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are you really a christian? how do you know? can you answer this simple question:

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Initial post: Aug 6, 2012 9:08:40 AM PDT
what are the NECESSARY and SUFFICIENT conditions for salvation.

if it is mandatory then include it.
if it is not absolutely required then omit it no matter how important or nice you think some item/belief is.

it would be appreciated if the atheists , trolls, rccbots, and others that usually p**** in the soup would refrain from commenting on this thread.

i know they will do it anyway, but maybe a bit fewer than they usually do.

Posted on Aug 6, 2012 9:38:15 AM PDT
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user30 says:

I have seen videos like this for a "long" time.. it explains it. it took me a long time to figure this out.

Salvation, then repent, God's will God's way. watch the videos.

There is one video after I watched it things happen. Those things from hell came up and I could feel them in the room.
so I know first hand its not a joke! its a real place! Once those creatures attacked me while I was in bed I heard them say something no idea what it was I was too busy Screaming for Jesus! Finally he showed up because they left. I know those things are real and so is that place that they come from. Please do not go their!

God's power is what saves you and gets you out! just be a good member on the team so God decides to keep you employed.

Think of it as a job. Don't make the boss mad. However its not your work that saves you He is the one who saves you
you working for him shows him you "agree" with your job status and accept the "terms and conditions" that go with it.

Say I give you a "free" gift and you go throwing it in the trash.. it does you no good
say I give you a free gift and you use it! do you take good care of it? value it? treasure it?

to repent is a "life-style" that's the key thing here its a life style to say no to evil, no to sin and yes to God.
His will, His way. Once you start to do that then he says I can use you and he sees you want to be on his team
so he says yes! some even get perks and benefits however this is only to accomplish Gods will! Because its all about him.
I have to admit I have seen some cool stuff! calls it the "super natural" and I know its just a preview or a demo of what God can do
but I just like it. and I have decided its all about him, his will, his way. Because as a worker I don't want the boss to be mad. I know what can happen when I die, and I want to make it, (agree with the terms and condition) its not your work that saves you from hell
its your work that agrees you don't want anything to do with it! God will save you but only if you want it. Thats the trick here.
what do you want? God will? Gods way? Gods kingdom? or Satan's way? Satan's will? Satan's kingdom?

One is of pure love! and one is of pure evil! Basically you pick a side and commit to it. Thats the best way to describe it.

like a job! if you go with the 'terms and condition's" of the job your a worker, do really good you get promoted, do really bad
you get fired right? this is "similar" except with God if you get fired you can "come back" as long as you really want to change.

He doesn't reject you, but you can reject him. I don't see why anyone would though. All the love in the world? how could you say no to that?

I do! I'll repent! I'll Accept Jesus Christ as savior! you bet! i'm 9,000% willing! because I know first hand what happens if I don't!

I have had those things attack me in dreams and in "real" life! i know their real! I don't want anything to with it! nothing!

so im fully committed to Christ! God's will God's way! no exceptions!

you have 2 types of Christians.. Casual ones that just do what they want.. and fully devoted followers of Christ

1'st type just gets saved then lives however they want (my guess God has to decide who's side their really on) His or Satan's.

2'nd type is fully devoted! Gods will Gods way! they want to witness and tell everyone not go to to that evil place! work for God!

some will say you get saved you can do whatever you want and you make it.. (hmm..?)

so I can get a job with the boss and do whatever I want at work and not get fired? are you sure? what about the "terms and conditions" of the job?

I think salvation is the same thing.. God does the saving its you Agreeing with "how it works" is what keeps you saved. You doing the work just confirms to God ok he really wants me! he really wants this! He will do anything to help me! so I'll do anything to help him! he really wants to work for me i'll protect him!!

their is a line kind of like at work screw up to much you get fired

in Gods world he looks at the "heart" and what you do. I was afraid of hell for a long time "probably because I was going to go their if i died"
now when I think about it their is no fear about it. Almost as if God is saying "no" you won't go their. I think?

