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Best current piano trios and piano quartets

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Posted on Jan 12, 2013 3:08:42 PM PST
KenOC says:
I may have mentioned this before -- the complete Haydn Trios by the Haydn Trio Eisenstadt are available as an $18 download, a true bargain. I have compared these with the Beaux Arts Trio, and they seem equally good.

Haydn, J.: Piano Trios (Complete)

Posted on Jan 12, 2013 2:52:54 PM PST
Just checked my collection and found that I have these Piano Trio recordings on SACDs which are all of "fairly recent" vintage.

Storioni Trio - Beethoven , Brahmn, Rotgen
Kempf Trio - Beethoven
Guarneri Trio Prague - Beethoven, Dvorak, Mozart, Schubert
Florestan Trio - Debussy, Faure, Ravel
Fischer / Muller-Schott / Gilad Trio - Mendelssohn
Haydn Trio Eisenstadt - Mozart
Altenberg Trio Wien - Saint-Saens
Swiss Piano Trio - Schumann
Vienna Piano trio - Smetana, Tchaikovsky

I also have a SACD reissue of Haydn Piano Trios by the Beaux Arts Trio

Posted on Dec 14, 2012 9:35:06 PM PST
WH says:
To be released on Dec. 18:
Arbor Piano Trio, Martinu: Complete Piano Trios (Naxos, 2012)

I noticed that Nada has this on her list. As a newcomer to Martinu's works and a fan of chamber works in general, this looks intriguing.

Posted on Dec 2, 2012 5:34:04 AM PST
Nada says:
WH and M.R. Simpson -

I'm happy that my list(s) are considered useful. And I hoped that people would come up saying: Hey, I know that trio; they are great. Or: Hm, could have been better ...

And I'm mighty glad that you, M.R. Simpson, did not stay "mute". I might supply a lot of "material" - but you are creating something out of that material, like carving a wonderful statue, keeping a certain element, getting rid of others. Please continue.

The "current "trios which slipped my attention:.
- Trio 1790: I only checked some Haydn CDs with recordings that ranged from 1993 to 1998 (a release of complete Haynd trios in 2011), but did not see their recording of Pleyel trios from 2007/08, released 2011.
- Eskar Trio, their double CD with Brahms trios (2007) 2011 gets high praise.
- Voces Intimae with Schumann (2010) 2011. This is not a debut, as they already have recorded two volumes with trios by Hummel, also Schubert and Mendelssohn and a very unusual CD "Passasti al par d'amore" with works by de Meglio, Donizetti, de Beriot and Carulli who all composed pieces on music by Bellini (if I am to understand it correctly). See: - it's inquieting a bit to see the last entry being from 2011 ...
- Fischer/Müller-Schott/Gilad - Mendelssohn (2005) 2006

Until now there seems to be no recording by the Sitkovetsky Trio with cellist Elschenbroich (I had to think where I've seen the name Elschenbroich before and then remembered the program of the Frankfurt Alte Oper: Elschenbroich will perform Schumann's Cello Concerto next March), but I will be on the watch now. The reviews on their website - - lead to great interest ...
While searching I found
- Dmitri Sitkovetsky/Nemtsov/Geringas performing piano trios by Weinberg (2004) 2006.
I guess with individual soloists joining for just one or two recordings it will be near impossible to find them all ...

The recordings by the Bekova Sisters or Pires-Dumay-Wang took place before 2000, so I didn't include them.

For Andras Schiff I found two volumes of Haydn piano trios with his wife Shiokawa and Pergamenschikow , but they've been recorded in 1994 and 1995, Schubert piano trios with Shiokawa and Perenyi (1997?), and Mozart (2004?).

I don't think that "Trio di Barcelona" is still active. Their recordings with Beethoven, Dvorak, Mendelssohn stem from the early 1990's; doesn't list any of them. I see that their discs appeared on Harmonia Mundi's early series "Musique d'abord". Great series, isn't it?

Thanks for all those that slipped my attention and bringing to mind some of the older trios (searching for Schiff and Shiokawa makes me listening to their Schubert Fantasies right now Schubert: Fantasie C-Dur für Klavier; Fantasie C-Dur für Violine und Klavier), also thanks for pointing to the upcoming Sitkovetsky Trio.

Ah - Rasmus. Just before posting I checked on this thread and find your post above. Yeah, space for a single post is limited, so giving a link seems a good idea. Also it's great that you'll include newer contributions into your first post. Thanks a lot. Oh, and I hope the deutsche Gründlichkeit when geared at musical lists doesn't do any harm. Suddenly I feel consoled by the trios I've missed before ... (Smiling.)

In reply to an earlier post on Dec 2, 2012 4:24:00 AM PST

I couldn't post your entire list in the initial post, so I decided to make links to your posts with the list instead. I hope somebody will find it useful with all the work you have put in it.

Simpson and MacDoom

I have added those to the initial post right under the links to Nada's list.

Posted on Dec 1, 2012 10:32:11 AM PST
MacDoom says:
Trio Cascades is worthy of a mention, because they quite recently concluded their survey of the piano trios by Onslow. A worthy effort!

Posted on Dec 1, 2012 10:04:29 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Dec 1, 2012 12:01:45 PM PST
I was in the midst of compiling a list, before Nada's posted, & am now rendered almost mute. That is a wonderfully extensive list, thanks for taking the time. Most of the groups that I wanted to mention Nada has listed, and much more. The point that I intended to make was that there have been too many emerging piano trios in recent years to keep up with, & her list amply proves this.

