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Posted on May 1, 2012 3:55:20 PM PDT
Sixties fan says:
Part 3

International law

Main article: Additional Protocol to the Convention on Cybercrime

Some council-member states proposed an additional protocol to the Council of Europe Cybercrime Convention, addressing materials and "acts of racist or xenophobic nature committed through computer networks"; it was negotiated from late 2001 to early 2002, and, on 7 November 2002, the Council of Europe Committee of Ministers adopted the protocol's final text[65] titled Additional Protocol to the Convention on Cyber-crime, Concerning the Criminalisation of Acts of a Racist and Xenophobic Nature Committed through Computer Systems, ("Protocol").[66] It opened on 28 January 2003, and became current on 1 March 2006; as of 30 November 2011, 20 States have signed and ratified the Protocol, and 15 others have signed, but not yet ratified it (including Canada and South Africa).[67]

The Protocol requires participant States to criminalise the dissemination of racist and xenophobic material, and of racist and xenophobic threats and insults through computer networks, such as the Internet.[68] Article 6, Section 1 of the Protocol specifically covers Holocaust Denial, and other genocides recognised as such by international courts, established since 1945, by relevant international legal instruments. Section 2 of Article 6 allows a Party to the Protocol, at their discretion, only to prosecute the violator if the crime is committed with the intent to incite hatred or discrimination or violence; or to use a reservation, by allowing a Party not to apply Article 6 - either partly or entirely.[69] The Council of Europe's Explanatory Report of the Protocol says that the "European Court of Human Rights has made it clear that the denial or revision of 'clearly established historical facts - such as the Holocaust - . . . would be removed from the protection of Article 10 by Article 17' of the European Convention on Human Rights" (see the Lehideux and Isorni judgement of 23 September 1998);[69]

Two of the English speaking states in Europe, Ireland and the United Kingdom, have not signed the additional protocol, (the third, Malta, signed on 28 January 2003, but has not yet ratified it).[70] On 8 July 2005 Canada became the only non European state to sign the convention. They were joined by South Africa in April 2008. The United States government does not believe that the final version of the Protocol is consistent with the United States' First Amendment Constitutional rights and has informed the Council of Europe that the United States will not become a Party to the protocol.[71][72]

[edit] Domestic law

There are various domestic laws against negationism and hate speech (which may encompass negationism), in sixteen different countries including
Austria (Article 3h Verbotsgesetz 1947),
Belgium (Belgian Holocaust denial law),
the Czech Republic,
Germany (§130(3) of the penal code),
Poland (Article 55 of the law establishing the Institute of National Remembrance 1998),
and Switzerland (Article 261bis of the Penal Code).

Additionally, the Netherlands considers denying the Holocaust as a hate crime - which is a punishable offense.[73] Wider use of domestic laws include the 1990 French Gayssot Act that prohibits any "racist, anti-Semitic or xenophobic" speech.,[73] and the Czech Republic[74] and the Ukraine[75] have criminalised the denial and the minimisation of Communist-era crimes.
French law recognising colonialism's "positive value:"

Main article: French law on colonialism

On 23 February 2005, the Union for a Popular Movement (UMP) conservative majority at the French National Assembly voted a law compelling history textbooks and teachers to "acknowledge and recognize in particular the positive role of the French presence abroad, especially in North Africa".[76] Criticized by historians and teachers, among them Pierre Vidal-Naquet, who refused to recognise the French Parliament's right to influence the way history is written (despite the French Holocaust denial laws, see Loi Gayssot). That law was also challenged by left-wing parties and the former French colonies; critics argued that the law was tantamount to refusing to acknowledge the racism inherent to French colonialism, and that the law proper is a form of historical revisionism. [note 6][77][78]

Supporters of the law were denounced as a resurgent "colonial lobby", a term used in late nineteenth-century France to identify supporters of French colonialism, i.e. deputies, scientists, businessmen, et al. In the event, the public's discontent with the law compelled President Jacques Chirac to publicly oppose it, and his own UMP majority, who approved the law; defying such historical revisionism, he said, "In a Republic, there is no official history. It is not to the law to write history. Writing history is the business of historians".[79] He then decreed to the President of the Assembly, Jean-Louis Debré (UMP), that he delete the revisionist article of law ordering the "recognition of the positive role of the French presence abroad". To effect that, President Chirac ordered Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin to seize the Constitutional Council of France, whose decision would allow repealing the law.[80] The Constitutional Council judged that history textbook regulation is not the domain of the law, but of the administrative reglementation [regulation], and the article was repealed in early 2006.

