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Posted on May 31, 2012 4:35:14 AM PDT
L. M. Boelz says:
I will be launching my first ever book soon and will not be linking or mentioning it here now that I have read this post. I will go to the proper forum and make an author page when it is ready. I do agree that if you can get people interested in what you have to say they will have a look see at your author page. I was wondering though, is it okay to talk about the types of books you prefer to read and write about in general? Or perhaps mention one you really enjoyed reading lately as long as it is not yours? I am so new at this I am green I want to do this right the first time.

In reply to an earlier post on May 31, 2012 8:17:11 AM PDT
twinny says:
Well yours is a refreshing approach to the forums :)
It is absolutely Ok to talk about the types of books you prefer to read, both in this forum and in the Kindle Books forum. As to what you like to write, that is better discussed in the Meet Our Authors forum, the one place where you can also promote your book in your posts. There are lots of active threads in all of these places, but you can also start one if you have a specific topic in mind. Anyway, welcome to you - nice to 'meet' you Lin Maree :)

Posted on May 31, 2012 9:11:19 AM PDT
I would also look to the forums for the specific genre you write in - although lots of them are dead because of spammers, there are people making concentrated efforts to revive different ones

if you don't have an account, I would also recommend checking out goodreads, and specifically their author program - which will allow you do to giveaways for your books, and seek out groups there that read within your genre (most of them do have specific rules about promotion and they differ per group so be sure to check that out)
Your reply to Deanna L. Fisher's post:
To insert a product link use the format: [[ASIN:ASIN product-title]] (What's this?)

In reply to an earlier post on May 31, 2012 9:13:55 AM PDT
Last edited by the author on May 31, 2012 9:14:58 AM PDT
Miss M says:
As twinny, says, welcome and it is very nice to meet you!

From a reader's perspective, I really do think the author's page is important & worthwhile. It's a great opportunity to highlight all your available work together and let readers know how to reach you. It gives you a professional "face" for the reader/fan base you hopefully develop. JMO....

When you feel like talking about your favorite books & or what you're currently reading, also check out the Kindle Book Forum. There are some good threads there, mix of social and book discussions. Hope to see you around...

In reply to an earlier post on May 31, 2012 9:33:11 AM PDT
L. M. Boelz says:
I have been posting in comfort corner very nice people. I started a forum for people who like to do for themselves like canning baking and survival called taking charge of your life again
The books I am currently reading better fit into that catagory. I prefer to write in the fantasy style of mysterious creatures and really like Poe or Sherlock Holmes style. I am having trouble trying to figure out what genre my book falls into so I am going to go to a couple and ask if they in the fantasy horror suspense forums and see if they think that is where I fit. It will not even be ready until July. I am trying hard to pick my words carefully so it does not look like I am plugging (strange term) Your information so far has been very helpful.

Posted on May 31, 2012 9:39:08 AM PDT
L. M. Boelz says:
You know I really have to agree though when I was as a reader looking for a murder mystery I went to a couple of the plug here forums. I gave up after the first few times I had to click on link after link to see if the description sounded good. I find it much more appealing if there is a synopsis with it then I look at reviews

In reply to an earlier post on Jul 10, 2012 11:01:52 AM PDT
L.T. Bentley says:
Simon, I agree. As an author, when questioned about what I've written, i fear when I actually cross the line into self-promotion and when it's okay to respond to an innocent question. Better guidelines would be appreciated by both the reader and the writer in me.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 31, 2013 3:49:35 PM PDT
discussion yes

identifying you as author no
posting links to the book BOI NO NO

Posted on Dec 22, 2013 5:56:50 AM PST
[Deleted by the author on Dec 22, 2013 6:04:08 AM PST]

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 7, 2014 8:59:22 AM PST
Sock puppets? LOL. The creativity of some promoters never ceases to amaze me.

However, let's be very clear - every author wants people to read their book. They want this either because they want the sales or because the want the ego boost from having folks say something nice about what they wrote.

If you create a forum where all the authors stand around (metaphorically) talking to each other, then they are not talking to their readers. As an author myself, that holds zero interest for me.

What I am looking for in forums is a place where people who read the kind of books I write are congregating. And yes, once there, I am hoping to get them interested in reading my books. I won't resort to shills or sock puppets (that latter description still makes me smile), but I know not everyone will be so forthright.

So, what I see are two needs that are both valid and need to be met.
1) readers want to exchange their own opinions about books and
2) writers want to get their books in front of readers who have already expressed an interest in the type of book they have written.

Perhaps the answer would be to allow some kind of cheap/free ads from authors in a column alongside the forum postings. That way, the author's marketing effort can be targeted to a group that has already self selected as interested in that genre and it wouldn't interfere with the exchange of posts between readers and authors.

Respectfully submitted,
Tom Sheppard

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 7, 2014 9:09:37 AM PST
Ah, give the guy a break. As an author myself I know that I pour a lot of myself (spiritually speaking) into my writing. I am sue Danny does too.

After pouring his soul into his "masterpiece" he is then frustrated when he cannot find a way to get it showcased in front of potential readers. I get that too. I just don't rant about it because that is worse than useless - it is actually counterproductive, as your response to his post demonstrates.