One group that she doesn't list, however, is the period ensemble Voces Intimae, which has recently received very favorable reviews for their debut disc of Schumann Piano Trios: Piano Trios Op 63 & 110--but I've yet to hear it. Another is the up & coming Sitkovetsky Trio, with violinist Alexander Sitkovetsky (son of Dmitri, grandson of Yulian, & pianist Bella Davidovich?), pianist Wu Qian, and cellist Leonard Elschenbroich. Here's a link to their website:

In addition, I don't think she mentioned the Pires-Dumay-Wang Trio, who made some excellent recordings on DG, although they may no longer be active. Nor do I see the Bekova Sisters, the Fischer-Müller-Schott-Gilad Trio: Mendelssohn: Piano Trios Nos. 1 & 2 [Hybrid SACD], the Eskar Trio, or on period instruments, the Immerseel or Levin-Beths-Bylsma of L'Archibudelli" Haydn: The Last 4 Piano Trios (are they still active?). Also, don't pianists Andras Schiff (Schubert: Piano Trios Nos. 1 & 2 / Arpeggione Sonata / Nocturne for Piano Trio - Adagio, d. 821, 897, 898, 929) & Freddy Kempf (Beethoven: Piano Trio, Op. 97 ("Archduke"); Piano Trio, Op. 1, No. 3 (SACD)) still play in active trios?

The Piano Trio ensembles that I've been most impressed with among today's groups would include the following: (1) Trio Dali, whose Schubert & Ravel have deservedly won awards: Ravel: Piano Trio; Sonata for Violin & Cello; Violin Sonata, (2) Trio Wanderer (except for their recent Beethoven set, which I still haven't warmed to), (3) Guarneri Trio Prague, (whose Beethoven cycle: Ludwig van Beethoven: Complete Piano Trios [Box Set], Mozart, Schubert, & Brahms I've liked very much), and (4) from what I've heard, the Kungsbacka Trio's Mozart & Haydn on Naxos as well. Trio Chausson is excellent in French music. The Storioni Piano Trio & Gryphon Trios are good too, though maybe not very top choices.

Among period ensembles I've liked the Van Swieten's Haydn cycle on Brilliant Classics. There is also a good disc of Haydn Piano Trios from the period group Trio Goya: Heart of Invention: Piano Trios By Haydn, & a complete period Haydn cycle from Trio 1790 on CPO (not on Nada's list), which I haven't heard.

I didn't like the Haydn & Beethoven sets by Haydn Trio Eisenstadt at all, although that may have been partly due to the recorded sound.

Of those I've yet to hear, I'm most curious about Trio George Sand, Trio Ceres, and the Van Baerle Trio, with the superb young pianist Hannes Minnaar--who's a recent discovery for me, and perhaps Trio Mondrian.

Piano Quartet groups, on the other hand, are so often short-lived. But in recent years I've liked the Schumann & Schubert recordings of the Leipziger String Quartet with pianist Christian Zacharias. Hopefully they will get to the Brahms Piano Quartets as part of the group's ongoing Brahms Chamber series, all of which has been excellent. I've also liked Quatour Schumann with pianist Gyula Stuller: Schumann: Piano Quartet, Op. 47; Piano Quintet, Op. 44, & Trio Wanderer in the Faure Piano Quartets: Faure: Piano Quartets. I recall being less keen on Trio Parnassus's Schumann Piano Quartets, but maybe I didn't give them enough of a chance. Among period ensembles, I've liked La Gaia Scienza.

Edit: Some additional groups would include the two period ensembles, Benvenue Fortepiano Trio, with Monica Huggett, & the Atlantis Trio (still active?), as well as a modern group, Trio de Barcelona, who made an excellent disc of Mendelssohn Piano Trios years back (if they're still active).

Posted on Dec 1, 2012 9:01:31 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Dec 1, 2012 9:03:05 AM PST
WH says:
Nada, Thanks so much for the great research. Piano trios / quartets / quintets are a favorite set of genre. And I lean to purchasing new groups and new recordings. And so your listings are a huge help. I've copied this (and some of your other great lists on other threads) into a huge Amazon recommendations file that I use to do future purchasing. It clearly took a long time to compile. Thanks!

Posted on Dec 1, 2012 9:01:12 AM PST
Nada says:
MacDoom -

thanks for your kind feedback. And yes, isn't it amazing by how many piano trios have been published in 2011 or 2012 alone? Most groups I don't know either but will try a few more. Though it will be impossible to keep track with so many releases.

My own CDs (from this list) include a lot of piano trios performed by the Abegg Trio (as soon as I heard their Dvorak trios I was hooked), some by Trio Wanderer or Trio Arbos, otherwise just single releases by Trio Hoboken, Gryphon Trio, Liszt-Trio Weimar; Lom Trio; and a few others with soloists performing, like Kremer/Dirvanauskaite/Buniatishvili, Bertrand/Amoyel/Weithaas, Staier/Sepec/Queyras and a few others. Just yesterday I received my latest acquisition of piano trios with the Lawson Trio performing Knotts, Turnage et al.

Rasmus -

of course you may do with the list whatever you'd like to. You're welcome. And the list is intended to be used ...

I'm not sure whether the whole list will fit into one post. Recently, when I created lists about music depicting night, it happened that the end was cut off and Amazon added three dots. When I re-open the post to edit again the text is still there, but once posted it stays hidden. - But sure you can give it a try?

In reply to an earlier post on Dec 1, 2012 8:06:39 AM PST

Thanks a lot! That's a very extensive list! With your permission I will copy and paste it to the intial post if amazon allows such long posts...

In reply to an earlier post on Dec 1, 2012 4:42:38 AM PST
MacDoom says:

What a labour of love and wealth of information...! I don't know even a quarter of these!
<sound of bookmark being made>

Posted on Dec 1, 2012 3:59:17 AM PST
Nada says:
*R - Z*

- Rachmaninov Trio Moscow - Arensky 2010, Shostakovich (2005) 2006

- Ravinia Trio - Kröll (1997/2004) 2009; Schönberg/Steuermann (1992) 2007; Franz Xaver Mozart (1993) 2005

- Roma Piano Trio - Smetana/Shostakovich(2004) 2006

- Rosamunde Trio - Dvorak (2008) 2009

- Saguaro Piano Trio - Haydn/Babajanian/Ravel 2010

- SchuberTrio - Bossi (2007) 2010

- Smetana Trio - Brahms (2011/12) 2012; Mendelssohn/Schubert (2009) 2010; Dvorak/Tchaikovsky 2008; Dvorak/Fibich/Martinu 2007; Novak; Suk ...

