Onkyo TX - NR609 7.2 Channel Network THX Certified A/V Receiver
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data disks playable on this machine??? I have tried to play a cd made as a 'data' disk (when you burn a disk set it as 'data' and you can get 5-6 hours of music on it).
The 609 doesn't seem to receive it. The disks played find on my old, simple, very cheap receiver that I replaced with the Onkyo.
I'm connected the CD player with an optical cable.
Any ideas?
asked by Roger S. Gottlieb on August 29, 2011
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It sounds to me like you are talking about burning an MP3 disc, a disc with MP3's burned directly as data files instead of converting them to cd audio files. Yes, in that case you can get a couple of hundred songs on a cd compared to about 20 with a normal audio cd.

With this receiver, you can save MP3's and other audio file types on a flash drive and plug it in to the USB port and not have to use any discs at all. I read that other people have been also able to use external hard drives!
R. S. Luther answered on November 21, 2011

Did you have the same CD player with your old reciever? My guess would be that if anything is going wrong as far as reading a data disk as music, it would have to do with what you were using to read it, not the reciever. I'm actually surprised that you had a system that could use a data disk in such a way, because I've never seen one work like that.
Xzandre answered on October 22, 2011
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