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Do you think Amazon would give me a full refund for a King Ghidorah figure?

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Initial post: Dec 13, 2009 3:29:22 PM PST
Sean T. says:
This is the item I wanted to get a full refund: King Ghidorah 9" Action Figure (Japan Godzilla Import)

After I purchased the item, Amazon Fulfillment mailed it and I opened the box. The item had a plastic bag covering it surrounded by air filled plastic bags. The action figure had a scratch measuring more than an inch on the right side of the wing and the tag attached to the figure had some wear on the edges. I thought about letting it go, but I was buying the figure for display and collecting, not playing. I thought it wasn't right to receive the item in such a condition when it was supposed to arrive in new condition. Therefore, I recently returned the item, hoping to get a full refund with the reason that the seller had poorly packaged the item. What do you think? Do you think my reasons are convincing enough to get a full refund? I included a note with the return package explaining the flaws on the item. I even included photos of the flaws, but I'm afraid Amazon won't refund the return shipping.

Posted on Dec 13, 2009 3:41:52 PM PST
yo go re says:
They shouldn't. Your description makes it clear the item wasn't "poorly packaged" in the slightest. If minor things like wear on the tag are enough to upset you, you shouldn't be buying blindly online in the first place: if you want to control every step of the delivery process and make sure the toy meets your standards, buy from a local source and drive Ghidorah home yourself.

In reply to an earlier post on Dec 13, 2009 9:06:43 PM PST
Sean T. says:
I would agree with you that I probably wouldn't be able to get a full refund because of a "poor packaging" reason, but I just called Amazon's customer service today and they told me that I'd most likely be getting a full one so I guess that answers my own question. Thanks for your opinion though.

Also, I actually did take your suggestion into consideration before purchasing the figure. I thought of every way to get my hands on a King Ghidorah, which included driving Ghidorah home myself. I'd buy the figure if there were more stores that actually carried the item where I live, but unfortunately there's only 2 stores that sell them and they're in terrible condition. However, you're not very clear when you say "buying blindly online in the first place". Do you mean shipping always has the risk of damaging the item? If that's what you mean, I've always been aware of that. I sell stuff on Amazon and Ebay and understand that things can get damaged in transit. The damage during transit is also why Amazon is a great place in terms of getting refunds because they have the A-to-Z Guarantee Protection policy. This way, "buying blindly online" will become less of a problem since Amazon or the independent seller will have to package their items better if they seem to be getting damaged during shipping.

Also, a toy with a scratch measuring more than an inch isn't considered something that's in new condition. You may think wear on the tag is something minor, but do you think a highly noticeable scratch is minor? When I sell stuff on Amazon, I follow their condition guidelines and the toy I bought didn't come in the condition (i.e., new) as described. It's more like an item that's in between "like new" and "very good". However, that's the great thing about Amazon. If you don't think something came in the right condition, you can get a refund for it. Moreover, if you decide to reorder the item that you sent back to Amazon for a refund and Amazon Fulfillment handled your package, they would put focus more attention on packaging the reordered item and even take note of your suggestions for packaging that item in the packaging feedback (if you sent them one) like extra bubble wrap. Therefore, even though you can't control every step of the delivery process, you can suggest how you'd want your next item packed (which is what Amazon is doing for me now since I reordered the King Ghidorah) to ensure the product comes in perfect condition.

Moreover, some people may be satisfied with minor flaws, but some don't think the same way and it really depends on the item and the buyer's perspective. I had ordered a hardcover book on Amazon a long time ago which claimed to be in new condition. However, when I received the book, the front cover had all kinds of nicks on the front. I just decided to keep it because I was okay with those superficial flaws, but some people would make a big deal out of the nicks. Same thing with the King Ghidorah figure. You might not care if it has a scratch or wear on the tag, but I do. That's why I'm ordering from Amazon, not Ebay. Why does ordering from Amazon and not Ebay matter? It's because Ebay sellers could just sell the item without any return allowed and claim an item was in mint condition when it actually has flaws. Then I'd get the item, see what the actual condition looked like when it arrived, and wouldn't be able to get a refund because of the return policy the Ebay seller made. I believe "buying blindly online" is also what you meant here too?

