compare andoid to apple
asked by SheriO on November 22, 2012
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With all possible respect, this question is like "Compare Islam to Christianity" or "Compare Windows to Mac". It is a religious question that can only be answered for each person by that person trying both and seeing if the individual device matches their needs. I still prefer my Zune to my iPod but I loved my Newton more than my first PocketPC. I like that I don't need iTunes for my Androids but my wife has no thoughts at all about having to use iTunes. Personal choices discovered only by using something long enough to have the experience to base your personal opinions on. And I am sure that fans of both will add their own passionate rebuttals... based on their personal needs or wants or (more likely these days) on their feelings of attachment to each brand's community ;-).

One thing to keep in mind is that IPad is IPad but "Android" is a lot of different devices with differences ranging from minor to major depending on the company using an Android base for their unique product.. so your second question might be "Compare Apple to Lenovo to Samsung to ...". That make any sense?.

My advise to others is buy your first one small and inexpensively to get a real feel for it without breaking your bank, in less than a year the device will be considered outdated and you can use the experience to decide whether to go bigger and more expensive on the next version or test out the other - that will make you more rounded and better able to feel positive about buying your next mobile device (knowing that it also will only have a 24 month support lifespan).
R. Smith answered on October 24, 2013
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