Either way I get one chance at this and its important to get it right!

so it took me many years to figure this out. I think the enemy did not want me to figure this out but finally its starting to make sense!
i recommend his videos thats when I started to learn whats really going on.

its a all or nothing approach.

as tamera said in her book (not the video) she said
sin is a state of being not a action..

witch explains why it took me a week to repent not one day..
why? its not what you say but what you do God looks at
are you on "his team"? his will his way? or the enemy's team? his will his way?

like if you where to work at target but tell all the secrets to Walmart who's side are you on?

so their is a line basically. Its all about what you do and who's side your on. almost like a battle.
God is getting his warriors ready
and so is the bad guy..

God loves you and lets you "pick" to be honest.

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In reply to an earlier post on Aug 7, 2012 1:52:30 PM PDT
Please forgive this nontheist, but I would like you to answer your own questions. Are YOU a Christian? If so, how do YOU know? I find your posts somewhat interesting at times. I'm not always sure where you are coming from. I hope this isn't considered poisoning the soup.

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In reply to an earlier post on Aug 7, 2012 3:47:45 PM PDT
Game on.

In reply to an earlier post on Aug 7, 2012 3:48:14 PM PDT
I do appreciate your answering my questions. Your response does lead me to another question. What is the true church? If it is not the RCC, or the Heinz 57(+) variety of Protestant denominations, then what is it? As a former member of the Reformed Faith, we looked at the church in two ways. There was the visible church, and the invisible church. It was common to think that true believers populated all of the denominations. In other words, there was wheat and chaff in all churches. You seem to dislike the RCC. When I was a believer, this one-time Calvinist very much enjoyed his discussions about Jesus with his best friend's mother, who was a Roman Catholic. While I differed with Roman Catholic doctrine, I didn't judge her as to not be a Christian. Even though I don't believe in God now, I look fondly at our discussions those many years ago. Even today, I would say she was a very devoted, and very fine Christian. So is that what you mean by "the one true church of God named in the NT"---those true believers in the various churches?

Since you were so kind to directly answer my questions, I will try to answer yours. At this point in my life, I am monistic in my worldview. I don't believe in another world, or another realm, that is responsible for this world. I don't think there is any intrinsic meaning to the universe. The only meaning that I see is what we, as human beings, bring to it. I think the "perfect order" is just a part of the universe.

Once again, I do appreciate your response.

In reply to an earlier post on Aug 7, 2012 4:06:59 PM PDT
You are also truly humble as well. Refering yourself as "i" instead of "I".

In reply to an earlier post on Aug 7, 2012 5:57:46 PM PDT
A Customer says:
andthehorseirodeinontoo? says: "i am a true Christian"

I see the next big atheist billboard right there. Talk about a slam dunk case for atheism.

In reply to an earlier post on Aug 7, 2012 7:35:10 PM PDT
it is named in the bible

the true church is just the people who believe in Christ
and try to do what He told us to do:
Love God
love otehr humans

there are a lot of brand names that make up bizarro stuff that drive people away and divert their attention from the truth

In reply to an earlier post on Aug 7, 2012 7:35:46 PM PDT
actually i am just lazy
hate using the shift key
learned c programming under unix by e e cummings book

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T.R. says:
"it would be appreciated if the atheists , trolls, rccbots, and others that usually p**** in the soup would refrain from commenting on this thread."

What soup? Can I post or do you have to be a Christian?

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and, Love of all people is the main condition, (Luke 10:37, James 2:24, Revelation 2;23, Matthew 25;35,42, John 5:29, 1 Corinthians 13;2, Matthew 5:7), plus repentance of our sins, (Luke 13:5) and only then can one inherit the Heaven that Jesus has purchased for us all by His Most Precious Blood. Peace always in the Most Precious Blood of Jesus our Great God and Saviour and His Church built on Peter the rock

In reply to an earlier post on Aug 8, 2012 4:18:59 AM PDT
Ambulocetus says:
Not to "p*** in the soup," but I think it would also be useful to talk about the necessary and sufficient conditions for DAMNATION, and what this damnation actually means. Is Hell a real place, "like Scarsdale," is it permanent, etc.?

You call it "p***," I call it court bouillon. No accounting for taste, I guess.
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