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Posted on Nov 28, 2009 7:25:30 PM PST
Last edited by the author on Nov 29, 2009 12:07:56 PM PST
Maybe they have accepted the fact that good books about honey are a boon to the community.

They have all gone quiet. Do they like me now, do they?

Oh well, maybe my work here is done.

Posted on Nov 29, 2009 5:03:20 PM PST
Has anyone read the book,

Honey: The Gourmet Medicine

I bought a copy, see it being quoted from time to time, but alas, I have mislaid the book. Maybe I lost it altogether, maybe I lent it out? Is it worth me buying another one? I think I did a bit of spot reading in it, but don't think I ever read the entire book.

I actually met the author at a beekeepers conference and field day, so consider it not a book I can ignore, but buying it twice goes against me grain just a little bit.



Posted on Nov 30, 2009 7:23:28 AM PST
bothellbuyer says:
<Honey, on the other hand is perfect.>

Exceptions: when found to be a source of botulism poisoning or contaminated with Grayanotoxin.

Posted on Dec 1, 2009 2:34:46 PM PST
brothellbuyer, you still have not expounded on this Grayanotoxin. If it is so important, you may be under some moral obligation to tell us about it. No? Or maybe you are trying to develop the anti-venom for it? Maybe the patents on the cure haven't come through yet? AHHHH, how silly of me to forget, it is because you are waiting for funding for the clinical trials!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please tell us how many people worldwide have died from this shadowy creature/poison/idea. Better yet, tell us what PERCENTAGE of the people who eat honey regularly have died from the complaint it engenders. Or is it one of those very serious situations where the odd monkey who was fed massive doses of the concentrate got a headache? Also, please send us a link to where we can buy one of those gadgets that measures and scientifically quantifies "The Headache."

I do hope this potential earth shattering crisis is not one of those media ones, where only two scientists in the world would be able to correctly diagnose it or call the shots? If so, then I would rather not be tested, thanks, I will simply have another tablespoonful of honey and carry on with the headache (assuming the honey didn't dispel it, which it probably would).

No need sending me a link to a page where 90% of the words are not in Wikipedia. In fact, I have no interest in researching this issue at all for myself, as I am quite confident that regardless of the factual nature of what you are reporting, the toxin itself belongs to one of those worms, or maybe the trees that live in his excreta that is so microscopic as to be rendered all but theoretical. Yes, if string theory is the only scientific tool we have to define this compound or the creature that produces it, then I figure the bee would have already put into my honey the appropriate antidote.

Also, check before you publish your paper in Lancet that it was real honey you found this terrible thing in, not some look-alike substitute you bought cheap somewhere. Then run some test to ensure it is not an airborne contaminant, or the by-product of the packaging process. Do you have plenty of cohorts and controls to dispel all my doubts? I am very scientific by nature and will require MY peers to review your results.

I am happy, just the same, to hear that your team are searching, brainstorming and scratching your heads trying to find some new device you can use to discredit natural honey. Not that I want to see three quarters of the human population duped by your machinations, but because it tells me how truly, how deeply, how historically and hysterically, you and your team fear honey as a competitor for your expensive but profitable magic elixirs.

Other than all that, I wish you a good day.


In reply to an earlier post on Dec 1, 2009 4:10:25 PM PST
Grayanotoxin is found in some plant nectars and can make its way into the final product. While not common, cases do occur from time to time. Tutin intoxication is also possible when bees are near certin bushes with that toxin. While mostly confined to New Zealand and the southern hemisphere, it occurs from time to time also. More frequently though, children around 2 years and younger commonly get botulism from the botulinum endospores that are naturally and commonly present in honey. Developed digestive systems handle this without a problem, but younger children can easily get sick. I hope at least that is addressed in the honey book.

Posted on Dec 2, 2009 12:54:32 PM PST
Yes, some of it gets a mention but not all. However, no mention of just how rare these occurrences of illness are, nor any proof that there were not a whole host of other factors present in the individual cases. So IMHO we are clutching at scientific straws here in our efforts to prove some technical fault with the basic and commonly held conclusion that 'Honey Is Good.'