- Spirale Piano Trio - Mendelssohn/van der Roost/Shostakovich (2006) 2007

- Storioni Trio - Röntgen (2009) 2011 and (2007) 2008; Brahms (2007) 2008; Schubert, Schumann, Dvorak, Beethoven

- Swiss Piano Trio - Tchaikovsky 2012; Schumann 2012 and 2011

- Syrius Trio - Jadassohn (2009) 2010

- Terroni Piano Trio - Butterworth (2005) 2006

- Trio Animae - Piazzolla/Bragato 2011; Schnittke (2002) 2009; Arensky; Breiner

- Trio Arbos - Bunch/Mozetich/Grundman/Kats-Chernin/Schoenfield 2011; Jesus Torres (2008/09) 2010; Roberto Sierra (2009) 2011; Luis de Pablo 2009; also Turina; Enrique Fernandez Arbos

- Trio Arriaga - Gerhard/Montsalvatge/Cassado (2010) 2012; Turina (2009) 2011

- Trio Art Nouveau - Reissiger (2007) 2009

- Trio Artelli - Piazzolla 2011

- Trio Artemis - [announced for 2013: Dvorak/Suk/Felder]; Piazzolla/Gerber/Martin (2002) 2007; otherwise a series of compilations (probably for CM beginners ...)

- Trio Bamberg - Schubert (2011) 2012; E.T.A Hoffmann/Beethoven (2003) 2009; Brahms; Suk; Onslow ...

- Trio Basilea - Dvorak/Juon (2003) 2007

- Trio Brancusi - Enescu (2011) 2012

- Trio Caleidoscopio - Hefti (2007/08) 2009

- Trio Carlo van Neste - Piazzolla (2010) 2011; Beethoven/Brahms (2009) 2010; Dvorak/Sematan (2007) 2009

- Trio Ceres - Fauré/Ravel/Hersant (2008) 2009

- Trio Ceresio - Mendelssohn (2009) 2011

- Trio Chausson - Chaminade/Debussy/Lenormand 2012; Chopin/Liszt (2009) 2010; Chausson/Ravel (2007) 2008

- Trio Con Brio Copenhagen - Mendelssohn (2008) 2011; Ravel/Dvorak/Bloch 2007

- Trio Dali - Schubert 2011; Ravel (2008) 2009

- Trio D'Ante Vienna - Chopin/Liszt/Rachmaninoff/Shostakovich (2011) 2012; Piazzolla 2010

- Trio Déjà Vu - Dvorak/Foote 2012

- Trio di Parma - Schumann (2010) 2012; Liszt 2011; Pizzetti (2009) 2010; Shostakovich; Beethoven

- Trio Ex Aequo - Beethoven (2011) 2012; Brahms (2007) 2008

- Trio Fibonacci - Bosse (2006) 2010; Barry/Clarke/Finnissy (2004) 2005; Jonathan Harvey; Benoit Mernier

- Trio Fontane - Beethoven/Smetana/Schaeuble 2012

- Trio Fortepiano - Gyrowetz (2010) 2011

- Trio George Sand - Ravel/Faure/Bonis (2010) 2012

- Trio Goya - Haydn (2008) 2010

- Trio Henry - Casadesus (2004) 2006; Burgon; Lalo

- Trio Hoboken - Durosoir (2005/10) 2011; Haydn (2008) 2009; Dvorak (2004) 2005;

- Trio Hochelaga - Lekeu (2011) 2012; Migot (2007) 2010; Dubois (2005) 2006; Ropartz; Rhené-Baton; Pierné; Fauré ...

- Trio Jean Paul - Schubert (2011) 2012; Mendelssohn (2007) 2010; Schönberg (2004) 2009;

- Trio Kandinsky - Clara Schumann/Brahms (2010) 2011; Guinjoan 2009; Schönberg 2008

- Trio Latitude 41 - Schubert (2010) 2011

- Trio Margaux - E.T.A. Hoffmann (2007) 2008

- Trio Matisse - Ives/de Pablo/Solbiati 2010

-. Trio Modigliani - Beethoven/Brahms (2008) 2012

- Trio Mondrian - Ravel/Shostakovich 2012

- Trio Nota Bene - Raff/Bloch/Honegger/Martin (2009) 2009; Rachmaninoff/Arensky/Shostakovich (2006) 2007

- Trio Ondine - Nielsen (2006/07) 2007; Holmboe/Nörgard/Nielsen/Nordentoft (2003) 2005

- Trio Opus 8 - Blomenkamp (2004/11) 2012; Shostakovich (2006) 2007; Raff; Haydn, Schubert, Schumann, Brahms, Mendelssohn, Ravel, Fauré ... (2011: 25 years anniversay)

- Trio Opus 100 - Schubert 2010

- Trio Paian - Chauson/Debussy/Widor (2009) 2011; Shostakovich/Juon (2005) 2006

- Trio Panta Rhei - Bruch/Martin/Schoenfield (2007) 2008

- Trio Parnassus - Boellmann (2012) 2012; Chausson/Faure/Debussy(Mouton) (2010) 2011; Godard (2009) 2010; Gade; Brahms; Vasks; Hummel, Prinz von Preussen ...

