How is this different from the older one? How is this compared to the $49.99 Amazon Kindle DX Black Leather Cover?

1. Is it also suseptible to cracking the Kindle?
2. Will the Smak-Dab solution work?

Sorry no product links, couldn't find out how.
asked by A. Nahir on July 11, 2010
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Primary differences include:
1. the elastic band which keeps the front cover closed when utilized;
2. the multiple leather colors available (not sure if the old one was ever available in anything but black).

This new cover, like the old one, is susceptible to damaging the Kindle if opened from the back. The Smak-Dab Cover Secure Clip works with the new cover as well as the old. It can be found on at:
Smak-Dab Cover Secure Clip for the Kindle 2 and Kindle DX
Mark Diehl answered on July 19, 2010

No, the Smak-Dab does NOT resolve the problem. I am on my third Kindle DX because the cover keeps cracking my Kindle.
tanner schmitt answered on September 28, 2011

Is the older Amazon DX cover still available?
Amazon Customer answered on April 17, 2011

not sure
but if I buy this I don't wanna have to buy this as well: Smak-Dab Cover Secure Clip for the Kindle DX/2/3
J. Spain Willingham answered on July 12, 2010
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