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Fr. Corapi, recently accused of sexual misconduct, decides to leave the priesthood.

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Initial post: Jun 18, 2011 3:39:14 PM PDT
Anne Rice says:

Posted on Jun 18, 2011 3:57:55 PM PDT
Anne Rice says:
Fr. Corapi has made an oral statement, uploaded to Youtube, as to why he has
left the Catholic priesthood. Anyone can easily find this by googling his
website ""

Frankly, I'm very puzzled by this case, and must confess I am curious as to how Catholic fans of
Corapi will respond. This priest, as far as I can tell, is a very very popular arch-conservative celebrity on EWTN who has an enormous following.

He was accused of sexual misconduct by a woman (apparently), and he was
suspended and taken off the air so that the accusation could be investigated.

He has now declared in his rather strange statement that he felt that he could not
get justice. He's withdrawn(apparently) from the investigation.
He sounds highly critical of the bishops, and their handling of those accused of abuse.

Of course this isn't the first time an arch-conservative has criticized the Catholic bishops,
or rebelled against them. Mother Angelica, founder of EWTN, and known for her conservative
positions also criticized the bishops, and got into a very famous public dispute with Cardinal Mahoney
(who was not a cardinal yet at the time.)

But this is a most curious case.

Corapi is a published author, and one can purchase his books through his website.

He appears eager to carry on with his ministry on his own.

Posted on Jun 18, 2011 6:28:04 PM PDT
Kevin Bold says:
For a more reliable source than the Huffington Post, go to:

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 18, 2011 8:03:23 PM PDT
Anne Rice says:
Kevin, this is the article that the National Catholic Register published today
when he quit.

Posted on Jun 19, 2011 7:17:56 AM PDT
[Deleted by Amazon on Aug 1, 2011 8:27:11 AM PDT]

Posted on Jun 19, 2011 7:46:52 AM PDT
Kevin Bold says:
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In reply to an earlier post on Jun 19, 2011 8:01:56 AM PDT
Truth says:
That's too bad. Couldn't take anything he said serious, but that dude was funnnnyy.

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 19, 2011 9:41:11 AM PDT
Anne Rice says:
Kevin, your post puzzles me. You mean the bishops
really were not investigating Corapi? Could you share
your source with us on this? I think many are eager to
know the truth about this case, for any number of reasons.
1) a man was accused of something.
2)he was suspended from ministry which obviously damaged his "career"
or his ministry.
3)nobody knows who his accuser was.
4)and it isn't clear why Corapi thought he could not get justice.

So I hope you will share what you know.

Posted on Jun 19, 2011 9:43:46 AM PDT
Anne Rice says:
This is from RenewAmerica online.

June 19, 2011
Reactions to John Corapi's bombshell
By Matt C. Abbott

"The man formerly known as Father John Corapi, celebrity Catholic priest, is "not going to be involved in public ministry as a priest any longer" and now wants to be known as John Corapi, "The Black Sheep Dog." Click here to read, or listen to, his stunning announcement.

"For now, I will just say that I find his announcement perplexing and disappointing given what he has been: a charismatic priest whose words have echoed in, and have influenced, the minds and hearts of many faithful Catholics. But perhaps "The Black Sheep Dog" persona - which, in all honesty, I find a bit creepy - has been in the works for longer than we'd like to think. Obviously this wasn't a decision Corapi made overnight.

"Believe me, I sympathize with those who suffer persecution, or who experience a crisis of faith as I have experienced in recent (and past) times. That said, is Corapi truly a victim of an injustice perpetrated by Church officials? Hopefully not, but I would like to see his superiors issue a response to his announcement. Not that it will necessarily change many minds, but I think it's important for Church officials to respond in this situation."

(Read the rest of the story online. Easy to google.)

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 19, 2011 10:15:31 AM PDT
Cindy Marie says:
no investigation? kind of like when priests were first accused of molesting children? too bad. if they investigated right off they could have stopped some of that. better to maintain appearances i guess in your church.

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 19, 2011 11:17:34 AM PDT
Last edited by the author on Jun 19, 2011 11:18:57 AM PDT
Raulito says:

I know of a priest who was accused by two women of sexual misconduct. They filed lawsuit against the priest and they lost. Their cousins (women) who did not know the priest came forward and confessed they had been in the allegation first, but changed their minds.

