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Hypnosis? Does it work?

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Posted on Jun 19, 2012 12:24:09 PM PDT
Carlgo says:
That is the weakest possible response. You couldn't do worse. And in fact, you have no faith in your belief because if you did you would accept scientific inquiry. You just wrote out something you read someplace, probably from self-proclaimed mystical person. Goodness knows, I know the type.

Not impressed so far.

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 19, 2012 12:29:38 PM PDT
I am not trying to impress you other than to remind you that our western cultural brainwashing has worked on you. I have no interest in believing one way or another. At certain levels of spirituality, you can actually experience past lives, so it moves away from the "belief department" and into another level called "knowing". When you are there, belief is pretty irrelevent. So, you need to let go of your prejudices about belief. I cannot believe this has become a power struggle about something that you apparently are fixated on and don't apparently know the difference between basic spiritual issues like belief and knowing.

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 19, 2012 8:03:53 PM PDT
Carlgo: "you have no faith in your belief"

Sorry, but I am not quoting anyone. It is one of the things that happen to people who seriously follow a spiritual path--it is no longer belief, but you know certain things.

I have no interest in arguing with you about this--I understand science. I have a doctorate in psychology--I have done research. I am just simply uninterested in fussing about something like that when I can enjoy the peace of knowing.

Posted on Jun 23, 2012 7:50:53 PM PDT
Rich Martini says:
Very funny replies. "Proof of the afterlife would make a profound change to the planet." Well that's debatable. We have a certain amount of people who have a vested interest in believing that there isn't an afterlife, and that this is the only life we lead. Most of them wind up using the Earth's resources as if it was their private garden. If people did believe in the afterlife, and considered for a moment that this is place they prefer to return to, then perhaps they'd leave the Earth a place with clean water and a healthy environment to return to.

The other part of it is the concept of belief. As one of my interviewees said "You can hit people in the face with the truth, but if they don't want to see it, they won't." There's no amount of proof, in this world of proof, that would satisfy those who aren't interested in the results. Is there scientific proof that reincarnation exists? It depends what scientist you read. Ian Stevenson at the University of Virginia spent his lifetime studying cases across Asia and published his results in peer review journals. Did he believe they proved reincarnation? Yes. He did.

Gary Schwartz Ph.D from Harvard and Yale has done triple blind studies with psychics who claim they can predict or talk about events. He's proven in his studies that the very best psychics are 80% correct when put through rigorous tests - the rest of us average 50-50 in this guessing realm - but there will always be someone who says "Yeah, but 20% of the answers are wrong."

I've focused my research (as mentioned before, the book and doc are called "Flipside" but I won't put up a product link, as that may in some fashion offend people - and I'm just talking about the research) on what people say under hypnosis about the afterlife. Have I filmed sessions where the person knows nothing about Michael Newton's work ("Journey of Souls" and the guy who pioneered this research, with thousands of clients over 30 years), and have had the same results. I've filmed sessions with people who claim to be skeptics of past life regression, skeptics of any of this research - and they've had THE SAME RESULTS. But there's no point in shouting it. It doesn't matter who the client is - or what they've heard about past life regression, or between life therapy - everyone has their own take on the events they witness and see (or claim they see). We filter our reality through our own experience, and as such the journey is different for everyone. However, as Newton so assiduously detailed it in his research, they say relatively the same things about the journey - having a soul group, a spirit guide, a council of wise elders, etc and the process involved in choosing our next life.

Does it matter if it's proved to be real? I really don't think so. As Oxford Professor Robert Beer has said about his own research into shared near death experiences, 'I don't care to prove anything to anyone. I'm just focusing on my research. I'll leave it up to others to decide whether it's accurate or not." Newton is the same way - retired, couldn't care less what people say about his research. He took his task seriously and didn't tell anyone about his research for 30 years outside of his wife. I interviewed his wife to see if this fact could be true. She said "I thought they were going to take him away" when he came home and told her about his research. "But then I heard the tapes," she said. All of these people from different walks of life - and at some point in their deep hypnosis session would go into the life between lives and give incredible detail about it. And I realized I needed to hear the tapes - and in lieu of digging into client's private files,I began filming life between life sessions with people I chose for the study.