You avoided answering one of my questions, which is a great tactic to use when one is feinting, but a quantified report, stating both numbers and percentages would have been a lot more informative, even if it did undermine your team's obvious point of view.

If we look at honey in the demographic sense, it remains incredibly safer to use than even herbage, and certainly exponentially safer than high-tech medicines and procedures like anaesthesia.

The fact emerges to the non-biased observer, that the number of incidences of problems arising from the consumption of honey is statistically insignificant and totally unimportant.

On the other hand, to those who take notice of, have respect for, and can be guided by ancient scholars and their surviving text, all things being considered, honey is a prime and honourable medicine and food. If your Bible, Koran, Torah or Upanishads doesn't confirm this, you must be looking at a new version that has been recently revised by one of your own team seeking to groom history up a bit to suit current economic advantages and social ignorance.

Yet the most modern and recent investigations, as engaged in by fully qualified, competent professionals, using the strictest and latest scientific methodology are confirming and adding new dimensions to this ancient conclusion: HONEY IS GOOD!

So indeed, the revolution is under way. The sooner you and your team accept this simple fact and come on board with those already arranged in the battle, the less likely you are as an individual to suffer significant and personal loss.

Thanks for the discussion.


In reply to an earlier post on Dec 2, 2009 1:46:35 PM PST
John, nobody in here said honey was bad. It's just that you're sensationalizing it to a ridiculous point and making it out to be some super food that it's not. It's comical to see you get bent out of shape and write 5 paragraphs over something quite trivial.

In reply to an earlier post on Dec 2, 2009 3:28:28 PM PST
You mean sensationalizing it like how I learned it from the Swine Flu episode? Isn't that what they call fighting fire with fire?

Honey is sensational to those of us who are tired of stupidly getting brainwashed into demanding a whole heap of completely non-health promoting medical services.

I hope you are not trivialising honey in those training programs you are writing. The kids of tomorrow will be able to see that as spam, I'm afraid, and your programs could be rendered obsolete real quick.

Honey is a super food. It is perfectly balanced between the extremes of the sublime and the ridiculous.

BTW, do you have any double blind clinical trials, complete with plenty of controls and corroborated by many cohorts, peer reviewed, and all that sanitized stuff to confirm this statement that "....super food that its not?" I tip that this may be just a judgement call on your part and completely unassociated with any scientific process.

So if honey isn't bad, are you saying it is good? I'll take that as a 'yes' peradventure you are not available to reply. Thanks for the vote of confidence.

"Bent out of shape?" Wanna do a foot race? I've got a slight impediment in one, am probably twice your age (+) but I am willing to start! What will it be, sprint, or endurance?

Now, how many paragraphs is that? Your lengthy documents previously enjoyed aside, I am trying to soften the impact of my keyboard by making shorter paragraphs! One too many? Too two Many? Three a penny, MORE? Yes, please, more honey talk.

I have learned a heap of FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT here at amazon forums, but a change of tactics is always recommended. So now you are seeing me as being entertaining, aye? Isn't it marvelous, extraordinary even (maybe even sensational?) how the consumption of real honey can alter the mood, the attitude and the outlook of a user?

Thanks for the repartee,


In reply to an earlier post on Dec 2, 2009 3:34:26 PM PST
Last edited by the author on Dec 2, 2009 3:41:38 PM PST
Theresa says:
RE: Intrepid,
Thank you for your thoughtful and informative comment.

In reply to an earlier post on Dec 2, 2009 4:50:10 PM PST
directions says:
Makes sense. Anyway, honey and spam don't really go well together. I believe that someone is running multiple accounts here so I believe the internet saying (which I myself forgot to abide by before) don't feed the.. (fill in the word)
applies. I've never heard of honey as a mood stabilizer but since you can't o.d. on it I would think it would be safe for its placebo value. Cheers lol...