Posted on Dec 13, 2009 9:15:25 PM PST
Last edited by the author on Dec 13, 2009 9:15:42 PM PST
If it's damaged, Amazon will give you a full refund including shipping (and they absolutely should, of course). Amazon is really pretty good about that, in my experience, even if it's through Amazon Fulfillment and not directly through Amazon. I haven't had any problems with this kind of return in the past. I hope it all goes smoothly for you too! :)

In reply to an earlier post on Dec 14, 2009 12:30:13 AM PST
Sean T. says:
Thanks for the reassurance, CGG&B. Indeed, let's hope everything goes smoothly!

Posted on Dec 16, 2009 11:26:14 AM PST
tough call.... but as a display piece, the NEW product should have no scratches on it.

Posted on Dec 20, 2009 11:58:47 AM PST
Sean T. says:
Amazon gave me the full refund and the King Ghidorah action figure I reordered came in perfect condition this time :-D This case is closed! Thanks Amazon!

Posted on Dec 22, 2009 7:11:02 AM PST
It's people like you that have made it difficult/impossible for small sellers to have any kind of a chance making a go of it selling on Amazon. You stated yourself that the item in question was NOT poorly packaged, yet you returned it citing "poor packaging" as the return reason. You then thanked Amazon for refunding your money. Just for your own information, Amazon didn't refund your money, the seller did. More accurately, Amazon ripped the money out of that seller's account to refund to you. They did NOT credit him with any sort of return shipping consideration, so he ate that as well. And, very likely you left him negative/poor feedback, which has now affected his seller ratings, which in turn affect his ability to sell (in case you also didn't know, if sellers receive a certain number of complaints/poor feedback Amazon will, at their sole discretion, limit the seller's ability to do business, including placing a freeze on their assets).

I sold a bunch of HD DVDs here on Amazon...on two occasions I received complaints because these HD movies would not play in a STANDARD DVD player. Guess who Amazon sided with? In fact, there isn't even the chance to dispute the claim. All a buyer has to do is submit a claim, and boom-Amazon refunds your money. Oh, and since they also left me poor feedback for "misrepresenting" the item, Amazon withheld hundreds of dollars they owed to me for over a month while they "investigated" my poor ratings.

Just be careful when you think you're "sticking" it to Amazon on stuff like this...more often than not, the only person you're screwing over is someone just like yourself.

Posted on Dec 22, 2009 9:05:15 AM PST
K.B. says:
It may not have been poorly packaged, but I would consider that misrepresentation of the item by the seller. Forget that the tag on the item had some wear - unless the seller stated that there was a rather large scratch on the wing of the item, then you did not get what you expected to be purchasing. I am a small-time seller, so I do understand that it is difficult to check goods for every little flaw that they might have. I try to look my items over and note every little flaw - even if it means, for example, that a dress that has a small hole in it in an inconspicuous spot cannot be sold for as much and has not sold as quickly. Honesty and thoroughness saves me hassles like this in the long run. If someone is going to sell items, especially collectible items, it is to be expected that there may be returns. Just please, don't say that the item was poorly packaged if it wasn't - it sounds like the item left the seller's hands damaged rather than having been damaged in shipping.
Talky - I'm sorry about your having to deal with that particularly moronic buyer - I've learned that it's always helpful to post important, seemingly-obvious things multiple times and in bold print just to cover your own butt.

In reply to an earlier post on Dec 27, 2009 6:07:39 AM PST
Sean T. says:
K.B. - You are correct when you said that the package might not have been poorly packaged and I shouldn't have said that without really thinking in the beginning. In fact, I had called customer service because I was concerned that the item had actually been damaged during the delivery transit instead, not by poor packaging so I wanted to clear that up with Amazon. The representative understood very well but still told me that I'd receive a full refund because the item was still scratched and not considered "new" anymore. What my main point should have been in this discussion was the misrepresentation of the item by the seller as you noted (i.e., receiving a new item as an item in almost very good condition). Thank you for your contribution to this discussion.

In reply to an earlier post on Dec 27, 2009 6:10:07 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Jan 1, 2010 4:45:54 PM PST
Sean T. says:
Talky, I don't know how to close this discussion thread because it's the first time I'm using it and I received my refund already so I wasn't going to update on what had happened during the refund transaction. However, I can't ignore your post and I'm disappointed that I can't fully stick with this discussion thread's topic because of how off your reply is from the topic so I'll only leave you with this one post. If you look at everyone else's replies, they helped answer my question, but not yours. Even yo go re's blunt response was related to the topic. I have no idea what you have to offer to this thread besides pointing out my excuse for poor packaging which was further explained in the reply I posted for K.B. Create your own separate discussion thread that talks about the difficulties of Amazon sellers and how Amazon and its customers take advantage of them.

