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Will the real NICK FURY please stand up

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Initial post: Apr 27, 2012 2:47:54 PM PDT
Alexander P. says:

I'm not interested in reading Battle Scars.... Fear Itself was such a letdown that anything spinning out of it I've already written off... Including the new Dracular material, any X-Men comic involving a helmet wearing Collossus, any Thor related material... I'm just really offput.

Regardless, I was flipping through the last issue of Battle Scars and ... ahem... SPOILERS!!!!!!!
They retconned or wrote-in a NEW NICK FURY!????? From what that last issue told me, Nick Fury that we all worship as the superspy of 616 Marvel, has been relieved of his Infinity Formula (or whatever) that's been keeping in alive and active for all these years... He's going to die soon, and he has "big plans" before his final bow? Holy jesus mary and meatloaf I am literally shocked. Fury's my alltime favorite character.

Which brings me to the Ultimate Marvel universe. Nick Fury is physically based on Sam L. Jackson.... That's awesome, he's essentially a wholey original character, with new character dialects and mannerisms that wouldn't work wtih the 616 Fury. And that's fine with me.

And its also fine with me that Nick Fury is being translated to film by Jackson.. I love his on-screen Fury! I love how the Marvel Cinema Universe is taking the best of the Ultimates and 616 characters to make the best cinematic experience for us... the fans...

What I'm not sure I'm happy about is the NEW NICK FURY... Short version... again, SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!! Nick Fury had an illegitmate kid (I'm guessing more than one)... This one happens to have been born to a black woman, therefore he is a black adult male... That just happens to look exactly like Sam L. Jackson!????? And not only that bullsttt, but his name has been Marcus Johnson for the entire series, until the very last page of the very last issue where I believe Maria Hill says "Nick Fury, nice to see you're black." And the white dude (who is the SHIELD agent from the movies, now written into the comics as well) replies, "Why did you call Marcus 'Nick Fury,' if you don't mind my asking?"

"Well, you see, we found his birth certificate and it appears his mother named him after Nick Fury, so that's his legal name." And off panel she goes on, "And when the real Nick Fury dies, it'll be good to have this Nick Fury to take his place, so readers will be able to relate more easily to the Ultimate Universe and to the Marvel Movie Universe..."

I know that comic book characters never really die (shtt, they were never really alive, they're just characters)... And Nick Fury has been getting old since the Vietnam War now, even by comic book standards... And since they've written out the reason he stays alive, its going to be like the death of Superman, Captain America, and Batman, all rolled into one!!!!!

Because unlike those three ressurrectionists, no one can really fill the place of their original. And when they died, people had to fight to fill that void that was left so unexpected... NOT THIS TIME... Nick Fury is writing his own eulogy, and preparing for a final farewell!! Yea, Batman had Dick Grayson to pick up the cowl, and Captain America had his sidekick Buckey to step in (with a gun!)... But Nick Fury doesn't have a substitute spy sitting in the wings waiting for his chance to understudy...

The writers are killing Nick Fury... painfully, slowly, and in my opinion, disrespectfully... It would be one thing to kill him off in some meaningful way (and I'm willing to bet that what Fury accomplishes in the next few years will leave the Marvel Universe drastically altered), but they're clearly only doing it to draw closer the similarities between the Movie Marvel world and the comics, and the only reason Movie Fury is Sam L Jackson is because Ultimate Fury was Sam L Jackson... And the distinctions between those two universes (Ultimates, and 616) is what made reading them, seperately, an enjoyable experience...

What next? Will Peter Parker retire just in time for Juan Jorge to take up the mantel? What will be the point of having two seperate universes if they're doing everything they can (apparently) to make it so you can't tell the difference????


Posted on Apr 27, 2012 7:21:11 PM PDT
Nicos says:
Ugh, what would be wrong with just calling him Marcus Fury? Could still be the "new" Nick Fury. Could still be the director of SHIELD (granted that he's qualified. I hope it isn't a case of nepotism) Of course you know how this is going to go down: the new Nick Fury will just be a LMD planted by AIM. Or the Nick Fury that dies will just be an LMD. Or It will zoom out with the Watcher going "what a peculiar universe!" it it was all just Earth niner-forty-two-zeta all along. Or the new Nick Fury will just be Impossible Man.