Moreover, further debate about colonialism, which is linked to immigration, continued in France; historian Benjamin Stora noted that colonialism is an important "memory" stake influencing how communities, and the nation, itself, represent themselves, because official state history has accepted French historic crimes and errors with great difficulty; the historian Olivier LeCour Grandmaison also criticized the 23 February 2005 law. It was not until 1999 that the French National Assembly recognised the Algerian War (1954-62)-previously a "public order operation"-as a "war" proper.[81] Hence philosopher Paul Ricœur's (1981) emphasis upon the need for a "decolonization of memory", because mentality, itself, has been colonised in the "Age of imperialism".

[edit] See also
Academic integrity
Big Lie
Black Legend
Cognitive dissonance
Dunning School
Dustbin of history
Hate speech
Historical revisionism
History wars (Australia)
Information warfare
French Loi Gayssot
Memory hole
Selective omission - biaises to taboo some elements of a collective memory .

[edit] Cases of denialism
Armenian Genocide denial
Denial of the Holodomor
Genocide denial
Holocaust denial
Nanking Massacre controversy and denial
Temple Denial

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John M. Lane says:
More SPAM, eh, Lawrence A. Dickerson?

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Bruce Bain says:

Yeah, right!


In other words, Tehran is threatened not only by what America does, but by what America is: a depraved, postmodern colonial power bent on achieving global cultural hegemony. America's "strategic policy," Khamenei has said, "is seeking female promiscuity."




So American only wishes the "promiscuity" of Women. What Iran wants is either to rape or kill them.

Odd how the entire perspective on the issue, bars Iranian men from thinking about centuring either their own Behavior or their Mind.


And oh yeah, what countries have passed down the cultural tradition of BELLY DANCING?

Right, it was those Europeans!


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William B says:

RE: "It might actually inject a dose of historical reality into the anti-Semitic conspiratorial theories that dominate his world view..."

Not bloody likely given what we see on a daily basis.

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L. King says:
Sieg Heil Larry, but you won't mainstream Naziism here.

And a note to everyone, except Larry the antisemitic loser - He's actually quoting the well know antisemite Michael A. Hoffman II

"Michael Anthony Hoffman II, (born 1954, New York), is an American journalist, conspiracy theorist and Holocaust denier who describes himself as a "heretical writer." Hoffman is the managing editor of the newsletter Revisionist History. "

etc, etc

Larry, who's known to quote Ingrid Zundel the current wife of Ernst Zundel, who is published in a well known "veterinary" webzine, is going to be talked about from time to time in this thread, but I don't think should be talked to. No need to encourage the trash, just remind it to escort itself out.

Larry might be interested in reading Zundel's "The Hitler We Loved & Why, published under an assumed name of Christoff Friedrich. No doubt it will confirm his early posting where he voiced the opinion that Hitler was a "voice of reason".

Posted on May 1, 2012 4:21:52 PM PDT
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Posted on May 1, 2012 4:22:57 PM PDT
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John M. Lane says:
That's odd, Lawrence A. Dickerson, Rabbi Meir Kahane never bothered me even though I had kinsmen who were Hitler-era Nazis, including one who was an SS officer.

By the way, do you recall who murdered Kahane?

Posted on May 1, 2012 7:13:44 PM PDT
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J. Schwarz says:
Oh happiness. I thought I would have to continue on the propaganda site and continue to fight with Laddie boy forever. Lets try to keep him away because methinks the guy has really flipped his wig. Definitely some screws missing from his toolbox. Too late, the kook found us. Just vote negative so we don't have to read his hate, or just ask him about his education and listen to his lies. I see most of LADs posts were closed by Amazon. I wonder why? Maybe because his posts add NOTHING to the conversation. The poor guy must feel utterly worthless, and rightly so, because his posts are utterly worthless.