So what's the burden of proof in a courtroom? 12 jurors? I've got at least 12 people who I've filmed under hypnosis - who were skeptics, or hadn't heard of Newton, or didn't believe they could ever be hypnotized, but because of my friendship with them, agreed to take the plunge ... who are now convinced that not only is there life after death, but that it's a much richer, more organized, more profound place than has ever been described by any religious text or writer - and they've experienced it for themselves. I'm not espousing a belief system here - I'm reporting what these people have said. I'd go into their backgrounds and how they wound up being in my book or film, but what's the point?

At some point it becomes fruitless to argue about research people aren't aware of, or who dismiss out of hand because it hasn't been "peer reviewed" - when actually it has been reviewed, but just not by anyone who is publishing in peer reviewed journals. "Self science" as Einstein put it, "Is where the greatest discoveries are."

Posted on Jun 23, 2012 8:46:14 PM PDT
Carlgo says:
I think many if not most people want to believe and will if there is any evidence at all that they live on. No telling how this would effect society. Murder, suicide, etc could be written of as a so-what thing, they will come back in another life anyway. And bad behavior could be excused as a mere learning experience.

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 23, 2012 8:55:48 PM PDT
I think those were the kinds of arguments that the Catholic church used when it wrote reincarnation out of its theology. However, since reincarnation is dominent in Hinduism in India, I don't see it being a problem. India has problems, but not those kinds of problems.

In reincarnation discussions, the soul really does not want to return to body after body, but must in order to advance spiritually. So, I think your argument does not work.

Posted on Jun 23, 2012 11:47:20 PM PDT
Rich Martini says:
Well there is a saying in India, "Only ride in a bus with a christian driver." The idea is that if he's Hindu or Buddhist, driving off the cliff ain't so bad, he'll just return as a passenger in a nicer seat on the bus. But if the driver's a Christian, he'll do everything he can to stay on the road.

Actually, I think the opposite would occur - what people experience in these sessions is a clear connection with their spirit or soul or higher energy - and are able to see many if not all of their lifetimes. They report that it's a reframe for their lives - here's a clip of it being described:

Posted on Jun 24, 2012 10:17:40 AM PDT
Brian says:
"...No telling how this would effect society. Murder, suicide, etc could be written of as a so-what thing, they will come back in another life anyway. And bad behavior could be excused as a mere learning experience. "

Destruction is evil, and it does have it's effects way beyond death of a body. It is a lost opportunity for that person to advance, to bring up their own children, to produce something important for the society... not to mention the pain that lasts more than one lifetime.

So, while loss of life or property can be viewed in karmic terms as "not the end of the world", in the same karmic terms it does affect us all, not just the person who died unnecessarily.

The freedom of will - to do as we please - is what determines where our souls go after we leave this plane of existence. A lot of them will end up in a hot, smelly place which hardly anyone even believes in. Isn't that exactly what some unmentionable character would want - ignorance? While evil is evil, it is not stupid; it is actually "smarter" than most people. Isn't it interesting that "evil" is backwards spelling of the word "LIVE"?

Someone asked about how re-incarnation would work... do we all get to be rich at some point, or evil, and so on. It is a naive type of question. We all end up exactly where our choices lead us to. We are usually not aware of choices WE make, hence, we think they are made for us. They are not. (only the "judgment" of our actions is not ours). Add to that the confusion with "value system" we live in, where money rules and spiritual values mean very little, where hunger for power and egotistic drives are considered good, and it is no surprise the world is in such a sorry state of affairs.

