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What historical hero would you most like to have in real life?

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Initial post: Mar 9, 2011 6:00:46 PM PST
I started this on the romance thread and thought I'd start it here to see what historical hero you'd most want (since the one I want is from a historical novel). I love the heroes in romance novels, the rakes, the bad boys. I love the whole redemption thing and I love a good grovel, but would I like one of these guys to be my real boyfriend/husband? Not on your life! I don't want a man who has slept with every prostitute in town (I love you Castleford but I sure am looking forward to love changing you) or who is the most perfect sexual partner because he has so much experience. I don't want a possessive hunk though I may love him in his story.

Who would I pick? Hayden Rothwell (The Rules of Seduction by Madeline Hunter). He's honest, loyal (to a fault), good looking, sexy, hasn't slept with everyone and their cousin, and when he finally falls in love he's bowled over by his heroine (Alexia). He's a stay-the-course kind of guy and not afraid to let his love be herself. I can see Hayden and Alexia having a long, loving and happy marriage.

So, who would be the historical hero you can see translating into your real life (with a change of clothes, of course!)

Posted on Mar 9, 2011 6:21:33 PM PST
A. Cleveland says:
Who is Castleford? I would love Kev Merripan from Seduction at Sunrise ... or Hart from A Rakes Guide to PLeasure. Maybe even Derek Craven from Dreaming of you.

Posted on Mar 9, 2011 8:44:45 PM PST
A. Cleveland: Castleford is the hero of Madeline Hunter's upcoming book, the last installment of "The Rarest Blossom Quartet". In the previous books he has been described as the "Duke of Slut". He will be paired with a very staunch and prim (at least so she was in the previous bboks) heroine. I am looking forward reading how Madeline Hunter is going to redeem his character.

For myself, I like Morgan St. James, hero of "With this Kiss" by Victoria Lynne. A tortured hero, who appears not to give a damn and who slowly throughout the book comes to term with his condition, the person who caused it and the outside word in general. It is an old book and hard to come by.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 9, 2011 9:35:01 PM PST
angela--Ooh, With this Kiss sounds good and one of the libraries in my area has a copy. I'm going to call about it tomorrow. Thanks for the great description.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 9, 2011 9:40:07 PM PST
A. Cleveland--Have you read any of Madeline Hunter's book? From the books you've listed it sounds like you might like her. As angela said in her post, he's really a debauched Duke and it's going to be a challenge for Hunter to turn him around. I'm so looking forward to it. Start with the first in the series, Ravishing in Red. The next two in order are Provocative in Pearls and Sinful in Satin. Castleford's book is Dangerous in Diamonds. It comes out the end of April.

Posted on Mar 10, 2011 9:04:57 PM PST
Your are welcome Anna.

Posted on Mar 12, 2011 1:46:16 PM PST
Last edited by the author on Mar 12, 2011 1:55:01 PM PST
Doreen says:
Gabriel "Saving Grace", Duncan "Honor's Splendour" and Royce "The Prize" all by Julie Garwood. (Actually, any hero from a JG historical)
Boltolf "Only for you" by Hannah Howell
Callum "Laird of the Mist" by Paula Quinn
Draven "Master of Desire" & Sin "Born in Sin" by Kinley MacGregor
Christopher "A Rose in Winter" by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss
Ivo "Once He Loves" & Gunnar "The Rose and the Shield" by Sara Bennet

All of them, hot, sexy men not afraid to to show a woman how they feel.

Posted on Mar 24, 2011 1:01:16 PM PDT
Last edited by the author on Mar 28, 2011 11:33:11 AM PDT
ddonald says:
Sulley from Susan Enoch...the horse trainer!

Posted on Mar 24, 2011 8:37:49 PM PDT
So I have to agree with Doreen.
I love almost all of Julie Garwood's hero's. I love Alec from The Bride and Broderick from Ransom
Callum from Laird of the Mist
Draven from Master of Desire
Cord from Eyes Of Silver Eyes Of Gold
I love any hero who is rough and tough and only shows his softer side to his women.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 25, 2011 7:27:08 AM PDT
H. Sullivan says:
In response to your original post, my pick would have to be Ramsey Munro from Connie Brockway's My Pleasure--yummy. He can protect me and teach me anything he wants!!!
Also, you recommended the M. Hunter series in another thread a couple of weeks ago. Ok, so I've now read Ravishing in Red, and am not really looking forward to reading the second--Provocative in Pearls. Am I missing something? Is it better than the description sounds? I really am anxious to read the 4th about Castleford, but I am a STICKLER for reading them in order, so is it worth it?? Please advise!!!


