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on August 26, 2014
This is going to be a long review, but I really want you to know how much stuff this bag fits! It's deceiving!

We took this bag on our 3 week honeymoon all over Europe and it was PERFECT!! Passed all of the specifications for carry on for European airlines (their specifications are smaller than most US airlines). It saved us the trouble of lugging around our rolling luggage from train station our hotels, skipping baggage claim at the airport, and avoiding the hassle of rolling bags on the cobblestone streets.

If you're worried about bringing wine home etc. skip to the bottom to see what we did!

I was skeptical to purchase this backpack because I usually overpack, a little too much, and I was really nervous about "packing light" for 3 weeks.
HOWEVER! I purchased this bag due to my coworker's constant warnings that it would not be fun to be rolling my traditional/gigantic luggage around, and she was completely right! I bought the bag, purchased some "packing cubes" (another first for me) and began to pack. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND purchasing packing cubes because if you want to open up your backpack in public to get whatever you need out, you don't want everything falling out, or everyone looking at everything that you've packed. It really helps in organizing your stuff in the event that you accidentally packed the map at the bottom of the bag ;D .. Although I tried to pack light... I still packed a little too much.. But I can't help it! (honestly, I probably could have packed lighter though :D.. )
Now, women's tops/shirts are definitely smaller in size- when I have time I will update with my husband's packing list.

MY PACK: (everything was rolled)
Large Packing Cube:
1 pair of jeans
1 pair of black pants
1 pair of leggings
2 pairs of denim shorts
4 dresses
1 skirt
1 slip
1 small evening bag
2 sleeping t-shirts
1 belt
1 sweatshirt
1 cover up

Medium Packing Cube:
14 blouses/tops (OMG) but remember, women's tops are thin/small

Small Packing Cube:
As much underwear as I could fit (lol)
6 pairs of peds socks (very thin)
1 bikini

Cosmetic Bag:
Medicines, bandaids, feminine products, clorox wipes etc.

Within the bag, I squeezed in a bunch of things in crevices and in the top mesh pocket...
2 pairs of shoes (one pair of evening flats, one pair of TOMS)
1 pair of slippers
(I left the heels at home!)
3 bras
Separate smaller bag for chargers and adapters
Power Strip (I wanted to charge multiple things at once)

Maps, books, and passports in the top pockets (i locked with a small combination lock at all times after we got through airport security)

In my purse I had my camera, brush, contact solution and toiletries (in the ziploc bag for liquids), neck pillow, headphones, phone charger, small bag of make up, toothbrush.. everything necessary that I didn't want to dig through my bag for

Since we didn't plan on checking the bag on the way up we needed to pack light when it came to liquids/shampoos/etc. (remember, anything you forget you can buy up there!)

If you are someone who likes to travel with neck pillows, I recommend getting an inflatable neck pillow (under $10) and using that to save space and put it in your purse! SO handy.

Because we only had carry-ons (two Ebags, one backpack, and one purse) we were worried about bringing souvenirs, wine bottles, and being able to fit everything. So at the bottom of my bag, I packed a thin duffel (Le Sportsac), in which I used when our backpacks became too full with goodies we wanted to bring home, packed my purse in it, and used it as my new on board carry-on instead of my purse. :) It worked out perfectly! I ended up checking the Ebag (tucking in the straps) on the way back because we had brought home a couple of bottles of wine, and it was perfect!

Even though I had SO much stuff packed into this bag, it was comfortable and didn't feel too heavy! The straps are super comfortable and didn't dig into my shoulders! Also after you tighten the straps, you can totally make the bag look a lot smaller than it really is!

I HIGHLY recommend this backpack. Traveling through the winter months may be tougher to bring these backpacks since boots, jackets, etc. are larger, but it was perfect for our summer honeymoon!