Posted on May 2, 2012 7:27:01 AM PDT
Sixties fan says:
Erev Tov Israel !

A 14th Century Haggadah Meets 21st Century Technology

A renowned 14th-century Haggadah is now available to browse on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

AAFont Size
By Rachel Hirshfeld
First Publish: 5/2/2012, 4:41 PM

A renowned 14th-century Haggadah is now available to browse on the iPad, The Jewish Chronicle reported.

The medieval "Rylands Haggadah," originally created in Spain, was restored by experts at the University of Manchester's John Rylands Library.

The app features a narration by Rabbi Shlomo Ellituv, the minister of the Spanish and Portuguese Congregation in Manchester.

"It's a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn more about Jewish culture," explained Dr. Yaakov Wise, from the University of Manchester's Centre for Jewish Studies.

The Haggadah is currently on display at the "Medieval Jewish Art in Context" exhibition in the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

Each month, the Haggadah will be open to a different page, affording visitors the opportunity to follow the artist's telling of the Jewish people's exodus from the land of Egypt.

The Rylands Haggadah is available on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Posted on May 2, 2012 7:47:14 AM PDT
Sixties fan says:

Arab Ambush of Children's Bus in Jerusalem

First person report: A bus full of children ages 3 to 13 is pelted by rocks and cinder blocks by Arab teens in the Abu Tur neighborhood.

AAFont Size
By Chana Ya'ar
First Publish: 5/2/2012, 12:31 PM

A bus filled with children ages 3 to 13 was suddenly pelted with rocks and concrete cinder blocks hurled by Arab teens in Jerusalem's mixed Jewish-Arab neighborhood of Abu Tur.

Rivka and Eilat, two eighthgrade students living in the area who were on the bus at the time, told Arutz Sheva about the experience.

The incident started when the bus reached Naomi Street. Large rocks began flying at the bus, cracking the windows and breaking the front door completely.

Although the windows were made of reinforced glass, and thus remained in place with the black marks from the blows of the stones and cinder blocks, the door was "completely broken," they said.

"I saw only his face," Rivka and Eilat said, adding that they saw three children about 10 years old with rocks in their hands approach the bus. They hurled their missiles at their Jewish victims and then quickly raced away into the alleys of the neighborhood.

It is certain the ambush was planned well in advance by a guiding hand that understood the schedules of the Jewish school bus, and how to exploit the passion and ignorance of Arab youth.

The instant the bus was struck by rocks, the Arab bus driver immediately hit the gas pedal and accelerated the speed to flee from the scene.

"They threw [the rocks] and ran away. Police and an ambulance with sirens came within a minute, and began to investigate," the children related.

"There was great fear in the bus," they added. "Children were shaking and crying. There were some who were 3 years old, children who were not used to rock throwing," they said. "But there were no bombs, thank G-d."

Rivka and Eilat are certain this event will not stop them from traveling in the area. "We are not afraid," they said. "It is important to keep traveling, and for them to know we are not afraid of them. We must be here."

They spoke of returning to school the next morning, to the same routine without fear and without choice - because this is the only route to their school - just like every other student.

Posted on May 2, 2012 8:03:09 AM PDT
Sixties fan says:

Wednesday, May 2, 2012A 1913 Film of Eretz Yisrael. If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, a Film Is Worth a Million
The 11th Zionist Congress met in Vienna in August 1913. Four months earlier, in April, a film crew left Odessa by ship to prepare a film on the Life of the Jews of Palestine that would be shown at the Congress. The producer, Noah Sokolovsky, spent two months filming the cities, holy sites, and agricultural communities of Eretz Yisrael.

The film was presented and then lost. 

In 1997, the original negative was found in France. The 80-minute film was restored and edited by Yaacov Gross. In 2000 the film was shown at several Jewish film festivals and was even reviewed in The New York Times.