Some priests had already decided the priest was guilty and should be "suspended." When the final verdict in court was read, the he was found non-guilty on all counts. Some priests had already made up their mind, that such a priest was guilty.

Some bishops may take the same action against priests, but it will be a mistake. There are thousands and thousands of dollars for a defense team, and some priests simply believe its not worth it, and they go quietly.

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 19, 2011 11:20:24 AM PDT
Anne Rice says:
Raulito, I think I'm following you.
It is deplorable that false accusations are made,
and that those who are falsely accused suffer.

The implications of Corapi's recent withdrawal from
the priesthood is that the bishops weren't fairly examining his

This should be investigated by somebody, I should think,
and surely by the press.

Posted on Jun 19, 2011 11:21:14 AM PDT
Last edited by the author on Jun 19, 2011 11:24:47 AM PDT
Anne Rice says:
This is from Bilgrimage online.

"Update on Corapi Story: Tom O'Toole on Corapi-Euteneuer Ties

"Another quick update to the Father John Corapi story: yesterday, Tom O'Toole blogged at the Renew America site about some of the connections between Corapi and Father Thomas Euteneuer, about which I knew nothing when I posted several days ago about some of the parallels between the Corapi and Euteneuer stories, and the models of priesthood both men have been promoting (and see also here). In fact, until a reader of the two Bilgrimage postings to which I've just pointed readers--ClevelandGirl Margo321--told me that Corapi was Euteneuer's spiritual director, I had no idea of that fact, when I first began to recognize strong parallels between their stories and their models of pastoral ministry.

"And now from O'Toole's posting, I'm learning much more about the strong ties that link these two rock-star priests of the talk circuit of the American Catholic right. O'Toole tells a sensational story: not only does he confirm that Corapi was Euteneuer's spiritual director, but he claims that in that capacity, Corapi encouraged Euteneuer to burn a diary of the woman Euteneuer has admitted molesting under his pastoral care.

"If this is true--and I'll emphasize that I'm reporting here what Tom O'Toole has just said on his blog*--this is disturbing information, and it possibly has criminal implications. Readers will remember that it was O'Toole who broke and kept pushing the Euteneuer story, and who published a statement by the parents of the young woman Euteneuer admitted molesting on his Fighting Irish blog.

"Once again: to me, one of the fascinating developments of both the Euteneuer and Corapi stories is the willingness of conservative Catholic bloggers to pursue these stories. In the past two days, I've had some visits (and comments) here from outraged worshipers at the Corapi altar, calling me everything from a meddling busybody to an idiot."

(easy to find the entire story online).

Posted on Jun 20, 2011 10:02:33 AM PDT
Anne Rice says:
More on Fr. Corapi and his strange case, from the National Catholic Reporter
Father Corapi: You can't make this stuff up
by Heidi Schlumpf on Jun. 20, 2011 NCR Today

Three months ago, I wrote on this blog about the allegations of misconduct against Father John Corapi and the troubling reaction by what I termed his "fans." It looks like he lost a few of those fans this weekend with his announcement, via a YouTube video, that he is leaving the priesthood and establishing himself as the "Black Sheep Dog" where he can continue and broaden his ministry and outreach.
A favorite of traditionalist Catholics and EWTN watchers, Corapi and his almost unbelievable story of conversion from a fast life of money and drugs to the Catholic priesthood is taking some even stranger turns.
The announcement is odd, not only because of the dark logo that accompanies his new "brand," but because he seems to imply he had no choice, given the investigative process. Yet the superior of his religious community, the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity (SOLT), says it was Corapi who was making the investigation of the allegations of the former employee difficult, because Corapi had required the employee to sign a non-disclosure statement and is now suing her for breach of contract.
Again, the reaction of his fans and followers is interesting, to say the least. Some have finally had it, concluding that the announcement reveals an ego and lack of commitment to the one true church. Others are fed up with his blatant commercialism: He pitches his forthcoming autobiography in the video and advertises a sale on his media--ironically for the 20th anniversary of his ordination!--just below the announcement on his website."

There is a lot more to the article that can be read online.

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 20, 2011 10:15:59 AM PDT
Another "conservative" huckster has crashed. A few times, while channel surfing, I saw him on EWTN. I could not stand listening to him for more than a few seconds. If he did have a large following, it is indicative of the many desperate people who will latch onto hucksters.

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 20, 2011 10:23:06 AM PDT
Anne Rice says:
Domenico, I didn't care for the man either. I found that
his delivery grated; his articulation itself seemed dishonest.
But....I think there is a larger issue here.

