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In reply to an earlier post on Nov 5, 2012 6:00:24 PM PST
Lew Archer says:
Thanks for that.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 5, 2012 5:04:57 PM PST
Last edited by the author on Nov 5, 2012 5:09:45 PM PST
@Lew Archer

I don't remember how much detail it went into in regard to who wrote what (and I don't feel like getting it out right now). It is more a book detailing the recording process day by day. I don't know if it is still in print, but it is considered an important Beatles book. It may be a little dated in that more information has probably been revealed since it was published in the 1980's, but still it is a "classic" in the field of Beatles books if there is such a thing. I'm not sure if there is any other book that tracks every day the Beatles ever spent in the recording studio, detailing exactly what took place ...what was recorded that day, how many takes, who was present, etc.

My son gave it to me for Christmas a few years ago. He found it in a used book store.

I just checked Amazon and only used copies from private sellers are available. It came out in paperback a few years ago but that too is out of print. The prices range from $33.00 to $669.00!!!

The full title is:

The Beatles Recording Sessions. The Official Abbey Road Studio Session Notes 1962-1970 by Mark Lewisohn (1988)

The paperback edition adds the word "complete" to the title, as in The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions. It also gives a co-writing credit to Paul McCartney. I think he wrote an introduction or something.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 5, 2012 3:48:32 PM PST
Lew Archer says:
I have no recollection of what the title was, but I'll be looking up yours.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 5, 2012 6:43:49 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Nov 5, 2012 7:20:02 AM PST
AlexMontrose says:
There you go Lew. Of course if you're a big Beatles fan there's enough things written about them to fill Candlestick Park ! ;) How 'bout those Gia.....ahhhh forget it. So you do come across articles, books, etc, where they talk about who wrote what. The Beatles have been dissected more than any other band in history, so that's no surprise. But knowing who wrote this famous bridge or that stanza, riff, melody etc. really enhances your interest and appreciation for a particular song and the musicians composing it. For me that would apply to almost any band I like. I would like to know.

Maybe if you were to grab books, specific articles written about other bands and the author had total access to the musicians, the making of the albums and so on, there would more of this type of information. I've seen it here and there. But as it is now, on the Cd's, albums, etc. you just get the songs written by..and the names of the band members in some order without a specific breakdown about who wrote the music and lyrics and so on. For me that's always been frustrating...

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 4, 2012 10:44:42 PM PST
Lew? Was it The Beatles Recording Sessions by Mark Lewisohn?

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 4, 2012 10:37:41 PM PST
Lew Archer says:
There was a great Beatle's book that I ran across about ten years ago that had a song-by-song explanation on who exactly wrote what. The most critical stuff was the Lennon-McCartney tunes, and as most of us are aware, after the really early stuff, the rest were mostly either Lennon OR McCartney, and not both, that wrote those tunes. But there were a number in which the other would contribute a bridge, a stanza, or something to the other's work, and it was really interesting to learn about that.

If anyone is hip to this book (there's no doubt more than just one), I'd be interested in a title.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 4, 2012 5:13:32 PM PST
Last edited by the author on Nov 4, 2012 5:17:44 PM PST
AlexMontrose says:
Sure does. And McCartney has readily "admitted" that some songs were all Lennon. But he's not falsely modest either and when he's written a song, like a Yesterday, by him and him alone he's said so. It's fascinating to me when you know who came up with those melodies...I just wish that aspect of music was more we *would* know.

Posted on Nov 4, 2012 4:46:00 PM PST
Although, there are those rare moments where the writing and recording process is documented as in the case of The Stones for Exile On Main Street or The Beatles on Let It Be.

One great example is the mellotron intro to Strawberry Fields Forever. It is pretty much forgone and agreed upon by all that Paul added that and it really adds something special to it.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 4, 2012 4:40:38 PM PST
Last edited by the author on Nov 4, 2012 5:08:28 PM PST
AlexMontrose says:
Exactly Rand, we know that's the case with members of untold bands over the years. Each one claiming they wrote this or that. But think of it this way. How about your favorite soundtrack..or if you're into some classical music? That was written by a composer...and doesn't that add to your overall respect for the much you revere his musical talents, all the music he's written? It does for even if it's never going to be absolutely clear who wrote what for all the rock bands and music we listen to it would be nice to know who, at least, was the major force behind the riffs, melodies, etc, we know and love.

