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the hulk vs doomsday

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Posted on Jan 19, 2012 7:25:42 PM PST
Pokeysteve says:
Hulk hasn't been killed sure but who has he fought that was 1. as powerful as Doomsday and 2. actually trying to kill him? Hulk's base level strength is NOWHERE NEAR Doomsday's. He'll never get the chance to become strong enough to hurt him. And since Hulk hasn't really been killed for all we know he'll come back just like Doomsday.

Posted on Jan 19, 2012 8:07:01 PM PST
Thank you Pokeysteve for actually taking the time to read what I wrote!

I never at all said Hulk can't be killed,as I clearly stated Hulk never actually has been killed nor has it ever been established in any continuity whether or not he could even come back from the dead if he was killed.

The closest he's ever gotten to surviving death was in The Last Titan was when,through sheer force of will,he was able to survive the death of Banner,but(as I said in one of earlier posts)the story also implies that if Hulk were to ever change back to Banner that he(Hulk)would in fact die!

In most fight situations where it's Hulk vs anyone,I will about 8 or 9 times out of 10,I go with Hulk.

Doomsday,is one of the few times I will bet against Hulk in a fight.

Hulk may beat Doomsday the first time they fight,but given the fact that Doomsday was created to be(and this is directly from the Hunter/Prey miniseries)The Ultimate Survivor,Hulk would lose in the rematch,however it won't be a cakewalk for Doomsday because Hulk will make him work for it.

Posted on Jan 19, 2012 10:04:23 PM PST
Last edited by the author on Jan 19, 2012 10:07:05 PM PST
R. J. Satori says:
Didn't Ultimate Bruce Banner die permanently (although it took something like thirty years of complete attrition to do the job)?

Anyway, I maintain that it's all a matter of reader popularity. You can create any old thing and claim it's the most powerful monster in the universe, but doing that mostly you're just going to create a character that everyone hates and wants to die horribly and go away. And they should, despite editors hanging on to everything because of continuity fanboys.

I recall a faux letter in the letters page of the last issue of Marvel's Mighty Mouse in which a fan asks "who is stronger: Mighty Mouse or Marvel Man?" The response was: one is being cancelled and the other is getting his own series, so isn't it obvious which is stronger?

Mighty Mouse has not seen publication since.

In reply to an earlier post on Jan 20, 2012 8:11:11 AM PST
gambitrmp says:
It's all well & nice that Doomsday was created to be the ultimate survivor but many things are created to be such & such and sometimes they are & sometimes something even more oustanding is developed by a lab or freak accident. The glue in post it note were designed to be the strongest glue ever ... oopse. Now I grant you Doomsday isn't the mistake that post-it notes were but being designed as something don't make it true is all I'm saying. Consequently, post-it notes went on to be a great success as is sometimes the case with "mistakes".

Once again, Doomsday's ultimate survivor status was created by DC so if they write it maybe he beats Hulk. If Marvel writes is, probably not. It's about that simple in my eyes since once again there is no real answer as they are both fictional.

It's like religeon, you either believe or you don't. I mean sure some people are swayed by a good arguement from time to time but most people past a certain age are on one side of the fence or the other & stay there.

Posted on Jan 20, 2012 8:46:16 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Mar 8, 2012 10:52:01 PM PST

Doomsday has been proven to be "The Ultimate Survivor"!

He was "killed"by Superman and he came back!

He went to Calaton,was "killed"by The Radiant and came back,now as further proof of the fact that Doomsday is the ultimate surivior when he came back to Calaton and they did the "if it ain't broke don't fix it" thing of becoming Radiant thinking "we beat Doomsday with this before,so we can do it again",well not only did Radiant turn out to be an epic fail,but Doomsday tore right through him like he was tissue paper.

The only freaky thing was when he came back after the Hunter/Prey miniseries because,as Waverider said,nothing can survive the end of time.In fact the only reason Doomsday was able to come back was(if I remember right)Brainiac was able to take advantage of the restructured timeline following Zero Hour!

In reply to an earlier post on Jan 20, 2012 3:08:33 PM PST
Pokeysteve says:
Don't forget about Imperiex reducing Doomsday to a skeleton.

Posted on Jan 20, 2012 3:53:00 PM PST
I concede that point,but Doomsday did come back from that.

It just took a hell of a long time for him to come back from it though!

The thing is that the damage that Doomsday takes determines how long it takes for him to come back.

Example number 1:Due to the fact that there was almost 0 outward damage when Superman "killed"him,it only took Doomsday a few days to come back.

