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on August 14, 2012
I bought the blue version of the case and it matches the S3 blue pretty well. The case is a pretty thin hard type case.
*Fits the S3 remarkable well. The cut-outs for the camera/speaker are dead on.
*Case snaps tight to phone and doesn't want to fall out or anything, but at the same time it's not too hard to take off.
*I like that there aren't any covers on the volume and power buttons. It makes it a bit harder to accidentally press the buttons since they're recessed from the case
*Phone continues to go in and out of pockets easily.
*Lip on camera side protects the camera well.

*Case material isn't too much more "grippy" than the stock phone battery cover. It could still slip out of your hand fairly easy.
*The front lip doesn't offer much protection for the screen. I know some reviewers said it has about a 1mm lip so when you set the phone glass side down it protects the screen, but I don't see it. It could be that my screen-cover is making that much of a difference, but I can't even slide a piece of paper under the glass with this cover on.

Overall, You probably couldn't find a better minimalist case than this without more money. I think it will suffice for my needs quite well.

Also, don't let the terrible grammar on the back of the package scare you. They make good cases, not sentences.

Edit: nfc does work with this case
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on July 20, 2012
I preordered AT&T's white Samsung Galaxy S3 when they were originally intended to arrive for in-store pick-up just under a month ago and have since gotten by without a case as I, like many others, had been waiting for a heavy-duty case with which to bolster and protect our precious phones. So yes, this was admittedly ordered as a go-between case from not being protected to whenever Otterbox inevitably releases their white/gray commuter for the S3. I opted for speedier shipping and it arrived the next evening. Unfortunately, I was not in and UPS/Elago required a signature (safer is better as I live in an apartment complex), but I soon drove to the center where it was dropped off, unpacked it, and placed the beautiful deep gray case on my phone.

elago G5 Slim Fit Case for Galaxy S3 (Fits Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and other Carriers) - Soft Feeling Dark Gray - ECO PACK

*Mine cost $9.99 with the MSRP $20.99


I chose the gray cover as it essentially goes with anything. It pops on the back of the phone easily, yet remains snug and hasn't unintentionally come off since. Intentional removal, however, is a cinch. I only add that last bit as a comparison to a TPU case my friend uses that consistently pulls the back plate off the S3 when removing it. It doesn't seem to offer more grip over the phone's slickness in my opinion, but it covers the rounded portions of the phone very precisely. The case itself takes nothing away from the phone's form factor; actually, it adds to it as it essentially molds a different color to the S3. It's incredibly light, yet does not bend too much being sturdy. The edges of the circular cutout around the camera bend up ever so lightly, protecting the lens should I place it face-up on a table. The power button and volume rocker remain entirely accessible. There is even a minimal "dip" in the case's upper border for the headphone jack to remain usable with jacks that bend. The packaging is a translucent thick plastic sleeve (tear off the top at a marked side). It comes with a little cardboard cut-out advertising their headphones. I'm not sure what the little 'hole' at the top of the phone is exactly used for (voice stabilization/distortion control?), but it is also present in the case. Everything that needs to be accesible is indeed unencumbered. An important note to address that many other reviewers miss: This case does NOT affect screen protectors. The guys at BestBuy Mobile recommended I get the Zagg HD screen protector (despite the Gorilla Glass, I know). My same friend's TPU case has lips that go around the sides of the phone to keep it in place, but they also push in on the shield, causing the sides to bulge, creating lines of air bubbles along the sides. It may not be a case if you don't have a shield, but for me, this case is perfect as I can have the best of both worlds.

As an aside, this product only got my attention at first as I had not seen other minimalist cases with such variety, but the pictures simply do not do this grey color justice.... I almost ordered the yellow but the shade in their picture made me go with a safer bet. While I absolutely LOVE this one, I kind of regret not choosing the yellow as it could also be even more solid/vivid than the pictures show.... I recommend googling Elago for better renditions and the ability to make a more informative decision when choosing colors.

Yes, I am still awaiting my Otterbox case (I ordered through a third-party even though Otterbox says the case is still unavailable) and I plan on using it. However, this little case is a surprisingly satisfying addition to my S3, setting it apart from others and garnering questions from my friends to see if they make cases for their phone models, too. I may order the yellow version down the road.... It costs more than some, but it's very trendy, well-crafted, and functional. The gray adds a professional look while others would be more fun.

I apologize for the poor formatting, but I do not typically write reviews. I may improve in due time. I also selected to receive e-mail notices when anyone asks a question. So, if it works, I will try to answer as I can :)
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on September 11, 2012
This case matches very well with the blue Galaxy S3 and looks very slim. The cutouts fit very well with the buttons, camera, flash, and speaker. However, it leaves the top of the phone (between the corners, anyway) completely unprotected. I dropped the phone in the parking lot (the case isn't as "grippy" as perhaps it ought to be) and ended up dinging the top of my phone.