Posted on Nov 4, 2012 4:02:03 PM PST
Last edited by the author on Nov 4, 2012 4:02:21 PM PST
I think you'd probably find many of them claimed by more than one person, especially in the case of bands that have broke up or when a band member gets the boot for some reason or another. They tend to pad their portfolio a bit or the one's doing the booting underscore the ex member's input for one reason or another. And as in the case of The Beatles, I don't think they even remember for sure just how much they helped each other on certain songs. Paul claims that he made major contributions to some of John's songs that John claimed in interviews were all his, and vice versa.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 4, 2012 3:52:21 PM PST
Last edited by the author on Nov 4, 2012 3:59:41 PM PST
AlexMontrose says:
Re : Many of the older bands would come up with an idea for a riff or a tune while jamming during sound checks or practicing.

Yeah, I just basically said that too in my post, edited it in as you were writing, before I saw your post. But you know many major riffs, melodies, rhythms we all love were conceived by one person/musician too. I would like to see a list of hundreds of songs saying so and so guitarist came up with the rhythm to this song and the singer came up with the melody. That would be very interesting to me.

Posted on Nov 4, 2012 3:45:12 PM PST
See, I never saw that thread! Not that I would have been able to add much as I don't really research bands and music like some people do. I enjoy reading the booklet that comes with a new cd purchase but they don't usually offer much enlightenment as to who did what in the studio. I wonder just how many bands actually start the writing process on the road. Many of the older bands would come up with an idea for a riff or a tune while jamming during sound checks or practicing.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 4, 2012 3:39:28 PM PST
Last edited by the author on Nov 5, 2012 7:29:50 AM PST
AlexMontrose says:
Yeah Randy, again this forum is nothing if not for some interesting takes on familiar territory. But as far as new subject matter threads taking off or lining the bottom of the Amazon bird cage...who knows?

I put up a thread a couple months ago about who writes the music in the bands we all know. Was it Plant or Page? Iommi or Osbourne? Blackmore or Gillan? McCartney or Lennon? I mean hardcore fans know those details but do we *really* know? You always see on the liner notes...songs written by..and then the members of the band in a certain order. And depending on the song, that order can change. But who wrote the actual music, the riff, the melody? I would like to know that about many songs I've always loved. And there's certainly never been a definitive answer about a thousand songs you or I love....

I thought that was a very interesting subject and people would want to bring up their thoughts and ideas about dozens of bands, who they think , believe, etc, etc wrote the music. Not the lyrics, the music.
How long do you think that thread lasted? Couple days. So whatya gonna do? In my opinion that subject and the bands which would have been brought up should have yielded a thousand different thoughts and opinions. But it didn't happen. So either people are so lazy they just want to play games and then complain about them or they don't care who wrote the music for their favorite artists. Or don't know.

Aerosmith is a good example. Who wrote these songs? Again the music, not the lyrics. And who wrote the riffs/melodies...etc. for all their classics? Sometimes I was surprised to find out 30 years later that another member of a band, who I never would have thought wrote a particular song, wrote some *great* songs I had always assumed was written by somebody else. Of course we know many, many songs are a group effort, jamming around, coming up with something. But in many cases it's not a group effort, so who came up with some of the specific musical ideas, notes, riffs, chords, choruses etc...for certain songs we love?

But anyway...just sayin' that thread should have been around for a while imo, elicited many responses..but apparently it didn't hit the discussion nerve with people ;)

Posted on Nov 4, 2012 3:15:52 PM PST
The new Aerosmith is okay, not the great return to form it's being billed as. They've definitely done worse though!

Posted on Nov 4, 2012 3:04:02 PM PST
Last edited by the author on Nov 4, 2012 3:05:59 PM PST
Good post Alex. Well stated! I guess that's part of the draw for a discussion thread that is
"old and familiar." You can bring up the new Aerosmith cd when you've had a chance to listen without starting a new discussion that will peter out in a few days to help line the bottom of the Amazon birdcage.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 4, 2012 2:38:38 PM PST
Last edited by the author on Nov 4, 2012 3:15:59 PM PST
AlexMontrose says:
The "problem" with discussion only type threads is.....well there really isn't one. Unless you see the whole first page filled with subjects/bands/music you could care less about. That happens. But the biggest factor is soooo many things have been brought up already. We've had a million X band vs. X band threads. And underrated, overrated threads. Or your favorite album, songs by X band, or your favorite guitarist, singer and so on. And many of those type of threads, with the same bands have been repeated a million times. After that, the threads have been an assortment of different ideas, thoughts, subjects that just happen to come to people...

