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on December 6, 2012
My wife and I recently purchased two of these cases (one for each of our TF300 tablets). Though a bit more expensive than most of the offerings on here, the "extras" on the case make up for this I think. The case does a good job of holding either just the tablet (and closes magnetically) or the tablet with the keyboard (using the strap to hold it shut). In addition it includes the following:
-Access port for the power charger on the spine. There is a little flap that you can unvelcro on the spine to allow you to charge the table with the case closed.
-Very easy but secure slip in/out. This is a bit hard to describe, but the tablet is secured by a flap that folds over the top of it and velcros behind it. This holds it very securly, but when you want to remove the tablet, you can just unvelcro the flap and slide it out.
-Good alignment on ports. The front camera lines up very centered in the hole for it and at present, it is near the top (so when the leather stretches a bit over time, it will have room to move down in the hole). The rear camera also aligns well, and I can access other ports with ease.
-Stylus Holder - I have not used this yet, but there is a small stylus holder on the outside of the case.

Finally, I should note that the stiching appears to be well done and the leather looks to be real leather (unless it is the best imitation I have ever seen). I think this product is definitely worth the couple of extra bucks for the superior design.
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on December 18, 2012
I obsessed over how protect new Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700, checking out every case, cover, and sleeve I could, both online and in local stores. Though I had never heard of Caseen before, I saw a reference to this case on a chat board, checked out their video, and read the few reviews I could find. After about a week with the case I can unequivocally say that I am impressed and that my expectations have been far exceeded.

The design of the case is a nice blend of style and "business-worthiness". The quality of the leather is better than I expected, and it seems both durable and soft. The case fits like a glove with the keyboard attached, and all ports, card slots, cameras, and connections are accessible. In addition, a series of discreet holes allow sound to come out of the speaker (which is a big deal on this tablet since the speaker is so pitiful!). The stitching is tight and neat, and my case arrived without any loose threads or shoddy workmanship. The inside of the case is a soft, lightly fuzzy microfiber so I don't worry about scratches. A small elastic loop along the long side of the case secures a stylus securely. I was worried that this would allow the stylus to flop around and get lost or look sloppy, but that has not been a problem.

There's a break in the frame around the bottom edge of the tablet that allows the keyboard to be attached and removed easily and without having to remove the tablet. This is a more ingenious feature than I first realized, and it's come in handy far more than I anticipated. With the keyboard attached the case fits tightly, and there's an elastic band on that ensures it stays closed. I worry a bit about the elastic getting stretched out over time, but only time will tell... The case can be used with or without the keyboard, and when just the tablet is inside the case flips back on itself to create a nice stand. There's just a touch of excess slack in the case when the keyboard isn't attached to the tablet, but it's actually much less pronounced than I thought it would be. I feared the case would look like an ill-fitting suit when I use the tablet by itself, but that is not a problem. The one feature I can't see the point of is the "hand strap" inside the case--I'm just not sure how I'd actually use it... The only additional feature I'd like to see is some sort of pocket or slot to store extra SD cards, but that's getting pretty picky.

Overall, this case is an exceptional value, and would be a classy and functional way to protect my tablet regardless of price. I recommend it!
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on January 10, 2013
I ordered this case after looking at a number of different options. Based on the reviews and the video on Caseen's web site, it looked this case would be a good solution for my new tablet, both used on its own and when docked.

First, the case is a very nice quality and appears to be well made. There are a number of color options, which I appreciated; I purchased the green case from Caseen's web site. I'm not sure why, but the leather on the right and left edges bulges a bit when I put my tablet in, and does not lay flat. Also, the top edge of the case is very close to the top of the screen and sometimes makes it difficult to hit buttons that align with the top of the screen.

The magnetic closure seems to work just fine with the tablet, and when I have the dock attached the strap holds everything closed. When not docked, you can charge the tablet with the case closed, thanks to a little cut-away that can be opened/closed as needed. I really like this feature. When the dock is on the tablet it holds open very nicely and I don't have problems with it becoming unbalanced and falling over.

Aside from some difficulty accessing menus/buttons along the top, the only thing I really don't like about this case is that it does not hold the tablet up when the dock is not attached. The bottom is not sturdy when folded and it keeps falling over backward. Also, even if it did stay upright, the angle of the screen is close to 90 degrees and is not the most comfortable for working with the tablet.
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on February 8, 2013
I no longer own an Asus Transformer Pad Infinity, but when I did, I went through 3 or 4 cases/covers before finding the perfect one. This was the one. Most cases that feature dock compatibility have a complete cut-out on the dock side, leaving the glass bezel completely exposed. With this one, the glass is only exposed enough to dock, and there is still a strip of material across the bezel, which both looks better and gives a better feel/grip when in your hand. The material is really nice as well, I had purchased a couple of the under-$20 covers you see branded with a variety of names (Poetic, Minisuit, etc.)and they began to wear quickly and didn't have near the overall quality feel of this case.

