What charger to use? I currently have the Sony Battery Charger BC-CS2A which charges Ni-MH 2100 mAh batteries. I have read that if a charger is designed to charge Ni-MH batteries then it doesn't matter what brand batteries you are charging as long as they are Ni-MH. Herein lies my question...does it matter what the mAh rating is? These batteries are rated at 2500 mAh and my hanks!
asked by C. Wiese on February 6, 2011
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As long as you have a 'smart' NiMH charger (which this Sony BC-CS2A appears to be), you can use it to recharge any brand of NiMH cells. 'Samrt' means that the charger monitors each cell's voltage individually , and stops charging when the cell is full. A 2500mAh cell will take 20% longer time to become fully charged than a 2100mAh cell, that's the only difference.
NLee the Engineer answered on February 11, 2011
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