Why do some threads catch fire? There's lots of reason for that. And ONE of them is a good debate. So it's easy to say this and that about some of the heated threads we have seen but depending on the thread *that's* what was so interesting about it. Of course it depends on what people are debating about. If you're not interested in 10 paragraph posts about Obama and Romney that can be just as LAME as two people arguing forever about music. It depends on what people are debating about and if you feel strongly about it too. Those are the threads, where many others also had strong feelings about whatever was being debated that turned into some of the all time classics. No one wants to get into arguments just for the sake of arguing. But since music is such a personal, passionate thing, we all are guilty of flying off the handle at times.

There's really no "solution" to the problem. People will talk and discuss music inside the game threads and interesting non-game threads will still pop up here and there, things that haven't been covered over and over again. Basically it's like any good conversation. We have many different ones going at once, some you might be interested in, some not. And until there are many different threads where the subjects reel you in, people will just have to be happy with whatever is here. Or try to unearth some music subjects that you feel would warrant a lot of discussion and hopefully it will be fresh and new or at least an interesting take on something that's already been covered.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 4, 2012 1:37:18 PM PST
Lew Archer says:
Now THAT I can agree with.

It's not that the voting part is "bad"; just that it shouldn't come at the expense of the conversation. And I completely agree with that. But I gotta tell ya, I've seen some of these "discussion only" threads turn quickly into some of the LAMEST little cliques that would put some high school groups to shame. And depending on the personalities that come together, it seems that the voting factor helps to serve as a sort of anchor for why everyone's there in the first place; which is NOT to be talking about the crap they just took or whatever other SERIOUSLY LAME segue some of the threads seem to inevitably head for after not long, but rather the music.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Posted on Nov 4, 2012 7:53:37 AM PST
Working Man says:
Yes, I have participated in the games. Quite a bit in the beginning, and then just recently got into the Bad Company game and dabbled in the ZZ Top, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Van Halen games. However, I would like to see more good discussions. I am not so much unhappy with the amount of games because, yes, I do participate somewhat. What I really miss is the good discussions, I have tried getting some going and they die after a few days. I guess I am not picking good topics or something. When I first started joining these forums it was great, lot's of shared experiences, opinions and I learned a lot. I miss more of that. The games are okay, and sometimes interesting, and definitely better than a lot of the "hater" discussions.

Posted on Nov 3, 2012 9:47:47 PM PDT
Whale Tart says:
║(o)║♥♫♫ ♫♥♫♥♫

Posted on Nov 3, 2012 9:41:32 PM PDT
Whale Tart says:

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 3, 2012 8:59:31 PM PDT
Captain Ogre says:
Everything has a center, it's just a matter of finding it.

Lew's still looking for his, though. That's only reason I can think of for him to shy away from a rematch. Unless his mom sent him to his room, cut off his internet, and made him do his homework

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 3, 2012 5:25:35 PM PDT
Last edited by the author on Nov 3, 2012 5:26:01 PM PDT
Captain Ogre says:
RE: All groupings are more pleasing to the eye in odd numbers
Which is probably why I've never heard of a ménage à deux or ménage à quatre

Not ménage à deux? Perhaps by another name?

But there is Pas de deux!!!

Actually, now that I think about it, my candlestick exception is really a grouping of three since there is almost aways something between the two candlesticks (a centerpiece, a bowl of fruit, etc.). So, there is still a "center."

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 3, 2012 2:38:53 PM PDT
Captain Ogre says:
As *if* I didn't know that!!

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 3, 2012 2:36:02 PM PDT
Last edited by the author on Nov 3, 2012 2:36:17 PM PDT
Lew Archer says:
For me, they're all one and the same!

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 3, 2012 2:24:37 PM PDT
Captain Ogre says:
Not sure if that's an evil, sarcastic, tounge-in-cheek, seriously disturbed, or genuine laugh...but the rematch is on!
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