Can this be done in a somewhat small apartment with thin floors? I have a 1 bedroom apartment here in NYC and I'm believe I have enough room in my living room if I slide the couch back. Main concern is my floors are super-thin and i can hear everything above me and my neighbors below hear everything I do. However, I haven't sprung for carpet yet to help absorb noise (I have older creaky wooden floor). How much jumping and what not is there, and does anyone think it could be dampened enough if done on carpet? Or is it just too intense?
asked by LP NYC on January 19, 2012
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Some of the workouts are more movement than others but all are pretty active (except for the stretch and maybe the yoga). I have thin, creaky wooden floors and there is a room below where I did workouts. I got a big workout mat (like a yoga mat but a big rectangle) and my son whose room was below my workout area said it didn't make much difference and he could hear me no matter what. I think the mat might have muffled things at least a little. I think our problem was the floors creaking...which happened mat or no mat. Is there a time you can do your workouts when your neighbors below aren't home? Or can you just pick a time when it is least likely to annoy them (and maybe let them know what you are doing)? Its tough because it is at least a 6 day a week thing (the 7 day is the stretch and that one should be fairly quiet).
GrnDayMom answered on January 22, 2012
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