Example number 2:When Doomsday was killed by Radiant it took many thousands of centuries for him to come back,this was due to the fact that he was in total darkness,thus he was deprived of solar energy,which slowed down his regenerative abilities.

When Imperiex killed him,it took months for him to come back,but he did come back.

In reply to an earlier post on Jan 20, 2012 5:22:23 PM PST
Pokeysteve says:
I'm sorry I wasn't making a point or arguing or anything. You were just listing some of Doomsday's comebacks and you missed a big one so I threw it in there. The fact that Doomsday is to Kryptonians what dinosaurs are to people, age wise, is pretty amazing.

In reply to an earlier post on Jan 20, 2012 7:40:27 PM PST
Leon Evelake says:
Yeah reader popularity and writer fanboyisim is very important it how batman and wolveriene win some of their odder match ups. But focusing on that is no fun in this kind of debate.

Posted on Jan 25, 2012 7:18:59 PM PST
Last edited by the author on Feb 10, 2012 8:14:44 PM PST
The only guy from Marvel that I can think of who might and I say might be able to give Doomday a hard time is,if anyone other than me remembers him,Mr.Immortal of The Great Lakes Avengers.

Remember that Mr.Immortal can also die and then come back again,thus frustrating Doomsday to no end!

In reply to an earlier post on Jan 25, 2012 9:49:06 PM PST
Pokeysteve says:
That would a hilarious back and forth lol

In reply to an earlier post on Feb 2, 2012 12:24:21 PM PST
gambitrmp says:
Bill Goldberg was made to be pretty indestructable by WCW writers as well but the second he stepped in a WWE ring that went down a notch.

In the DCU he has proven formidable no doubt. Do he have a weakness we don't yet know of, maybe. Would he develop one the second he stepped in the Marvel Universe with a Marvel writer, probably.

That's what I'm saying.

I say they are both so equally indistructable that it's a wash or never ending debate that can only be settled by one company buying the other out or conceding to thier character loosing in a cross-over.

Here's one. If DC didn't let Doomsday kill Superman (for good) what makes you think Marvel would let him do it to Hulk?

They'd probaby "find" that "magic" weakness or have Banner send him to the negative zone or some such thing.

I'll quote myself now:

It's like religeon, you either believe or you don't. I mean sure some people are swayed by a good arguement from time to time but most people past a certain age are on one side of the fence or the other & stay there

Posted on Feb 2, 2012 12:37:04 PM PST
The closest thing Doomsday really had to a weakness was when he developed sentience,that led to Doomsday being afraid to die,which in turn led to his easy defeat by Superman.When Doomsday lost that,he also lost his fear of dying.

Also,if memory serves,at one point his DNA was spliced with Superman's so he actually had a lot of the same vulnerabilities Superman had(kryptonite,magic,etc),now while those things didn't affect him to the level they affect Superman,but they do or did affect him.

But the whole Hulk vs Doomsday thing is kind of like Flash vs Quicksilver,if in the DC universe the victor would be Flash because Quicksilver can't access the Speed Force,now if that took place in the Marvel universe,fight goes to Quicksilver because Flash can't access the Speed Force in the Marvel universe.

In reply to an earlier post on Feb 2, 2012 6:22:31 PM PST
Pokeysteve says:
If we're talking in a book than obviously Hulk wins. Doomsday is the villain after all. They'll find a way for him to lose. We aren't looking at it like that though. Doomsday outclasses Hulk in everything right off the bat.

In reply to an earlier post on Feb 2, 2012 6:23:12 PM PST
Pokeysteve says:
Does Marvel even have a Speed Force or anything similar?

Posted on Feb 2, 2012 6:45:40 PM PST
Now I will say that Doomsday either in The Negative Zone or even The Crossroads would be kind of fun.

I'd love to see Doomsday against Annihilus or even The Crossroads where he could rage at his heart's content.

Now,I don't know if Marvel has a Speed Force(or equivalent)but it seems only DC speedsters can access the Speed Force in the DC universe otherwise Quicksliver would've been able to access it in JLA/Avengers.

Posted on Feb 2, 2012 9:57:17 PM PST
Pokeysteve says:
Quicksilver is a mutant though. Maybe that has something to do with it. Jay, Barry and Wally all got their speed abilities through accidents. Just throwing thoughts out there. Also one more thing, the crossovers are widely recognized as non canon. Nothing in them is accurate. How else does Wolverine beat Lobo haha.

In reply to an earlier post on Feb 3, 2012 7:48:05 AM PST
gambitrmp says:
Colin, I can certainly respect that post. I think we each get each other now.