In reply to an earlier post on Dec 2, 2009 4:54:04 PM PST
directions says:
Actually I believe:
helped for some people. On a more serious note:
I grew up with a neurotic family member
who took
a bit too seriously and tended to believe any minor thing that happenned to me was a vitamin defiency. Good to see new efforts made in that direction.

In reply to an earlier post on Dec 2, 2009 5:17:33 PM PST
Good Thinking, Directions. Thanks for the support. Someone said you had gone, but welcome back to the Honey Revolution.

You are so correct in looking at the placebo effect. It remains the singularly most important aspect of any food or medicine, I care little what it costs or how many times the king hath laid his stamp upon it, nor how freely it may be from your water tap.

This is why I heal myself with soft, simple, cheap and infinitely available substances. I am loaded with confidence in my body's own ability to heal itself, and I have probably a longer history than you do in the vitamin business, but it all starts with a change of attitude, a change of actions and a return to simple medicines and lifestyles.

Let the heathen rage. Let them get as fat as they will. Let them spend all their resources trying to regain their health. Let them protect their retirement funds and their reputations. Health is free for the asking, it is our birthright.

My goals are to simply bee. I want to be happy, healthy and contented, rich and romantic, surrounded by folk of a similar lifestyle. This is not what I always get, but I say, 'Life is not about how many time one gets knocked down, it is more about how many times he/she can get up again.'


In reply to an earlier post on Dec 2, 2009 5:33:59 PM PST
directions says:
Yes I myself use natural remedies for a variety of conditions but as they are unregulated one doesn't know which ones are safe and have any efficacy so research is essential. As for honey I would agree it is far healthier than high fructose corn syrup and the rest of the additives to processed food in general including sugar substitutes such as Nutrasweet. However, if you are stating that honey has a specific beneficial effect on any health condition it would be best to explain further.

In reply to an earlier post on Dec 2, 2009 5:44:36 PM PST
Last edited by the author on Dec 2, 2009 5:48:24 PM PST
OK, Thanks for the cue.

Here's one I have just posted in the Swine Thread: (in case you like me can't police all threads.)

That is why real honey is so potent for obesity and diabetes. It does not stimulate appetite like most other sweeteners do. Fact is, it will normalise appetite, especially by generating a sugar-spike-free surge of energy, maybe something like Soul-Energy ( I see in the future that you are a spiritual person yourself).

I believe I can anticipate also, that Mike McInnes' next book about the brain, will confirm that honey feeds the brain first, and that is why honey-eaters are not so prone to sit and be couch potatoes forever.

I promise to post a link to that book here at amazon forums as soon as they become stockists. They are pretty good at picking winners, you know?

Cheers and happy supermarketing

Posted on Dec 4, 2009 12:39:00 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Dec 4, 2009 12:48:46 AM PST
D. Benedict says:
John L. Smith:

Well, if nothing else, no one can say that you don't fervently believe that honey has some pretty miraculous properties!

I certainly understand how things such as facts or scientific proofs can become immaterial and unimportant to you, so long as you are a true believer! Even though you may believe in what you are saying, to those of us that understand the actual FACTS behind your ridiculous claims, it is patently obvious that you are spewing complete nonsense. I mean, in this day and age where so much accurate information is so easily and readily available, don't you think it would be prudent to spend a few minutes learning about and actually understanding what you are going to say before you share it with the rest of the world? Really, I must say, it would certainly give you a bit more credibility. Right now you sound just a bit too fanatical.

I'm sure that you are a very nice fellow and well intentioned, but you really ought to tone down the rhetoric concerning your fanatical obsession with honey... People then might even listen to what you have to say! Honey is great stuff. It tastes good and is probably better for you than manufactured sweeteners, but, please! It isn't the BEE all and end all food with miraculous properties. Sorry. It just ain't so.

