can i connect 2 printers and other questions I am looking to purchase the wndr4500 but have a few questions and hope some of you know the answers. I am not technically inclined so I apologize if my questions seem basic:
First - I have 2 printers I want to connect to the usb ports. One is a multifunction (print/fax/scan) and the other is a basic color printer. Can I plug both of these into the usb ports and access them both wirelessly? I would like not to have to buy a print server if possible.
Second - does the speed that my cable provider supplies my home affect any of the quick speed and wireless connections this router is supposed to provide?
Third - I have a 2 story 4500sf frame construction home. Does anyone know the max basic length of coverage from the router or the sf it is supposed to cover?
Thank you.
asked by 6 and counting on December 9, 2011
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1st..... You may be able to use a USB hub but that may cause some conflict if not you could get a Print server for the 2nd printer
2nd....Depending on what speed you get it varies. For example if you are getting 20 Mbps from your providers. Depending on where you live that could average about 12-20. Also it depends on if your PC is directly connected to the router. If you are connected through wireless you will probably get 5-10 Mbps ( 5 being weak signal 10 being excellent). The advertised 900Mbps speed is transfer speeds within the network itself and is split evenly between the 2.4 and 5Ghz band.
3. The ranges on these routers are really good. You may get Good to Excellent most parts of your home. If you get weak signals you could get either Additional Access Point or buy Netgear Power lines which lets u connect directly to the router using the power lines existing in your home
Gladimir Ermilus answered on January 11, 2012
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