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Anyone have/ had a dog with mast cell tumors?

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In reply to an earlier post on Jun 23, 2011 1:34:50 AM PDT
debnfrank says:
I have a 12 yr old heinz 57/shepard mix, Trooper. About 55 lbs. Last year we discovered a phase 2 mast cell on his belly, along with arthritis in his back and much to our shock, severe hip dysplasia. He still does not limp tho his hip xrays looks ragged.
I had the tumor removed. I avoid the drugs when at all possible, preferring to do things more naturally, with less chemicals.

I have an herbal company I've dealt with before when my Irish Wolfhound mix had osteosarcoma (bone cancer). Clancy lasted 13 months beyond diangosis when I was told I'd be lucky to get 2-3 months before he'd be in so much pain, I'd have to put him down. He was 13 yrs old and that was pretty amazing for a 122 lb wolfhound/malamute mix.

Trooper has been on 3 herbal blends since last May and is still walking/hiking with us every day. He is on a blend specifically for Mast cell, 1 for inflammation and another for immune system booster.The company is
Great people, great products. They have herbals for cats, dogs horses and humans. I'm about to try their products on a 27 yr old horse with stiff joints. After my previous experiences with this company, I have absolute faith that it will help.

Don't be alarmed by the prices, the bottles actully last about 3 months. And it's worth it to see them feel better. There has been no sign of any tumors and Old Trooper is amazingly comfortable and enjoying life as he always has. We adjusted his food to include each dinner being a raw meal. I have 5 dogs and can not afford to feed them all raw all the time. He is on a lesser dose of Rimadyl to help keep the inflammation in check due to the more advanced stages of his dysplasia. We are amazed that he is not crippled by looking at the x ray.
Also, check out the benefits of grape seed extract and mushrooms/mushroom complex's. Both cancer fighters in animals and humans.
Check out:
The Nature of Animal Healing by Dr Martin Goldstein

The Encyclopedia of Natural Pet Care by CJ Puotinen

The Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats by Dr Richard Pitcairn

Wishing you and your pets the best of luck,
deb f

Posted on Jun 23, 2011 2:48:48 AM PDT
My 16.5 yr old lab mix (65 lbs) had a goose-egg sized MCT in her groin removed 2.5 yrs ago. The growth was on the INSIDE of her skin which the vet said he'd never seen MCT like that. I never "saw" anything. I felt it. Turned out to be grade 1 but the margins were dirty and the vet took a LOT of extra skin - she had an incision from near her labia to almost her knee. No one ever told me about Benadryl till about a year later (which she was on for about 1.5 yrs but just recently discontinued because she got wise to it and kept spitting it out). We did take her to oncologist but was not offered chemo (probably wouldn't have opted for it though - her age and other factors) and the radiation we were offered just didn't sit right with us for our dog so we opted not to do that either. My dog is literally my baby as I had no children, and have had her for 16 years. It is such a hard thing to wonder if you are making the right decision by choosing to do or not do certain things. I would give my life for hers! I feed my dogs as well as I can which includes raw diet for 1 of their 2 meals a day, fish oil, yogurt, no grains, fresh veggies if they want them, especially broccoli (cancer fighter), exercise, and tons of love. We have been fortunate in that we have not found any others since. The vet suggested we get "mitotic index" done on the biopsy which we did. It turned out to be very low which is good. It is the rate at which the tumor grows. As someone else here pointed out they feel MCT is allergy based, I wholeheartedly agree. My dog had major allergies for 5 years prior to this tumor being discovered. We finally had gotten that under control when the tumor was found. I think the allergies stimulate the immune system so much that it's in overdrive and the constant histamine release in addition forms the MCTs. I would highly suggest you get your dog off any and all grains including oats (which is what my dog was *highly* allergic to - check dog shampoo and treats, etc. as well), if your dog is on any grains whatsoever (corn, wheat, oats, barley, i believe even flax is considered "grain" as in it can cause allergic reaction/immune stimulation). Best of luck to you and your dog!

