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on January 3, 2008
My time at college has seen the use of several clickers for use in the classroom. However, most ran off of IR technology and was a PAIN to get an answer into the receiver, even with multiple receivers set up. The iclicker runs off of radio frequencies so you don't even have to aim for anything (a major problem with IR clickers) and it registers on the clicker that you have submitted an answer. This is another benefit, it will flash green if you have successfully submitted an answer, if something is wrong it will flash red. The automatic shut off functions are great for saving power. The teachers on-screen iclilcker panel is straight forward and simplicity at its finest. Start, Stop, once you hit stop theres show and hide. Hit show and you show the graph of how the students responded and you can project this on the screen so the class can see the results. Two semesters of extensive use with this clicker and I have yet to replace the batteries.

Of all the clickers I have used this one is certainly the best, and it is similar in cost to the IR clickers I have used in the past. Clcikers, in general are a benefit to the classroom I believe. They are for use in a larger lecture for the teacher to make sure the students are understanding what is being presented. The only problem with clickers is when the teacher doesn't know how to ask clicker questions, for instance every 2-3 minutes a new clicker question is asked for the duration of the class period. Overall, however, I think these are a great addition to the classroom to determine if the majority of the class is understanding the concepts. An example of the usefulness is when you see most students answer correctly (B lets say), but then the rest answer C and there is no in between. What one can do is address the issue for why students thought it may be C while not having to waste lecture time explaining why A was wrong when all students already understand A is incorrect. Great for science and physics based classes, perhaps others but these are what I know of. There have been several instances I have seen lecture time saved because the teacher was going to explain an answer but, because of clicker responses, realized they didn't have to.
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on March 1, 2014
Look, you have to buy this because it's required for your class. It's expensive, it's unreliable, it breaks after 1 week of use (usually).

Here's a couple of tips:
1. Cover the serial number with nail polish, it will keep that scratch-off ink from disappearing so you cant sell it back.
2. If it doesn't work, check the batteries and slap it against your hand, if that doesn't work, turn it over and slap it against your hand. Keep repeating until it can either turn on or turns on automatically.
3. To change the channel, Hold down the "ON/OFF" key for a few seconds until it blinks, if the two digit code you type in is correct, the light will blink green.
4. DO NOT pack this anywhere it can get even light shocks, I like to keep it in the side pocket of my backpack since it cannot be hit there very easily.
5. Sell it back early, many students will try to sell it at the end of the semester so the price will drop dramatically. After the last in-class quiz (Check the syllabus or talk to the professor) run to the nearest bookstore or throw it up on eBay.
6. DO NOT BUY THE EXPENSIVE "2.0" version! This one works just fine (as long as your instructor allows it)

It sucks, but we've all got to use it.
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on October 18, 2012
It broke in half along the 'seam' because one of the internal plastic screw receivers gave out less than a month passed the return date. The funny thing is my instructor still hasn't used them in class. So I've only used it once to try to calibrate it with her receiver and it just popped apart in my bag. My calculator was half the price of the iclicker, is vastly more useful, has been in my bag for years with no problem. This thing is a circuit board and batteries wrapped in cheap plastic.

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on October 29, 2009
I've been working with clickers of various sorts for about 10 years now.

As a teacher and now a professor, I find these clickers to be incredibly useful tools to support active participation in the classroom. Clickers provide the teacher with assessment (pre or post instruction) information that is much more accessible and timely - so I can adjust my lesson to the needs of the students in the class. When I ask a good question with the clickers almost all of the students become engaged and interested in the result. The follow-up discussion and re-vote process provides an excellent opportunity for peer discussion (communication, reasoning, problem solving, etc). That said, many professors may need to reflect on their usage (i.e., How would you respond if you were a student in a class using this device in the way you are using it?) and perhaps adjust their practice. I do not recommend using it for tests, nor would I support assigning more than a few percent in course grades to encourage student 'buy-in' and participation.

I recognize that the cost is a factor for some students - but the student ownership model makes more sense than any other distribution system. Generally you can resell your clicker when you are done for a substantial portion of your purchase price - check your used textbook outlet on-campus.
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on August 21, 2012
Be careful, this is the iclicker 1 ~ most teachers want you to purchase the 2nd one. This one did not work in any of my classes that required the iclicker. Bummer and I could not return it for the correct one.
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on February 22, 2013
The machine works pretty well, although you'll never know if your answers were accepted. I haven't met a professor who knows how to use these effectively, and they usually can be replaced with the cheaper option of raising your hand. I see the appeal in my large lecture halls, but this isn't grade school, leave the learning assessment to me and I'll come ask questions. Plus requiring attendance means all the children who got accepted to grown up school show up and chat through the entire lecture, throwing paper airplanes, interrupting the lecturer and sleep. If you are required, then yes, buy it. If you can persuade your prof to use something else, do that! Top Hat Monocle is much better for the purpose of quizzing.
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on May 8, 2009
To give you some background, the only reason I bought this was because it was required for a number of General Education courses offered at my university. And therefore, being a college student, I did not enjoy having to shell out any more money on materials, the iClicker included.

It does its job well, and the battery life is excellent, but it is an unnecessary piece of technology. The same function could be accomplished for free by simply raising your hand. But if a professor wants to take surveys in class in a speedy manner while maintaining confidentiality, then the iClicker is the answer. It's just a shame it costs as much as it does no matter where you look either online or at a bookstore, but at least it does what it is advertised to do.
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on October 22, 2014
Beware if u need a clicker for school. My school required HITT clickers, not iclickers. The customer service for iclicker is HORRID. You better believe they will NOT give you your money back or properly take care of any issues. In my case, I never asked for my money back, I only asked to deregister my personal information off of the remote when I registered it online. Less than 24 hours when I registered I called about this issue. The woman assisting me was of NO help. She couldn't understand what I was saying after 5 minutes of me explaining what I wanted her to do. Instead she kept prodding for my personal information to register for a device!
I asked to speak to someone else for better customer service and assistance. Her response: No, you can speak with me.
I honestly do not have the patience to rant about my unsatisfactory assistance. I'd also like to mention that I sent them an email which was responded to about two weeks later.
Of course, you can easily ignore my review and go on ahead and purchase this product.. but if something goes wrong, you WILL NOT be happy with their service. Customer service is a priority in a business and this one needs to get theirs straight!
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on April 29, 2015
Purchased because my university required this clicker for use it class. Pretty standard, accurate, no issues. Only tip I can give is to write down the ID on the back as it is used to register your clicker. The ink used fades pretty quickly and although it can be tracked down, it can save you a bit of time having to do so. A new clicker is available soon and this one will be replaced, called iclicker 2. Good thing is that the battery life is long!
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on April 17, 2014
I was initially drawn to the i>clicker Android app because it meant one less thing I had to carry around with me. I needed it for a few classes since it was part of my participation grade.

Unfortunately, that app was godawful. I ended up getting the actual remote. It's pretty basic, so I find it hard to believe that it's really worth the price. The cost might simply be reflective of the fact that i>clicker basically have a monopoly on this sort of thing. Still, after registration, it worked. I got through my classes and it never failed me.

I am not letting the app color my review of the remote. The remote itself works great. It's just the price of the clicker that seems outlandish to me, but at least it has a fairly decent resale value, and to their credit, i>clicker makes that process very easy.

(3.5/5 stars)
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