On Flash vs. Quicksilver I could even see Marvel allowing Flash to win as he's simply a more major character for DC than Quicksilver is for Marvel which I know isn't exactly the point. Then concession the other wat would probably be made (like politics).

Back on topic. So if Doomsday has the same weaknesses as Superman (but to a lessor degree), one chance Hulk would have would be to find enough Kryptonite to fully encase him in it. That may disintigrate him beyond bone over enough time or he may adapt to overcome the weakness?

I once was told of a book that suggests Hulk can tap into Banner's mind & that's why in all the destruction, no innocent ever gets hurt in his rampages. He's making these unconscious calculations all along the way. Consciously or not, if Hulk has intelligence that actually grows with his rage, that puts an interesting "spin" on it. I mean it sounded a bit like hoey to me but so does the character itself so why not?

Doomsday in the Negative Zone could indeed be fun. God forbid instead of killing everything, he became a ruler and found his way out with an army to lead.

I don't know. I still call it a toss up myself.

In reply to an earlier post on Feb 3, 2012 8:19:30 AM PST
Yes,you are correct in that Hulk can tap into Banner's mind.In fact,most incarnations of Hulk(to 1 degree or another)can tap into Banner's mind or Banner,at least,exerts some type of influence over Hulk's actions.

One of the big exceptions to this is the Mindless Hulk incarnation,which was the Savage Hulk with Banner having willingly(or so he thought)removed himself from the equation,but this incarnation did have the capacity to learn and grow,thus ultimately evolving back into Savage Hulk(guess Banner didn't remove himself as completely as he thought he did).

Also you have the Nutrient Bath/Separated Hulk and The Ulitimate Savage Hulk(this was Hulk after Onslaught and before Heroes Return)who couldn't access Banner's mind because there was no Banner at all.

I also remember reading somewhere that the reason why Hulk was allowed to do the things he did in World War Hulk was because there was a tacit agreement of some kind between Hulk and Banner,in other words Banner gave his consent to Hulk to basically do whatever the hell he wanted.

However,due to his fear/regret over some of the things he did as Green Scar/World War Hulk/Skarrson/World Breaker,Banner locked away that part of himself,thus explaining why the Hulk that emerged after World War Hulk was the plain old Savage Hulk

In reply to an earlier post on Feb 3, 2012 11:44:52 AM PST
Pokeysteve says:
Doomsday became immune to Kryptonite after exposure.

Posted on Feb 3, 2012 12:31:03 PM PST
Swordfish says:
As I once read in a silver-age Marvel letters column (yes; I'm that old), Aunt May could beat Galactus, *IF* that's what Stan and Jack wanted to happen.

In reply to an earlier post on Feb 7, 2012 6:24:19 AM PST
gambitrmp says:
Funny thing is she actually could in a game called heroclix. It would take Galactus rolling about 20 critical misses (rolling 1's on two dice = damage to the attacker) so it's highly unlikely but it could happen.

In reply to an earlier post on Feb 8, 2012 4:30:33 PM PST
Nicos says:
Hell if Squirrel Girl can take down Dr. Doom and Thanos I don't see why Aunt May couldn't take down Galactus or the Living Tribunal.

As far as Hulk vs Doomsday, the fight would go to whoever threw the other one into the sun. Though I guess Doomsday would just come back and have self powered flight something.

Posted on Feb 9, 2012 9:18:07 PM PST
The funny thing is, Squirrel Girl's powers are to communicate with Squirrels... And the ability to unconciously affect the probability of her defeating a far more powerful opponent. Also, the greater the difference in power levels, the greater the odds are that Squirrel Girl will win. Dr. Doom let her just walk into his castle. She waved at him, said "Hey Vic. I'm gonna use your teleporter." and walked right by him. He looked noticeably nervous.

In reply to an earlier post on Feb 10, 2012 8:56:22 AM PST
Art Franklin says:
"Superman isn't stronger than the Hulk, but he does have more tools and versatility to beat him. Speed is devastating when coupled with strength on Superman's level, even if that strength isn't as high as Hulk's. "

This is incorrect. Hulk was pounding on Superman and Supes was surprised to even feel the blows. Superman was not even bothering to defend himself. As Hulk began to get angrier, Superman began realizing that Hulk could get strong enough to injure him so at that point he used his superior speed and strength to defeat Hulk once he realized that he wouldn't have to pull his punches.

Personally I hate that Superman is that powerful just because he's an alien, but that's the way it is. Spider-Man needed to be powered-up by Lex Luthor just to tickle the guy.
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