- Trio Picasso - Beethoven (2005) 2008

- Trio Polskie - Messiaen (2003) 2006

- Trio Portici - Schubert (2009) 2010; Chopin (2006) 2009; Debussy (2006) 2009; Mendelssohn; Franck

- Trio Poseidon - Beethoven/Brahms (2009) 2010; Haydn/Ireland/Brahms 2007

- Trio Rafale - Schumann/Ravel 2012

- Trio Raffaello - Dvorak/Smetana (2009) 2012

- Trio Solis - Babajanian/Francaix/Schoenfield 2012

- Trio Solisti - Moravec (2007/09) 2012; 2007; Brahms; Mussorgsky

- Trio Stradivari - Mozart (2005) 2007

- Trio Suleika - Ravel/Olthuis (2010) 2012; Dvorak/Rachmaninoff /2007) 2008

- Trio Una Corda - Shostakovich/Tcherepnine (2006) 2011

- Trio Viennarte - Haydn/Schmid/Mendelssohn 2009 (CD is mentioned only on the group's website); Haydn with Bartolozzi Trios (2000) 2010 ?? (strange: my copy says: 2000)

- Trio Vivente - Mendelssohn/Mendelssohn-Hensel (2008) 2009; Haydn vol. 2, 2006

- Trio Wanderer - Beethoven (2011) 2012; Smetana/Liszt (2010) 2011; Fauré (2009) 2010; Escaich/Debussy/Bartok/Martinu (2007) 2009; Saint-Saens; Copland; Shostakovich; Haydn; Hummel; Ravel; Chausson, Brahms; Schubert; Messiaen; Martinu; Mendelssohn; Emmanuel

- Triple Helix Piano Trio - Arlene Zallman (1998-2008) 2011

- Van Baerle Trio - Saint-Saens/Loevendie/Ravel (2011) 2012

- Van Swieten Trio - Haydn 2006

- Varsovia Piano Trio - Panufnik/Rozycki/Kulenti/Chmielarz 2006

- Villa-Lobos Trio - Villa-Lobos/Piazzolla/Bruno-Videla (2009) 2010

- Volta Piano Trio (formerly Icicle Creek Piano Trio) - Haydn/Turina/Shostakovich 2010

- Warsaw Trio - Twardowski (2006) 2007; Elsner; Melcer

- Wiener Klaviertrio - Saint-Saens (2012) 2012; Beethoven/Schumann/Ravel (2010) 2011; Smetana/Tchaikovsky (2007) 2008

- Xyrion Trio - Beethoven (2006) 2009; (2005) 2007; (2004) 2005

- Zürcher Klaviertrio (Zurich Piano Trio) - Shostakovich (2005) 2006

Posted on Dec 1, 2012 3:58:50 AM PST
Nada says:
*A - P*

- Abegg Trio - Haydn (2010) 2011; Shostakovich/Obst (2008) 2009; Brahms vol. 4 (2005) 2007; Beethoven; Smetana; Dvorak, Mozart; Gade; Farrenc; Janacek, Schumann ... (last year - in 2011 - they celebrated 35 years!)

- Absolut Trio - Schönberg/Kelterborn/Zimmermann (2007) 2008

- Acros Trio - Piazzolla/Falla/Turina/Mores/Rodriguez/Fancini/Gamboa/Loguercio (2008) 2010

- Ad Trio Prague - Smetana/Dvorak (2007) 2008

- Amber Trio Jerusalem - Yehezkel Braun (2003) 2006; Stutschewsky/Wellesz/Zeisl/Starer/Gal (1997) 2002

- Amelia Piano Trio - Strauss (2008) 2011; Harbison (2005) 2007

- Angell Trio - Fribbins 2010; Martinu (1998) 2007

- Aquinas Piano Trio - Hyde 2012

- Arbor Piano Trio - Martinu (2010) 2012

- Arensky-Trio - Tchaikovsky/Arensky (2010) 2011 Tchaikovski: The Seasons - Arensky: Piano Trio No. 1
(not to be confused with the Arensky Trio whose latest recording seems to be Gernsheim (2006) 2007 GERNSHEIM: Piano Trios)

- Argenta Trio - Mendelssohn (2010) 2011

- ArteMiss Piano Trio - Martinu (2010); Shostakovich (2004)

- Artenius-Trio - Tchemberdji/Ravel/Debussy (2008) 2011

- Atma Trio - Mendelssohn/Ravel (2007) 2008

- Atos Trio - Robert Helps/Mendelssohn/Ireland/Poulenc/Godowsky (1997-2010) 2011; Mendelssohn (2009) 2011; Suk (2008) 2010

- Australian Trio - Saint-Saens (2003) 2008 and 2011

- Barbican Piano Trio - Taneyev 2005. Their website speaks of a 20 year anniversay in 2012, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of recordings.

- Benaud Trio - Edwards/Stanhope/Hindson/Buc 2012 (debut)

- Benvenue Fortepiano Trio (with Monica Huggett) - Schumann 2012; Mendelssohn 2009

- Bonnard Trio - Mendelssohn (2009) 2011

- Boulanger Trio - Shostakovich/Vasks (2011) 2012; Brahms/Liszt/Schönberg 2011; Saint-Saens/Faure/Boulanger (2008) 2009; Wieck-Schumann/Schumann/Rihm (2008) 2009

- Chagall Trio - Reeves/Mealor/Pickard/Grange (2004) 2007

- Claremont Trio - Beethoven/Ravel 2010; another Beethoven will be released December 2012

- Cropper-Welsh-Roscoe-Trio - Beethoven (2011) 2012

- Czech Trio - Dvorak/Rachmaninoff/Suk (2007) 2008; Dvorak/Martinu/Suk (2004) 2005; Mendelssohn; Tchaikovsky ...

- Damocles Trio - Villa-Lobos/Fernandez (2007) 2010; Turina 2004

- David Trio - Tchaikovsky (2010) 2011

- Devich Trio - Turina/Grandaos/Cassado/Arbos 2010; Piazzolla 2007; Dvorak

- Eggner Trio - Wunder/Berauer/Peres (2010) 2011; Mendelssohn (2008) 2009; Shostakovich/Eröd 2008; Beethoven

- Escher Trio - Arensky/Korngold (2002) 2006

- European Fine Arts Trio - Beethoven (2009) 2009; Juon 2003

- Evrus Trio - Tchaikovsky/Shostakovich (2007) 2011

- Fidelio Trio - Nyman (2010) 2012; Bedford 2012, Beamish/Osborne/Weir 2010; Dennehy/Bennett/Gribbin/Volans 2008

- Finisterra Trio - Daron Hagen (2008) 2010

- Florestan Trio - Shostakovich (2010) 2011; Smetana/Martinu/Eben (2008) 2010; Haydn 2009; Schubert, Dvorak; Brahms; Mendelssohn ...