Hope I could help some of you and give you a better idea of what fits!
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on August 16, 2013
Ok, I'm a Rick Steves fan, and he promotes a bag on this order. Holds same amount as a 22" wheeled carryon ,but has backpack straps instead of wheels. His argument: A lot of the times, the wheels are more of a hindrance than a help. I tend to agree. Wheels stick out, and don't fit into some spaces. On some terrain, wheels don't work that well.Plus, the telescoping handle on wheeled bags adds size and weight (and sometimes jamb at bad times) A bag like this has no particular structure, so it will fit a lot more places. There are no issues with rolling, just put it on your back. Bag itself is quite light (of course, no wheels or telescoping handle to add weight, so that makes sense) Fully loaded, it is actually pretty comfortable to wear, and the straps are intelligently designed so you can carry quite a bit of weight without it being a problem. Has several well-designed pockets, shoulder straps, a chest strap, and a waist strap. All straps tuck into the pocket on the back if you just want to use the handles. Bag smashes flat when unloaded. I've only used it once, but it seems well made, I expect it to hold up for a long time. I'll update if there are issues, or just as it wears and let you know.
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on February 3, 2014
After much online research, and after looking at many similar (more expensive) bags, I went with this one. After several trips now, I'm glad I did. Combined with a lot of one-bag packing tricks I can use this bag for extended trips. Always fits in overhead bins, even in weird/small planes. If no overhead space is left, it squishes under the seat in front of you. No way my 21" roller bag would do that. When the airline starts telling everybody that there's no overhead storage left and everyone has to check bags, just put it on your back like a backpack, nobody will question it. Carry it like a suitcase into a decent hotel when you don't want to look like a student (the black one looks convincingly like regular luggage), or throw it on your back when you want to zip down stairs rather than waiting with all the slowpokes on the escalator. And I don't worry about snow, mud, or pitted parking lots because I'm not dragging a wheeled bag. I'd recommend using packing cubes with this.
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on August 19, 2014
This convertible eBag was worth every hour of research and money spent.

It functioned as my main bag to pack in for four weeks in an urban city overseas. No one could believe it at first.
My paperwork, computer, Bible, large scarf, slim clutch, and some toiletries traveled in a separate, small bag for fast accessibility, but there was room for them if necessary.

It held two pairs of shoes, a few liquids, toiletries, papers, power cords, miscellaneous things, souvenirs (coming back), three dresses & three skirts, 7-8 tops, PJs, swimsuit, accessories, and underthings. (Note: Others may choose to bring hair dryers or straighteners on their trip. I probably couldn't have fit one on the way back). Fully packed, it's not super easy to haul around, but still fine over shorter distances.

The chest strap squished my boobs. That may be avoided by losing weight or by adjusting the straps, but I didn't go for either one so it's hard to say.
The extra material for the various straps flapped around which I fixed by tucking and tying them.