Oh, one other thing, about honey not generating glucose spike? That is a old wives tale and a very dangerous thing to tell an uneducated diabetic person. Your body doesn't care if the glucose it uses comes from bee vomit or candy bars. Glucose is glucose. Your blood glucose level will react to ANY KIND of carbohydrate you take in, and it will do so immediately. There are MANY determining factors associated with glucose spiking, but the TYPE of sugar you eat isn't one of them!

Come on! Take a minute to look it up before you spew such nonsense!

In reply to an earlier post on Dec 4, 2009 4:33:12 AM PST
D Benedict

How dare you bring fact, reasoning and health science to the health forums!


In reply to an earlier post on Dec 4, 2009 5:48:14 AM PST
John are you secretly Ali? You seem to be very good at dodging proof of your own. You claim honey is a super food, well I also have a scientific mind, so I'd like to see studies showing the honey has CURED illnesses. You claim to not want to research anything people post then go on to berate them for not posting research. Which is it?

So if you keep asking for research against honey, I'd like to ask for research FOR honey as such a superfood. While HONEY IS GOOD, I am extremely skeptical that it is nearly as "miraculous" as you claim it to be. And I wont be your guinea pig and just "try it" because you said so. So please provide me with more than just your own anectdotal evidence (which IMO is suspect since you are a vendor of honey, it would be much like a car salesman telling you the car he's showing you is the greatest car ever made).

I eagerly await your response.

In reply to an earlier post on Dec 4, 2009 5:53:02 AM PST
See John you're not providing proof, here let me show you.

Honey is a poison. It is not good for the body at all. Generally it excreted as waste, however a certain amount is left in the body and it accumulates in the bodies fat cells. It is hard to detect however after a certain amount of accumulation it can cause the fat cells to aptose and become cancer cells. It also has a degenerative affect on the liver and mucus lining of the throat.

See? I just did what you did, I posted a bunch of BS without any back up.

In reply to an earlier post on Dec 4, 2009 7:54:21 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Dec 4, 2009 7:56:27 AM PST
Alpha says:
Honey glazed Spam is AWESOME!!

And I know a natural sweetener that doesn't cause glucose levels to spike at all....

It's called stevia.

Posted on Dec 5, 2009 2:06:02 AM PST
Alpha says:
Is honey any good as a personal lubricant?

In reply to an earlier post on Dec 13, 2009 11:56:00 PM PST
D.Benedict, you appear to be as equally deluded as you claim I am.

Why would I want to go looking in the text books you use, when I know the establishment has been anti-honey for at least 100 years, and at other times throughout the history of man when doctoring was a lucrative occupation?

If you don't believe in your medicines, why do you prescribe them for me? Or whatever you do in the technical world that is so defensive against natural methods, herbs and foods? Facts are not necessarily fact, my dear expert! IT AIN'T NECESSARILY SO! You speak with as much authority as if you were god himself. You haven't given me a fact yet that denounces anything I have claimed for honey. Honey is time honoured, something I dare say will not be said of most of your Medical Facts in another 50 years.

If only you had a mirror to look into and you could see yourself as I see you!

My own story is a fact to me. I don't need the queen nor your professor to sign off on my own experience. If you can only justify your beliefs by referring to some text book, you need to go outside and play in the sand pit for a while. You will learn all sorts of things about how cats bury their dung, how beetles burrow, and how the neighbours kids like to kick over your castles. You have lived in your high rise ivory castle too long, fellow. You might not survive on the Streets of New Orleans if another hurricane arrived while you were there. The real world is a fact, my friend, just ask Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi.

The miracle of honey eludes you, does it not? You can't capture it and put it in your test tube? Of course not, it is the elixir of the forces of life. It comes from the flower, that pinnacle of beauty and refinement of the plant kingdom where procreation is happening. If only you could run a patent over that process, wouldn't you be a great scientist. But, alas, you cannot, you can only parrot what you were taught in university, and pretend you believe it is a fact to save your miserable employment. I guess you have invented synthetic sperm too, or plastic pollen? Can you make artificial eggs that hatch?

