Will Hoya 52mm nd8 fit my canon EF 85mm/f1.8 and the 17-55mm kit lense? I want to buy a neutral density filter either Hoya or Tiffen ND 8 filters.

Both Hoya and Tiffen have different filtes, i.e 52mm, 58mm, 67mm, 77mm etc.

I am not sure which one I should get? Do all of them fit my lenses or I need to get a specific mm rated.
asked by Ilesh Patel on January 7, 2011
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Each lens has a diameter, and you need the correctly sized filter for that diameter, so it really depends on your lenses... For example, my kit lens takes 58mm. The next lens I plan to buy (50mm f/1.4) is also 58mm. So they'll both take the same sized filter. I have another lens (Tamron 70mm-300mm) which needs a 62mm filter, so I would need to buy another, separate filter just for that if I decided I wanted filters for that as well.

Keep in mind, some lenses (generally very-wide angle and fisheyes) won't take this style of filter at all.
Felonius answered on March 27, 2012
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