Toshiba Thrive 10.1-Inch 16 GB Android Tablet AT105-T1016
Used & New from: $150.00
download movies? Im looking for a tablet that not only will stream movies but download them as well for traveling. Will the Thrive do this, and if not do you have any suggestions?
asked by John C. Thomas on December 5, 2011
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Hi Patrick....I take it you've already tried different headphones. Some people have mentioned that the headphone jack on their Thrive is very tight at first and they have to force the connector in until it loosens. I also found the steps listed below in the Thrive forum that might help. If this doesn't do the trick, then you may have a defective jack.

The forum steps/info are shown here (including an update at the end):
Here is something easy you can try I figured out that really cranks up my Thrive volume louuud .
Click settings-click multimedia
1. srs multimedia enhancement (check the box)
2. click srs multimedia enhancement setting (check both boxes)
3. srs volume boost (check the box)
4. srs voice claarity enhancement (check the box)
5. click srs voice clarity enhancement settings (check both boxes)
6. toshiba audio enhancement (check the box) THIS SETTING REALLY CRANKS UP THE VOLUME
7. toshiba auto ambient noise equilizer (check the box) THIS SETTING REALLY REALLY CRANKS UP THE VOLUME EVEN MORE
you will notice (or I have with 6. and 7. checked the volume at its minimum is still kinda loud, uncheck 6. and or 7. if you want to
listen to softer volume aka more precise low volume control.
Cant guantee it will work for everyone but it sure works for me, my sound is loud to the point im afraid to crank it up too much it will blow the speakers off
the back of my Tablet.
Hope it helps you out, its an easy fix.
I just watched the linked video as pasted in the keithers post above.... The illistrated instructions do work to increase the volume to some extent but, and this is only my own opinion, keeping the default settings checked in the srs multimedia enhancement settings and also the srs voice clarity enhancement settings will keep the bass and treble settings turned down a decent amount. Due to the Thrive having such small speakers and reading that some folks have cooked their speakers tends to make me want to not crank up the bass and treble settings too much therefore potentially extending the life and quality of the speakers. checking 6. and or 7. above does the trick without adding too much additional (overdrive) to the speakers, unless of course you are using plugged in headphones in which case let her rip.

Lastly, you can always get a small amp for headphones that plugs into the Thrive, into which you plug your headphones. They sell them right here on Amazon. Here is one that I bought (there are many) that has worked well for me, plus it adds jacks so my kids can both plug in and watch the same movie: Boostaroo Portable Amplifier - Clear
MW answered on April 17, 2012
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Here is another solution that was posted by someone who was having the same issue as you...this worked for them, so thought I would also send it your way....

I called TT tech support and he had me plug in headphones then start up the TT/selected a song and could hear song through headphones. I unplug headphones and could hear song
coming from Thrive.
He had me go into Setting/Multimedia/Audio Enhancements/SRS multimedia enhancement settings/Check box Enable SRS/ and uncheck Use default settings.
Then set Bass in both Headphone and System speaker settings to 100 and both trebles to around 50 then hit ok/ then reboot.
Booted up Thrive/ get music/ then plug in headphones. This worked also.
I then read the tech with what you had mentioned by plugging and unplugging while music going might short it out and he somewhat agreed..
He did say keeping the basses at(100) the same level along with the trebles being(50) the same.
MW answered on April 17, 2012
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You have SD card slot on Thrive. You can preload movies on a SD card and then insert it into the card slot or put a SD card into the slot first and then download the movie directly onto the SD card, rather than downloading it to the internal memory as 16 GB fills up fast. I suggest class 6 or higher rating 32GB or 64 GB Sd cards.
zanypoet answered on December 30, 2011
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That's a loaded question. Today's tablets will stream video because flash is included or can be downloaded. To stream you need access to wifi. A netflix app is included and you can also stream amazon video if you're a prime member. I've done both and they work fine.
Downloading is a different issue and I'm not sure what is being asked. You can convert a dvd to a .mp4 or some other format and transfer it to play on the thrive. I have a class 4 and it plays well so I wouldn't worry about the class.
PhillyGirl answered on January 12, 2012
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A SanDisk Class 4 under certain conditions will be faster than a Class 10. Even a Class 2 will work. The TT is a natural Media Centric Tablet.
A. GRIECO answered on January 13, 2012
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I am confused on what good the thrive is for movies after I have now bought it. I got the 32gb and travel via flights 4 times a year, so if I want to view a movie in air, so i need to use a seprate dvd player or find out who puts movies on thumb drives?
Can someone please get me the correct answers. I checked netflix and they only seem to watch live movies or tv shows and not download, any other sites to check out?
Patrick R. answered on January 22, 2012
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Do not be confused. The Toshiba Thrive has a Media Player as an installed app. I wish more TABLETS has an in house plasyer installed. Thus the TT USB, or Memory card with a loaded Movie is all set to play your avi./MP formats. There are TORRENT sites through out the Net. Use your Home Computer to setup VUZE, down load their top 250 suggestions. Copy the avi. to external media, load to your TT and send Quality time watching media plays.

PS: I wish my Asus EEE Pad had an Asus installed Media Player. Only my TT has so far using therir player fullfilled the need.
A. GRIECO answered on January 23, 2012
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Great help, I will be looking back at this post to try to do the stuff correctly. I ordered 2 32gb sd cards today and will try to download movies and see what i can learn.
Patrick R. answered on January 23, 2012
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If you want software that easily converts movie files for the Thrive, try Video Catalyst...costs about $10 and is incredibly user friendly. I've converted about 10 different movies, plus television shows (I Love Lucy!) and put them on an SD card and watched them on my TT. Video Catalyst has great support too. If you want to try a freebee first, try Handbrake. Google either one to find out more about them.
MW answered on February 15, 2012
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MW...From what sites did you get the movies and tv shows from to convert?
Robert answered on February 19, 2012
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