email panasonic.... about the lack of glasses. You are paying a good chunk of money for their new tv's. Panasonic lost a huge amount of money on plasmas last year. they didn't turn a profit really. If they want more sales they need a edge, like including at least a pair of 3d glasses with their tv. If enough people go to their site and comment about this they will probably include them in the sale of the tv. They need a edge here, after all how long can they sell tv's that they don't make money on? I just went to panasonics site and went to customer support and then filled out the form and commented on this. Why not do it if you plan to buy a panny this year? So give it a shot if enough of us complain they may do something about it. this has worked in the past...
asked by Michael Dobey on May 9, 2012
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The Vt50 has the best picture this year (2012), along with new 3D techonolgy, with much fewer DOA's than Samsung. No I'm not emailing them! It is a great product fairly advertising box content, with great reviews.
Drew answered on July 11, 2012
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I agree, 3D glasses should be included with the purchase of their high end TVs. At least Panasonic should provide the customer with options and recommendations.

Good luck with seeing reviews posted on their web site. My review of their TC-P55VT50 submitted over a month ago on their web site has yet to be posted and I doubt it ever will be. Not because I panned the TV: we love the truly awesome picture. Our interest in buying this TV was primarily for the built-in WiFi, but the connections did not work with our Airport Extreme, despite several sessions with their patient technical support staff. And the Apple Genius Bar genius could not help. This TV model's technology is impressive, but more detailed explanation about it and instruction is essential for most customers.
Lanihale answered on August 12, 2012
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