Segments of the film were posted on YouTube 2009. In April 2012 Arik Rubin posted this one-hour YouTube clip. The film is narrated by Israeli entertainer Yehoram Gaon, and whether viewed in segments or in one continuous clip, it should not be missed. The Online Hebrew clip has no English subtitles.

View another film -- from 1918 -- here.

Travelogue and PR for the Zionist Congress

Sokolovsky's ship sailed from Odessa in April 1913 with 92 Jews destined for Eretz Yisrael. Some went for educational purposes, others went for health reasons, for employment, or to visit family during Passover. Two families consisting of 19 people made aliya, moved to the Holy Land.

The trip would take 11 days, stopping in Constantinople, Alexandria, and finally Jaffa.

Gymnasia school (circa 1925)

The residents of the Yishuv poured out into the streets wherever the film crew showed up. School holidays were declared, and the film showed hundreds of students from Tel Aviv's Gymnasia school and a Jaffa teachers school.

[Four years later, the Jews of Tel Aviv - Jaffa were expelled by the Turks, and many perished.]

In Petach Tikva, the "mother of the settlements," the clip showed the well-established orange industry, including camel caravans taking the crates of oranges to Jaffa port for export.

Zichron Yaakov synagogue
Sokolovksy and his crew filmed in Zichron Yaakov on the Sabbath and showed the residents leaving the synagogue after services. Zichron, the "Paris of Eretz Yisrael" and its wine industry were supported by Baron Rothschild. The vineyards of Zichron and Rishon Lezion that he sponsored are on the films.

The clip shows the building of the Technion in Haifa, expressing pride that 100 of the 130 construction workers were Jewish. Other locations visited included Hadera, Kinneret, Rosh Pinna, Jericho, Rishon Lezion, Nes Ziona, and Gedera.

A segment on Tiberias shows the town's two yeshivot, servicing the 2,000 Sephardi and 2000 Ashkenazi Hasidic Jews.

An incredible segment of the agricultural work in Migdal shows a one-armed man plowing behind a horse (picture on the left). The man was Yosef Trumpledor, a veteran of the Russo-Japanese war who lost his arm in the fighting. In World War I he formed the Zion Mule Corps and fought in Gallipoli. In 1920, Trumpledor was killed defending the Tel Hai community in the Galilee.

Filming in Jerusalem

The Odessa film-makers took the train to Jerusalem, filming along the way. In Jerusalem, they showed the throngs of Jews at the Western Wall on Passover and visiting the grave of Shimon HaTzaddik. Hundreds of school children marched for the camera, and the narrator added that 120 Jewish children had been saved from missionary schools.

The photographers stopped on the way to Hebron to film Jews at Rachel's Tomb and then filmed the Grave of the Patriarchs in Hebron -- only from the outside. The Muslims would not permit Jews to enter the shrine, and pious Jews could be seen praying next to an external wall. 1200 Jews lived in Hebron.

The last segment shows a festival held in Rehovot that attracted 6,000 Jews from around Palestine. A chartered train brought hundreds from Tel Aviv to Ramle and they continued to Rehovot by wagon, horse or on foot -- a 3-4 hour hike. In a precursor to today's "Maccabiah" athletic games, an athletic presentation was given by sportsmen from around Eretz Yisrael. The "festival of Hebrew youth" also attracted 40 Jewish athletes from Germany.

The film shows that Jewish life in Palestine in 1913 was vibrant and productive -- 35 years before the founding of Israel. Within a few short years, however, the winds of World War I would sweep across Palestine, plunging the Jews of the Yishuv into a period of starvation, pestilence, exile and hardship.

Posted on May 2, 2012 8:06:40 AM PDT
Sixties fan says:

Bobby Kennedy in Palestine -- 1st of 4 Boston Post Articles from 60 Years Ago

British Hated by Both Sides

Robert Kennedy, Special Writer for Post, Struck by Antipathy Shown by `Arabs and Jews'

By Robert Kennedy, June 3, 1948

RFK on Jerusalem street near King
David Hotel. Today, HUC building
on the right side of the street
 Certainly if Arthur Balfour, Britain's foreign minister during the first World War, had realized the conflicting interpretations which were to be placed on his famous "declaration" calling for a homeland for the Jews, he probably would have drawn it with its meaning clearer and saved the world the bloodshed that its double promises have caused. In his attempt to conciliate both Jews and Arabs in a time of distress for the British empire, conciliated neither.

