city mini GT vs. bob revolution Has anyone compared the city mini GT to the BOB revolution for a one and only stroller? (in terms of ease of manuverability, travel, weight, terrain, etc...)
asked by Shruti Mehta on July 10, 2012
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My husband and I just purchased the City Mini GT about 4 days ago and he is in love with it! Prior to the GT we have been using my sister's Bob 2007 model for about 6 months.  I am soooooo torn between which one I really prefer.  I guess both of these strollers have some amazing features, both have their pluses and minuses. If they could combine these two strollers and make one GOOD one, life would be so much easier! Some of the pros about the City Mini GT vs. the Bob are:
1. The GT is Very compact...definitely not as wide as the Bob, yet it has plenty of room for your little one.
2. The GT has an Awesome large canopy with two windows to see your child. The canopy is very easy to unfold and seems very sturdy as you move it to each position.  I have seen the new Bob stroller and although the canopy is also large, it only has one window. Also, when you don't want the canopy expanded on the Bob, the plastic window tends to hang down and is in the way of the child's head...particularly if you have an older child or a tall one.  I tried to tuck it in many ways and it always finds its way to hang! 
3. The GT has a great reclining back! In its full upright position, my child sits nice and straight.  You can recline the back to almost a flat position, which is great if your child falls asleep. It also has a nice mesh behind the child's head for great air circulation when you recline the back. The 2007 Bob hardly reclines, and in its full upright position my little girl does not sit straight, but is instead hunched over as the seat is not very well padded and does not support her back very well.  The newer Bob definitely has more padding, but the full upright position is still too reclined for my liking. Also, I don't recall if the Bob has a mesh lining behind the child's head when the back is reclined...I don't think it does.
4. The brake on the GT model is located on the right side of the handlebar and is very easy and convenient to use.  No more trying to reach down with your foot to flip the brake up or down.  The brake on the Bob is not so terrible, but definitely not as convenient as on the City Mini GT.  Particularly if your baby is in the fully reclined position, it would be a pain to try to find the brake with your foot underneath the stroller...instead, on the GT, it's a quick flip up on the side!
5. The basket on the GT is OK. Not terrible but not very generous either. It is definitely easier for me to place my Dude diaper bag in the GT stroller than in the Bob.
6. The handlebar on the GT is adjustable!!!! My hubby is 6'2" and he definitely appreciates that feature! 
7. The wheels on the GT are MUCH smaller than on the Bob, which is good and bad. Good because they don't occupy nearly as much room, especially when you fold the stroller and have to put it in your trunk. But bad because you definitely are limited as to the type of surfaces you can take the GT on.  So far I have taken the GT onto our streets/sidewalks, which some can be quite bumpy and it did fine. We also rode through a grassy area and it also performed fine. The Bob, however definitely has a MUCH smoother ride that is hard to beat by any other stroller.  The Bob literally glides through everything and anything.  And because of the fact that the Bob has great shocks, the ride is VERY smooth for the baby.  The City Mini GT rides smoothly compared to other cheapy strollers but not as well as the Bob and is definitely much more bumpy of a ride for the little one.  Both strollers turn on a dime, so that is not a problem.  I often take my dog for a walk with us and have been able to push each of these strollers with one hand and can easily maneuver them in all directions with one hand.  Granted, the smoother ride on the Bob makes it that much more pleasant and definitely glides better than the GT, but the GT is quite sufficient and MUCH better than many strollers out there.  Also, the tires on the GT never have to be inflated, whereas on the Bob you do have to inflate once in a while.  
8. Folding the stroller is a BIG plus on the City Mini GT!  You can literally fold it with a quick yank of the handle that is located where the child puts their bum and the stroller magically folds itself and is supposed to lock itself with a little hinge that is new on the GT model. Ours has an issue with the automatic lock, which is not the biggest issue as it is a quick push with your finger to have it lock in and perhaps because the stroller is so new it has not been opened and closed too many times so things are still rather stiff...but I will definitely keep an eye on it and see if anything changes. The Bob requires a two step process to get it folded, which is not difficult but definitely not as convenient. Additionally there is no way to carry the Bob with one is just too bulky and uncomfortable whereas the GT folds in one pull and you can hold the stroller by that same handle and put in in your car! My husband was actually holding our little girl the other day while we were checking out the stroller in our house on the second floor and when he decided to take it for a spin, he simply folded it in a second, brought it down and unfolded it with one hand WHILE he was holding our munchkin! Good luck doing that with the Bob. In tight situation, such as getting on the bus, or trolley or subways, the GT is definitely much more convenient and comfortable!
9. As for accessories, both stroller companies suck and don't include anything with the stroller, which is a shame considering how expensive both are. We ended up purchasing the Baby Jogger Adjustable Belly Bar for our City Mini GT so that our little one can hold on to it as well as being able to attach various toys to it.  We also purchased the Britax Stroller Organizer, Black which we haven't had the chance to use yet but it looks great, is of good quality, has two bottle holders, a deep pocket in the middle that will easily fit your keys and cell phone and has a lid that closes on a magnet, plus 3 additional little pockets in front to put more stuff in.  Definitely a good purchase, but for both of those things we dished out additional $50! 
10. One of the things that bugs me about the GT is that I cannot hang my purse or anything heavier for that matter on the handlebar as the stroller will tip backwards when the child is not sitting there...and maybe even with a small infant, so be aware! That wasn't an issue at all with the Bob, which lets you hang your purse or diaper bag or even both and will not budge!

