with Free Insert, and also a different (off) brand that caused my son to break out in a serious rash. I think the Bum Genius are the best!! They do leave a red ring around my son's legs, but they are far more absorbent than Fuzzi Bunz. With the Fuzzi Bunz, I had to use a prefold as an insert that made it extremely bulky. The Happy Heiny's have a softer fleece than both BumGenius and Fuzzi Bunz. I think that the BumGenius is softer than the Fuzzi Bunz though. I bought the one-size diapers because I am due with another baby in April. I wanted to do cloth with my son from the beginning, but the day care that he went to required disposables. After I stopped working, I decided to go ahead and get the cloth diaper stock pile. The Kidalog's are great. They have a sewn in panel so you don't have to stuff. I would recommend getting the bleached cloth because the panel is a little more narrow and doesn't leak, the natural unbleached are still great though! I also have Kushies AIO premie size, but haven't used them yet.....BumGenius now has a 3.0 version out that is also great. It allows you to make the diaper XS for newborns. I got mine from Kelly's Closet. I would rate the diaper brands in the following order: Bum Genius, Happy Heiny's, Kidalog Baby Love, Fuzzi Bunz. The Fuzzi Bunz leaked a lot, the snaps come undone with active babies (a 17 month old running and climbing everywhere), and just not a quality diaper. If you decide to try some Happy Heiny's, I have heard that the prints do not last very long and fall apart. Also, the insert started falling apart at the seam after the second wash (before I even used them!). I also used the Bum Genius diaper doublers which are great for naps/over night for heavy wetters.
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on November 15, 2009
I did a lot of research when I was pregnant in cloth diapering and ended up purchasing these diapers and have been very pleased with them. With our 7-month old still wearing these bumGenius diapers, they are holding up well, they are easy to use - even the grandparents love them! We call them "washable diapers" since people envision the old style cloth with pins when you say "cloth diapers". With velcro and sizing snaps, these aren't your grandma's cloth diaper. I'm glad we bought them, but here's a few things to consider before taking the plunge into "alternative diapering":

- Economical. Yes, there is an initial investment, but we've recouped that and then some in using cloth over disposible.
- These bumGenius diapers are all you need. Expect 8-12 dirty diapers a day, so buy 24 of them in a few different colors (we bought gender neutral colors so we could use them with future children). You don't need diaper covers, extra inserts, or anything like that.
- Fewer blowouts. On the occasions that we've used disposibles (vacations), we've had more messes than with these cloth ones.
- No diaper rash. The only time we've had diaper rash issues is when we've been switching between disposibles and washables (vacation).
- Point of discussion. If you are a "greenie", then you'll like the fact that people will see your diapers and ask you about them.
- Frankly, they are just adorable.

- Extra laundry. Expect to do a load of diapers every other day - and know that the manufacturer recommends two cycles (1st cold, 2nd hot) with an extra rinse for each wash. We typically skip the extra rinse. If you are buying cloth diapers to be ecologically friendly, know that the super-absorbant inserts that are included with the diapers take a long time to dry in the dryer...and even longer if you plan on air-drying them.
- Special laundry detergent. We bought a big jug of Allen's Naturally - I'm sure other reviews will offer other suggestions.
- Smell. The diapers don't smell, but they can get smelly. If your diapers smell, you'll need to strip them (check other recs for tips on this). We keep the dirty diapers in a covered recycling bin to help contain odors between washings.
- Extra diaper changes. It seems like our child is more aware of being wet with cloth diapers than with disposibles - although some say this may help with potty training in the future.
- You'll need an understanding daycare provider that doesn't mind keeping the dirty diapers in a plastic bag for the day
- When they get older, the diapers get messier. Get ready to scrape and rinse...
- Extra bulk. Your child will probably need to wear the next size up in clothing to accomodate the diaper.

Hope this helps anyone that's on the fence about it. Good luck and remember that the diaper you choose doesn't make you a better or worse parent - we all make choices for our own reasons. Happy diapering! :)
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on January 2, 2008
Color Name: TwilightVerified Purchase
Before our daughter was born we bought a few of several types of cloth diapers. This is definitely our favorite. It doesn't stain as badly (hardly at all) as the bumkins all-one-diapers we have, isn't size specific like the Fuzzi Bunz we have (which is also nice), when the diaper is just wet, the fleece that lies by her skin is really dry to the touch while the insert can be very wet and it really looks nice, even after three months of washing. I dry the inserts in the dryer, but hang the out side pocket on a rack to dry -- to prolong their life. When my daughter was first born, I felt the insert that came with the diaper was a little too big, so I used the microfiber towels you can buy to wash cars and put those inside instead (A tip passed on by a mother who makes her own pocket diapers). At about two months I started using the regular inserts at night, and now I used them all the time, figuring I can add the microfiber towels as extra if she needs that in future. Also, the fact that these diapers will grow with our daughter is great. I haven't expanded them yet (she's only three months), but I feel its worth the savings. I now have 12 of these and they are well worth the price. I've even trained my husband to connect the velcro tabs so they don't snag the other diapers.

I will admit, to those considering cloth, it is a little gross to pull the insert out or when washing, make sure all the inserts are out and the velcro is attached to the tabs, but a few smelly minutes and quick hand wash are worth it to me overall: I'm not adding to the landfill, especially since disposables are non-biodegradable (practically), not to mention putting human waste in the trash (which isn't healthy), and best of all its a money saver. We figured we'd save maybe a few hundred dollars for our first child (if we compared it to buying the generic diapers), but for the second and (possibly) third it will cost practically nothing for the diapers (I'm doing laundry anyway), so its there you see the real savings. And to wash I don't do anything special. I dump them in, do a prewash and then a heavily soiled wash and they come out great.

I'm planning to buy at least 6 more of these diapers when she grows out of the others we have. Then I won't have to do wash as often.
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on November 8, 2007
We have been using Bum Genius 2.0 diapers for several months and love them. we have been washing and drying them per manufacturers instructions and they are in good condition. There is a little piling near the velcro tabs, but that has happened with all our kinds of diapers with velcro. I find that air drying them every once in a while helps with any odors, so does adding a few drops of tea tree oil in the wash when it seems they need to be freshened.
These diapers are ease to use, easy to clean, look good under clothes, and work very well. We don't have issues with leaks, even at night with a light doubler.
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