No great thought was given to it at the time, for Palestine was then a relatively unimportant country. There were then not the great numbers of homeless Jews that we have now and no one believed then that the permission granted for Jewish immigration would lead 30 years later to world turmoil on whether a national home should mean an autonomous national state.

First let us consider the viewpoint of the Arabs in regard to the national homeland promised to the Jews in the Balfour Declaration.
The Arabs by word and deed leave no question in anyone's mind how they feel. They argue that the Balfour Declaration supports their point that no national state was promised, pointing to the clauses in the declaration that says the national home shall be set up subject to the civil rights of the people living in Palestine at this time. In recent years they have pointed to the United Nations charger and the Article dealing with the self-determination of nations. Let us adhere to that, the Arabs say, and let the people, that is the Arabs who are involved, decide the question by the democratic processes. If this policy of participation was truly adhered to they say, then why couldn't there be a partition with the "the" partition set aside for the Arab minorities?

The Arabs are most concerned about the great increase in the Jews in Palestine: 80,000 in 1948. The Arabs have always feared this encroachment and maintain that the Jews will never be satisfied with just their section of Palestine, but will gradually move to overpower the rest of the country and will eventually move onto the enormously wealthy oil lands. They are determined that the Jews will never get the toehold that would be necessary for the fulfillment of that policy.

Always Will Attack

With a pretend sling-shot in hand
  They are willing to let the Jews remain as peaceful citizens subject to the rule of the Arab majority just as the Arabs are doing in such great number in Egypt and the Levant states, but they are determined that a separate Jewish state will be attacked and attacked until it is finally cut out like an unhealthy abscess.

The Arabs believe they contributed greatly to making the Allied victory possible in the first World War. At the Paris peace conference they felt that they received nothing comparable to what they were promised for their fight under Lawrence against the Turks. Rather, due to power politics, British and French domination replaced that of the Ottoman empire. The Arab leaders attribute their country's backwardness to these 400 uninterrupted years as subservience to the Ottoman empire.

The Jewish people on the other hand believe that if it were not for the wars and invasions that racked Palestine and which sent them scattered and persecuted throughout the world, Palestine would today be theirs.

It would be theirs just as when Moses led them from Egypt into the Palestinian plains which they point out were unoccupied except for a few Bedouin tribes.

Set Up Laboratories

Under the supposition that, at the finish of the mandate, this was to be their national state, they went to work. They set up laboratories where world-famous scientists could study and analyze soils and crops. The combination of arduous labor and almost unlimited funds from the United States changed what was once arid desert into flourishing orange groves.
Soils had to be washed of salt, day after day, year after year, before crops could be planted. One can see this work going on in lesser or more advanced stages wherever there are Jewish settlements in Palestine.
From a small village of a few thousand inhabitants, Tel Aviv has grown into a most impressive modern metropolis of over 200,000. They have truly done much with what all agree was very little.

The Jews point with pride to the fact that over 500,000 Arabs in the 12 years between 1932 and 1944, came into Palestine to take advantage of living conditions existing in no other Arab state. This is the only country in the Near and Middle East where an Arab middle class is in existence.

The Jews point out that they have always taken a passive part in the frequent revolutions that have racked the country, because of the understanding that they would eventually be set free from British mandateship. They wished to do nothing to impair this expected action.

During the second World War they sent numerous volunteer Jewish brigades which fought commendably with the British in Italy. In addition to that, many Palestinian Jews fought as volunteers with Allied troops throughout the world and still others were dropped by parachute into German-held territory as espionage agents. They were perhaps doing no more than their duty, but they did their duty well.

