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I'm debating between the Nabi 2 & a Kindle Fire for my almost 4 year old. I have a Fire myself & he is constantly stealing it. Which would be better?
asked by D. Guess on November 4, 2012
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The Nabi is much better for small children. The parental controls make it easy to just hand it over and not worry about them purchasing things or getting onto inappropriate websites. I have a kindle Fire for myself and bought my daughter a Nabi and she no longer steals my Fire. The Nabi has a camera and my fire does not. :) I definitely recommend the Nabi.
Trista Arndt answered on November 4, 2012
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I got ours for my 5y/o grandson. I know his father thinks it is great as it won't let his son get on the internet unsupervised. Down side is you can't get to the Google store without a workaround. For a young child, it is a good solution and the grandson uses it everyday.
john answered on November 4, 2012
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If you already have a Kindle fire for yourself then by all means hands down best kids tablet. I did my research before buying it and found that the internals of the nabi 2 are almost identical to a NExus 7 tablet in which these are very admirable specs for a cheap kids tablet. Downfalls include no google play or apps by default but you do get a Nabi App zone and you can install Amazon marketplace as well. The kids mode called Nabi mode is great for the kids and it comes packed full of stuff to keep them occupied. I bought this for my son who is 7 but my daughter who is 4 seems to steel it and play with it more than him. Also if your tech savy, it was not to difficult to "root" this device and be able to install all the things that it lacks and blocks you from installing. Our whole family enjoys the Nabi. :-)
Nate answered on November 4, 2012
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I have owned both.....we started with the Nabi 2. I was easily able to side load the amazon app store. i didn't care for the interface much at all. my son had problems going from screen to screen to find his games and getting to the parent side to add stuff was a pain. we were given the kurio kids tablet so we returned the nabi 2.
The kurio tablet had a much better interface, easy to use but slow....
we had it freeze up once and had to reset it...the apps were also super easy for my son to take off....i had to keep putting them back on the kids side. it does have a full android mode...good for them to grow.
I did however sell it and go with a kindle fire. With the now handy kids free time. Apps are super easy to install...and place on the kids side. I got a handy gumdrop case which is awesome...makes it look more kid friendly and has all around protection including screen cover.
He now has a kid friendly tablet with a super easy kid friendly interface that he can grow with.....
We own all apple products but really couldn't justify that steep of an expense for my 4 yr old. The kindle was a cheaper kid friendly alternative.
Avery answered on March 19, 2013
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The Nabi 2 is hands down the best tablet for kids. My 2 1/2 and 5 year old sons love it and fight over it constantly. They can easily navigate the interface to access learning apps, games, cartoons, songs & videos. The tablet itself is well built. Its very tough and the red rubber cover works great for shock protection that is easy for small hands to grab and hold onto for long periods of time. Our tablet has been dropped, stepped on and tossed around the house since day one and still works great. Its a great investment that I highly recommend.
Rob Schuster answered on November 5, 2012
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I would get the Nabi 2 just for the fact that it handles abuse better out of the box than a Kindle Fire. There aren't as many bells and whistles as the Kindle, but what does a 4 y/o need? I bought this for a 5 y/o and they love it. easy to use apps and they can't accidentally download anything due to password protected settings. Plus it has a camera. My kid loves the camera and enjoys playing around with it. I would recommend this for it's simplicity and durability as well as easy to use and understand apps.
Anthony answered on November 7, 2012
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Very dissappointed in the Nabi 2 for one main cannot buy a digital movie and download it onto the tablet (..easily i.e. thru amazon or google play). Honestly wanted to like it but that is a complete deal breaker. If it supported google play or amazon instant video or anything, i would have kept it but I'm not wasting my time copying movies to a micro sd card on a pc to make it work. So it's going back to the store and buying a Kindle fire with a kid friendly case.
jared chaffee answered on February 27, 2013
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I urge you to get a Kindle Fire. I have had nothing but problems with the Nabi I bought for my niece. Their customer service is HORRIBLE! Please read my review (autumn rain). I am waiting for the third Nabi to be shipped. With Amazon, if you have a problem with example: the connection where you charge it; they will send you a label, get a credit card number from you to hold until they receive the old Kindle back. BUT, they immediately send you a new Kindle. Nabi? No, you have to ASK for a shipping label. They will not mail out a new one until they receive the malfuntioning one. I first returned Nabi for repair, it came back doing the same thing (saying connect charger even if it was connected; also it would not charge). I sent it back; they sent out a new one, it quit working after it was charged. Two weeks, still waiging for one. Sorry for the rambling. Kids learn fast; my niece was 6 when she decided to use her parents Kindle since the Nabi didn't work. DEFINETELY the KINDLE FIRE
AutumnAir answered on January 15, 2013
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Kindle Fire is way better!The NABI commercials are lies,and Kindle is better!
Hilda Herrero answered on December 1, 2013
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For our 4 year old, we chose the Nabi. We love that it has the mommy mode or nabi mode for kids. You control what they get to see or have access too!
Amazon Customer answered on November 4, 2012
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