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Especially Bad Flu Season!

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Posted on Feb 24, 2015 5:43:33 AM PST
Andrew King says:
Yes! You can't be too careful when it comes to assuring that you're getting non-GMO ascorbic acid! Or salt!

It is getting increasingly difficult to distinguish between Bricktop and a Poe.

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Bricktop says:
My personal top two choices over the worst winter months for C are LivOn's liposomal C or IV-C appointment (30g/pop) at the local ND's office.
Due to the cost, the next option for more year round support would be the 100% Non-GMO, Non-China, Non-corn ascorbic acid powder you can get from products using Quali-C like this one - Doctor's Best Best Vitamin C Feat Quali-C, 250 Gram

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rusti_1 says:
Taking extra Vit C (with bioflavanoids and rosehips) or try camu camu berry (an excellent source of Vit C)...and my cold protocol of Apple cider vinegar, Honey and Cinnamon (natural antivirals) has warded off colds/flu for years...just something to consider, along with eating whole-food healthy building your immunity. Best to take at very beginning of any symptoms.

In reply to an earlier post on Feb 23, 2015 7:20:00 PM PST
It is interrupting the flu that destroys one's immunity to that type of illness. Take whatever you must to stay alive, but try to develop a strong immune system as you go. Staying out of the flu cycles too many years can mean your immune system is out of date, and a catch up flu can be fatal, so get on stream with natural recovery and watch the benefits pile up.

As our personal immunity is slowly eroded away by too much medicating, big brother's capacity to bail us out is diminishing also. Somewhere in that scenario those two lines on the graph will cross.


In reply to an earlier post on Feb 23, 2015 7:14:39 PM PST
Get an immune system instead!

One's own immune system is only stored knowledge from your forebears and your own experience. It is the conviction that, 'Yes, I can survive this and so add yet another immunity to my credits.'

In reply to an earlier post on Feb 23, 2015 7:12:27 PM PST
We still have myriad natural remedies that have seen us through for millennia.

"THEY" may not have many things to throw at it, so don't live you life expecting "THEM" to heal you up again. We all create our own life, both the good and the bad parts. If we quit creating the flu we can get on with creating a happy and healthful existence.

Running to Mommy to fix everything will be our undoing in the long run.

In reply to an earlier post on Feb 23, 2015 7:08:42 PM PST
Well, L.J.Lindson, if your only solution is more talk about the evil ones, maybe you shouldn't be posting medical advice either. At lease Marilyn believe she can get well again. And 'guest' has the correct response. Guest does not worry about these things.

That's me too. There is nothing more conducive to illness than being fearful of it. I confronted these issues years ago, made it a point to get off any medicals, and subsequently even any 'alternative' fixes. Get over it naturally, or as naturally as suits your present circumstances.

By so doing, one can build a strong immune system, not to mention the 'faith' one will develop in our god given natural immune systems, which were perfectly good enough for the survival of the fittest for centuries and millennia even.

So get fit, stay fit, and shy clear or everything and everybody wanting to make unseen critters and energy strings in Devils. They are just as much a part of life as I am, so let them be. One cannot promote life whilst always trying to kill life off.

Love life. Promote it. Get Pro-biotic, not anti-biotic.

Posted on Feb 21, 2015 6:17:17 PM PST
Good book

Bird Flu: A Virus of Our Own Hatching

Posted on Jun 10, 2013 9:00:16 AM PDT

"It is mean to provide better protection from infection than traditional three-strain flu vaccines. It will be available in the upcoming 2013-2014 flu season."

Posted on May 28, 2013 8:49:51 AM PDT

"We've done a great job globally in the last 10 years. Compared to H5N1 and SARS, we're getting on top of these diseases much, much faster."

EcoHealth says 5.3 new diseases emerge each year, based on a study using data from 1940 to 2004.

Posted on May 10, 2013 8:54:48 AM PDT
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Staying healthy and eating correctly may be the best defense. Since our Annual Flu shots seem to be getting less and less effective.

And keeping on top of new viruses is also recommended:

In reply to an earlier post on May 9, 2013 10:50:37 AM PDT
Assume it as in "go with" it. You confirm it through other observations. For instance, you feel "in the zone" when the answers are flowing and when you go into spontaneous question modification and sub-questioning. Answers that come out of those sessions, for me, are always the most accurate.

The second way of having confirmation is that you get better. Whether this is measurable by finding out the the tumor shrunk or disappeared or that you simply regain health and vitality or feel integrated, calm and balanced are all good examples.