- Fortuna Piano Trio - Brahms/Schubert (2010) 2012

- Fujita Piano Trio - Dvorak/Smetana 2009; Schubert (2006) 2008; also Shostakovich/Ravel 2008

- Gelius Trio - Dvorak/Smetana (2007) 2008

- Gould Piano Trio - Stanford (2009) 2011; Tschaikovsky/Rachmaninoff (2010) 2011; Fuchs (2004/05) 2012; Brahms (2004/05) 2012; Messiaen; Ireland ...

- Grieg Trio - Smetana/Tchaikovsky/Grieg (2007) 2009; Schumann, Mendelssohn; Beethoven; Shostakovich ...

- Gryphon Trio - with clarinetist Campbell: Loui/Messiaen/Silvestrov (2012) 2012; with O'Callaghan: songs by Drake, Gardel et al. 2011; Ryan (2010) 2011; Piazzolla/Duran/Ginastera (2008) 2009; Murphy/Nin/Hatzis/Kulesha (2002) 2006; also Beethoven, Schubert; Shostakovich

- Guarneri Trio Prague - Dvorak (2008/09) 2009; Mozart (2006) 2007; Brahms (2006) 2007; Mendelssohn; Smetana; Beethoven ...

- Haydn Trio Eisenstadt - Dedicated to Haydn (composers: Krammer, Woolrich, Sanchez-Verdu, Kats-Chernin, Schnebel, Jolas et al.) (2009) 2009; poems/texts by Ingeborg Bachmann, with baritone Hilz (composers: Froom, Lauermann, Mumford et al.) (2005) 2006; and of course: Haydn, Haydn, Haydn, Mozart, Schubert, Beethoven

- Hungarian Piano Trio - Christian Palmer (2006) 2007; Bossi (2004) 2005

- Hyperion-Trio - Brahms 2011; Sveinsson (2007/08) 2009; Reger (2007) 2008; Hartmann; Mendelssohn ...

- Israel Piano Trio - Brahms 2007 ? (Wikipedia: other members in 2011 than in 1972 when it was founded; but that means the group is continuing ..)

- Jalina Trio - Mendelssohn/Brahms 2007 ?; Holmboe/Koppel/Nordentoft/Norgard 2007 ?: Koppel/Rasmussen/Bentzon/Olsen/Lorentzen 2005

- Janacek Trio - Foerster (2011) 2012; Schnittke 2008

- Jess Trio Wien - Schubert (2009) 2011; Chopin (2004) 2006; Schönberg

- Kalichstein-Laredo-Robinson-Trio - Schubert (2011) 2012; Danielpour 2007; Beethoven (2001) 2003; Mendelssohn; Pärt, Taaffe Zwilich; Ravel; Dvorak, Tchaikovsky; Arensky, Haydn, Shostakovich; Kirchner ...

- Kempf Trio - Shostakovich/Schnittke (2004) 2009

- Kim Trio - Mendelssohn/Beethoven/Yun (2006) 2007

- Kinsky Trio Prague - Rimsky-Korsakoff/Arensky (2011) 2012; Foerster/Novak/Janacek/Fibich (2010) 2011; Borodin 2011; Martinu 2009

- KMW Trio (= Klingberg, Mannheimer, Wijk) - Chaminade (2011) 2012; Tarrodi/Skog/Bystrm (2010) 2011

- Kungsbacka Piano Trio - Haydn (2008) 2012; Chopin (2010) 2011; also Schubert, Mozart

- Lawson Trio - Knotts/Reeves/Powers/Turnage 2012

- Leibniz Trio - Mendelssohn (2009/11) 2012; Martin/Dvorak/Finlay (2010) 2011; Reger (2008) 2009

- Leschetizky Trio Vienna - Weinberg/Shostakovich (2006) 2009

- Lincoln Trio - Auerbach/Garrop/Higdon/ Schwendinger/Read Thomas/Twoer (2010/11) 2011; Garrop (2009/10) 2011; Lorenz/Pann/Jalbert/Garrop/Fung (2007) 2011

- Liszt-Trio Weimar - Kagel/Schnittke (2004) 2009

- Lom Trio - Granados (2008) 2010; Breton (2006/07) 2008; Shostakovich (2006) 2008

- London Piano Trio - Tovey: op. 27: (2007/08) 2011; op. 1 and op. 8: (2007) 2008

- Ludwig Trio - Beethoven (2010) 2011

- Macquarie Trio - Westlake (rec. piano trio 2003; other works on this disc1996-2006) 2011; Piazzolla (2002/03) 2011; Brahms (2002) 2011

- Manhattan Piano Trio - Chopin/Schumann 2010

- Max Brod Trio - Beethoven 2012; Dvorak 2011; Schubert 2010

- Melcher Trio - Beethoven (2006) 2007

- Mendelssohn Piano Trio - Haydn (2010) 2012; Mendelssohn (2007) 2010

- Merling Trio - Dvorak/Shostakovich 2008

- Monument Piano Trio - Brahms/Shostakovich/Schoenfield 2011

- Morgenstern Trio - Beethoven/Brahms (2007) 2009

- Münchner Klaviertrio (Munich Piano Trio) - Brahms (2011) 2012; Georg Schumann (2010) 2011; Dvorak (2010) 2011; Piazzolla (2007) 2008; Brahms (2008) 2009; Mendelssohn; Haydn ...

- Narziss & Goldmund Trio - Schubert (2009) 2010; Lekeu/de Greef (2005) 2006

- New Trio - Nikolai and Alexandre Tcherepnin (2006) 2012

- Ogen Trio - Psathas/Lodge/Farr/Griffiths/Williams 2012

- Osiris Trio - adaptations of opera arias "Melodies of Love and Death" 2011; Robert Nasveld (2004/10) 2011; Dvorak 2008; Tchaikovsky/Bloch (2007) 2008; Willem Jeths 2006; Beethoven; Martin; Ives ...

