canon p&s 300 or 4500 elph? Which should I get, the Canon Power Shot ELPH 300 or the Canon Power Shot ELPH 4500? Price is the same on here. I loved my ELPH 1200 but I dropped it and broke it. Please help me decide. I use my camera for travels and family... nothing elaborate needed, but just a good all around camera. Thanx!
asked by Histo on November 1, 2011
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I bought the 300 last May and have been very pleased with it. It's very small and light, can fit in the smallest pocket. I'm a lazy photographer these days and only use the auto/program mode. Zoom and close-ups are nice, and it takes excellent shots in low light without using the flash. Best of all, I dropped it on a concrete sidewalk, banged a good chunk of paint off but it still works fine! But before I knew it would be OK, I knew I'd buy another because I liked it so much.

Can't compare it to the 4500.

Be aware that it doesn't come with a picture card, you have to buy that separately. Some reviewers downgrade it for this, but that's how they keep the camera price down, it's not the camera's fault.

ETA: You also don't get an instruction guide; only a CD that you can print out. This DOES bother me, but the basic mode of the camera is so easy to use that it hasn't been an issue.
Log Cabin Pat answered on November 8, 2011
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The 4500 has a couple of nice features that are missing on the Elph 300. One is a tunnel viewfinder (the last small Canon to have it was the SD780). If you plan to take a lot of photos outside on sunny days, you may find that much of the time you're shooting blind without a tunnel viewfinder to look through. The digital screen on the back of the camera simply washes out in bright sunlight. A second feature that I believe is missing on my Elph 300 is "face detection" technology,which automatically trips the shutter the instant the camera "sees" a smiling subject (I know--it sounds far-fetched--but I tried it on the Canon SX230, and it really works). I have precious granddaughters whose smiles light up the room (on the other hand, musicians in rock bands playing grunge music usually prefer that all photos of them capture scowling faces). Finally, the 4500 has USB connectivity (it may even transfer photos wirelessly via wi-fi).

Otherwise, I'd take the Elph 300 any day. Canon immediately "tinkered with it," coming out with supposedly improved versions (310, 330). But the Elph 300 has proven itself, and most buyers were happy with the Elph 300 just as it was. After owning an SD 1000 and even the smaller and fuller-featured SD780 (slammed by most "experts" but loved by users), the 300 immediately felt "at home" in my hands, except it's a noticeable improvement over my SD780 (which is still going strong). The 300 not only gives you a longer lens (i.e.. 5 to 1 instead of 3 to one), but it has one of the widest-angle lenses in the entire Elph series (24mm). Moreover, the lens tests out better for resolution as well as "HS" low light shooting. It's also noticeably thinner than the 4500. It's a sweet camera that I think is still being shown as current on Canon's site even though is no longer being manufactured (accessibility to wi-fi, the internet, the Cloud is now practically mandatory on all new cameras).

The prices I'm seeing are a bit high--because it's becoming increasingly hard to get and some people always have a sentimental attachment to a camera they've lost or simply heard good things by word of mouth.
Caponsacchi answered on January 24, 2014
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