As I stated above, I no longer own the tablet and I sold this case along with it, but felt compelled to write this review because every time I buy a new device, I spend endless hours reading reviews and looking for the right case. Hope this helps.
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on January 14, 2013
This isn't a bad case but it's not a great case.

Good things:
- Tablet is very secure in the case.

Bad things:
- The case is a bit small for the TF300. The protective frame overlaps the touchable area on the screen so it's hard to press the home and menu buttons. The case also rubs on the screen and cause issues.
- Don't plan to use this without the docking station. The flap is too big and floppy.
- Magnets are very weak and barely keep the cover closed.
- The case looks sloppy when it's on the tablet.
- The inner material attracts lint very easily.
- When using it as a stand without the tablet, the leather area covering the charging port gets bent around and causes the stand to buckle a bit.
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on November 8, 2013
I'm retracting my earlier review because I was sent the wrong case. It's a nice case, especially if you are using the keyboard dock accessory. With just the tablet alone, there is a bit of slack. Overall, this is a quality, full-featured case.
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on December 26, 2013
It's nicely made and has decent cardholders. My problem is that the only way to fasten the bottom flap to the unit is a strap that covers the trackpad on my asus 701 when docked. Since I use the trackpad on a regular basis with VDI and other times, I end up leaving the strap off, which then leaves the unit less protected if I were to drop it since the flap flies open easily. But more annoyingly, with the bottom strap off the keyboard and nothing fastening the bottom flap of the case to the keyboard dock, when I put my tablet on a table the weight of the screen makes the whole unit fall backward when docked. To combat that I put the strap over one corner of the dock, but the leather piece in the middle of the strap makes this awkward, gets in the way, and not a good compromise. But at least with the unit fastened to the bottom flap it doesn't fall backward anymore.

And when the unit is not docked and is Tablet only, forget about using the folded flap position to prop up the tablet only to watch movies. It's not rigid enough and the tablet just falls over any which direction.

------Update 1/25/2014-------------
Replaced this with the Poetic SlimBook Case for ASUS Transformer Pad TF701T 10.1. Half the price and better design all around then the Perfecto.
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on February 5, 2013
This case is very solid and made of quality material. I love how I can have the tablet and keyboard dock enclosed at the same time. Everything is safe and secure in this case (from bumps not drops). I haven't dropped it yet but I wouldn't think the case would save it if it fell from very far. The only thing that would make it better for me is if the magnets were a little stronger. If you enclose the keyboard for much time when you remove the keyboard and only have the tablet then the case is formed like the keyboard is still docked. With this remove inside from the lack of the keyboard the magnets don't keep it shut very well on there own. That is the reason for 4 stars and not 5. Still this case does exactly what I wanted and looks good doing it.
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on January 5, 2013
I'm pleased with this case. It's well constructed. My tablet and keyboard fit in great. Love the stylus holder at the top and all the access/camera holes fit well with my Asus TF300T. I have to agree with Eric about the elastic strap being located a little lower so that it would hold the keyboard without interferring with the touch pad although I'm not sure that is possible, however it does work nicely to hold the case shut with the keyboard attached. I haven't found a use for the carry strap inside since the keyboard covers that other than to put my screen cleaning cloth under it. The only other thing I would prefer to be different is the texture of the outside. I personally would prefer a smooth texture all the way around the outside just for cleaning purposes. A friend at work seen my case and asked where I got it and if they had one to fit her Ipad. Told her I would send her a link to see.
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on November 30, 2013
Overall, it is a nice case; it has an extra hole for something (this is the version for the T701T and a T701T model tablet in this case) that looks trite as it goes to nothing.

In stand mode, do not plug in cable, also do not plug in cable with leather flap folded over it either, both will cause wear on the usb cable and you will need to replace it as the head will become disconnected from the cable even after a few uses. If the stand was taller, the cable could plug in.

The biggest negative to me is that if I have the tablet upside down in landscape I cannot get to the buttons for back, home, or apps easily as the case covers them enough that you have to roll your finger off of the case or aim angled down to push them. Cutting the leather at the top back a few mms would be perfect.

Honestly for the cost ($32 when I bought it) you can do better with the cheaper models this one just looks “better” and feels nice.
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