Has any story modeled their Nick Fury off of David Hasselhoff yet?

Posted on Apr 30, 2012 5:04:10 PM PDT
Alexander P. says:
I wish one of those situations were possible, but its not. Just like Norman Osborn taking over SHIELD, or the World of Flashpoint being the actual world and not an elseworld deal, this 'new' Nick Fury, the illegit, african son of the original, is officially replacing Nick Fury, name and all. As a tie in/follow-up to Fear Itself, BattleScars is 100% cannon.

Nick Fury's infinity-formula retraction is irreversible. (spell check). He's going to die.

All because they want to make Black Nick Fury (Black Fury?) from the Ultimate Comics & the movie-universe indistinguishable from one another...

Fckk that! I'm seriously upset about this artistic decision to blur these universes.

In reply to an earlier post on Apr 30, 2012 9:25:41 PM PDT
Art Franklin says:
Thank you for the rant!

I too love Ultimate Nick Fury AND 616 Nick Fury AND Samuel L. - as separate entities.

I read Battle Scars with NO hint of what was coming. And NEVER have I read a more forced ending in my life, which you were correct to ruin.

Has anybody here seen "Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou"? What self-respecting grown man finds out what was on his birth certificate and then changes his FIRST NAME?! "Hello, my name is Marcus 'Kingsley' Fury" would have been more believable than the man changing his ENTIRE IDENTITY just to shoehorn the casual movie-going populace into endless confusion!!!

Also, Marcus, er, Nick, is an Army ranger. That's great. How does it possibly compare with the 80 years of experience that Nick has? If Marvel had any integrity, Nick would take 40 Marvel years to grow into his nepotism/genetic spy role. But no, this whole story reeks of Joe Skrullzada messing around again, just like he used his evil influence to make Peter 'With-Great-Power-Comes-Great-Responsibility' Parker make a deal with the devil to sacrifice a young marriage in order to save the life of an ancient woman that can't even poop right.

I used to like Marvel better than DC because they didn't do hackneyed retcons and continuity wipes. Now that the distinction is gone I have been finding myself buying more DC and Image product recently. Hmmmmmmm.

Posted on Apr 30, 2012 9:30:12 PM PDT
Art Franklin says:
By the way, I can't wait until the year 2047 comes along and female Icelandic Jew spies are all the rage. It will be hilarious to see them shoehorn the hermaphroditic Nick Fury III into that role based on the famous actor Binki Bjornisdottir.

Hipsters suck.
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In reply to an earlier post on May 1, 2012 6:02:40 AM PDT
Alexander P. says:
Not sure why Amazon deleted my last response, so I'll try again.

NONE of those possibilities are likely. This isn't an elseworlds event, this isn't a different universe. This is like Flashpoint was to DC, its as canological as Dark Reign, where the bad guys won.

Only this time, the bad guys are the writers and executives who've decided that 616 Nick Fury was replaceable.

Again, I know that Nick Fury will change the Marvel U in incredible ways before his eventual demise... Maybe he'll turn into an Oracle character, sitting in a wheel-chair/mobile computer suite, with a blanket over his lap as he dictates to his Son & Co. how to run a mission...

This is the first time I've actually been upset with a decision an artist/publisher has made with their characters. Yes, I was disappointed with Jeph Loeb's Ultimate Thor becoming indistinguishable from 616 Thor (Thanks@Mark Millar for fixing that!!), and when Will Farrell lived at the end of Stranger Than Fiction, I thought that was wrong, too... But I never got emotionally involved like I am with the announced Death of Nick Fury, and his retconned Sam L. Jackson looking-son who'll take his place, name and all.

I just thought of this: Didn't Nick Fury just lose his REAL, ACKNOWLEDGED son in Secret Warriors? And now he has another son just waiting around somewhere?

My disbelief is officially unsuspended.

Posted on May 1, 2012 6:12:37 AM PDT
Alexander P. says:
Blurring the Line Even Further: Marvel's previews mag this week is soliciting a Bendis penned "Spider-Men" comic book, which features both 616, 2099, and Ultimate Spider-mans.

I'm all set.
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