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Is there a food you just won't eat?

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In reply to an earlier post on May 11, 2012 3:31:21 PM PDT
MakerBorn says:
can't stomach raw or undercooked egg. The least bit of slime makes me retch. Same goes for Japanese natto (very slimy fermented bean stuff) and licorice root tea (the herb people call it "slippery", but I know slime when I feel it!)

In reply to an earlier post on May 11, 2012 4:47:39 PM PDT
I really don't care for food with the skeleton on the outside, Exo-skeletons remind me too much of the Alien movies. I know, some love crab and lobster, but I am happy with the imitation types.

In reply to an earlier post on May 11, 2012 7:07:42 PM PDT
Imitation seafood? Ewww! Sorry, that stuff tastes so fake and sometimes rubbery. I eat crab and shrimp but sparingly, and I don't want to have to clean it, especially the crab. I don't do oysters or clams either. Too slimy.

In reply to an earlier post on May 11, 2012 7:51:07 PM PDT
MommaCat says:
I bought some of that last week and offered some to one of my cats who is a fish lover. He sniffed it and walked away. I guess that taught me something.

Posted on May 12, 2012 4:55:28 AM PDT
widowTink says:
I could eat my own weight in crab (yeah, I'm a real Parrothead....) and shrimp is my all-time favorite and the only thing better than shrimp AND crab is Shrimp, Crab and Lobster all in the same weekend...I call that my "trifecta". But those critters are notoriously high in cholesterol, and my cholesterol is out of control, so I have to *sigh* forfeit the crustaceans. Imitation seafood is just that....imitation....and not worthy of my appetite. And the fake stuff just tastes fake. Generally speaking I don't like imitation or artificial anything. The worst tasting stuff on earth is anything with a chemical sweetener. And I will not buy any product with high fructose corn syrup....I've been off HFCS for two years now!

Posted on May 12, 2012 6:36:08 AM PDT
I'm with you parrotheadtink. I always read the tiny print ingredient labels on bread, crackers and such coz HFCS is always hiding in there somewhere. I also avoid all products containing hydrogenated oils. And artificial sweeteners, yuck! They taste terrible and are so bad for your health.

Posted on May 12, 2012 6:37:20 AM PDT
LL™ says:
Do stay away from imitation crab and shrimp...having been in the business for some time, believe me when I say you have no idea what goes into all of that {{{shudder}}} surimi.

Posted on May 12, 2012 6:59:24 AM PDT
Is it kind of like the "fish" version of hot dogs?

In reply to an earlier post on May 12, 2012 9:26:54 AM PDT
tuna-it stinks and is probably polluted.
turnips-taste nasty
egg custard-nasty taste and texture
pears-too grainy and mild
sushi-I don't want intestinal parasites/tastes nasty
chicken liver-gross!
oysters-look like snot/pollution

In reply to an earlier post on May 12, 2012 9:29:27 AM PDT
My mom is British and she gave me Oxtail soup. I ate it and it never crossed my mind that it was OX TAIL. I thought it was just the brand. :(

Posted on May 12, 2012 9:31:42 AM PDT
Some other things my Brit mom gave me as a kid that I think is gross-Ham sandwiches with butter on them, watercress sandwiches (with butter on them), and crepes with lemon juice and sugar. All I wanted was a bologna sandwiche and a normal pancake. :(

In reply to an earlier post on May 12, 2012 11:38:00 AM PDT
MommaCat says:
Those actually made me lol. sugar and lemon juice on a crepe? That's a wow! It took me a while to get over my childhood and figure out that some people couldn't cook all things and I had to try the things that bothered me by the right people.

My father put butter on peanut butter and jelly w/white bread on the theory that 'it slid down easier'. Never quite understood. Didn't he chew?

Posted on May 12, 2012 1:44:20 PM PDT
Celery. Everyone else (that I know) says it doesn't have a flavor, I say it tastes like evil. The texture too, ugh.

Posted on May 12, 2012 3:13:09 PM PDT
LOL! We never knew what mayonaise was because my mother put margarine on every single sandwich. On cheese sandwiches, bologna, peanut butter and jelly, egg salad, or any meat sandwich really.
I don't mind the taste of celery if it's kept to a minimum, it can easily take over a dish otherwise. But the texture when raw is so stringy, gets stuck in my dental work. I much prefer the leaves from celery to flavor soups and such, the stalks I can take or leave.

Posted on May 12, 2012 3:16:03 PM PDT
I had an uncle that would eat peanuts, shell and all. When I was little I remember asking him why he ate the shells too since they were so dry and stringy. He replied, "to put hair on his chest". I remember for years after that I would not touch peanut shells for fear of growing hair where I did not want it.

In reply to an earlier post on May 12, 2012 3:18:14 PM PDT
MommaCat says:
I really didn't like mayo as a kid. Put mustard on everything. I appreciate a lot more now but put it on appropriate things. Some things just don't mix, you know?

In reply to an earlier post on May 12, 2012 3:19:18 PM PDT
MommaCat says:
Isn't it awful what people tell kids? We believed that stuff!

Posted on May 12, 2012 4:08:03 PM PDT
I love mustard! Put it on or in almost everything. I make all of my own salad dressings so dijon, whether smooth or grainy is a staple. Love vinegar too so sour kraut is served often as well. I make my own mayonaise, it's so much better tasting and textured than the jarred stuff. And I know what's in it and what's not, ie: preservatives, HFCS, etc...

Posted on May 12, 2012 6:19:42 PM PDT
Last edited by the author on May 12, 2012 6:30:52 PM PDT
B. Nelson says:
Mushrooms, spinach, eggs, fish, meat, poultry, cashews, raisins, apricots, prunes, peanut butter, kambucha,

In reply to an earlier post on May 12, 2012 6:45:27 PM PDT
MommaCat says:
Wow! All that?

In reply to an earlier post on May 12, 2012 6:54:39 PM PDT
[Deleted by the author on Dec 9, 2014 11:28:26 AM PST]

Posted on May 12, 2012 8:47:55 PM PDT
I forgot about Miracle Whip. Yuck! It's too sweet and full of artificial ingredients. My husband grew up eating that. His mother put it on ALL of their sandwiches instead of butter. When we were first married, he insisted on having it on hand at all times. But that only lasted a few years, now he only eats mayo or his favorite, horsey sauce. I actually have an aversion to Kraft products in general. They're so full of preservatives, artificial ingredients, HFCS, salt by the ton, food coloring, etc... And don't get me started on Velveeta. Rubber cheese.

Posted on May 12, 2012 9:24:56 PM PDT
widowTink says:
ewwww....mayo OR miracle whip....they are both icky pimple squeezings.....

I'm with you, shrink! Kraft "Foods" are not really foods! They are chemically altered food-like substances with no nutrition.

I have also given up on any and all refrigerated bread and biscuit doughs. Have you seen the ingredient lists for those things? Chemicals by the metric ton!

Posted on May 13, 2012 1:09:42 AM PDT
I can't eat lima beans. I always picked them out of vegetable soup and still do. I just don't like them. Funny about organ meats...I love liver (beef, calves, chicken), but won't eat gizzards or hearts and never tried any of the others such as brain. So I kinda understand those who can't abide liver. Also don't like clams or oysters but scallops are good. It is texture and taste with these.

In reply to an earlier post on May 13, 2012 7:07:59 AM PDT
widowTink says:
Chickens (and other birds) have gizzards instead of teeth. Rocks, dirt and sand are held in the gizzard to help the bird chew it's food. People who eat gizzards are literally eating rocks, dirt and sand. Yum?
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