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 23, 2011 7:34:10 AM PDT
K. Revetta says:
Hi- Ironic that I found this I was just searching for calming aid for my dog. My mom has a corgie who has been getting these, before they were surgically removing then she had a growth under front leg (arm pit) that ended up being cancer. They spent 8,000 on chemo and surgery and so far she has no signs of cancer in her system. My parents would now do the radiation treatments that are recommened for optimal results because that would have really affected her daily quality of life and they can't afford it! They check her everyday head to toes for any sign of a bump and if they do they will take her directly to their regular vet so they can asperate them? Not sure exactly what all that means. She did al the treatments and surgery through Animal Veterniary Specialists here in San Diego.

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 23, 2011 9:37:35 AM PDT
debnfrank says:
Interesting. No one ever mentioned benedryl or that the mast cell is thought of as being allergy related. I am fortunate and only 1 of my animals seems to have any allergy issues at all. Troopers tumor was quite visible and about the size of a ping pong ball near where his umbilical cord would have been. The vet said he felt he got it all but took a large area of tissue surrounding that area. The incision was large for a 'ping pong' ball.

There is a product by called AllerG free. It would be the natural herbal equivelant to benedryl.

Chemo is not likley an option I will ever do on myself or my animals but every situation is unique so I hesitate to say never. But as time goes by and the more I read, there are just sooo many other less toxic and less damaging options to try before doing that.

There is sooo much information out there that it is easy to get overhwlemed with 'information overload'. I often found info that was in direct opposition to some other thing I read and it is frustrating. But the more I read and learned, the more I got a feel for what makes sense to me to help me choose the direction I wanted to go. And yes, it is a difficult thing to wonder if you are making the right choice with their health and comfort hanging in the balance. I felt like I was in a race against time with Clancy because osteosarcoma is such an aggressive cancer and the odds are against you.

By the time Troopers mast cell came up, I was already armed with a decent amount of knowledge and the same vet was confident that we could get it all and that Trooper would be fine. So far so good.

And yes, diet and removing chemicals and toxins from the dogs life is a HUGE part of beating cancers and other health issues.
I currently have 6 animals (1 cat, 5 dogs starting at 40 lbs and go up from there and the previously mentioned horse is a 'borrowed' equine friend thru an unrestricted free lease with him). 1 dog, Annabelle is an oops that I inherited and the other 4 are all rescues.

All 6 animals are on a grain free diet. I can't get the cat to go anywhere near raw food but the next cat I ever get, I'll try again. I have recently discovered the benefits of raw goats milk and the ultimate finicky feline does like that! I supplement raw food on all 5 dogs 1-2 x pr week and Trooper gets a raw dinner every night. I absolutely believe that is a big part of why he is doing so well considering his medical issues.

My goal by the end of this year is to have researched local sources for the various ingredients needed to make all my own raw meals for the 5 dogs and load up the freezer. The commerically prepared stuff is just too costly to do with this many dogs. If I had 5 dogs under 20 lbs each, they would all be raw now.

My guys also get fish oil, enyzmes and probiotics, alternately kelp and spirulina, apple cider vinegar and Ox-E-Drops daily ( Occassionally I add in fresh raw egg (organic), raw bones, yogurt and other things. They love picking their own berries when we are out on hikes, they have become pros at zipping off an entire stem of salal berries and I now never have any blueberries left from dog height on down. haha

I try new things on them every now and then but the apple cider vinegar and the enzymes and probitotics will be daily for the rest of their lives. All the nutreints and enzymes are destroyed in the process of making 'dog food' convenient for us to dipsense out of a bag or can and then artificially added back in at the end of the process. Raw food does not have that problem and is the most natural way for them to eat if they are not out catching thier own. That being said, if the meat sources used in the raw foods is from the typical industrial farming sources, then that meat is loaded with growth hormones, pesticide and herbicide residue, anti biotics and the added detriments of being raised in such dirty, stressful and unhealthy environments. So it must be organic and locally grown sources for any meat that comes into this house, which due to the price, has greatly reduced how much meat we eat ourselves and we are better for it anyway. The other side of that coin is that once I became aware of how animals from industrial farming are raised...well... it is just plain abuse on the grandest of scales and I refuse to support that industry by buying ANYTHING with their products in it. The ripple effect of that has made huge and ongoing changes in our lives and food choices.

