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They gave him their love, their money and their online parodies. He gave them... the prequels. The passion the original Star Wars trilogy inspires in its fans is unparalleled; but when it comes to George Lucas himself, many have found their ardor has cooled into a complicated love-hate relationship.

Joe Nussbaum, Daryl Frazetti
1 hour, 33 minutes

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Genres Documentary, Comedy
Director Alexandre O. Philippe
Starring Joe Nussbaum, Daryl Frazetti
Supporting actors Doug Jones, Damian Hess, Richie Mehta, Brian Comerford, Dale Pollock, Glenn Kenny, Anthony Waye, Richard Sandling, Derek Ambrosi, Edward Hines Jr., Joseph A. Covas, Adam W. James, Todd Hanson, Neil Gaiman, Gerardo Rodrigues Sanchez, Michael Arias, Jonathan London, Joe Haldeman
Studio Lionsgate
MPAA rating NR (Not Rated)
Captions and subtitles English Details
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13 of 15 people found the following review helpful By DVD Verdict on October 21, 2011
Format: DVD
Patrick Naugle, DVD Verdict --The People vs. George Lucas is essentially one long rant for the fans. Although it certainly falls on the side of letting art stay as it was originally created--e.g. "George, stop mucking around with your movies!"--it also attempts to lend a sympathetic tone to Lucas and his revisions. Although the man has made fans furious with his tinkering (and become the one thing he always loathed: a businessman), moviegoers also wouldn't have their beloved Star Wars universe without his vision and filmic genius. On one hand, the Star Wars movies are owned by Lucas, and he should be allowed to do whatever he wants with them. But is it hypocritical for a man who stood up against Ted Turner for colorizing classic movies be allowed to rewrite his own cinematic history? Weighty questions, indeed.

Lest this sound like a downer of a film, The People vs. George Lucas is also a celebration of the entire Star Wars franchise; there are interviews with fans, fan films (some good, some...not so good), fan videos, fan writings (Wookie Poetry!), and fan appreciation for everything George has given us. Director Alexandre O. Philippe (in his first major film) has given a good portion of runtime to defending Lucas and his creations (well, except for Jar Jar Binks). Interview subjects run the gamut from writer Neil Gaiman (Neverwhere) and producer Gary Kurtz (The Empire Strikes Back), to casual fans and fan filmmakers, all offering their personal opinions on the subject. While I wouldn't consider this an exhaustive dissertation on the Star Wars universe, it's certainly a fun look at how fans feel about Lucas and the decisions he's made.

When the dust finally settles, The People vs. George Lucas doesn't really provide any rock solid answers.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful By Tsuyoshi on October 1, 2012
Format: DVD
I hesitate to call "The People vs. George Lucas" a documentary film. It is more like a passionate love letter (and hate letter as well) from millions of "Star Wars" fans in the world. Though I enjoyed listening to what these fans have to say, I think for many avid fans living in the time of the internet, the film has nothing new to offer.

The considerable portion of the film's running time is spent on interviews with "Star Wars" fans and the "fan film" footage. And it seems most fans interviewed here are disappointed and even angered by the reissued "Star Wars" trilogy, and their prequels. It is easy to dismiss their complaints as nit-picking - "Who shot first - Han or Greedo?" - but the film suggests that there is something more to the voices of the disenchanted fans. What it is, however, "The People vs. George Lucas" does not tell us much.

Another disappointing thing about the film is that we are not allowed to hear much from the creators and artists. Not surprisingly George Lucas seems to have refused to be interviewed (he only appears in archive footage), and those who agreed to appear - including the writer Neil Gaiman and the "Star Wars" producer Gary Kurtz - reveal little, and is very guarded about what they say.

If nothing else, the film will be a visual record that will remind us of the excitement of the time when we first saw "Star Wars" back in 1977, and then "Episode 1." It was a massive cultural phenomenon, something we look back with nostalgia.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful By JJD on March 7, 2013
Format: DVD Verified Purchase
I was eight years old when my dad finally got around to taking us to see Lucas's magnum opus in December of 1977. It was as much a part of my childhood as kick the can (remember that??) and peanut butter & jelly sandwiches.

This documentary brilliantly illustrates the disillusionment so many of us have felt over the last fifteen years. From the poorly made judgment calls in the "special editions" to the introduction of midichlorians and Jar Jar, it's been a rocky number of years for us folks who remember how important and significant his little space opera was to our generation. This film speaks to us and, surprisingly, FOR us. The film acts as an advocate for the disillusioned, but also as an advocate for the man who is "the creator". It does a great job of playing devil's advocate and is surprisingly balanced as well. It's not 90 minutes of Lucas clearly illustrates the love/hate relationship we have. It's almost like the parental love/hate relationship. I've always loved my parents...but there were times I truly thought I hated them as well. The point being......he gave me some of the best memories of my youth. The original trilogy, Indiana Jones, a truckload of REALLY fun toys, and the desire to let my imagination fly to galaxies far far away....all thanks to him. Can I really bring myself to loathe him for letting Greedo shoot first??? The answer is yes....and no. Like any loving relationship, there are tons of grey areas. This film cleverly (and lovingly) sorts through those grey areas and provides a loving and light-hearted tribute to a creator/visionary, and those of us who love/hate the hell out of him.

Certainly a must see for those of you who cringed when the fridge was nuked, or cried out loud when Greedo shot first.
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Format: DVD
"I love/hate George Lucas, I love/hate him hard." A documentary that deals with the "Star Wars" saga. Unlike most other movies about this subject this one is a series of interviews with people telling about their love of the original three movies, and the hatred of the prequels. It begins with people telling about how their childhood was shaped by the movies and the extremes they go to to show it. Not only do the people have all multiple copies of all the movies but the merchandise they have is amazing to see. This movie is worth watching just to listen to and watch the passion the fans have and how they almost crucify Lucas for what he did with the prequels. Interviews mixed with homemade tribute movies make the movie very funny and very interesting. Much like "The Captains", this is a movie that will appeal to more then just fans of the series. The most amazing part of the movie is that there are points where you feel like you should defend Lucas against the things people are saying about him. Overall, this is an extremely entertaining documentary that will appeal to all viewers, not just "Star Wars" fans. One of the best for-the-fans movies I have ever seen, and a very worth while watch. I give it an A.

*Also try - Captains & Fanboys
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