- Pacific Trio - Gershwin/Bernstein/Copland/Muczynski (2008) 2011

- Phoenix Piano Trio - Beethoven (2011) 2012

- Pittsburgh Piano Trio - with Kraevsky: songs by Shostakovich and Sviridov (2011)

- Pleyel Trio Wien - Mozart (2006) 2007; Pleyel; Döhl

- Puella Trio - Fiala/Bodorova/Eben 2009; Schnittke/Shostakovich/Martinu 2007

Posted on Dec 1, 2012 3:57:43 AM PST
Nada says:
Hi, Rasmus.

It's done. Here is a list of piano trios with recordings since 2006 - generally; sometimes with release dates since 2006 when obviously the releases took place some years later than the recording. Example: the Liszt-Trio Weimar, though recorded in 2004 the CD was released only in 2009. (I wonder what it does to groups to have to wait sooo long for a release ...).

My main sources have been and, sometimes checking also the websites of the groups. In brackets you'll find the date of recording, without brackets the date of release according to Of course you'll know that release dates can vary by a year or so depending on the country you're in.

I tried hard not to include trios with other instruments, for example clarinet, flute, harpsichord etc. If there are mistakes, please correct me. Also: not every CD mentioned in the list will include only piano trios, quite often the trios are coupled with quartets etc.

In many cases it has not been clear whether a real early recording date did belong to another label's original release. Examples for the discrepancies: there is the Wiener Schubert Trio (label Nimbus) - with recording dates of 1991 for Schubert and 1996 for Chausson/Debussy/Rachmaninov - yet the release took place in 2011 for both (if I am to believe; also the Foerster Trio with trios by Foerster, recorded 1969/78, released 2002; the Göbel Trio with works by Loewe/de Beriot, recorded 1999, released 2010 ... In these cases with the very big time difference I didn't include the groups.

Problems arose as well when several groups chose (almost) the same name, for example the above mentioned Wiener Schubert Trio (Kuschnir/Hornstein/Schuster) mustn't be confused with the Vienna Schubert Trio (Redik/Gredler/Mendl) ... Another example: Trio Con Brio. Besides a group Trio Con Brio Heidelberg with bass instead cello or groups with other instruments, it seems there are at least three piano trios of the same name. See for example the website of the Altenburg Trio where they list to each group the names of the members:
This site - though still in progress - seems to be very valuable when searching for piano trios (groups as well as works). As I found it rather late, I did not use it otherwise for my list.

Just looking at the recording/release dates doesn't tell very much whether a trio is still in existence or if they have already disbanded. For example the Devich Trio, a young Netherlandish ensemble, with a recording as recent as 2010: yet they already disbanded - which is rather sad.. Have a listen to their YouTube clips - what a pity! On the other side there is for example the Gelius Trio with a recording as recent as 2007/2008, yet they still give concerts, two concerts scheduled for 2013.

Not included are naturally piano trios performed by soloists, i.e. when they haven't formed a group:
- Barenboim/Zlotnikov/Znaider - Mozart (2005) 2006
- Braley/R. Capucon/G. Capucon - Schubert (2006) 2007; Ravel 2002
- Angelich/R. Capucon/G. Capucon - Brahms (2003) 2004
- Brantelid/Shirinyan/Frang - Chopin (2009) 2010
- Vogt/Chr. Tetzlaff/T. Tetzlaff - Schubert no. 2 (2005) 2010
- Vogt/Weithaas/T.Tetzlaff - Schubert no. 1 (2005) 2010
- Vogt/Weithaas/Bohorquez - Dvorak/Tchaikovsky (2004) 2005
- Andsnes/Chr.Tetzlaff/T.Tetzlaff - Schumann (2009) 2011
- Staier/Sepec/Queyras - Beethoven/Hummel
- Queyras/Faust/Melnikov - Dvorak (2005) 2009
- Bertrand/Amoyel/Weithaas - Greif (2005) 2006
- Ashkenasi/Hanani/Tocco - Eduard Franck (2009/2010) 2012
- Becker/N. Kam/Carroll - Goehr 2008
- Kremer/Dirvanauskaite/Buniatishvili - Kissine/Tchaikovsky (2010) 2011
- Kopatchinskaya/Ivashkin/I. Sokolov - Smirnov (2001) 2006
- Irnberger/Cernitori/Sinaisky - Goldmark/Gal/Zemlinsky (2011) 2012
- Lauriala/Latvala/Ylönen - Beethoven (2010) 2012
- Rysanov/Blaumane/Katsnelson - Beethoven (2011) 2012 (viola instead violin)
- Shaham/Erez/Wallfisch - Mendelssohn/Schumann (2011) 2012
- Schäfer/Then-Bergh/Yang - Sabaneev (2011) 2012
- Poltera/Triendl/Bielow - Pejacevic (2008) 2011
- Schenkman/Diaz/Gonzales - Mozart (2008) 2011
- Gringolts/Laul/Kouzov - Schumann (2010) 2011
- Isaacson/Kwak/Janssen - Rheinberger (2006) 2010
- Weithaas/Pergamenschikow/Rivinius - Shostakovich (2002) 2010
- A.Brendel/Armstrong/Bilow - Beethoven/Haydn/Liszt (2011) 2012
- Kaplan/Weiss/Newman - Brahms/Smetana (2010) 2012
- Randalu/Chumachenco/Ostertag - Brahms (2010) 2011
- Vaysse-Knitter/Robilliard/Szabo - Brahms/Dvorak (2009) 2010
- de Saram/Sabat/Takahashi- Feldman (2008) 2010
- Hoogland/Wakamatsu/Suzuki - Mozart (2007) 2010
- Ax/Perlman/Ma - Mendelssohn (2009) 2010
- Adam/Adam/Stradner - Gal (2004) 2009

There's a new Cd with piano trios and a trio for clarinet by Smetana/Ravel/Watkins; as performers are mentioned: Weithaas/Hecker/Watkins/Donderer7T.Tetzlaff/Vogt/Manz, 2012 - it's not clear who is performing which work .... (Sebastian Manz is a young clarinetist whom I happened to hear live; I'd say he is someone to watch.)

