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Amazon now Charging Tax!

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Posted on Jan 11, 2013 6:41:32 PM PST
Kurri says:
Thus is why best buy and frys have been getting my money lately. Same price now. Why not get it today

Posted on Jan 11, 2013 10:17:21 PM PST
Canon Dude says:
Don't blame Amazon, this was to happen sooner than latter. Blame the Goverment. All 50 states will be paying taxes very soon.

In reply to an earlier post on Jan 12, 2013 6:48:48 AM PST
Ebay will be forcing local taxes on sales also. Sellers will be required to turn this money over to the local Government. What a headache.

Posted on Jan 16, 2013 2:03:05 PM PST
Montana Diva says:
I live in Montana and we don't even have sales tax and they charge I don't understand this.

In reply to an earlier post on Jan 16, 2013 2:24:52 PM PST
Sui Lin Chee says:
Holman: this is from Montana's website. It doesn't make sense to me, but a lot of Montana doesn't make sense to me.
If I am in Montana and buy something over the internet from an out-of-state seller, do I owe sales tax?
*You do not owe sales tax to Montana but the seller is free to charge it. If you don't like that, don't buy from the seller.
*You generally do not owe sales tax to the seller's state, but there may be exceptions.
*You may owe other taxes. For example, if you make travel arrangements online, you will be charged federal taxes on airline tickets and probably will be charged state and local taxes on lodging and car rentals.

In reply to an earlier post on Jan 16, 2013 2:53:49 PM PST
Last edited by the author on Jan 16, 2013 2:54:34 PM PST
stevign says:
I was charged a fee or tax or something like that when I flew in and rented a car in Phoenix some years back. I asked them what it was for and they said it goes to support Phoenix's sport team. I about smacked the guy; why should I, a tourist, give a damn about THEIR sport's team? If they can't make enough money selling tickets then screw 'em, they can go out of business.

In reply to an earlier post on Jan 16, 2013 7:27:53 PM PST
Sui Lin Chee says:
Stev; ALL places do that to tourists & travelers . . . you pay, and are just passing through, and can't vote.

In reply to an earlier post on Jan 17, 2013 7:40:10 AM PST
stevign says:
As a business owner myself, I've never seen the sense in screwing tourists who has been kind enough to visit a town and give their hard-earned money to local businesses by renting, leasing, attending and buying things which helps the local economy.

In reply to an earlier post on Jan 22, 2013 3:35:00 PM PST
Chris Fidler says:
Actually, I will blame them. The reason they have to charge sales tax is because they are putting distribution centers in every state aimed at delivering items to you one day. This gives them a "physical presence" which means they're now required to collect sales tax for that state. They are no longer protected by the 1992 Supreme Court ruling that prohibits states from forcing businesses without a physical presence in the area to collect sales tax. Once their distribution center opens in a state they're forced to collect sales tax. a round about way it is their fault.

Posted on Jan 24, 2013 1:01:30 PM PST
H2O says:
I don't mind paying sales tax on the items I purchase, but it bothers me that I'm now paying taxes on used items and shipping charges as well.

In reply to an earlier post on Jan 24, 2013 2:26:18 PM PST
Last edited by the author on Jan 24, 2013 2:26:29 PM PST
stevign says:
re: "I don't mind paying sales tax on the items I purchase"

Don't kid yourself, "everyone" minds paying taxes........except Californians, they absolutely love paying State taxes.

In reply to an earlier post on Jan 24, 2013 7:08:49 PM PST
Oldsoldier22 says:
I live in GA, and to my surprise on the news to be told that GA is going to pursue Amazon for sales tax also. The news said, the start date was January 1,2013 and that is disappointing for me also. No tax was a big incentive for me to buy at Amazon.

Posted on Jan 25, 2013 7:20:20 AM PST
not sure what is happening. amazon purchases do not show sales tax on my total, but discover is adding taxes to the amount i purchased on amazon when charged to discover. i know that now that amazon is here, taxes on amazon purchases are applicable, but email from amazon says they do not charging tax, but that the tax is owed to tennessee and should be paid by the consumer to tennessee.

In reply to an earlier post on Jan 25, 2013 10:46:59 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Jan 25, 2013 2:38:45 PM PST
Sui Lin Chee says:
stevign say: Don't kid yourself, "everyone" minds paying taxes........except Californians, they absolutely love paying State taxes.

