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on August 29, 2011
Yep, it's True.
I first bought 2 of these and the wife & I liked em so much I bought 10 more (plus 8 of the medium d.light lantern model).
And here's why:

I bought the adapter to give each light an initial 12 hour electrical hard charge because I wanted a good HARD charge plus I guess I don't trust the sun... Then, I ran the light 4 hours (as advertised) and it burnt strong from start to finish. I woulda ran it longer but I was sleepy. Then I stuck the thing in my window and let it sit till the next evening. And it charged well and burns bright when I need it.

Now - when I say "bright", I don't mean bright enough to do brain surgery by - BUT you could easily see well enough to deliver a baby or read about learning to DO brain surgery without any eye strain. So for me and my needs - this is plenty bright and it STAYS bright for hours.

I live in the backwoods and our grid is just plain lousy.
We went without power for 10 days a couple years back and I didn't have me enough light. But now, ladies and gentlemen - when the lights go out I will be the envy of all my unlit neighbors.
AND if the world comes to an end - I will have plenty of light to skin a squirrel and reload guns by. Because after all - when the gas runs out - your generator will stop running. But there's a very good chance the sun will come out tomorrow.

The light is very well made - high impact plastic - feels like it will last a long time.
The switch is solid and the little metal handle is nifty.
You can sit it or hang it in all kindsa different ways.
I hung it from a shelf and was able to work inside a closet.
Heck, you can even hang it from your shirt collar while you're changing banjo strings.
It's incredible!

The little red light turns on when the light is charging.
I don't know if you can over-charge it. But I did read reviews where folks complained about over-charging the larger lamps.

The solar panels are nifty and if you watch the ad -
you can drive over them with your car. Wheee!

I bought these smaller lamps for reading and picking splinters and what not - and bought the larger lantern variety for lighting rooms entirely so we can play Monopoly or checkers or Twister.

I'm thinking I will buy spare batteries just in case these batteries eventually stop charging during the zombie apocalypse.

The S1 WILL light a room way better than a candle but you will be hard pressed to warm your hands with it.
Get several of these - they are well worth the money - which is not often heard nowadays.

I'm not going to buy the most expensive model because you can buy 5 of these to 1 of those...

ALSO - check out their website.
This company is helping the 3dr world in a most impressive way.

I may be a nut but when the grid goes down for good I will be a well-lit nut.

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on June 25, 2011
The picture doesn't do this unit justice. It's quite sturdy and seems very well built. The light makes a nice bright circle of light about 10 inches in diameter when pointed straight down. The lamp swivels 360 degrees so you can aim it at a wall to make great hand shadows. Or point straight up at the ceiling for a dim area light.

Like the d.light S10 Solar LED Lantern, this is designed for developing rural areas without electricity. The difference being this is mainly intended as a reading light for students. Your purchase helps the d.light organization distribute their products where they can really make a difference. Their mission statement:

"Enable households without reliable electricity to attain the same quality of life as those with electricity. We will begin by replacing every kerosene lantern with clean, safe and bright light."

The unit disassembles with a phillips screw driver and the rechargable Ni-Mh battery can be easily replaced (if needed) with a standard 3.6v cordless phone battery "2/3AAA" (same battery as the S10). Also like the S10, it can be charged by the sun or an AC charger, just search for "Nokia AC-3U" on Amazon and get one for a few bucks. Check out the company site by googling dlight design (note the exact spelling).
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on July 2, 2011
I have all kinds of solar gadgets. I was happily surprised how bright this thing is! It's perfect for the bedside when doing algebra late at night. My primary reason for ordering (besides loving all things solar) is my regular lamps put too much heat in my small cramped room. This item is perfect! Easy to angle just where you want it too. I also noticed, when I first opened it and was looking at the packaging, that the red charging light came on while the panel was exposed under my bright desk lamp. This is a bonus because I can keep it at the desk while working and get a charge on rainy days. I plan to order more, for myself and friends!
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VINE VOICEon October 30, 2012
I bought this light a few months ago, along with a comparable Eddie Bauer lantern and a no-brand lantern. Hurricane Sandy rolled through this week, and we had our first real test of the lanterns when the power went out (and stayed out). The Eddie Bauer lantern was not as bright and lasted only about an hour before going dim. The no-brand lantern lasted a bit longer but was very difficult to use -- it wasn't configured to put the light where needed. Our d.lights, on the other hand, performed flawlessly. We used both the area lantern (the d.light S10) and also this task light (d.light S1). The area lantern (the S10) kept large (15x30 foot) living spaces lit well enough to work (preparing dinner, etc.). And the task light (S1) was fantastic for reading, doing paperwork, etc. All of the d.light lanterns lasted from sundown to bed time at full brightness -- the S10 lanterns were on the whole time (about 6 hours), while the S1 task lights were used intermittently (probably 3-4 hours). Both the S10 and the S1 are designed for functionality -- the area lantern is very easy to hang, and the S1 task light puts light right where you need it. Last but not least, they recharged the next day with only partial sunlight and were ready to go for a second night.