Cancer is an immune system failure. Our environment and foods are so totally saturated with chemicals that I absolutely believe this is a huge part of where all these medical problems are coming from. The animals and our bodies were not designed to function with all these chemicals in and on our bodies. It is interfering with the natural bio-chemical processes and normal functions. Over time, it all takes a toll on the bodies ability to function properly and organs start to bog down, malfuntion and problems creep up. Conventioinal medicine's answer to everything is to treat (mask) that symptom with another drug but does not address the source of the symptom. This just further taxes the bodies organs and functions. It is a huge profit motivated industry to keep 'fixing' ailments with more drugs. There is a book out there called 'Selling Sickness'. It's an eye opener.

The best and first line of defense with cancer is prevention and that begins with diet. There are actual case histories of people and pets with cancer that did only changes to the diet and natural herbal medicine and the cancers have been cured. Some cancers are too far gone and too aggressive to be cured at all but qaulity of life can be improved and cancers knocked back and slowed down by natural means.

A word about flax seed. I had not heard that it has any allergic reactions. However, if a dog isn't allergic to it, it can be very beneficial as it is a great source of essentail fatty acids and fiber. It also has anti inflammatory properties to animals with joint issues. Ground flaxseed is something I take every day and has been reccomended for Trooper as well as the horse.

Buddy, my last rescue, is very allergic to grains. He was in horrible condition as a seizure case from a neglect/abuse situation. He has recovered beautifuuly, but whenever the twit gets into the cracked corn and other bird! watch out, his skin just erupts in these large angry red welts/hive type things that itch intensely. When he does, out comes the Azmira AllerG free and the Azmira Rejuva spray which is just incredible for dealing with any kind fo skin irritations.

Rejuva spray stays in my medicine cabinet for humans and animals. I keep it in the car, camping gear and the house. I take care of a woman that turned 100 yrs old this month. Last fall, the staff where she lives picked her up incorrectly and caused a huge skin tear on her tiny little leg (she's 84 lbs). The home health nurses cared for it daily for a couple weeks and kept it from getting infected but it was such a large area of open skin we felt it would take forever to heal. I decided on a friday to try the rejuva spray on her and on Monday the nurse called and left a message that the area had completely knitted over with a fragile but new layer of skin. I've used it on skin tears on my dad and various skin problems on myself as well. Great stuff. Works wonders on Buddy's skin when he has a flare up.

Revetta -as for a calming aid for your dog.... Bach Rescue Remedy is another thing that I keep in the house, van and camping gear. Great for humans too. Also, Happy Traveler by Azmira. There are quite a few natural alternatives for that before relying on drugs with their side effects.

I would suggest your mom reads up on holisitic pet care in the book I previously suggested. It can make a huge differecne and it often is much more affordable than conventional drugs. Many natural treatments can be used alng with convetional meds but the very first thign I'd look at with the corgi is a change in food. Grain free is an absolute must.

Orijen, Natures Variety, Natural Pet Pantry and Answers Pet Food are a few to look into.

Wishing you and your pets good and natural health,

In reply to an earlier post on Jul 4, 2011 1:10:47 AM PDT
[Deleted by Amazon on Jul 4, 2011 9:35:52 AM PDT]