He probably wasn't and isn't just a huckster.
And he has now done something which is anathema to conservatives:
stepped away from the priesthood for his own reasons.

I think it's worth discussing.

Also we now have three celebrity priests who have been compromised
on the subject of sex with adults.
Fr. Michael Manning, TV priest, is no longer doing his broadcast ministry
and has admitted to having an affair with a second cousin.
Fr. Euteneuer, friend of Corapi, and very famous in his own
right stopped doing exorcisms after admitting to violating a woman
sexually during an exorcism.
And now Corapi insists that
he can't get a fair investigation of accusations that he had
sex with at least three women.

What gives?

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 20, 2011 1:22:45 PM PDT
Raulito says:

Some of what Fr. Corapi says is true. If a woman says she had a sexual encounter with a priest, there are two possible approaches to the issue. 1. Suspend the priest and the priest must now prove his innocence, which is basically how Fr. Corapi says he's been treated.

These days, some bishops are politicians. Any priest who is accused is suspended, remove from ministry, and the priest must prove his innocence. The accuser-woman does not have to prove anything, its only her word vs. the priest.

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 20, 2011 1:33:01 PM PDT
Anne Rice says:
Raulito, the Catholic press is now telling us that
the reason the investigation could not proceed is
that Fr. Corapi is suing his accuser for violating a non
disclosure agreement she signed (and was paid by him to sign)
when she quit work at his company Santa Cruz Media.
This put the investigation in a difficult position. How could
they get testimony from a witness (accuser) who was being sued?

This is no simple matter.

Since lawsuits are often public, I suspect the Catholic press will
soon turn up the docs and more info will be forthcoming.

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 20, 2011 1:55:35 PM PDT
There is no shortage of women and married men who would make very competent priests. Unfortunately, under the current bureaucratic-legalistic boondoggle, these devoted people do not qualify to be priests. Instead, many marginal individuals/hacks are being ordained. This is what gives!

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 20, 2011 1:58:58 PM PDT
Anne Rice says:
Demenico, I think that is very relevant.
Yes, there are many married deacons, aren't there,
who might make excellent priests and women as well.
But the priesthood is shrinking dramatically and tragically.
And think about the situation with the Holy Father welcoming
married Anglican priests with children?
What does this say to the old guard faithful Catholic priest
who has struggled alone all his life in his vocation, if an Anglican
with wife and children is invited in with open arms?

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 20, 2011 2:03:16 PM PDT
Kevin Bold says:
Fr. Corapi gained his audience by being a talented expositor of the teachings of the Catholic Church.

He was no "huckster" and dismissing him as one tells us something about the "liberal" wing of the Church.

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 20, 2011 2:06:35 PM PDT
Anne Rice says:
I agree: he was not a huckster.
That is what makes this case so important.

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 20, 2011 2:18:39 PM PDT
Raulito says:

"what does this say to the old guard faithful Catholic priest who has struggled alone all his life in his vocation..."

The celibate priest reminds the married persons that nothing is eternal, not marriage or sex. Christ is the only eternal reality. The married priest reminds the celibate priest that life is about commitment and fidelity.

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 20, 2011 2:38:01 PM PDT
Anne wrote: "What does this say to the old guard faithful Catholic priest who has struggled alone all his life in his vocation, if an Anglican with wife and children is invited in with open arms?"

My feeling is that not many priests are bothered by this. However, many married men who would make great priests must be bothered by this. Years ago, I read an article about individuals who had left the priesthood in order to get married and were interested in becoming priests again--and how bitter they were that this was not possible. These former priests must be truly baffled by the exceptions that continue to be made for Anglican priests and for other clergymen.

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 20, 2011 2:50:33 PM PDT
I heard only a few snippets of Corapi's diatribes as I channel-surfed. He turned me off completely, and I am not at all surprised by his demise.

I have a copy of The Portable Renaissance Reader , Viking Press, 10th printing (1965). Pages 644-647 contain the 1493 Advent Sermon by the monk Girolamo Savonarola, in which he stated: "In the primitive Church the chalices were of wood, the prelates of gold; in these days the Church hath chalices of gold and prelates of wood." The source of this sermon is given as P. Villari, Life and times of Girolamo Savonarola Volume 2 , (London, T. Fisher Unwin, 1896).

Savonarola's observation still applies today to many prelates and priests.
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