Does the camera happen to have a view finder--eyes very light sensitive. Have not been able to view unless through view finder.
asked by R. Baldwin on November 22, 2012
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There is no viewfinder, but I think the screen is easy on the eyes. Also, you can adjust the brightness of the display.

Speaking of vision issues, I have to wear reading glasses for things up close. I should wear bifocals, but I am chilling on replacing an expensive pair I just lost recently. I will probably going to graduated contacts. Enough of that. I sometimes do not have the readers handy when I shoot, and things look blurry - mainly in low light situations. I have learned that I can trust the camera's auto focus, and just have to make sure I have the zoom and framing I want. Very rarely do I come away with less than sharp lines, unless conditions are such that I expected them. However, I have been pleasantly surprised in most cases by the sharp lines this camera produces when there should be everything but.
Leon De Vose, II answered on July 13, 2013
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