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 2, 2011 5:51:40 PM PDT
Terri Duffy says:
Sharon, you say that your dog had a huge incision. My Shar Pei had an MCT removed at the beginning of October. His staples were removed at the end of October. I was in the exam room that day and got my first look at the wound. Wow! I've seen it a few times since then since my dog goes and gets regular bandage changes at the vet (as well as a few by me, too) I was wondering how long it took before your dog's incision was healed.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 4, 2011 11:44:27 AM PDT
We have two Golden Retrievers, both of whom had mast cell tumors when they were 18 months old. Both had successful surgeries and until several years ago, were cancer free. Two years ago, one of our dogs developed new stage 2 tumors, which have NOT been operated on. The tumors come and go, and because they are histamine based tumors, and are systemic in nature, we have been advised to expect more of the same.
We keep a close watch and have the tumors biopsied as they appear, but have decided to do nothing at this point. They are not life threatening so we decided to watch and wait. Constantly removing new tumors through surgery is not a way to live. Hope this helps.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 9, 2011 7:27:42 AM PST
steelers1 says:
My 10 yr. old Beagle /mix had a grade two tumor removed in July'11 and one month later got two more lumps-luckily they were only fatty tumors.I changed his diet and now he only eats grain-free dogfood.He is doing really good,but has slowed down a bit-I don't know if it's related to his cancer or not though.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 12, 2011 9:32:12 AM PST
P. Ganem says:
Hello. I have a 4 year old rescue that we adopted when he was about 1 year old. He came down with mast cell tumors right after we got him. He's had well over 1 dozen tumors removed since and they don't stop coming. However if you manage your dog's health through diet, etc. along with the help of your vet, you will increase the quality of life for the dog. We've been very fortunate. My only advice is discuss options with your vet and be ready to stop treatment when it begins to harm the dogs quality of life--many long term treatments such as prednisone, etc. have side effects that are not the best thing for the long haul.

There are several forums and sites where you can find information and support. Our dog has been a survivor for over 3 years, we've been quite lucky and I hope you folks are as well.

All our best....

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 21, 2011 8:15:48 AM PST
Jenny M. says:
Him Mrs. Vpa Kelly:
This is in reply to your post in June: Mrs. Vpa Kelly says:
"Hi Jenny
I was wondering where you get the formula ( I live in the U.K) and if you only keep them on it for a period of time and then come off it?
I am not sure why I didn't get messaged about your post sooner since it is now November! I am so sorry.
I went directly to the website to get the Poly MVA. I also contacted Dr. Robert Goldstein via his website. I also think you can contact him via I pray that you get this reply in time to help your pup. Good luck!

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 21, 2011 8:31:12 AM PST
Jenny M. says:
Terry Duffy,
I have a natural sollution for the scar on your pooch. It is called BF & C (Bone Flesh & Cartilage Ointment) made by Dr. Christopher. It is amazing stuff! You can get it at It is made for humans but works great on our 4 footed friends as well. It heals scrapes and scars like you would not believe. It also has other good uses as well.

Posted on Nov 21, 2011 9:21:06 AM PST
Jenny M. says:
I agree with your post wholeheartedly! Add in Earthanimal and the wonderful things you will find there to heal your pets naturally. Your dog diet sounds very similar to the one I fed my girl to help her over the cancer. Diet is KEY. I have my present dogs on special diets just to prevent any future problems. Blessings to you for taking the time to help others.
I know this is not cancer related but I've found it to be very helpful for my sweet old boy Max (an AmStaff). It helps a lot with his sore joints. Two products from EarthAnimal: Achey Joints & No More Pain. They are drops I put directly into his mouth (10 in AM & 10 in PM). He does not seem to mind them in the least. In addition I give him: Human grade CosiminDS (1 1/2 pills ground up into his food daily). Plus a Chinese medicine pill called Seven Forests Corydalis 5 (1 pill in AM & 1 in PM ground into food) Plus: 1 tea spoon of: Solid Gold Seameal every day (Spread Over his AM meal). And a squirt of Grizzly Salmon Oil over his PM food.
If he were in a lot of pain I would give him Lobelia herb in liquid form for pain management. I have not had to do this as of yet. I also give him other herbal/natural aids but these are specific to the actual painful condition of his joints. Oh and most important for him: a brisk 3 mile walk every day! I get a Big Smile for this.
The vet says that he is very very heathy for his age, (almost 11), in spite of the joint pain from age. He plays with our 14month old pup every day! I refuse to give my dogs Rymidal (sp?) or any type of pain medication that is not herbal. You trade one problem for another even more serious condition such as kidney failure or one even worse than that. It is so not worth it and so not necessary.