From my happy experience, I easily recommend you check out this lightweight, soft-sided bag for maximum carry-on space. Avoiding the hassle of checked luggage was so worth it!
review image review image
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on August 31, 2013
Very good carry on bag with conversion to a back pack. Quality zippers, material, straps and handles. Good thought to compartments and interior storage and how a person packs. Size is perfect for overhead storage compartments on a plane and then very easy to put on your back when you have another suitcase to pull or carry.
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on May 26, 2014
With an 8kg limit for European flights, roller bags are not an option for most trips. I spent two weeks in Europe living out of this back with only a small messenger bag to supplement it. I prefer this model to it's larger sibling (Mother Lode) since it's significantly lighter. It is a bit heavier than the Eagle Creek Digi Hauler, but seemed better constructed and organized than that bag. The fabric, straps and zippers are bomber (survived being checked for the flight home with 2 bottles of wine and other extra goodies pushing the load to 12kg). The only real downside is the lack of a waist strap for securing and distributing the load a bit better. The organizing features are useful and well designed (watch their YouTube video for details). It's well worth the $99 list price and an absolute steal if you can catch it on sale.
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on December 8, 2014
I cannot tell you how much I love love love this bag. I'm a 50 year old grandmother who just travelled a month through Vietnam. This backpack/bag served it's purpose with flying colors. I worked hard not to over pack, I didn't want to have to check anything on the plane, which I didn't. It was so easy to keep organized! That said, I could have put double the amount of stuff and still have room in it. The zippers are strong, not hard to use with the rain flap (which I did need) as others have complained....and best of all it was COMFORABLE. I think the best test was when the hotel picked me up from the train station on a motorbike. In the pouring rain. I got soaked but the Weekender stayed relatively dry, absolutely nothing inside got wet. And the best thing was that I could look smugly at the 20 somethings schlepping around their mummy sized backpacks and know that with maturity comes wisdom. And good packing skills.
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on November 8, 2014
I bought this bag because the Rick Steves Convertible Carry-on was on back order and I needed my own backpack for a trip. We've loved our RSCC bag and use it on every trip so I was disappointed not to be able to buy another one. I was a little cautious because I doubted that anything else could compare but I might actually like this bag better. It is more structured than RSCC so it doesn't look sloppy, even when half full. The backpack straps tuck nicely in their own zippered sleeve so you don't have to worry about them getting tangled in airport baggage mechanisms (just like RS). The top handle is great when you just have to grab the bag and go. There's also a side handle to carry it like a traditional suitcase. Unlike RSCC, there is no shoulder strap. Although appears smaller than RSCC, it is can fit a surprisingly amount of stuff. It does not expand but I found that I can always stuff just one more thing inside. This only becomes a problem after the 20th one more thing and the bag becomes heavy from all its contents. The straps on the outside of the bag allow you to cinch it tight and smaller. The outer zipper pouch is surprisingly roomy and good for papers, books or other thin things. The next zipper is a compartment containing many smaller compartments for organizing your technology or toiletries. One of these inner compartments is a very large waterproof pouch.The waterproof compartment is large enough to old full sized shampoo, conditioner, mousse, suntan lotion, bug spray, and Solarcaine with room to spare. The large inner compartment has straps for holding down your clothes - like in a suit case. It is not subdivided so you are free to pack as you like.
I like the bright orange interior because it contrasts with my belongings so it is easy to see them.
This bag performed great in a number of situations: as airline luggage (including once full of books), as laptop and other technology transport, as a weekend bag, and as an extra bag I could stuff inside another suitcase for the trip home with souvenirs. I also used it as a day pack for long touring days. It performed well but felt a little big and bulky for me (5'-6"/167cm woman) and I felt like I screamed "tourist" but it was comfortable and kept my camera separate from liquids.
I can't recommend this bag enough. When the Rick Steves Convertible Carry-on needs replacing, it will be with this bag.
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on July 21, 2015
This bag was perfect for a two week trip through Europe. I managed to get by with just it and a small DSLR camera bag. The main compartment is very roomy and had straps to cinch down items within the bag. The fact that this bag is flexible was also a great help. It fit perfectly in the overheads on all of the planes and trains we took. Except the prop plane. But don't fly prop planes unless you like turbulence. That being said the check-in let me try fitting it whereas they gave everyone else tickets to store their bags below the plane. The front punched made it easy to store documents and tickets for easy access. The bag also converts to a backpack or you can store the straps in the back and carry it by the handle. This bag felt very sturdy and well made. Packing cubes work perfect since the main compartment is wide open. And the bag smashes down nicely for storage. I'll be using this bag for my travels for years to come.
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on December 26, 2013
I got this bag for my husband to use for work - he is a highschool English teacher.

What sold me on the bag was the zipper to the main compartment. It zips open on all 3 sides. Loads of large pockets. Two handles.
The reason I gave this bag 4 stars and not 5 is the buckles to the backpack straps are plastic. I understand the intention of the bag is for travel not business, but even with travel, I could imagine that the plastic buckles could break.

The bag arrived quickly - plenty of time for Christmas. My husband is very happy with the bag! Looking forward to see how it stands up to homework to correct!
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