You express total ignorance of honey. You haven't been a Diabetic patient and tested your own blood sugar levels after a day on honey. You are taking someone else's word for it and they said it didn't work,and you believed it. Your poor chappy. I heard from a reliable person only yesterday, how a diabetic person, in both mind, spirit and body, visited the home, was fed up generously on honey and had trouble keeping his blood sugar level up high enough to suit his target readings. Yet he felt great and had a good visit with his family! Do you think someone is lying to me, to him or to you?

The quality of the sugars is the ONE thing that really matters with most non-moribund diabetics. Honey is the finest sugar the plant kingdom can offer, and even then only after it has been modified by the planet's greatest alchemist, the bee. Take off your hood, my friend, and your dark glasses. If you can't (or is it won't) see the miracle that honey is, then your vision both physical and perceptual needs urgent attention.

That honey does not create a glucose spike is a currently provable reality to those who care to test it. To those who aim it is to disprove it, I recommend they use some HFCS for the experiment instead, and no honey for a control. You think it is an old wives tale? How many old wives do you have? You may be in more distress than I realize. It is actually a young husband's tale, and it is current, proliferating and releasing many people from the ills of their diabetic condition. All at affordable rates, and is renewable, natural, sustainable and side effect free. And you don't call that a miracle? I guess you walk on water for an encore too!

And who are these uneducated diabetics I am endangering? Do they appear in your garden with the fairies? Diabetes is like Obesity, it is the product of an over educated, over fed, over indulged and self-righteous culture? But replace that educated word with 'brainwashed.'

My body cares a lot about what quality the sugars are that I ingest. Yours would too if it wasn't for your self inflicted blindness and if you tried some real fruit juice and some honey. But you just go ahead stuffing that 'as good as honey' glucose into your mouth and soon you will realize just what a trap your education is proving to be. You sure don't have to take my word for it. You just carry on drinking your HFCS infused beverages to your hearts content. Maybe you government will even subsidise your consumption? You will learn what facts are. Unless, of course, you are already smart enough to preach one thing on the job and practice the other at home. That would be a better outcome for both of us than having you really believe this stuff you are parroting.

You had better take a minute yourself to test some of the theories you so eagerly suck into your mind from those who are programming you.

Yes, fanitical or not, Honey is a miracle. It ticks all the boxes, except the high earning potential one. So if your kids get sick, give it a try. Most everyone believes that it is harmless, so what have you got to lose?

You might make a great crusader for the Honey Revolution.......... ever thought of that?



In reply to an earlier post on Dec 15, 2009 3:45:59 AM PST
Dear Doctor,

Me? Secretive? WOW! Now that I take as a sublime compliment. Thank You Sir!
I do not recognise, Ali. I am new here. Ali Baba and the 40 thieves, I still remember, faintly. Amazon must be one of the earliest forums, is it? There seems to be no facility here to research by poster ID.

Which thread should I wade through to find Ali, my look-alike, or cousin, or like minded Are you there Ali? Will the real Ali please stand up? I think we should meet. I would like to know just how good the good doctor is at profiling, and if such activity is scientific or not. But if Ali is with The Honey Revolution, then he is on my side. GO ALI!

I have few secrets, sir, and I will not be divulging them here.

Sorry too, to keep you waiting for my response. I have simply had to deal with the real world of late, and tomorrow calls also!

I berate you said scientific types by reversing your missiles back to you. I love to serve as a mirror for you to see yourself in. I am no trained scientist, but I can devise a proper test to prove anything I decide to promote. So can you, so have your mates in the industry. Please be relieved of any emotional pressure I have put on you to prove anything to me. I would question your sources anyway.

Just be reminded that there are people out there like me who are totally unimpressed with 'scientific facts' as you might chance to call some theories. People at the coal face are more and more becoming aware that one must first ask, "Who funded the research?" Sorry, Sir, to see that your house of straw is blowing away, but do not panic, it will take yet a good few years to be completely destroyed. The human conditioning is one of the most impermeable walls every created.

