Can I connect the compact desktop to a USB mobile LCD monitor (serve as the main and only monitor)?
asked by Y. Li on April 26, 2013
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Walter answered on April 27, 2013
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Yes - I just tried it. I connected the USB monitor and installed the drivers (with a regular monitor attached). In the Display control panel, I made the USB monitor the primary monitor. I also unlocked the task bar and moved it to the USB monitor. The I restarted the machine and disconnected the original monitor, leaving only the USB monitor. The machine came up normally on the USB monitor. I don't know if all of these steps were necessary, but they worked.
Mountain Man answered on April 27, 2013
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Hi Y. Li! This mobile16" LCD monitor is equipped with USB-cable for data flow and for power to the monitor. An installation CD/dvd-disk is also with this monitor that contains driver for this monitor. To install this monitor you need one monitor to see to install, (to follow this installation-procedure). therefor it is best for a second monitor in the first place. But if you are an technician or an engineer or know much aboute computers, mabe you can use an USB-wired opportunity to get connected with your second computer as an fileserver and then install the monitor from an second computer? But The best thing is if you use an monitor that is connected to your computer in the first place that works, then install this monitor as an second monitor. But you have to make an adjustment in the graphic (Display control panel) from your desktop where you choose your 16" mobile LCD monitor to be your main monitor before you disconnect the first monitor. Then you may use your 16" LCD monitor as an only monitor or as your main monitor. If you switch off your computer and then switch on agen, your mobile 16 LCD monitor works as an common monitor. Just for safety do not disconnect any monitor before after you have tested your brandnew monitor. After this test and everything is funtion well, then you can try to disconnect the first monitor and use only your mobile 16" LCD Monitor. I hope this would be helpfull to your questions aboute installing this monitor.
It take some time to install this monitor, so be sure that you reed the instruction good enough. This monitor that I purchased is working just fine, I use it as an second monitor for my mobile 17" laptop. It work fine and I`m happy with it.
T. Haram answered on April 28, 2013
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For Windows PC, the answer is yes. After set-up, go to Control Panel > Hardware and Devices > Display. You will see the monitors connected to your computer. Select the E1649FWU as your primary monitor. In Windows 8, use Devices to switch to other monitors on your system. I use the E1649FWU and my HDTV as monitors using "Devices" to use simultaneously as "duplicate," "pc only," or "extended." This may sound complicated but just play around with the options and you will soon be an old hand.
ThHobbes answered on April 29, 2013
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