Sony DCR-DVD610 DVD Handycam Camcorder with 40x Optical Zoom
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Is it easy to upload to the computer? As a frequent youtuber, I need a camera that can easily upload the footage to the computer. Is this one for me? Also what format does it record in? I would appreciate an explanation of the uploading process for this camera. Thanks!
asked by Rachel Sze on June 3, 2008
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No, it is not an easy upload. If this is for youtube check out the flip by pure digital.
Innovation Addict answered on June 7, 2008
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how do i upload it to the computer thru USB.... im trying to put up a video to facebook but am having great difficulty. pls help!
Rohit Tailor answered on June 14, 2008
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I found camera to computer transfer easy with the included software. It's plug, click and wait. The software downloads from the camera, deletes from camera's memory if you want, and generates copies in the program. The program itself is an archival program that allows tags to be created for easy organization or quick-find searching. There are also some limited editing tools. As far as internet uploads, I don't do that so I cannot tell you if that is simple. Still, this is an incredibly high-quality camera. I use it for my brother's cello performances and both audio and video are amazing.
Wren answered on February 16, 2014
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