As for hypnosis and whether it helps, from what I have seen, there are many different types of hypnosis and they go from very deep where a person's heartbeat is barely noticable and very slow and usually serves a purpose of so called "spiritual readings" (e.g. Edgar Cayce and others), which I would not recommend for anyone other than most highly developed among us; and the other end of the spectrum is very light, relaxed state of mind which I have tried and which anyone can do on their own, but is better done under professional supervision. To me the biggest value of light hypnosis, or relaxed state of mind is in tracing the roots of frustrations which influence, imperceptably, ones behavior. It is a lifetime of work, but very well worth it.

Hypnosis or not, any attempt at improvement of one's health requires a multidisciplinary approach: one needs to be well versed in things of spiritual nature as well as psychology, nutrition, perhaps even pharmaceuticals and so on. Without thorough understanding of human nature ("spirit is life, mind is the builder and physical is the result") there are no lasting effects because: "When all we have is a hammer, everything starts looking like a nail."

Posted on Jun 26, 2012 10:26:06 PM PDT
Last edited by the author on Jun 26, 2012 10:28:47 PM PDT
Rich Martini says:
"When all we have is a hammer, everything starts looking like a nail." That's a good one.

Just a couple of follow up points, that stem from this research - "no one gets to horde the jelly beans" as one therapist said about the afterlife. All souls are equal, no one has any power over anyone else. There are no higher elevations to desire - since we are all the same, just some older, and some younger. As we go through our many lifetimes we learn from the various energies we've explored - and as a spirit guide described it during a session "I watch over all of this person's various lifetimes,and then when they're done learning all that they need to learn to move on, they too will become a spirit guide - and their graduation gift will be a new soul to watch over."

The other point is that the only judgment that is reported in this research is the judgment we go through when we judge ourselves. When we stand before our council for example, there are no punishments meted out, no holy mary's to be said - only our examining our own actions to see what and who and how we helped other people. When there are extreme negative ramifications - we are the ones who say "I need to be isolated for awhile to examine all this pain that I've caused other people." But by and large there's no judgment meted or doled out, save for the pain we feel when viscerally experiencing what we've caused others.

There's a case I mentioned in "Flipside" where a man had a near death experience - and in that experience found himself before his council - and they were showing him some of the keystones of his lifetime - and one was when ten years earlier, this guy cut him off in traffic and he chased him down,pulled him out of the car and beat the hell out of him. But this man said that he was experiencing the beating from two points of view - one from above, as if he was standing in the window of a building and looking down at the incident, and the other was from the man he was beating. He saw and felt the blood in the man's mouth, felt his teeth being broken, felt the extreme humiliation this man had caused on a fellow human.

They say that every thought, action,word or deed carries energy with it - and if you create ill will, negative emotions, hatred, anger, it finds its way into the universe, and during these past life reviews, you get a chance to experience all the negativity you created. It can be a bit daunting. But at the same time they show you why you chose this life, how these experiences shaped you, and the good that you also have done to people without really knowing it.

I'd venture to add that with a good therapist, and I've met a few, it doesn't matter the person's level of development - because we are all highly developed between lives, and once we tap into that through a journey into the subconscious, one person may be more advanced, older, wiser, and not realize it until they start to hear themselves speak about their journey. No one hordes the jelly beans, so there is no hierarchy (as per the thousands of reports). So it really is up to the person's own feelings of need - if they really need to seek out this kind of inner dialog,they will. I agree that meditation is a particularly adept way at training the muscle of the mind to become more open to whatever lurks under the surface, and with focused laser like insight, can examine many aspects of a life from a variety of perspectives.

Posted on Jun 27, 2012 7:49:43 AM PDT
Carlgo says:
Two things a lot of people want to know: Is there sex and golf in the afterlife? I don't play golf, but a lot of people say they will miss it. How about clothing? Are people wearing period clothing when they are with others, as in council meetings? All this interactions seems to be between you and I so to speak. Are there any Ethiopians in the meetings, Islamic terrorists mixed in with school marms....Or does each group flock together?