Posted on Mar 25, 2011 4:46:49 PM PDT
H. Sullivan~I just looked up My Pleasure and my library has it. I have read many Connie Brockway books so I'm going to get it and see what this Ramsey has to offer. :)

As to M. Hunter: Have you read any other of her books? If you didn't like Ravishing in Red you may not like Provocative in Pearls. PIP was my least favorite of the three I've read so far but I've read others on these threads that liked it better that Sinful in Satin, which I loved. It's pretty hard to tell if you would like the next book. I'd say if you can get it from the library give it a try. It may just be that M. Hunter is not the author for you. I've seen people rave about authors that I couldn't get past a few pages of and vice versa. M. Hunter happens to be one of my favorites.

Since you really want to read the books in order and are looking forward to Castleford's book, I'd say you're going to have to bite the bullet. If you could stand not to read PIP, skip to Sinful in Satin. Castleford plays a bigger role in that book and you get to see a more well round view of him. I really enjoyed the part he played so I would urge you to read at least that one. In any case, I'd be interested in hearing what you decide and if you've read any of her other books (or want to).

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 25, 2011 7:00:18 PM PDT
H. Sullivan says:
I'm so glad that your library has it. It's the 2nd in a series (I probably should've mentioned that in my first post), starting with My Seduction and ending with My Surrender. All 3 are very good, in my opinion. Another of Brockway's series' that I've recently read is Bridal Season and Bridal Favors, if you haven't already read those--very good as well.
Yes, I have read several of M. Hunter's, and for the most part liked them all. I just bought the entire "Seducer" series (at the used book store for 1/2 off!!) and Sinful in Satin today (I already have PIP and our Borders is going out of business--sniff). I'm going to take your advice and "bite the bullet"!!! I'm sure I'll enjoy once I get into it. It's not as if I didn't like RIR, I rated it a 3 on the 5 star scale (I rate my books so I can go back and see if I liked them or loved them when it comes to these discussions--corny, I know, but I read a lot and some you forget as soon as you shut the back cover)!!!

Thanks for all the info,

Posted on Mar 26, 2011 11:48:16 AM PDT
H. Sullivan~Just checked and my library has My Seduction so I'll start with that one. I usually don't read the Highland books because they often have so much of the dialect it's tiring to me but I'll give this a go.

I loved the Seducer series. Mmm, Dante!

Have you read the Rothwell brothers series? There are four books, out of which I liked two. The first one, Rules of Seduction, is my favorite. As I said in my OP, Hayden is my hero (except I've downgraded him to No. 2 because I had forgotten about Cam from Lisa Kleypas' Hathaway series.) I didn't like the second book, although I did like the brother, Elliott. I didn't like the h, Phaedra. You meet her in Rules of Seduction. And the final book, Sins of Lord Easterbrook, was a real disappointment to me. So I'm really hoping M. Hunter carries it off with Castleford's book.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 26, 2011 5:02:11 PM PDT
H. Sullivan says:
I have read the Rothwell bros series. I agree completely, I liked the first and third books, but not the second and last. The second was my least fave, I see that I rated it 2 stars!! From what I remember I didn't like Phaedra all that much either--I think I have a problem with that name b/c another author had a Phaedra that I didn't like that much either!!
I think I'm going to start on the Seducer series right after I finish off this Rarest Blooms series. Right now I'm reading Brockway's As You Desire (I guess I was on a Brockway kick)!! From what I remember the dialect isn't that bad, but don't quote me on that because it's been a really long (and 100's of books) ago!!!
Ahhh, yummy!! I think I would be happy with just about all of Kleypas' heroes, she writes them that well.
How do you decide what to read next?? Just curious....


Posted on Mar 27, 2011 7:23:17 AM PDT
Rita says:
i know he's a man wh*** but i love sebastion from devil in winter by lisa kleypas. to paraphrase georgette heyer i'd much rather be his last than his first. he is so deliciously hot and he is just my all time fave! but i do agree, i would probably adore any kleypas hero!

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 27, 2011 7:30:13 AM PDT
H. Sullivan says:
You are so right about Sebastian--wanting to be his last instead of his first!!! I love him too, but there's a little voice in the back of my mind that asks, "will he remain faithful to her for the long haul?" Blasphemous, I know, because I'm 99% sure that he would, but considering his past, there's that little whisper of a doubt!!!


Posted on Mar 27, 2011 7:43:08 AM PDT
Rita says:
h sullivan: i like to think sebastian wouldn't cheat because he has realized how empty his life was before. also he now has a job he is good at so he can find satisfaction in more than just women. have i thought about this WAAAY too much? yes, i have!! LOL

Posted on Mar 27, 2011 8:57:54 AM PDT
Oh, but don't you just love the way he's always playing with Evie's fingers in the later books? Whenever they're sitting down he has her hand in his and he's playing with her fingers. I just love that. Besides, she saved his life when he begged her not to let the doctors bleed him and she didn't. I think he'll be faithful.