As I said before, both strollers have their pluses and minuses.  The more and more I think about it, the City Mini GT would probably make more sense for most people that want a quality stroller that is convenient, compact, easy to use, has great features, and a decent ride. I love how much more compact it is yet it comes with so many important and great features. I definitely got spoiled with the smooth ride of the Bob and I don't think ANYTHING will ever compare to it, but since I am not a runner and I am not planning on frequently going over rough surfaces, it really made more sense for us to get the GT.  Hopefully Baby Jogger can think of a way of including some shocks on the side of the Citi Mini GT stroller that would make for a smoother ride...which would make many customers very happy and not miss their Bob as much ;)

Hope this helps...
Goga answered on August 21, 2012

I bought the BOB Revolution SE and started regretting it when I met the City Mini GT. BOB is a great stroller, but I'm now considering buying a cheapie 2nd stroller that will just stay in the car for errands. Here are the pros & cons I can find between the two:
BOB: Fantastic stroller at our dog parks. It maneuvres like a dream and can go over anything. That's the big advantage of the BOB and it ends there for me. It doesn't lock when I fold it, so I find it a bit of a chore to throw in the car. The storage basket is tiny, so it doesn't even fit my diaper bag. Mind you, the basket on the GT is not much better. I really hate the plastic peekaboo window. Wish it were mesh and much larger. Two-strap recline means that I will recline the seat back more on one side than the other if I'm not careful.
CITY MINI GT: 4 lbs lighter than BOB. large mesh window above child's head allows air circulation, ever-air tires never require pumping, one-hand fold, folds tighter, locks when folded, smaller when assembled, adjustable handle, one-hand recline adjustment.
MP Scott answered on May 3, 2013

I'm in the same position and hoping someone picks up on this question. I tried to compare at the store. What I can say is that the City is a bit more user friendly when it comes to the "fold and go" part of the equation. The salesman was a big proponent of the City line. The one-handed design works great. The BOB is more cumbersome and heavier. It is definitely a quality item though. I would imagine that many people would need to remove the front wheel to get it into their vehicles. But, I want something that would go all terrain...not necessarily a big-time jogger (more of a hard-core walker), but we have plenty of occasions when something that is durable on dirt or rocky roads is a requirement. The fact that the City specifically states it isn't intended for jogging, sort of keeps discouraging me. I guess I want to hear that it does work fine for that purpose too...just in case.
samma07 answered on July 23, 2012

I have both. When I see people in the mall with the BOB stroller it makes me chuckle. It's big, it's cumbersome and it gets in everyone's way. Forget about taking it into a cramped store. Love the BOB but I consider it the zoo or fitness walking stroller. The GT is a much more reasonable size for daily use. Interestingly, my 38" tall almost 3 year old actually fits better in the GT. As a bonus, folks like me won't laugh at you. Absolutely hate the basket but we make do.
S. West answered on February 11, 2013

For me, I am leaning toward the GT because I live in San Francisco and I want ease of navigating streets and stores. I think because the GT is fairly new, there may not be A LOT of people who've used both.
C. Clemm answered on August 5, 2012

Thanks Goga! Very helpful.
Kelly Monroe answered on August 22, 2012

I have been wanting to know the answer to this question also. Can't decide between the 2.
Kelly Monroe answered on July 12, 2012
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