Does the OS come with a remote desktop application (similar to Windows Remote Desktop/RDP).
asked by S. OrtegaP on October 20, 2012
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In the Chrome Web Store there is an app from Google that you can install on both the host and the connecting computers, it works with any two computers that have Chrome installed, including Chrome OS , Windows, Mac, or Linux.
Eric W. Vaughn answered on October 20, 2012
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I actually own a Chromebook, the last two answers are not that great. Every Chromebook has a program called chrome remote desktop preinstalled. It is an amazing remote desktop application. Heres the url for it if you want to test it out before buying a Chromebook:
Bobby answered on December 15, 2012
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If you need to use remote applications, you might consider settings up a free tier Amazon EC2 - might take some work, but if you're not a heavy user it should cover you for a year.
Michael Perez answered on October 22, 2012
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