This may have been an unlikely situation, but I bought the case to protect my phone and it did not meet my expectations.
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on July 26, 2012
I wanted the thinnest case I could get, So I checked out the Spigen case (i think it's called the "Air") and this Elago case. Both are near identical. The Spigen, although thinner, doesn't stay on the phone as well (I suspect because the case is so thin, there's not much for the phone to clasp onto. I can barely tell the difference when I have either of the cases on that one is thicker. I will say the nice thing about the Spigen one is that it came with a screen protector (at a cost). I ended up keeping the Elago though. The one complaint I have about both cases is that it doesn't cover enough of the bottom or top, it comes up through the corners, but they could of added another centimer of protection.

I initally purchased this Elago case in white, then got it in blue. The feel of different colors is significantly different. This blue/indigo case feels like a plastic with a soft rubber coating whereas the white one was a glossy plastic.
Both have their ups and down sides.
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on July 12, 2012
So let me start by saying this case is just perfect for my white samsung galaxy S3 (AT&T). Of course, I purchased the white one so it could match my beautiful phone. It matches so perfect that even the case feels like its part of the phone. Quality is GREAT. You'll receive good compliments on this case, trust me. It feels good in your hand and looks great.

I had purchased this brand before for my iPhone 4s. It warped beautifully around that phone, so I knew Elago was not going to fail me on my galaxy S3. Case is slim and it has a snug fit on the phone.

The white case doesn't interfier with the flash, tested it myself on that aspect. If you want a case that is going to protect your screen , this is not for you then. It doesn't have the lips that wrap around the screen like some. I personally don't like that because it makes the phone look bulky. But then again, thats just me. I love that SLIM fit look. I baby my devices so I hardly drop them.

Case will definitely will protect them from scratches on the back, and edges in case you drop it side ways. I like this design is just exactly what I wanted. That being said, I'm a very happy camper. Elago thanks for your products. Keep up the good work.
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on August 22, 2012
I'm not usually a fan of cases for my phones. I take very good care of my equipment and have never needed protection for it. After using a Droid X for two years I had grown accustomed to the grippy feel of the frame. The Galaxy has a plastic frame and is very slick in the pocket.

This case gives the phone that slightly grippy feel and keeps it from sliding out of your pocket or hand without adding a lot of bulk. I was also not crazy about the pebble form factor of the phone as it would wobble and spin on the table when I set it down. This case gives it four points of contact on the surface so the phone doesn't wobble any more. The case also has recesses for the buttons which makes them less easily pressed. I actually find this to be a boon because I was constantly pressing the volume keys inadvertantly but this case has solved that problem. The case also protects the camera surface from being scratched due to a small lip around the camera cutout.

The only gripe I can muster (and it's a small one) is that the seams aren't perfectly lined upon one side. I feel like most people won't notice this however.

From a guy who dislikes cases: This case fixes many of the faults inherent in the design of the Galaxy and is certainly worth the asking price.
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on August 31, 2012
I purchased this case after a leather flip case failed to hold my beautiful S3 in place after a few weeks. I understood that the case was slim and not as protective as some of the other bulkier cases. I take good care of my mobile so I knew this case was a perfect fit. The dimensions are spot on leaving no room for scratches from sliding around inside the case. The camera, speaker and flash are all dead center in the superbly clean cutouts. The corners that grasp the phone protrude ever so slightly making it safe to set face down without worry. The last thing I'll mention is the clean minimalist style, if that's what you're looking for than this case should be in your cart already. All in all I love it, perfect case for me.
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on September 25, 2012
Elago is the only company I will buy my cases from for my S3. Their slim fits not only look great, they feel great! They fit the phone perfectly and snap on super easy without ever coming loose. I did crack one, but Elago shipped me a replacement within a couple days for free! As long as they are in business, they will get mine!
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on November 29, 2012
Case looks and feels excellent on the Samsung Galaxy S3. Add's practically no bulk or weight at all, but gives the phone just that extra grip and protection so it won't slip out of your hand. Will give some protection for the phone on small drop's and also when laying your phone on a desk or sliding it into your pocket, but any high drops onto hard surfaces this case will give you minimal protection. If your looking to just add an extra "skin" to the phone, this is it. If your looking to add substantial protection for your phone, look elsewhere.
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on August 1, 2012
I was really impressed when this arrived, and I'm pretty cynical.
I've had bad luck with cases from many good companies.
This "case" rocks! It's more so a protector than a case.

What to know:

- Has a great texture to eliminate slipping - works!
- Case feels nice in your hand
- The fit is perfect - not 95%, it's 100% dead on
- It will protect the camera lens

One Consideration

- Due to the design, the side buttons are harder to press.
- In some ways this is good thing, as it prevents hitting the On/Off button on right side.
- I happen to like this "feature", so it earns 5 Stars.
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