I really do see this whole issue as a bit of a conundrum. So, I will keep reading posts to see if anyone here has described the difference between shameless self promotion and the alternative.

For my part, I don't think it is shameless self promotion if a reader says, "hey, I'm looking for a new story on eating mushrooms." and an author responds "Wow, that is great. I just wrote a book on eating mushrooms. You can find it on Amazon at this URL."

Of course if the "reader" is really a "sock puppet" then that would be very shameless.

Also if a writer just dumps a post into the middle of a forum or discussion that says, "great comments guys... by the way I just published YYYYY and you can get it here URL"

I guess for me, the question of shamelessness is does the discussion naturally lead to an author sharing the title/URL of his or her book, or did the discussion have to be twisted to get to that end?

Your thoughts?
Tom Sheppard

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 7, 2014 9:10:48 AM PST
That is good advice!

Tom Sheppard

Posted on Mar 7, 2014 9:18:31 AM PST
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In reply to an earlier post on Mar 7, 2014 9:56:53 AM PST
Miss M says:
I think your suggestions are as dated as the posts you're responding to.
All of this, including signature tags, was covered in discussions several years ago here in the forums and the final outcome was the establishment of MOA. Things have moved on greatly since then and, as with any forum, it behoves you to get up to speed with what the current standards are -- especially when you're selling something.
If you have issues, you need to take them up with Customer Service directly. Authors re-attacking the concept of self-promotion in the forums does not end well.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 7, 2014 11:59:56 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Mar 7, 2014 12:01:06 PM PST
Sorry for being late to the party.

What is MOA? And where can I find what are the current standards?

By the way, I didn't realize I was "attacking" anything. I thought I was engaging in a rational, polite discussion.

Tom Sheppard

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 7, 2014 12:14:33 PM PST
Miss M says:
You're right, 're-attack' is jargon that I see a lot where I work, probably a little harsh. I'm going to leave it though. The fact is, a lot of ugly battles were fought (and that's not an exaggeration) by readers/customers to get author self-promotion/spam removed from customer forums. It's a done deal, and since then, I've never seen authors come up with new arguments that haven't already been hashed over ad infinitum. Author self-promotion outside of MOA is banned. Full stop.

What is MOA? Well for pete's sake, why are you even posting if you haven't read the opening post to this thread?

For guidelines, check top right of page, 'what are customer discussions.' Amazon treats author promo as spam.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 7, 2014 9:03:29 PM PST
Schools111 says:
Great although i'll miss the self serving writing that can be quite enjoyable or amusing or sad.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 8, 2014 6:23:11 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Mar 8, 2014 6:24:39 AM PST
K. Rowley says:
"What I am looking for in forums is a place where people who read the kind of books I write are congregating. And yes, once there, I am hoping to get them interested in reading my books."

You can still do that - just not here at Amazon. IMO, doing that here is like someone who has a product to sell standing around in the store and trying to give customers passing by a flyer advertising their product. I personally don't like that in the real world either. And given the number of self-published authors these days - you can imagine how large a crowd of people like that would be at any given time.

My suggestion if you want to find a forum like that - look outside the store, outside Amazon. Better yet, start your own forum and attract people to it. I've got a friend who is an artist, and who has a very active Facebook page for his art. Its taken him a couple years to build up the following he has. He's worked at getting articles written about his art on a lot of online blog sites. He's participated in a lot of discussions of other people's webpages/forums. He has traveled to a lot of comic-cons and displayed/sold his art work. Basically he's worked his butt off to get where he is today. IMO, if he could do that, I don't see why anyone one else couldn't do the same.

Posted on Mar 10, 2014 11:36:14 AM PDT
K. Rowley,
I see your point about the flyers in the store.

Tom Sheppard

Posted on Mar 10, 2014 11:52:45 AM PDT
Miss M,
I guess you are a great fan of TLA's

Personally, I find them an impediment to good communication, but an excellent tool to create a jargon that excludes noobs. It was especially helpful when I worked for DOD, programming in CMS and EDL. But it was also extremely useful when I worked as a programmer analyst and could talk about API's, GUI's. etc.

However I found it confusing when I made the jump from IT to the business side. I always had to ask if ATM was referring to an automated teller machine or aysnchronous transmission mode. Surprisingly, many times the business was talking about the latter while IT was referring to the former.

IMO TLA's should be DOA in civil discussion.

Tom Sheppard

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 10, 2014 1:30:08 PM PDT
Miss M says:
Using 'an' acronym hardly makes one a fan, but, whatever, kiddo.
I'm going to retire from this exchange, stimulating as it has been.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 10, 2014 1:56:47 PM PDT

For me, MOA stands for Municipality of Anchorage. ;-)

Yours in Christ, Brother Niv

Posted on Mar 10, 2014 2:29:37 PM PDT
K. Rowley says:
Mall of America....

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 10, 2014 3:17:45 PM PDT
I like your long "location" description in your profile. ;-)

Yours in Christ, Brother Niv

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 11, 2014 6:34:24 PM PDT
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