G700 compatibility with Mac computers? I know there are similar discussions out there, but I wanted to ask if any Mac users have had success (yet?) with the G700?


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I'm not a gamer. I'm a graphic designer and have been using the MX Revolution for my design work for over 4 years now. I have become 100% dependent on the 9 programmable buttons that the MX has and have taken full advantage of this feature for several of my applications.

I tried the Performance MX last year and was slightly disappointed. Although it was the most comfortable mouse I have ever used, with there being two less programmable buttons for me to use, it hinders my performance in my work, slightly.

Well, once I noticed the G700, my jaw about dropped when I saw how many keys were programmable. However, as I have with all of my peripherals, I did my research and have read that it is not compatible with the Mac.

I currently use the newest intel-based iMac i5. I do not own a PC and do not have any intentions on moving away from my Mac. I do understand that since I'm on a mac that I'll be limited regarding any externals I want to buy. I've been using Logitech for over 5 years and everything to date has been compatible with my Mac. I've used 3 different keyboards: the WAVE, ultra-thin illuminated and now the K800. Also the MX Revolution, Performance MX and the G13 game controller. All of those worked great for me on a Mac. I wonder if there's any sort of 3rd party software or workaround to make the G700 work without issues on the Mac.

I did also write something similar in an email to Logitech and posted on their forums as well. I have not received a return email as of the time of this post... but rather than serious replies on their forums, it seems that I instead started a war between Mac and Windows. Not exactly helpful. :\

Anyway - thanks for reading.
asked by Oscar W. on April 8, 2011
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I realize the first post in this thread was made over a year ago, but for the most recent post before mine and for anyone who is thinking about buying this mouse to use with a Mac:

Actually, in response to someone's recent review about being greatly disappointed that Logitech has no MAC software for this mouse (and they don't), there's mention of a couple of third-party options per an owner of the mouse, including at least one option that appears to allow full customization. Per khoolman:

"You have two options with software on the Mac. BetterTouchTool - donation based software which is truly amazing and also lets you add a heap more gestures to Apple's Magic Mouse and Trackpad. The second option is Steermouse. This one will set you back about $20 but ads [sic] complete customisation to each and every button on the G700."

I haven't bought this mouse yet myself but I plan to do so soon, and will use it on both a Mac and PCs. As a long-time Mac user, the third-party software option is not entirely surprising and definitely not a "show-stopper" for me (though it is disappointing that Logitech doesn't write a version of their software for Mac for this mouse).

In any case, plugging the mouse into a PC first to save a profile on the mouse itself before connecting to a Mac is NOT necessary at all -- just use one of the third-party software options (it doesn't sound like any functionality is lost at all with the third-party software) if you still want to buy the mouse (I know I still do and will).
Kiahlin answered on June 13, 2012
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I read in my own research that out of many other gaming specific mice, the Logitech was the most Mac friendly (I too use a Mac, but mostly for WOW). As I do not own this mouse myself, I cannot verify the truth to those claims, but it would seem to me from what I have read so far that this mouse integrates very easily with Mac programming. Hope this helps.
John D. Izzo Jr. answered on June 19, 2011
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Actually, Logitech is not MAC friendly when it comes to their gaming mice. To my knowledge they do not provide any MAC compatible software for any of their gaming mice, G700 included. In order to get the G700 to work correctly (i.e. The extra buttons) you would have to install the software on Windows have setup all the buttons as "generic" and have it saved as a profile directly on the device's memory. Then you can use software like USB Overdrive to get those buttons recognized on the MAC.

With that said, RAZER provides MAC compatible software for most if not all of their gaming mice. As a MAC user I would pick Razer over Logitech, but wish their wireless mice had better battery life.
J. Dolley answered on May 30, 2012
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