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 28, 2012 7:24:26 PM PDT
Brian says:
"The other point is that the only judgment that is reported in this research is the judgment we go through when we judge ourselves."

This is both true and not so true, depending on how we look at it. On one hand, the purpose of re-incarnating is not to be judged; but when we die, there are angels of karma who do review ones life and based on that decide where the soul goes. We do NOT get to choose where we go once we depart this plane of existence; we make that "choice" unaware, while being on this planet.

There are many other things too, such as that example about the person who was given an opportunity to feel what he inflicted on that driver when he beat him up. Or, one could be a racist, hating blacks, and seeing God who is black. This has happened (not because God is only black, but because God is black, and white, and red, and yellow and male and female and so on). Or one could judge others proudly and arrogantly only to encounter some or all of those she or he judged as his or her own judges on that other side. Hence "do not judge lest you be judged"...

"so there is no hierarchy " - this is probably meant for human souls. Between humans, there is (usually) no direct hierarchy as in - one person telling another what to do. But there is a clear distinction between souls and they are not all in the same place due to those differences. That's where we get to see where our decisions are taking us. Here, one could be a murderer and still be free and doing well in every way; one could even be a mass murderer and do well; but "up there" that is not the case. As is said "God cannot be mocked".

"Is there sex and golf in the afterlife?"

One thing is for sure: sexual intercourse is a typical and primary reason for "in-karnation". Another term, albeit older, for sexual intercourse is "carnal experience" while "carni" comes from Latin language and means "meat". Most among us have decided to in-carnate on this planet to experience that "carnal knowledge"... (and have in the process managed to fall very very low... so low that it is most regrattable. Yet, the good news is that we are much more capable if we were only to "remember" that potential and the truth behind it.)

So, to make it short - no, there can be no sex in the afterlife (in "heaven") as afterlife is not materialistic place where people have physical bodies. It is a place of higher vibration, provided one does not end up in a place of an even lower vibration than this... where there are many materialistic experiences where physical senses still "work", but none are pleasurable, except to those inflicting them.

"Or does each group flock together?

There are no "groups" up there. Groups, separations and such are artificial, human creation, not of God. Just being the type whose mind cannot unify what seems like opposites (blacks vs whites, christians/jews vs muslims, america vs russia, "us against them" attitude...) is pretty much a shortcut to another incarnation full of suffering caused by separation of the mind.

Bottom line: humans have trained themselves not to see connection between cause and effect. We don't see when certain incident from past has made us decide "never again!", and is ruining our life; and we do not see when some simple decision has reverberating effect way beyond our immediate interests and immediate future. That's where good therapy and hypnosis helps; that's also why we get to come back here for many more lifetimes.

Posted on Jun 29, 2012 7:57:08 AM PDT
Carlgo says:
So...we are going through life doing bad things we aren't even aware of, or perhaps are unavoidable given our environment and how we are wired, and we will be judged on this possibly quite harshly. But, a trip to our friendly neighborhood hypnotist will let us avoid doing bad things...

Posted on Jul 1, 2012 7:56:22 PM PDT
Rich Martini says:
Here's an interesting video on youtube of a psychic telling this skeptic things about his dead friend he couldn't know... "Life After Death: A Medium conducts a reading with a Non-Believer"

and the kids response on youtube "Life after Death from a Non-Believers Perspective" (not allowed to post links)

Yes, Carlgo, there is golf and sex in the afterlife. If you're so inclined. I've interviewed people from all walks of life - many different religions - and it doesn't matter what their preconceived notions about the afterlife are - under deep hypnosis, they all say the same basic things about the afterlife. I'm not judging why they're doing it - just reporting it. I took on Michael Newton's research, and then began filming LBL sessions on my own. They could all be making it up - they could secretly be meeting in some undisclosed location for all I know, and saying "Hey, when Rich asks us to do this hypnosis thing, what are you going to say? Oh that's great! I think I'll make up something really good too, and just in case I'll find a really obscure background, town or city this dude was from. It'll take him weeks to discover if its real or not."

