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770 13 hours ago
Signs we are Living in the Last Days - Apostasy, Counterfeit Christianity, Persecution, the Rapture of the Church, the Time of Tribulation, and the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ... 1248 12 seconds ago
Can Christianity be saved from the harm done by Literalist ID/Creationist End Times fundies: Part the Ninth 3270 14 seconds ago
What happened to Apostasy, Counterfeit Christianity and the Last Days? 740 6 minutes ago
Can hellfire be real, where or what is HELL 425 6 minutes ago
Humans did NOT evolve from Apes...2 4158 15 minutes ago
One flock with one Shepherd? 2 19 minutes ago
Paul's vicarious sin atonement doctrine: morally reprehensible and un-Christian 1969 33 minutes ago
"""Conjecture? Or proof of a plan before Adam was born, thus Adam was going to eat"""" 38 52 minutes ago
Same Sex Marriage is now legal throughout America! 3647 57 minutes ago
The Restored Church of Jesus Christ 6445 57 minutes ago
First Catholic bishop for three years ordained in China 0 1 hour ago

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