I have not taken up the challenge to 'prove' anything to you and your kind either. It is a futile exercise, and I wearied of it in the godbothering threads years ago. Just be reminded that you will be judged on how well you present in cyberspace, what you say, how well it suits the discussion at hand and whether or not your readers (be they a few) find it believable. Research can be what it wants to be, but is of little merit at yahoo Forums.

Anyone who cannot find some research paper somewhere to prove his point usually puts up the funds to have such research carried out. This approach has worked particularly well for the past hundred or so years, but its time seems to be phasing out now.

You can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time but not all of the people all of the time. The Catholic Church found that out the hard way, God bless them.

The two books,

The Hibernation Diet
The Honey Revolution: Restoring the Health of Future Generations

which I am referencing (ad nauseum) was written by people trained in your culture and they felt the need to reference most any and all of their conclusions to 'proper' research results, more so to silence the dissenters like maybe yourself, than to be convincing to the general public. They also speak in simplistic terms for folk like me who only want the research conclusions to match up with what they already hold to be true as a result of their own experience.

No doubt the Pope signed into law certain rules to ban the round earth philosophy, and all with proper authority and the tacit permission of the general public. His facts were undisputed, except by the very few, who mostly chose to keep a low profile for some odd reason. So if you genuinely wish to reference some 'proper' research results to help you decide whether or not the point has been proven to your satisfaction, please feel free to avail yourself of the information at either of those books, or at the website I mentioned earlier which was:

In the mean time, only the gullible (of which there are ample) will be impressed with your demands for this said, 'proof.' It is not their favour I seek anyway. So I am happy to leave them as members of your own congregation. The people I seek are those who have a true interest in what works for the human metabolism, are well versed in the latest trends of thought about these issues and can follow the logic string to these new conclusions (albeit ancient as well).

Public Forums on the www are not generally considered an appropriate place for scientist to thrash out the pros and cons of extremely fine detail on leading edge theories. There are probably exclusive groups where such discussion is appropriate, but I feel sure you have the ability to find those sites for yourself. Public Forums are mostly suited for general discussion in layman's terms for all and sundry to peruse and judge for themselves. Your attempts to silence those whose opinions do not match your own are really quite wasted here. The silent Majority will decide for themselves both because of and regardless of your and my input.

Vendors of all products have a bias towards their own products. This is why when your clients mention Manuka honey or Propolis, you simply look over the top of your glasses at them rather menacingly whilst declaring "We don't recommend them!" They come to me laughing about you to buy the product anyway, knowing that like a used car salesmen, doctors sell a product and try hard to suppress all their competition.

Isn't it nice that used cars are still available? Isn't it nice that a few beekeepers are still surviving? Isn't it nice that a few doctors are crossing the floor to teach and promote natural health? And its all legal...........!

I will repeat myself, just in case you have been unfortunate enough to miss one or more of my posts, yes, my I helped create this 'organic' craze, and am now trying to distance myself from it as it sinks into the slime of commercialisation. But I have already stated most emphatically, that honey has never CURED (emphasis, yours) any disease. And to labor that point, let me say that neither has any of your patented, expensive, side-effect prone, high-tech medicines.

Regardless of and despite of (yet because of too), the medicine, the treatment or the procedure, the organism heals itself. ALL healing is the work of the organism, its cellular memories and its mind and nerve functions. If the honey, the medicine, the poison or the mutilation helps out in any material way, no matter how slight, it reinforces the positive side of the situation and healing continues to progress. This is why I would rather be rescued by a witch doctor in the darkest jungle than be left to die alone there.

This also throws light on why some people are incurable. They simply do not want to be roused out of their funk. The death wish is simply a slow suicide. You have no medicine for those folk in the final analysis, and yet you would ensure they had multiple pills by their deathbed. I too would sell them some lovely, miraculous, natural, flower power in a bottle called honey. It is never too late to try to motivate them to look on the brighter side of things. Death comes to us all anyway.

If I can be of any service to you expounding on my statements further, you know already that I will be only too pleased to do so, as time permits.