I was as startled as any human being would be when the woman who claimed to be naked, a shaved head, waiting for the gas to come out of the jets during the holocaust. I actually thought "oh, how convenient, I just happen to have a camera filming her session in front of 100 people and she decides to pick a memory of the holocaust.." And then later when she said "I can see from my perspective and what I'm being shown by my spirit guides, that I was glad I chose the life I did - as it was much harder to play the role of a perpetrator than a victim in that lifetime." - I can tell you that I froze, or my brain froze - i looked up from the eyepiece of my camera at the other people in the room - did they just hear what she said? Why aren't they reacting? Easily the most politically incorrect thing I've heard in my life. But I wasn't there to judge her, or to make a film that proved some point I was eager to impart to the planet.

And then, as I kept filming sessions, with or without Newton trained therapists, I got the same results. Sometime the same sentences. Didn't matter if it was some heinous crime that I knew was committed in this lifetime (in one case my friend, on the way to the session, turned to me and said "I never told you this but my dad molested me sexually for years, and my brother committed suicide.") No - I didn't know that. And during her session, she claimed to be speaking to her spirit guide - and when she brought up the subject of her father, she said "I see now that I agreed to experience the energy of that event for him - I did it out of compassion so he could learn from the energy of it.." and later when she talked about her brother's deliberate overdose, she said "He signed up to learn about the energy of excess in that lifetime." The therapist said "I'm sorry he wasn't able to fulfill that goal" and she said "But he did - he did succeed, and learned what it was like to bring all that pain and sorrow to those who loved him."

So - again - I'm just reporting what people say under deep hypnosis. I think it's pretty odd that no matter who I do the session with (and I'm still filming them) or what city I do them in, or with what therapist - these folks all say basically the same things. Whether they've read my book or not, read Michael Newton or not, are atheists, agnostics, or religious or not. And they also say, I might add - that we have free will to do whatever we want to do. You want to golf? Imagine the greatest course ever designed. However, in the sex department, you'd have to have at least one other partner - or maybe not.

This one woman described a pretty elaborate game she was playing with her soul group in the afterlife - it was a hide and seek game played in different realms - anywhere in the universe - and the person would make themselves invisible and the other person would have to round up all five of them before winning.... I can't possibly know if she's making this game up - but the weird thing is, I've heard of other similar games that have to do with energy, and energetic patterns.

Posted on Jul 2, 2012 10:19:32 AM PDT
There is no such thing as hypnosis. You are not now, nor have you ever been, in a trance state. There is no evidence that such altered states, are effective, at facilitating learning, growth, or change. Now, you may trust your unconscious mind, to keep you safe from, unwanted or undesirable influence. And, you can keep the change.

Posted on Jul 2, 2012 9:22:38 PM PDT
Maria says:
I tried hypnosis for weight loss and I lost 65 lbs and kept it off for 5 years. Then I started to gain wt when someone told me only stupid people can be be in a trance state.That was the end for me.I have tried lots of other hypnotists and nothing works.I still believe in it because it worked for me. I guess everyone has an opinion.

In reply to an earlier post on Jul 3, 2012 9:49:17 AM PDT
Last edited by the author on Jul 3, 2012 9:52:47 AM PDT
Actually, it is much more difficult to get a person of poor intelligence into a trance. On average the smarter a person is the easier it is to have them access a trance state and then utilize it for change work, and the longer that change will stick. 65 lbs for 5 years until someone of questionable knowledge reversed it. This tells me that you are in the upper percentile of subjects.

You can hit the reset button you know, if that is something that is agreeable to your life. Your subconscious remembers how it lost the weight and kept it off. All you have to do is go inside and reassure that part of you that you don't believe that nonsense about it only working on stupid people and that you won't entertain that idea again. Thank it for the help it gave the first time and ask it to take over the process again. If you can't get agreement find a NLP practitioner in your area and make an appointment...