Once I was with a guy who had a panic attack of some sort. To me it seemed induced/triggered by some sort of substance. However, instantly I had the notion to help with a particular technique. He was making violent and panicky hiccup sounds trying to get his breath and turning colors. No blockage because he was actually making sounds and breathing a bit. I explained quickly that I could try to help and added something from intuition, that he would possibly vomit. He nodded as he continued to choke. It took 10 seconds to go 1/3 of the way through the technique and he began to take deep breaths, though he was still scared, he stopped the hiccuping sounds. Then, he jumped up, ran to the bathroom and projectile vomited. Afterward he was able to breathe totally normally and fell sound asleep. (We still took him to the ER. He was fine. They put him on saline iv.)

So, you have a measurable physical phenomenon. Obviously, if something doesn't work I would modify it or leave it completely if it still didn't work any better than Western or Eastern methods.

[But all of that really means nothing because of one thing. If you are truly having a conflict of beliefs, nobody knows it - not even you...]

As Napoleon Hill said, "thoughts are things". Beliefs are thoughts which form an internal model of the world as we see it. We access these beliefs all the time. The bodymind knows all of them and it knows when they are troublesome to the balance of the system. It reveals which one(s) are priority to change-remove.

There is also more cognitive ways to address beliefs and dig up these conflicts. Morty Lefkoe has been at it for over 25 years extremely successfully and teaches this as part of The Lefkoe Method.

When a person uses a system like this for a while and sees the results and experiences the subtle signals and the entire process even though it remains subtle and subjective it is also quite obvious, deep and clear and becomes better.

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So you say:
"You don't confirm it. You assume it. If you don't assume it you degrade the response signals."


"This strong belief overshadows the bodymind's subtle signals or prevents the person from failing to form the right questions in their cognitive framework."

So an entire line of questioning is based upon assumption in addition to a belief being overshadowed by a separate belief, all the while the signals are so subtle. Sounds pretty purposefully convoluted (as to avoid making real choices) and so much left to mental/emotional chance.

But all of that really means nothing because of one thing. If you are truly having a conflict of beliefs, nobody knows it - not even you...which renders the entire thing pretty pointless because then you can be perpetually stuck in a loop of "If I'm healthy, it's working. If I'm not healthy, there must be belief problems"....and that precludes a true evaluation of what works for your health.

Posted on May 9, 2013 5:35:31 AM PDT
Andrew King says:
" simply asked why. people should appreciate when someone gives a damn why."

I gather (although it's hard to be sure from your phraseology) that you're annoyed that a poster cares about something you don't care about.

There's a sure cure for that - don't read or respond to her posts.

In reply to an earlier post on May 9, 2013 4:33:50 AM PDT
"This might also explain why before some disasters less people are present. This happened in 9/11. That was a very nice day and yet a huge amount of people decided not to come in or drug their feet or called in sick."

Which would make it indistinguishable from every other day! What percentage of workers are late or call in sick on ANY given day?

But this is your typical MO. Looking at normal, random events and attributing meaning to them after the fact. I keep forgetting that you actually think you can influence clouds!

In reply to an earlier post on May 9, 2013 4:29:01 AM PDT
And I did not say that you said "there has never been a vitamin k vaccine......I said that because you called the injection a "vaccine" which it is not.

Discusssion IS lovely, but it is lovlier if the members of the discussion deal in facts.

In reply to an earlier post on May 8, 2013 5:37:22 PM PDT
i know what the intent of administering vitamin k in newborns was - i know the lack of neccessity of it as a mass innoculation and of its results from 92. as i said, if it has been perfected somehow since then, i wouldnt know - i have 0 need to concern myself with that particular "injection". i did not say "there has never been a vitamin k vaccine" - that was another posters words. and i never got into posting websites, quotes, studies or further and further debatables. it IS accurate that it IS good i have 0 interest in debates. discussion is lovely and informative - antagonism for arguement and ego is just plain ugly.

In reply to an earlier post on May 8, 2013 5:29:54 PM PDT
for the record, it should be clear i have not been a "debunker" or an "antivaxer" or any other made up term tossed about on message boards. simply asked why. people should appreciate when someone gives a damn why.

Posted on May 8, 2013 4:05:17 PM PDT
Andrew King says:
There's no such thing as "Western" medicine.

People living in "Eastern" societies have the benefit of advanced evidence-based medicine which increasingly supplants traditional remedies (look at India and China, for instance).

There's no East or West to it, just medicine.

Oh, and the opposite of "allopathic" is not "holistic" - it's homeopathic. I'll take a wild guess here that you think homeopathy is nifty.