Your response too is coveted, but I am able to wait patiently, well, not as a client/patient is patient, but as a peaceful, considerate human being, knowing well how many distressed and sick people there are out there and how busy you and I can be at times.

Regarding you second post: Yes, you did just that. The difference between yours and mine is that no one believed yours. Sorry about that. It is your own credibility on the line here, Sir, not mine.


In reply to an earlier post on Dec 15, 2009 3:57:31 AM PST
Well, Alpha, that may depend on where you are chaffing.

As a topical dressing, honey makes a great first aid treatment for me, especially as I am surrounded by fresh, real, natural honey.

However, if you are more than thirty years of age, sex on the beach is not recommended. Prevention is far better than cure.


Posted on Dec 23, 2009 2:00:24 PM PST
Here's another wild, scaremongering article for you!


Well, I don't know if there is any further land available that will
grow sugar cane or not, but with wheat and honey, there are all sorts of
marginal lands where some production is possible (at a price), but with
honey, it will mostly be in wild areas, mountainous areas etc. Much
much more honey could be produced from these areas (certainly in
Australia), were it not for the major problem of it not being profitable
to pursue it.

With governments locking up the wilderness, letting forest roads
deteriorate, and even the greenies wanting us to fill in the man-made
waterholes in the outback, one can only assume these folk intend to quit
eating. It is beginning to look as if they will be doing just that
whether it was what they intended or not.

The best plan to increase honey production, which has a very open ended
potential at this point in time, is for the world's managers and the
media to quit preferring high profit medicines, quit denigrating honey
and small farmers, start giving foodstuffs more priority on their
budget, be willing to go without plasma TVs in favour of food, start
putting good roads into forests and wilderness and in general terms Just
GET REAL. Modern scientific farming and the attitude of "Get Big or Get
Out" worked fine in the USSR until the day it quit working altogether.

Scientists, researchers, governments and financial planners don't
produce food. They consume food. Yet we pay them two, three or many
times more wages than we pay the man who grows the wheat. I can
assure you that the beekeeper will get first pick at the honey, as that
other group mentioned wouldn't come down out of their ivory towers
into the apiary long enough to snatch it from him. They certainly would
starve before they could get any milk out of a cow.

Oh yes, President Obama has security guards all around him who covet the
opportunity to stop a bullet for the President of the United States, but
one mention of bee stings and they went scampering. OK, I know,
that is not true. What they were really worried about was that Charlie
Brandts might steal the show by stepping into the limelight with his
smoker and save the day!

OK, so I got it wrong, perhaps. Maybe it won't be New York City we
have to close down, maybe it will be London. God Save the Queen (Bee).
(Quote by JSB)

You thought I was long winded? Well, I didn't quite get to the
bottom of this article, so maybe that author has already said all this!?

Anyway, Bon Appetite. Have a good Christmas. Eat, Drink and be Merry,
for tomorrow we may die.


PS: On a serious note, however, it takes a lot less calories to
sustain life if one eats honey than it does when eating all these other
artificial sweeteners, manufactured syrups etc. Honey satisfies
appetite, stimulates good brain function and generates abundant energy.
Most all the other sweeteners stimulate appetite excessively, are
addictive, reduce the average energy potential of the consumer and
promote the storage of fat.

So a population that preferred honey as a sweetener would be far more
productive and eat far fewer calories, or in other words, the caloric
potential of a square mile of country could support more people if they
preferred honey, as they would eat (and store as fat?) far less of all
the other foods produced.

But that will not easily eventuate until after the next Dark Age.
Probably the food crisis will never come to fruition anyway, not
totally, as pandemic will probably level the playing field before food
shortages get that far along.

Posted on Jan 27, 2010 1:49:09 AM PST
You guys didn't tell me about this one!
Robbing the Bees: A Biography of Honey--The Sweet Liquid Gold that Seduced the World
I have read the author's blog and look forward to reading this book. She is ecstatic about the honey bee, and why wouldn't she be?

It is hard to be exposed to much information about the bees and their products without getting excited about them.


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