Rita~Not only do we think about this way too much, we think they're real way too much!

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 27, 2011 9:02:10 AM PDT
H. Sullivan~Hope you enjoy the Seducer series. Post back what you think of them.

How do I decide what to read next? I get my books from the library and older regencies from used book stores. So I have an ongoing list of books that I check on at the library and get when they come in or I put a hold on them. It's really just reading what is available. I also get ideas from these threads (like the Connie Brockway books you suggested which I'll be getting soon). I also have a nothing from the library. How do you decide?

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 27, 2011 9:15:53 AM PDT
H. Sullivan says:
Hey Anna24Karenina (I think I'm going to shorten to Anna in the future!!),
I'm anxious to get the Seducer series started, and I'll for sure post back to let you know.
I, too, take a lot of rec's from these discussions. I have an ongoing list as well of just authors, then I'll see what kind of ratings they get, and write down their backlist (so I don't read those series out of order!). I have a list of about 50 pages or so of books/authors to be read and am constantly adding to and revising it. When I finish a book, I'll write down little notes like the hero was irritating and the rating--which I also keep track of on Amazon. Kind of tedious, but it helps me not to read the same book twice--which I've done!! I have a TBR pile of 100 books or so, which is threatening to take over the house!!
So what are you reading right now?


Posted on Mar 27, 2011 9:21:41 AM PDT
Heather~Using Anna is fine. Can I use Heather?

Right now I'm reading Behold, Here's Poison by Georgette Heyer. It's one of her mysteries. I read them all years ago but this is a reissue with a new cover. Some of her older books are hard to read because of the typesetting, very small and close together. A lot of her books have been rereleased with new covers and better print so I like when I can get those. Her mysteries take place in the 30's about. Have you read her regencies? Love her.

I just finished an older regency by Wilma Counts called Rules of Marriage. It takes place during the Peninsular Wars and most of the action is on the battlefields. I think Wilma Counts is great. I've read a couple others of hers and have one in my TBR pile. I really love the old Zebra and Signet regencies.


In reply to an earlier post on Mar 27, 2011 9:32:38 AM PDT
H. Sullivan says:
Yes, you sure can use Heather!
I have "tried" a Heyer, and I don't think I was in the right frame of mind to read her at the time. I was looking for something faster paced, and her's just seemed to drag. I can't remember what I tried, ummm, off the top of my head, I think it was Cotillion, but not 100% for sure about that, it's been so long. I'll have to try again though....
This will probably sound weird to anyone else, but in the spring/summer, I tend to read "lighter" historical romances/contemporaries, where I don't have to put much thought into them, and save the more factual, detail-laden ones for the winter when I can delve into them more in one sitting!!
I'll have to add Wilma Counts to my ever-growing list!!
When I first got back into reading, a few years ago, I only went to the library, but I soon outgrew it and now only buy them if they're at the UBS or on sale at Borders or Barnes and Noble!! Cheapskate!!


Posted on Mar 27, 2011 10:20:38 AM PDT
Last edited by the author on Mar 27, 2011 10:24:03 AM PDT
Rita says:
heather: do give georgette heyer another chance. especially if you can get a hold of the audio books. they are wonderful. i re read or listen to some every year. the mysteries are a lot like agatha christie but with a romance thrown in! they are such a wonderful snapshot in time they are well worth the time IMO.

anna: if only guys like that WERE real!! LOL

Posted on Mar 27, 2011 11:35:14 AM PDT
Rita~I listened to Devil's Cub and loved it, then read These Old Shades. So now I'm going to go back and listen to Devil's Cub again since I know the back story.

Heather~Heyer is a different kind of read from the normal regencies, even from the older ones. I love them because you have really interesting characters and you get to know them well. And they don't have all the sex that I think clutters up a lot of the newer ones. I love the newer ones, too, but not the books with lots and lots of detailed sex scenes. I really want a good story and I think Heyer gives that, but you do have to be in the right frame of mind.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 27, 2011 11:52:03 AM PDT
H. Sullivan says:
Rita and Anna,
I think I may have tried the wrong Heyer. Is there one you would recommend me starting with? I remember back when I tried the first one, I read a discussion that one poster stated that the majority of her heroes were very beta-ish, and I love the alpha heroes, so I think that kind of turned me off too. (Also by bringing up the hero(s), I was trying to get back to Anna's original post!!)

Thanks for all the info,
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