Strangely enough one does find the name "Xyrion Trio", although none of the recordings bears that name. And who would have thought to find the very renowned cellist Maria Kliegel with pianist Nina Tichman and violinist Ida Bieler behind that name? Their cooperation has been going on for a very long time, more often just Kliegel/Tichman, or Bieler/Tichman. The Beethoven trios are the only works until now ascribed to Xyrion. One may be curious whether the three soloists will continue as an ensemble ...

Not included is La Gaia Scienza (yes, I do have their Schubert and praise it!). Yet, they are an ensemble of five: a string quartet and a pianist.

And of course there are many entries in the list with just one or two recordings. Could they be called "one CD-night stands"?? For example the Turina Trio with works by Zilcher/Turina/Dvorak (2001) 2007 - since then no traces to be found ...

It seems that piano trios are rather more "shortlived" than string quartets. I wonder why. Of course, quite often ensembles are forming while still attending a musical school. But could it be that in a group of three the normal dynamics of relationships à trois do cost a certain toll and end more often in break-ups?

Ah - the repertoire ... Sigh. I grew tired of typing Beethoven/Brahms/Dvorak/Haydn/Mendelssohn/Schubert Shostakovich and other usual suspects. My American brother-in-law would say: "How come?" Yes, I'm wondering. I can't get rid of the feeling that here you'll find the power of the labels, what they are willing to produce and what is a "no go!". Well, sometimes it might be that the traditional names do earn the bread for labels and performers alike, but if you want some other tastes you'd better go the live concerts.

Maybe the lack of new repertoire on CD might also be due to the habit of mainstream listening, of having lost a kind of adventurous explorations of unknown territory, without a guide ...

But when you look at the repertoire many groups are offering on their websites, there is no shortage of new works. Groups like Trio Arbos (one of my favorites with contemporary repertoire, just listen to their performance of Villa-Rojo's piano trio on YouTube) do commission quite a lot of new works. I think it would be wrong to dismiss all the new compositions as not being worthwhile. Of course, it will be trial and error. But I think there is a wealth to be explored ...
- -
(see also their recordings or their world premieres ...). Or have a look at the commissions of the Kungsbacka Trio: (this was part of their website in April; right now their website is "under construction", but I guess the entries are still valid ...)

Just have a look for example at the (randomly picked) website of the trio Triple Helix Piano Trio - - with premieres of quite some new works: Lee Hyla's "Amnesia Redux" (2002); David Rakowski's "Hyperblue" (1992) and "Attitude Problem" (1996) - both of which were recorded on the CRI label; Ross Bauer's "Motion" (1998); Richard Cornell's "Piano Trio" (1998); Arlene Zallman's "Triquetra" (1999); Andy Vores' "Dark Mother"; James Bolle's "Piano Trio" (2000).

Or the website of Trio Kandinsky - -:
_Classical Romantic: Arensky - Beethoven - Brahms - Dvorák - Granados - Grieg - Haydn - Mendelssohn - Mozart - Rimsky-Korsakov - Schubert - Schumann, Robert - Schumann, Clara - Serra - Sibelius - Smetana - Tchaikovsky - Zemlinsky
_20th century major composers: Boulanger - Busoni - Cassadó - Copland - Corea - Debussy - Gerhard - Glass - Hindemith - Ives - Janacek - Korngold - Martin - Martinu - Messiaen - Mompou - Pedrell - Phaissa - Piazzolla - Ravel - Rachmaninov - Reger - Schönberg - Shostakovich - Stravinsky - (Joaquin) Turina - Villa-Lobos
_Contemporary: Balada - Bernaola - Brotons - Casablancas - Cervelló - Charles - Dusapin - Guinjoan - Guix - González de la Rubia - Harvey - Henze - (J.) Homs - Hosokawa - Humet - Kagel - Kozakura - Lopez Lopez- Montsalvatge - Parra - Pärt - Ribera Riera - Rio-Pareja - Riera - Rodriguez Picó - Sánchez Verdú - Schnittke - Sciarrino - Suzuky - Takemitsu - (José Luís) Turina - Yun - Zimmermann

Or the website of the Gryphon Trio - - with a fine mixture of "old" and "new" music. I recommend highly their Jeremy Ryan CD: Ryan: Fugitive Colours. Really captivating ...

It might also be interesting to view the website of "foreign" groups to find some more "obscure/forgotten/neglected"(?) composers; take for example the Varsovia Piano Trio - -: Dobrzynski, Tansman, Fitelberg, Edel, Jadassohn, Twardowski, Szeligoswski and a lot of other Polish composers; of course Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin, Mendelssohn ...

I came across the website of a piano trio society - - and discovered young trios just starting to perform: Hepplewhite Piano Trio - Kingfisher Trio - Sequoia Trio [not to be confused with a namesake trio for oboe/clarinet/bassoon] - Bedriska Trio - Kirolian Piano Trio - Rautio Piano Trio etc.; as no recordings are released yet, they are not included in the list. (And these are just a few British ensembles. Imagine the amount of young piano trios worldwide!)

Last not least: I stumbled across a CD with trios by Heinrich August Marschner, performed by the Rubbra Trio and the Semino Trio (not included in the list). According to the note on the cover these are taken from acetate discs from radio broadcasts and although it could not be achieved to erase all technical problems like radio interference, the rare repertoire would be worth to explore. So, whoever does like Marschner ...

I'm afraid the list might not be as "current" as you wish and one might still have to do some work to find out whether a group is still in existence or not - yet I hope the list will be interesting anyway.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 24, 2012 10:29:23 AM PST
Great post as usual, Angelo.
I started a "Best ever violin and piano + cello and piano duos ". Maybe if you could copy and paste your post there it would be a good starting point for a discussion:

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 24, 2012 9:26:11 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Nov 24, 2012 9:50:34 AM PST
Ken asks: "Are there any established violin or cello duos? It seems like they're all marriages of convenience..."
And Rasmus notes: "I think I know what you mean by marriages of convenience: The record label asks two stars to make a couple and record some duos...".

