How Long does this charger take on the AA's? (4 at once)? For Full capacity, and is there a quick charge to 80% or something?
asked by Scrawller on da Waller on December 14, 2010
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Charging current of Sanyo MQN06 is 300mA. To recharge a pair of 2000mAh AA cell would take about 7 hours (2000mAh / 300mA =~7h).
NLee the Engineer answered on December 18, 2010

As a general rule: avoid 15-minute rapid charger because they will significantly reduce the lifespan of your batteries. A good compromise is to use a smart charger that charges in 2-5 hours. For example, consider the Sony Cycle Energy BCG34HRE4KN Quick with Refresh Charger.

One main advantage of using low-self-discharge batteries is that: you can charge up batteries well ahead of time, and they will be ready whenever you need them. That's why it is not necessary to use a super-fast charger with low-self-discharge batteries. With ordinary rechargeable NiMH cells, you always have to charge them up right before use.
NLee the Engineer answered on August 16, 2011

How does the 15 minute energizer rapid charger and energizer brand batteries compare to this charger? I am looking to order several for my company and need them to last as well as be time efficient. . .
Jamie Glisson answered on August 5, 2011
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