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The feeling of being lighter was a positive answer to the question. You don't confirm it. You assume it. If you don't assume it you degrade the response signals. For instance, when I first started I'd ask the question several different ways "did the virus enter through the left foot?" YES. "The virus did not enter through the left foot." NO. "The virus entered through the right foot." NO. You do that enough and you will start getting crazy signals because you are in vibrating doubt/fear which always muddles the signal. Even if you think you are being objective a person usually has an agenda of doubt/fear. In the event that they "need" this to work it is obvious. However, it can also be the same for when this is revealing things about the nature of reality that offends the person's paradigm, even if that person is consciously excited at the prospect that this could be true they are often in doubt/fear because the change is huge from what they know and big change (good or bad) often causes this issue.

Psychoneuroimmunology is not the same thing and is not truly holistic. Truly holistic methods are inclusive of all human knowledge and paradigms, even Western and Eastern and everything in between. In fact, the first question that comes up is "is this method (specifically, my method is based on BodyTalk - but I tweaked it to the point I cannot say that it is BodyTalk) priority?" And you might get an answer "no". In that case, you go down through all other methods that you and the client know including "see a doctor" or "go to ER" or "go to dentist". I have never seen it but there have been times where a client (someone else's because I don't actually do this for a living) went through a session which PREPARED THEM to go to the ER by addressing prejudices and anger against Western medicine. At the end of the BT session it was priority to go to the ER.

A truly holistic method includes everything. However, being truly holistic and knowing the facts that the human bodymind is an irreversibly embedded unit of the universe via the earth and it's biosphere/habitat means that Western medicine is usually only needed in emergencies and is very little use or even very dangerous when used to prevent disease (since Western medicine is based on a very inaccurate world view of separateness).

The reason why there are stories such as this is because people's belief systems say "holistic" OR "Western/allopathic" instead of holistic includes Western/allopathic. This strong belief overshadows the bodymind's subtle signals or prevents the person from failing to form the right questions in their cognitive framework.

In reply to an earlier post on May 8, 2013 2:39:28 PM PDT
How do you confirm mentally? How does lightening translate into "a virus entered your left foot"? The reason I ask is because I grew up playing hockey with a friend and his mom was into humanistic psychology and bodymind therapy. She was very healthy - his whole family was. I remember her having stomach problems and them going to a holistic doctor specializing in psychoneuroimmunology for a while. It wasn't until she was in the ER with a GI block that they discovered it was late stage lymphoma. So I'm wondering how such arbitrary signals (we all know the mind is a very abstract thing and can be affected by countless stimuli) can give a person positive enough feedback to be sure of what is going on. Sounds like too much is left to chance.

In reply to an earlier post on May 8, 2013 2:18:46 PM PDT
Last edited by the author on May 8, 2013 2:58:50 PM PDT
Oh, it depends. It sounds stupid being a health person but when I do it mentally I picture a soda can. When I ask the questions it is half crushed. When yes it uncrinkles a bit or all the way or somewhere in between depending on the extent of the "YES". Sometimes you get a yes and sometimes it is as if I am getting a YES, YES, YES. When no it gets crushed more. Sometimes I'll pick another image but for some reason I am almost always presented with the can. I hate that can! :P

When I'm doing it through the body I do sway test. I've never been able to get the whole self-muscle test thing down where you do it with your one finger.

I've also been able to do it with Qi flow. Yes or positive feels like a lightening of the body or a flow of Qi upward through the body or in front or back on the surface or both. No feels like a heaviness. Like the can this is subjective. It may feel different from "session" to session and even different within the session. If I break focus from questions from a certain amount of time or get answers that don't seem to be making any sense I'll recalibrate by saying "show me my no" and then "show me my yes". I might have to ask a few times because the yes might come as the no and the no as the yes. The reversal effect happens for a few different reasons and can usually be straightened out quickly. But sometimes a person just needs to eat something, drink water (one of the most common reasons) or sleep or sometimes they are really really attached to the outcome which can cause reversal (attachment to outcome always stems from fear).

I might also use a pendulum. You can buy four of them for only a few dollars on Amazon and they last until you lose them, which I often do. :P Once I lift it it will swing clockwise or counter clockwise. I make yes cc and no c, personally but a person can intention whichever one they wish. But it is good to keep it one way or another. Once you lift it sometimes even though it first goes in one direction you know inside that it will go in the other and know that is the answer. So it is as fast as any other method once you get the hang of it.

There are probably other ways but these are the ones that I learned and the ones that I work with best.

