Hey! Don't forget about us Linux users! What about Linux compatibility?!? Has anyone tried this mouse on Linux?
I don't care what distro you use, but this should would since it's a USB mouse. If it doesn't work on Linux, I will be very mad (I ordered it already).
asked by S Fahmid on June 5, 2012
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I have used many of Logitech's products with the unifying receiver on Linux (currently on Ubuntu 12.04, with an Anywhere MX mouse and a K270 keyboard). However, the software to program the receiver only runs on Mac OS X and Windows. Receivers that come with a product are pre-paired together and work just fine with Linux out of the box (at least movement, left/right click and scroll), but if you want to change the configuration, you'll have to borrow a computer* running Windows or Mac.

* Protip: If you have VirtualBox or VMWare and are able to boot Windows inside Linux, you can run the software in the VM, assign the receiver to the VM, program it, unassign, and that will do the trick too. This is what I do personally.
Paul Renwick answered on December 12, 2012
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Yes, It works perfect on Ubuntu 12.04, except for the middle button which is seldom used.
Junwei X. answered on October 21, 2013
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I have a Logitech K400 wireless keyboard with the "Unifying Receiver", the same used for this mouse. I use the keyboard on my Toshiba Thrive tablet running ICS with great success. I lost the reciver which is easy to do as it is so small so I had my wife purchase this mouse so I could use the keyboard once again. Initially using the tablet the receiver would only recognize the mouse that came with it. Unfortunatly the only configuration software I found was for Windows or Apple so I took all of it to my PC and ran the downloaded app there to connect the keyboard to the receiver. With that accomplished I plugged it back in to the tablet and it all works.

If it works on an Android tablet I have to suppose it'll work fine with the Linux OS. You might contact Logitech to see if they have a Linux version of the configuration app though.
dalova1@rocketmail.com answered on October 19, 2012
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