Posted on Jul 5, 2012 12:16:12 AM PDT
Rich Martini says:
there are varying levels of trance depth when you're dealing with hypnosis. There are many therapists who use the hour as part of their session - you have an hour to access and change your way of behaving. For anyone who's actually tried hypnosis,they find it's not like stage hypnosis, or "quack like a duck" snap your fingers hypnosis, but more like a guided meditation. You're never out, or unconscious, but it's easier to access memories, or images. The kind of therapy involved with past life regression is typically longer - and the kind of therapy that deals with life between life therapy is from five to six hours. so that's an entirely different kettle of fish. And the technique that was pioneered by Michael Newton,who had thousands of clients under deep hypnosis before he published his results, utilizes time and questions to help a person to access the deepest parts of their subconscious. I've been filming these sessions for five years now,and they're quite successful at helping people access themselves at the deepest levels. And the success of the session has a lot to do with many factors - the abilities of the therapist,and how many sessions they've successfully accomplished,the ability of the person doing the session to be able to speak aloud and not edit what they are sensing or seeing - any amount of resistance can help make the session less than successful or even longer - like 'pulling teeth.' I've been fortunate enough to film with folks who are virtuosos in their field and in the past five years only found one person who gave up midway through her session - feeling she was "making things up." I did write up the transcript of her session for her,and it clearly showed she had remembered some specific details of a previous life, but it felt like 'pulling teeth.' The rest of them, whether skeptics or not, had pretty amazing results. Its not for everyone, but just wanted to clarify what the difference is.

Posted on Jul 5, 2012 6:36:32 AM PDT
The original question is very vague. Hence my initial tongue in cheek reply. The work you are doing with past life regression retrieval in deep trance is quite interesting. But there are many interpretations of the info you are getting, including that past lives they describing are organizational patterns of the subconscious. I did some work with someone who had a barbarian, a dragon, a fairy, a small street urchin girl, and a beautiful healer as manifestations of her mind. Did that mean she had lived each of those lives? Maybe and maybe not, it really didn't matter to me so long as they all moved and worked together and stopped sabotaging each others goals.

I happen to believe in reincarnation and life between lives, however if you believe that is the foundation of every worthwhile trance experience it's a little like claiming a real forest is only made up of one kind of tree and everything else is just a shrub.

Posted on Jul 5, 2012 10:10:12 AM PDT
happyvalley says:
First hypnosis course was years ago and I couldn't do it or become hypnotized. About 5 years later I tried it as a client, one-on-one, and, to my utter surprise, I stopped wanting them - no struggle, no thinking, just "reality". Ten years later I took a 3-day hypnotherapy course at a local place. Was not "academic" but the instructor had many, many years of stage and private experience. Not only did it again work for me, but I could do it. It is easy. However, it was curiousity so I never went anywere with it. Hypnosis feels like deep relaxation - but you are always aware and can always make a decision. It is just whether or not you want to make a decision not to let the experience go on. You can simply stand up or turn away or talk - whatever - and end it for yourself. If a situation is desirable or non-threatening, for example, you pretty much don't want to make a decision, so you let it go on. It is fun, relaxing, effective and probably not unlike meditation excpet for being nonspiritual. However, for me it does not work in a lasting way for pain, and I would be highly skeptical of it being useful to search out knowledge not knowable in other ways!

Posted on Jul 6, 2012 1:50:48 AM PDT
Last edited by the author on Jul 6, 2012 1:52:54 AM PDT
Rich Martini says:
Good point Having a moment - what you find in many past life regressions is that the details are all over the map. A barbarian, a dragon, a fairy, etc.. and how could that be? What I've found is that the reframe is in considering who is doing the session. Because Michael Newton was a skeptic, and didn't believe in past life regression, that meant when his client went into one, he rigorously grilled him on details. And many times, details that a person at first thinks they are experiencing turn out to be different under closer examination.

