choppy video/audio I'm working in advanced mode for the first time and was successful capturing my video from 8 mm, bringing it into the preview box and splitting it into smaller clips. I can preview the clips and everything plays and sounds fine. I've brought the clips into the storyboard and started to put transitions in between. I have found that I cannot preview the clips from the storyboard, they are all choppy, both audio and video. Any suggestions??
asked by Kimberly McDonald on March 23, 2013
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Hi Kimberly,
Video editing is very processor intensive process. After adding the effects, the time it takes to encode (compress & convert) the video is greater than the actual speed of the video which causes the choppy playback for preview (it depends on the speed of CPU). However, once you "Merge & Save" your work in the storyboard, the video should play normally. Please make sure that you close any other programs running in the background to improve this.
HT Support answered on April 1, 2013
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