As I said, its not strictly for cancer but I've found that especially in our elder pets some problems are universal. They get painful joints just as we do. Any info we can share with one another for their health and as pain free and therefore a joyous life, is worth putting out there.

Thanks for your advice. I did not know about the herbal benadryl (Azmira Rejuva). I will get some. I will also add flax seed to his daily. I use it myself so I have it handy. I tried Grape Seed and he had an adverse reaction to it so I don't give him that anymore.
Thanks again!

In reply to an earlier post on May 4, 2012 12:30:51 AM PDT
fraujoolie says:
Thank you for this informative post! Gonna order everything for my pooch that is having a MCT removed tomorrow...

In reply to an earlier post on May 4, 2012 4:21:00 AM PDT
Karen L says:
Good luck to you and your poochie. It's tough, but honestly the best thing we did for our baby was put him on an all natural homemade diet. Meat and vege's, no grains. I truly believe that's what kept him with us for so long. We finally had to say goodbye to him the last of Feb. It had moved to his lungs and he wasn't in a good place anymore. I loved that dog more than most anything. Again, good luck to you and you baby.

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 9, 2012 1:05:40 AM PDT
Hi, our Jenny has a mast cell tumor on her chest and going under her right front leg and armpit. The vet cannot remove this surgically, and we have tried steroid injections, chemo and stronger tablet form steroids. None has worked, the mass has not shrunk at all it still grows, it hangs down about 3/4 qtrs down her front leg. Jenny is also on pain medicine. We have had to put foam across all the steps in the house, and we carry her up stairs.

This is her last week on tablets, and then there will be no more we can do for her. She eats well but is getting a bit fussy over biscuits. She went for a blood test recently, and we will get the results soon, we cannot live without our baby, she everything to us., but we know we cannot keep her like this. It is so unfair, it will be the hardest thing we have had to do.....

Posted on Sep 9, 2012 2:46:37 AM PDT
Karen L says:
It sounds like you have done everything you can do. I'm so sorry your family is going through this. It's very painful losing a pet, who becomes a part of the family. Any decision you make will be the right one for you and
your baby. I'm crying as I type this because it is just really is a most difficult decision. Prayers to you!

Posted on Sep 9, 2012 5:20:42 AM PDT
Last edited by the author on Sep 9, 2012 5:21:18 AM PDT
Pugmom says:
Jenny is so lucky to have a loving family that would do anything for her. Losing a furry child is no doubt one of the worst things that happens to us in life. They bless our lives in immeasurable ways, and the void they leave behind is big.
Having to make this same decision was one of the hardest I've has to make in life, but looking back, I am glad I was able to end the suffering and let my girl fun free.
I send you prayers, wisdom and strength at this difficult time

In reply to an earlier post on Oct 10, 2013 8:52:47 AM PDT
I'm trying to find a homemade food recipe for my 4 yr old lab that just has a grade I MCT removed last week. Could you share the recipe you used for your sweet Amstaff.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 21, 2014 3:39:12 PM PDT
John Smith says:
I would change her diet to organic (not "natural") food (free range best, because it's lower in omega-6 inflammatory fats, like corn, soybean and canola oils), and open and mix some concentrated pomegranate extract capsules into her food ( 1 for ev 10 lbs. Also, I would buy a 635nm laser penlight and shine it on the tumor; it helps relieve itching, pain and increase the ATP of the cell (convert the cells to normal). This has worked well for animals with large, bleeding tumors, and with humans having breast, skin and other cancers. You might see my skin cancer page.