It's a nice self-comforting thought, but off the mark. California is 2 faced -- the urbanites are diverse, progressive, educated and well off, and believe societal burdens are shared through taxes. Move inland, and you'll find rednecks who don't understand that 90% of site names like (Sacramento, Los Altos, Palo Alto, Camino Real, Junipero Serra, etc.) are the result of Mexicans and Spaniards who were there years before settlers. Sure, taxes are high, but it's also a state that permits a lot of geezers with $2 million homes to pay the same RE tax as a new buyer of a $200,000 home (at that price, it won't be in a city), and where Police & Fire can retire, after 20 years, with pensions of over $100,000 per year for life and free medical ($6,000 per year benefit) and cash out accrued sick days (a battalion commander cashed his sick days at over $300,000), and these "public employees" hate the democrats that passed laws that gave these million dollar packages to them.
Enough of my editorial . . . . I wouldn't want to live in another place in the US and I've lived on the 16th floor on E. 66th & 3rd Ave in Manhattan (another glorious place) with hedge fund & banker masters of the universe who nearly brought down the monetary system.

In reply to an earlier post on Jan 25, 2013 10:58:15 AM PST
Sui Lin Chee says:
Sandra P: there's something off with your statement. Amazon only charge your Discover CC what they show on your confirmation; if no sales tax, they won't charge more.
If Amazon doesn't charge sales tax (really collect for your state), EVERY state then has a personal consumption tax that taxpayers declare on their state income tax (but no one declares).
It is possible you were in the middle of a sales tax transition when you ordered something before the tax date, but it was shipped (also charged) after - - therefotre, I think you are not aware of some information in your situation.

In reply to an earlier post on Jan 25, 2013 11:04:34 AM PST
i am in tennessee and there is now a distribution center here. their email to me, however, states that they will not charge it, but rely on their customer to report it to the state. my invoices show no tax; however, the charge on my discover account is different than the invoice and seems to indicate that discover has added the tax. not sure i understand and plan to call discover. got an email from amazon that was just a rehash of what is on their FAQ regarding taxes.

In reply to an earlier post on Jan 25, 2013 11:10:44 AM PST
nope....i have ordered kindle downloads and have all the invoices....these were on my last statement. i compared invoice with statement. invoices show has 1.08.

In reply to an earlier post on Jan 25, 2013 2:20:39 PM PST
stevign says:
Good post Brookworld, I've lived in both Southern and Northern California at different times. I was among the many who, at different times, made mass exoduses to get away from the punitive treatment of businessmen and business owners. California is my favorite state land-wise but they should ship their state politicians to North Korea and bar natives Californians from ever holding public office again, they're just not up to the task.

In reply to an earlier post on Jan 25, 2013 3:19:02 PM PST
Man in Black says:
Us 3rd party sellers don't have any way to compensate anything. Amazon sets the shipping and their percentage cut. If we price the actual item any higher than Amazon sells it for then nobody will buy from us. So we will continue to undercut them on the price including the tax until they put it in mandatory for us... which will probably happen if they can do it legally.

In reply to an earlier post on Feb 12, 2013 1:33:00 PM PST
Mai Garden says:
Though I'm not happy with your answer (no one likes to pay taxes), you're 100 percent correct. Tax is what it is and we're responsible to pay the government whether it's fair or not in our minds. And Amazon continues to the have the best prices, zero lines, items are almost always in stock, an excellent return policy, etc, etc, etc.

Posted on Feb 15, 2013 3:46:07 PM PST
K. A. Jones says:
Here In nashville TN

As been mentioned we don't have a income tax but the sales tax state with local cn be around 9.49%. I use to buy about everything on Amazon not just for the no tax but good prices compared to local. But over the last few years I've seen less and less price differences to make it worthwhile. In fact over the last year I would say it's been almost 40% less than in previous years. Besides no collecting sales tax we've encountered what others have experienced...more taxes locally.
I fear the next wave is going to be something like a VAT (Value Added Tax) like over in Europe. Today Walmart had a internal email leaked showing February sales were the worst in seven years. Lack of revenue from sales tax will make the politicans just increase more taxes or find other ways to get money. I don't fault's the greedy and incompotent politicans.

Posted on Feb 17, 2013 3:16:13 AM PST
Bruce Mibus says:
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Posted on Feb 18, 2013 1:18:44 PM PST
It had to happen some time. I must admit, I tend to price items at Target, Best Buy, and Fry's before going with Amazon; if it's the same, or occasionally even a little lower, I'll just get it there, immediately, and support the local economy. Used to be that without tax and Super Saver shipping, Amazon would usually beat them even if their list price was slightly lower.

Posted on Feb 18, 2013 2:03:43 PM PST
I have slowed purchasing on Amazon....and Ebay just because of taxes.

Posted on Feb 18, 2013 7:22:13 PM PST
Georgedc says:
Avoid Paying Sales Tax.

Buy from 3rd party sellers located outside your state.

Many 3rd party sellers also provide FSSS(free ship over $25) or Prime 2-day shipping just like buying directly from Amazon.


There is a way! use it!
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