I looked around very superficially at living artists and came up with these examples:

Kremer and Argerich
Perlman and Ashkenazy
Ma and Ax

I think they're good examples. Certainly they made great recordings. Did they tour together extensively on the concert circuit as, say, the great string quartets do? I don't think so---possibly because the violin-sonata and cello-sonata repertoires may not be big enough to sustain such duos. Also, all of these artists have solo careers and doubtless make more playing concertos.

One currrent duo is pianist Simone Dinnerstein and cellist Zuill Bailey, who released a two-CD set of the Beethoven cello sonatas in 2009. Beethoven: Complete Works for Piano & Cello I believe they have done some touring on the chamber-music circuit, but, again, they sustain solo careers as their primary interest (and, I think, revenue source).

How about lieder? Julius Drake tours with Ian Bostridge and also with Matthew Polenzani. Doubtless Mr Drake---who may well be the premier lieder pianist of our day and a rather taller reincarnation of Gerald Moore--- tours with other lieder singers as well. But these singers also sustain major careers elsewhere.

My conclusion: Ken's point is well taken. Duos seem to be ancillary to the careers of the participants. But some of these marriages, however temporary and convenient they are, have been triumphs. I"d love to hear Bailey and Dinnerstein do the Beethovens live. I've seen all the others (but not as sonata partners) except for Argerich and Bailey. I have heard Bostridge and Polenzani, both with Drake, and I was delighted with their work.

I'm reminded that in 1928 Fritz Kreisler and Sergei Rachmaninoff recorded three violin sonatas (Beethoven, Grieg, Schubert). These were the only sonata recordings they made together. Those recordings have never really been out of print. I don't think FK and SR did much, if any touring together as sonata partners---which suggests that it was, in fact, a marriage arranged by the Victor Talking Machine Company.

Posted on Nov 24, 2012 2:55:38 AM PST
I will add the very young Shirinyan/Brantelid/Frang trio, because they made a great recording of Chopin's chamber works for EMI:
Cello Sonata

Trio Con Brio has a funky name - so I will also include them.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 24, 2012 2:53:16 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Nov 24, 2012 4:20:38 AM PST

I think I know what you mean by marriages of convenience: The record label asks two stars to make a couple and record some duos. This happens too with orchestra/conductor/soloists in concertos. Sometimes they are good matches... sometimes not...

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 23, 2012 12:02:09 PM PST
KenOC says:
Are there any established violin or cello duos? It seems like they're all marriages of convenience...

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 23, 2012 11:37:10 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Nov 23, 2012 11:37:44 AM PST

Thank you !
I have added those to the list in the intial post.
I have the Braley/Capucon Beethoven violin and piano sonatas and it has become my favorite. Maybe we should have a thread about "Best current violin/cello piano duos"?

Posted on Nov 23, 2012 11:05:20 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Nov 23, 2012 11:10:55 AM PST
WH says:
Among piano trios still working, my favorite is: Frank Braley / Renaud Capucon / Gauthier Capucon. One of my favorites is their Ravel: Sonatas & Trio (Virgin Classics, 2002). They also do a lot of solo work, so I'm not sure how much they tour as a trio.

There are a couple of other contemporary piano trios I only have one disc from, and so I can't speak to their whole discography. One is the Trio Solisti. Their recording of Paul Moravec's Tempest fantasy is outstanding: Paul Moravec: Tempest Fantasy; Mood Swings; B.A.S.S. Variations; Scherzo (Naxos, "American Classics," 2007).

Another is the Damocles Trio who did a wonderful performance of Joaquin Turina: Joaquín Turina: Trios & Quartet for Piano & Strings. Their website has not been updated for a year, but I assume that they are still active.

One interesting piano quintet is the Schubert Ensemble, based in London. I have two of theirs that I strongly recommend:
Faure: Piano Quintets Nos 1 & 2 (Chandos, 2011)
Dvorak: Piano Quintet & Piano Quartet (Chandos, 2012)

Sorry to hear about the disbanding of the Florestan Trio. Their Piano Trios of Debussy, Ravel and Faure is one of my all-time favorite recordings. A few other favorites from them:
Schubert: Piano Trio in B flat major (Hyperion)
Schumann: Piano Trios (Hyperion)

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 23, 2012 5:06:14 AM PST
Thanks, MacDoom - added those.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 23, 2012 4:31:18 AM PST
MacDoom says:
I don't have much by them, just one Saint-saëns disc - but that is very good indeed.

Still think the Primrose Piano Quartet could go on the list, as well as the Ames Piano Quartet (if still active).

Posted on Nov 23, 2012 3:38:58 AM PST
I have Florestan Trio's recordings of Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert - all from Hyperion. They play the late Haydn trios in a very gentle and elegant way that works fine for me and it has become my favorite recording - beating Beaux Arts.

I refer to their Mozart with the word : lounge music - it is easy listening and very pleasant. But I prefer the Barenboim, because Barenboim is a bit more interesting and has a mozartean charm and humour on this particular recording which is hard to beat.

Florestan's Beethoven is the one I consult most often - again like the Haydn : gentle and elegant - so you get a more Mozartean recording than most.

I can't say much about their Schubert, since I don't have anything to compare it with.

Posted on Nov 23, 2012 3:32:28 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Nov 23, 2012 3:40:17 AM PST
I added the KLR trio to the list.
I decided to keep Florestan on the list even though they disbanded, because they are so damn good that they transcend rules!

The list of piano trios and quartets is a lot shorter than the one we made of string quartets. It's interesting how much shorter, because to me it says something about the status of the repertoire they are playing. The string quartet seems to be a much more important genre with more recordings. And if you look at the big names: Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert they all composed more string quartets than piano trios/quartets. Same thing is probably true about most other composers.
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