Posted on Apr 7, 2014 10:05:50 PM PDT
Mark Sanchez says:
My 9 1/2 year old golden retriever was as healthy as could be, could come close to catching a deer in September and now cannot use his right leg because of a grade III mast cell tumor. These are likely his last days. We have spent close to 8,000 dollars, used a well known oncologist who has written a famous book "" who had horrible bedside manner so to speak, and wouldn't answer some questions on the phone that we could find online on the blog or in the book. It was just in a bad spot, inoperable because of where it was located and after 3 different drugs, 2 chemos and Kinavet he can barely walk. The treatment likely got us 4 months with him but at a painful mentally and emotionally draining price. He is not a young dog but my last retriever was bigger and lived until 13. I think that his last rabies shot did it to him because he never had bad allergies. These vaccines are horrible for your dogs and if they are older you should try to get your vet to give your dog a medical excuse. They don't need them at 9 years old. My girlfriend has a 9 year olde German Shepard who also got cancer soon after the rabies vaccine (it's every 3 years in NY). We also have a ton of ticks here so they have both been getting tick medicine which is also bad for them every summer. And probably both had lymes. Regardless we completely changed his diet, gave him every supplement you can imagine and the worst part was the tumor disappeared after one treatment then slowly grew back after 2 months. His tumor is under his skin on his leg. I would recommend anyone who has a dog that gets a grade III diagnosis to think long and hard about treatment and make sure you get the right oncologist. Even though his cancer when we found it was localized because we couldn't do surgery it was a difficult road where maybe we should have trusted our gut and gone with someone else. Regardless he is still alive and comfortable for now but it won't be for long. But it was very expensive and draining on the dog and us. He went from having the energy of a puppy to an old man in 5 months. I hope this helps someone in the future and good luck to all who have had to deal with MCT.

In reply to an earlier post on Apr 8, 2014 2:10:38 AM PDT
Karen L says:
I'm so sorry about your goldie. I totally agree...with the amount of poison (vaccine's and monthly meds) that goes into their system, it isn't any wonder. Prayers to you and your goldie.

Posted on Apr 8, 2014 7:28:18 AM PDT
Pugmom says:
I'm sorry your golden is having to go through this. I've been there and also understand the emotional toll it takes. I am a firm believer that we vaccinate out dogs way too much. My two older pugs no longer get vaccinated, with the exception of rabies because it is required by law and my vet will not give on it. I'm struggling now with vaccines for our younger pug. From research I've done, I've found that her previous vaccines from the last three years enough to fully protect her. I no longer want to risk the nasty side affects and possible long term effects of over vaccinating, but vets do not always agree with this. I wish we had a holistic vet in the area, because this is our only option.
Unfortunately we are between a rock and a hard place until vet medicine is better funded and the industry changes. I don't blame my vet, she's just going by what she's being taught and what's being drilled in school and from the industry, which is mainly funded by pet pharmaceuticals

In reply to an earlier post on Apr 8, 2014 9:18:47 AM PDT
Mark Sanchez says:
Thanks, much appreciated. I do believe the grain free diet is good for them though, it makes sense. Dogs don't eat rice in the wild (or wolves). Plus his breath used to stink and after we switched to grain free kibble and cooked for him, it was fine. Has to mean something.

Posted on Mar 22, 2015 10:19:06 AM PDT
Heather says:
My dog has a Mast cell tumour justdiagnosed as grade 1 some cells have been take and havve been tested to say this.Vet has said its in an awquard place right next to the bit she pees from vulva its about the size of a malteezer took her in early am friday got a call midday to say before they operate would like to put her on 5mg Prenislone for one week as This sterroid can shrink Mast cell tumours so that would make it easier ro romove from the awquard plave tumour is So she is home and we go back next week friday even if the tumour hasnt shrunk they will try and remove the tumour without doing any damage she is a small Pug weighing 6kg. Has anyone else had this and steroids used before op Thanks

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 22, 2015 10:42:56 AM PDT
Last edited by the author on Mar 22, 2015 10:52:33 AM PDT
granny goose says:
My Granddog a 95 lb. Boxer 8 years old, had 5 tumors removed 1 on the outside of leg below hip was a mast cell grade 1. While being treated, he was xrayed, The Vet discovered a mass internally. He had to have his spleen removed, and in it was the 5 lb. Plus mass. He is doing fine today, a little slower than usual.
I prayed for his healing, and I believe in prayer. St.Francis is the Saint for Our Animals. Good luck with your Pup, and God Bless all.
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