Also, you assume way too much, Talky. Seriously, you're way in over your head. Maybe it is because you've had really bad experiences as your sad story tells. You're right, Amazon backs up customers very strongly so I'll give you some advice. Maybe you should sell on Ebay where you have a little more leverage. You can always have the option of putting a no return policy or note that you're not responsible for damages during shipping on your stuff there if that's what you really want >_> You can just tell the buyers to zip it and read your no return policy (although it would probably affect you because Ebay has a feedback rating system too). If you do decide to accept returns, you can have the customer pay for the return shipping. I have no idea what you're talking about when you say people like me make it harder for Amazon sellers to be successful. I'm a small time bookseller on Amazon and when I put used books for sale, I describe the condition they're in (just like K.B. does) and what kind of flaws the customer should expect if it's used so that I significantly reduce the risk of having negative feedback shot at me. Us sellers always have to hope for the best and hope that the customer will be satisfied and leave positive feedback, even if we know the items we sold were in the right condition when we shipped them off. Heck, I was concerned when I sold my first items on Ebay, even when they were in the right condition. However, if it came to the customer returning an item, I could learn from that experience and make the next customer's experience even better. That's called customer service and it's what all sellers have to experience. Deal with it. In fact, maybe Ebay is a better place for you because I see many Ebay buyers who wanted refunds and still put positive feedback for sellers because everything went smoothly from receiving the shipped items to receiving refunds. Also, I may not know everything about Amazon business, but you shouldn't assume that I left the seller, Monsters Direct, negative feedback. I've read about the horrors of receiving negative feedback as a seller and it's like a needle in your eye. Some buyers unfortunately don't realize the importance of the feedback system, but I'm especially conscious of what kind of feedback I put for sellers. I'm assuming that you know here, but I had left 4 stars for Monsters Direct and then 5 stars on the reorder. Want to know why? The delivery was great and the figure was in very good condition aside from the scratch and tag so I also included in the seller feedback a few suggestions for packaging the item next time. I don't use Amazon Fulfillment when I sell stuff, so I didn't know shipping wasn't Monster Direct's responsibility at the time but that's what the packaging feedback is for. Okay, let's see if I can exchange it for another one. Hmm, no item exchange option. It'd be better if I could exchange the item but no biggy because I can just get a refund and buy another one from the same seller. Now here's the amazing part. The customer representative I was talking to told me that my refund was already being processed while the item I had shipped out for a refund was still not delivered by USPS to Amazon. In other words, this type of situation was like an exchange in a way and Amazon caught on quickly once they knew I was ordering the same item from the same seller again. Reordered item comes in and I'm all happy so 5 stars this time. So I'm sure you would've done the same thing too by giving the seller 4 stars instead of 5 stars for the first item. I guess it wouldn't matter if you'd be happy with a scratch on a new item anyway though. Also, sorry for the technicality. Thank you Amazon AND Monsters Direct. I only said thanks Amazon before because transactions, shipping, and other services are handled by Amazon Fulfillment. The seller directed me to Amazon customer service. Also, I'm well aware that Amazon takes out of the seller's account to pay for refunds so that's part of the reason why I reordered from the same seller. I guess I could've driven more than 20 miles on the freeway to where his store was located and exchanged the figure there, but like I mentioned before, the seller told me to contact Amazon customer service. Now I'm not saying that defending sellers is wrong, but if you want to defend sellers so much, why don't you tell Amazon to include a small print on all sellers' webpages for returns saying that funds will be taken out of sellers' accounts to pay customers' refunds back. That would be a separate topic though. Truly sorry for your sad experience and I hope next time your reply will be related to the topic question (although it's already answered). Otherwise, go make your own discussion thread.

To everyone else who wants to further add to the discussion I created, I won't be keeping track of it anymore, but if you'd like to talk amongst yourselves, go right ahead.

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 10, 2012 1:48:08 AM PDT
[Deleted by Amazon on Jun 11, 2012 6:58:48 AM PDT]
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