Long and the short of it: D.light lanterns are awesome! Hands down, these are the best power outage lanterns available, and at a great price. I just placed an order for a few more. These are far more valuable than battery-eating flashlights when facing a sustained power outage.

05-Nov-2012: Important Note. If you're looking for a whole-room lantern, as opposed to a task, light, you'll probably want to get the d.light S10. The S1 (this product) is a task light, for reading, etc. Both are great products -- just designed for slightly different uses.
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on May 20, 2012
I bought one, then two more, then a dozen more. Great for camping, fishing, outdoor parties, and as the reading lights they were intended to be. At twelve bucks each, these are a bargain. I also have a few each of the two larger size lanterns. Each is especially handy for certain things. I use one of these each evening on top of my fridge pointing straight up. Soft light reflects back down from the white ceiling, which is easy on the eye, but enough light to cook by. Two more are in corners shining up into previously dark areas. Each adds less than a pound to a backpack.

I have left them on all night, maybe nine hours. They're pretty dim by then, but the first six hours are fine for reading.

One day charge gives hours of light for an evening.

I've dropped these several times with no apparent damage.
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on August 25, 2011
I really like my D.light products I bought on Amazon, the S10 is great and one of my favorites, so I had to try one of these little lights. These are terrific! After setting on a sunny windowsill for the day it was ready to try out---I took it into our bathroom which is pitch black when you shut the door. This little light worked great, enough to even shower. The wire stand is sturdy, I stuck it on a shelf and it hung there fine, & I tilted the light to different positions to see what worked the best. In a lights out event, a few of these little fellows will come in pretty handy. Its Not a big spot light but its not made to be that---but it would work great in a small room, to help see going down steps, etc. For under $10 I think its a good buy and I will get a few more. My son took it on a camping trip and reported that it worked super in the tent, giving enough light to see just fine.

I appreciate the info to get the recharging cord and replacement battery--thanks for the tip, I bought some extra to have.
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on September 18, 2011
I live near the east coast and anytime there's a storm we lose our power. Candles and kerosene lanterns are great for winter lighting but during the late spring, summer and fall the weather here gets very hot and humid. I came on Amazon looking for a better solution after the last storm left us without lights for 12 hours. I bought 5 of these and they work great. Because they tilt in different directions they can be used to either focus on a task like reading, or tilted up to give the whole room ambient lighting. They also have an on and off switch to help conserve the light during long period of having no power.
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on January 15, 2012
I like to read in bed, and have used various battery-operated book lights over the years since the regular bedside lamp disturbs my husband. Those lights required frequent battery changes, and generally were too fragile to survive more than a few months, so I was delighted to discover this sturdy d.light solar light for reading in bed. I can prop it on my chest or set it on the mattress and angle the light in any direction I need for reading. It's bright enough to light the page or kindle, but not so bright that it disturbs anyone else. I set the light out in the sun to charge in the morning and bring it inside in the evenings. On rainy days I set the light on the windowsill and this seems to be sufficient to charge the light. The light has been left out in the rain on occasion, and it was fine. The charge lasts longer than four hours. I have fallen asleep with the light on, and it would still be on in the morning. The only slightly negative comment I can offer is that the on button is flush with the surface of the light, and it is sometimes difficult to locate the button by feel when groping around in the dark. Overall, I love this practical, economical, dependable solar light! I have purchased 10 of them so far for emergencies and to share with friends, and everyone has been pleased. The company has a great mission promoting solar technology to improve the lives of people in less developed countries, so I hope US sales support this goal.
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on July 19, 2012
This d.light S1 is just as impressive as its big brother the lantern, and that's quite impressive. The little red LED lights up to let you know it's charging in ANY light - sun, indoor lighting, overcast, streetlamp...I'll test it next full moon and let you know. Incredibly inexpensive, hassle free, multi-position, quality build. Rotating the light on its sturdy steel base, it just FEELS like the kind of quality that will last almost as long as its energy source (our star Sol that is. I bet it will outlast a light bulb by decades). This one has only one brightness setting, compared to two on the lantern, but at half the price and 1/4 the bulk one is all I need. I'm buying a bunch of them to see how much electricity I use for lighting - I hope it's a LOT! And I'll be purchasing the largest d.light - a flood lamp with USB device charging capability.
I decided to hang my little guy from my van's rear view mirror to charge, and found that it's a perfect fit. I had to wiggle it a bit to get it seated, so it's not going to come loose. I'm leaving it there - my interior lights had a short, and now I don't need to rewire!
Plus the company stands for a good cause - d.light is dedicated to improving the quality of life for developing countries who don't yet have sufficient/dependable electricity.
Yes. I recommend. d.Definitely.
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on September 8, 2011
I purchased this light for use around the house and for camping. It has a very bright light and is excellent for reading at night and many other uses where a strong portable light is needed. I was skeptical that it would last for 4 hours, but it easily works that long on a single charge. I highly recommend this light.
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