The Jews feel that promise after promise to them has been broken. They can quote freely, for example, from speech after speech of Labor Party leaders in the election campaign prior to the victory of the Labor Party in England, to attest to the fact that one need not even refer back to the controversial Balfour declaration to learn Britain's attitude and promises toward a Jews state was to be one of the first acts of the Labor government if it were put into power. The Jews, remembering this, have rather bitterly named the black bombed out [area] in the Ben Yehuda disaster, "Bevin square." [An Arab car bomb in Jerusalem in February 1948 killed some 50 people.]

It is an unfortunate fact that because there are such well founded arguments on either side each grows more and more bitter toward the other. Confidence in their right increases in proportion to the hatred and mistrust for the other side for not acknowledging it.

(for more go online)

Posted on May 2, 2012 8:36:04 AM PDT
Sixties fan says:

Op-Ed: Gilbert & Sullivan in "Palestine"
Published: Tuesday, May 01, 2012 8:27 PM

Sometimes the manipulations and corruption of Abbas and Fayyad resemble nothing less than a Gilbert & Sullivan lampoon - with about as much connection with reality as the HMS Pinafore's ruler of the Queen's Navy who would "never go to sea".

Yonatan Silverman
The author is a professional translator from Hebrew to English. He is the author of For the World to See:The Life of Margaret Bourke White. He operates the online newsletter SARTABA.

The schemes and maneuvers of the Palestinian Authority, especially since they closed the door on bilateral negotiations with Israel in 2009, are just frivolous and even farcical.

The things they do and say may stab Israel in the back diplomatically, but they have no practical purpose. The schemes and maneuvers the Palestinian Authority has implemented since 2009 will gain them absolutely nothing.

Bilateral negotiations are the only path to a permanent settlement of the problem. Over the last few weeks however, the president of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas has taken a dive off the frivolous and farcical plane into Gilbert and Sullivan government-lampooning comedy.

It all started with a very dramatic letter Abbas wrote to PM Netanyahu, ostensibly as a last ditch effort to restart negotiations. The letter was revised many times and one big revision apparently was Abbas's change of mind about dismantling the Palestinian Authority. He withdrew that threat. Among other things, Abbas wrote in the letter that Israel's actions have stripped the Palestinian Authority of its "raison d'etre", creating a reality which cannot continue.

"As a result of actions taken by successive Israeli governments, the Palestinian National Authority no longer has any authority, and no meaningful jurisdiction in the political, economic, territorial and security spheres," says the letter.

The letter also explicitly states the PA's demands for renewing negotiations with Israel:

Abbas asks Israel to outline "as soon as possible" its positions on four key issues: the principle of a two-state solution based on the pre-1967 borders, halting all settlement activity, releasing PA prisoners, and the revocation of all decisions which undermine agreements between the two sides since 2000.

And this is precisely where this episode descends from an international political issue to musical comedy in the style of Gilbert and Sullivan.

The PA demands are in the form of an ultimatum to Israel.

An Abbas spokesperson said that the PA was ready to restart negotiations with Israel if Jerusalem responds positively to the list of Palestinians demands outlined in the letter by Abbas and relayed to Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

Otherwise, the PA will resume efforts to unilaterally achieve UN recognition of the Palestinian state, and move to isolate Israeli. "occupation" policies by exposing their real effects on Palestinians living in the West Bank, the spokesperson warned.

Of course, these threats are as hollow as a plugged nickel. But this is the sort of parlor drama the Palestinians perform and for which they obtain world recognition. Go figure.

It seems few in the world were paying attention, however, to the truly ridiculous scenario that developed surrounding the delivery of Abbas's vaunted letter to Netanyahu.

The meeting with Netanyahu in which the letter was to be delivered was supposed to be attended by Fayyad, Erekat and the PA's intelligence chief, Majed Faraj. Netanyahu was accompanied by his long-time envoy, Yitzhak Molkho.

But at the last minute, Fayyad backed out, citing as his reason the fact the meeting coincided with Palestinian prisoner's day hunger strikes.

One source quoted Fayyad as saying, "I don't work as a postman for Abbas and Fatah."

So Erekat handed Netanyahu the Abbas letter, and the prime minister stated he would send his answer in two weeks.