This is just an interface. In daily life the more you work with intuition/cognition and then follow up on what you find you become more and more integrated so that the knowing just appears in your body of knowledge. For instance, when healing someone I'll know that there pain is a 10, but I'll confirm it without telling them what I "know" because what is more important is how THEY perceive it. Anyhow, after some technique I'll again often "know" what their SID (subjective unit of distress) is and it will 90 or more % of the time be very accurate. I'll also get emotions, imagines or even names and such appear in my knowledge base. I know that it is not from me because it makes no sense in my own thought flow. For instance, if I keep seeing a certain car or maybe just have the urge to ask the person about a car they'll usually tell me immediately whatever event bears on the healing at that time. I don't need to elaborate because that piece of information was all that was needed to spring whatever it was about a car to their minds and they can speak at length (or not if it is a painful experience) about it.

After a while at this it might also occur to a person (as it did to me) that eating schedules or schedules in general seem to be influenced by and seem to influence other peoples'. It has happened so often where my diet or schedule that I intuit is strange and when I follow it it so happens that I go around someone else's drama or even into it (and I happen to find a situation where I and the other person/people form a connection which usually is a really good one).

Once this happened often enough I started to develop something I like to call "futuresense" (so called because I like cool names). :D You can think of yourself as a spaceship which can travel at light speed. All possible futures go out in all directions but some are more likely and some more unlikely according to the physical structure of the universe, your thoughts, motives and those of other travellers. Once you begin to sense these futures you begin to get a feel for other people's futures intersecting with your own. These are only probabilities. I haven't ever gotten foreknowledge of specific people but I have of whether or the results of the meeting will be something that would cause divergent paths (paths that collapse my freedoms and possibility in favor of too few fixed forms which I actually want) or whether the meeting would do the opposite. For instance, if I want a job that has less responsibility and more pay I can sense whether or not a certain branch of actions that occurs to me would be better or worse in terms of narrowing possibility in favor or too few fixed forms (actualities) which don't match what I desire or whether they might lead to more actualities which open up greater possibilities and freedoms.

It's also awesome to use when driving. You don't get bored or need music or audio books. You are fully "present" and futuresensing is just another stream of data. You can get to the point where you automatically slow down even before you consciously see a deer on the side of the road or before someone steps out not minding where they are going. This has saved me from a lot of heart-into-throat moments and people riding with me have often wondered how I knew something was going to happen.

There are tests that show that the heart first gains knowledge precognitively, then it tells the body and then the brain registers what the body is feeling and makes us consciously aware of the incoming data. This can happen precognitively because as futures approach what is possible passes up through the probabilities until they are so close to being actual that there is almost no way that they will not become actualities. In that instance, the heart can communicate to the body this information with accuracy and it gets to the brain in time to actually do something with.

This might also explain why before some disasters less people are present. This happened in 9/11. That was a very nice day and yet a huge amount of people decided not to come in or drug their feet or called in sick. This may be an example of our natural systems sensing a highly probable future of which we are not aware but respond to anyhow. It's interesting stuff, if a bit heady and unbelievable at first.

Posted on May 8, 2013 2:03:58 PM PDT
Andrew King says:
The energy fields of crank magnetism are especially strong today.

In reply to an earlier post on May 8, 2013 1:53:45 PM PDT
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Let me rephrase then, what confirmation/biofeedback do you get that a virus entered your body and specifically through your left foot?

In reply to an earlier post on May 8, 2013 1:50:10 PM PDT
Last edited by the author on May 8, 2013 1:53:08 PM PDT
Not observed. I have a teacher which might be able to do that, but I can't. I used structured framework of questions posed to the bodymind.

For instance: Q is mine, A is bodymind.
Body chemistry priority? YES.
Toxins? NO.
Allergies? NO.
Intolerances? NO.
Microbes? YES.
Bacteria? NO.
Virus? YES.
Further? (meaning priority to know more details?) YES.
Site of penetration? YES.
Mouth/nose? NO.
Skin? YES.
Head/neck? NO.
Extremities? YES.
Arms? NO.
Legs? YES.
Further? YES.
Feet? YES.
Both? NO.
Left? YES.
Further on site breech? NO.
Further on virus? NO.
Implementation? YES.
Field? YES.
Combination with other techniques? NO.
Execute now? YES.

Then I beware aware of Field, placed the intent, became aware of Field. Within an hour the temperature changes and resolution in that particular case. Sometimes it is instance, sometimes it happens a day or three later.

edit: I have no idea why the bodymind needs me to become consciously aware of how the virus penetrated when I felt strange in general, not just in my feet. I would think that I would need to know more about the virus and where it went. However, the bodymind didn't require that and the structured cognitive framework is designed to be comprehensive on the one hand yet as direct as possible only finding out what is of concern to focus the healing intent/knowledge of the bodymind.
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