I can only tell you that when I interviewed Newton (and his wife) that I was struck at how much of a skeptic he was - didn't consider any of what passes for new age theory as worth of examination. He just sticks to what people say in his session - and he's done 7000 of them. He's also trained hundreds of folks who are having the same results. The point is, he pretty much still doesn't spend much time with past life regression - for him it's the gateway into the life between life research. Add to that these sessions are typically between five and six hours long - that's much longer than any normal psychiatric session I'm aware of. And I've done two of them now, and spent the entire time doing my best not to be "led into any path" - and I wound up there anyway. Not the same as others - I've seen and experienced that it's always different. No two folks describe the same event in the same way - but they do describe common themes, which Newton has cataloged. So it's not just that someone was a fairy in a past life - Newton has done 7000 sessions and found no dragons, no fairies - just people signing up to be people. (animals sign up to be animals, according to his clients, they have their own realm).

A "fairy like creature" may be reported - there are people who claim they don't always incarnate here on Earth - that there are other realms, other universes we can choose from. But they also claim in the same breath that "this is the desired playground" as if this is where the major league game is being played.

So the point is - it has a lot to do with the therapist. If they've been trained in the Newton method, then they've gone to this life between lives realm where they've experienced the signposts for themselves, and know what to look for. The vast majority of past life regressionists haven't had the benefit of being in this realm - sort of like taking a tour of Europe, but never having made it past Italy - the area beyond the Alps is "the great unknown." Well, in Newton's case, his clients have taken him to the rest of this world, and given him great insight into what's going on. So i'm a little beyond that phase or trying to prove or disprove that it's really happening - I've read his research, interviewed him and his trainees, filmed their sessions and had two of my own. And now I'm filming people who've never heard of Newton, using a therapist who's a virtuoso with his craft - and in the dozen or so cases I've filmed, many with skeptics, many with people I've known for decades - they all have the same experiences I did. There's no mathematical formula that can account for that - nor coincidence... the trance experience is really dependent on the two individuals.

If the subject has a really strong block on their subconscious - described by one as a "like a bouncer behind the rope" - they're going to have a hard time getting past the idea they're making everything up. There are other subjects who will float into fantasy or fears - in Newton's case he reported a preacher who "saw Satan" standing in front of him, breathing fire. Most therapists would have stopped the session and gotten their client back into his car. But Newton kept after this guy, trusting his research that this must indeed, be something else. So Newton said "Look at his feet. Describe them." And the guy saw tennis shoes. Then he realized that it was his spirit guide pretending to be Satan - because the guide wanted to show him an experience of the kind of fear that this guy had preached his whole life - scaring the shit out of his flock and using his power over them to advance himself. It was a humbling and life changing event to see that.

One could argue that it was himself creating a Satanic figure, as well as creating a spirit guide. But Newton did thousands of cases just like this before ever writing a word - 30 years worth before he published "Journey of Souls." Thousands reporting the same kind of story - being met by their spirit guide who has been watching over them for all their lifetimes.

Anyways I'm just agreeing with you - but pointing out that it really depends on the training of the therapist to get at the root of what's going on.

In reply to an earlier post on Jul 6, 2012 2:40:26 AM PDT
I would love to be hypnotized back into baby Hood with everything that has to do with being a baby

Posted on Jul 6, 2012 10:39:45 AM PDT
Kitty says:
Thank you all for this information. It has helped me make a decision regarding pain management.

In reply to an earlier post on Jul 6, 2012 3:29:57 PM PDT
You could probably do that. In hypno-therapy, normally, you are only regressed to a period that you need to work on.

Posted on Jul 6, 2012 3:42:38 PM PDT
Brian says:
In a chanelled message from the highest source there is, it was said that most of what is practiced today as "past life regression" was (unintentionally) bogus, or to put it simply - not true at all. Not all of those, but vast majority.
Just something to keep in mind.

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Marine says:
I quit a 3 pack a day smoking habit (Pall Mall) after one session with a graduate student and I wish I could find him again for other problems. It was one session 30 years ago and never smoked again.
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