But now comes the operetta's denouement. Abbas became angry with Fayyad for failing to attend the high level meeting and hand deliver his letter to Netanyahu.

Consequently, Abbas refused to answer Fayyad's calls, and the presidential office refrained from scheduling a meeting between the two to decide on changes in Fayyad's government.

PA President Abbas has also moved to censor Palestinian websites that are critical of his leadership.

Ma'an News Agency in Bethlehem is reporting that at least 8 websites have been taken offline by PalTel, the Palestinian telecommunications company, using specialized software, under the direction of Abbas.

The officials of the Palestinian Authority are showing their true colors. They are exposing the fact that the governing administration of the Palestinian Arab population in the West Bank is fascist and totalitarian. Democracy isn't even part of their diction, despite the fact they periodically hold bogus and illegitimate elections.

The plague of PA censorship of critical websites is a prime emblem of fascist and totalitarian governments. Repressive regimes live and breathe on a tissue of vicious lies. Information sources that oppose them and threaten to expose these lies are instant targets for censorship and closure. If the totalitarian PA lives and breathes on lying in this way to its own people - just imagine the whoppers they are constantly spinning to the nation of Israel.

No one seems to know if this tempest in the PA teapot has blown over or whether Abbas continues to give Fayyad the cold shoulder.

But the Donor Nations have definitely taken note of the controversy. They warned Abbas not to try removing Fayyad from his position as PA finance minister. Meanwhile, PA and Fatah officials in Ramallah refused to discuss the Abbas-Fayyad tensions in public.

However, some Fatah officials pointed out that the rivalry between the two men was not new and that tensions between them have existed for some time now. The officials noted that Fayyad had opposed Abbas's statehood bid at the UN in September 2011 or the way the PA president was handling the issue of reconciliation with Hamas.

"President Abbas appointed Fayyad and he is the only one who could fire him or keep him in power," said Fatah legislator Najat Abu Baker.

Unfortunately, Abu Baker's statement above is a cover-up and distortion of Fayyad's position as PA prime minister:

On January 25, 2006, elections were held for the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), the legislature of the Palestinian Authority (PA). Hamas won these elections to the Palestinian Legislative Council and the terror organization's leader Ismail Haniyeh became prime minister.

Then Prime Minister, Ahmed Qurei, resigned, but at the request of President Mahmoud Abbas, remained as interim Prime Minister until February 19, when newly elected prime minister Haniyeh formed the new government.

Hamas terrorist entry into the Palestinian Authority government triggered sanctions. The 2006-2007 economic sanctions against the Palestinian Authority were imposed by Israel and the Quartet on the Middle East against the Palestinian Authority and their territories.

President Mahmoud Abbas dismissed Haniyeh from office on 14 June 2007 at the height of the Hamas bloody coup for control of Gaza, but Haniyeh did not acknowledge the decree and continues to exercise prime ministerial authority in the Gaza Strip. The Palestinian Legislative Council also continues to recognize his authority.

On 14 June 2007, Abbas appointed Salem Fayyad in Haniyeh's place. This followed action by Hamas armed forces to take control of Gaza. The appointment of Fayyad to replace Haniyeh has been challenged as illegal however, because under the Palestinian Authority Basic Law, the President of the Palestinian Authority may dismiss a sitting prime minister, but may not appoint a replacement without the approval of the Palestinian Legislative Council.

According to the law, until a new prime minister is thus appointed, the outgoing prime minister heads a caretaker government.

Fayyad's appointment was never placed before, or approved, by the Legislative Council. For this reason, Haniyeh has continued to operate in Gaza, and been recognized by a large number of Palestinians as the legitimate acting prime minister.

Anis al-Qasem, the Palestinian constitutional lawyer who drafted the Basic Law, is among those who publicly declared the appointment of Fayyad to be illegal.

What this episode says simply about the PA and its key players is that their corruption and manipulation are so thick you can cut themt with a knife.

If Abbas were to appoint Winston Churchill himself as the PA prime minister, there can be no doubt but that even a venerable world leader of Churchill's stature would not survive the stain of Palestinian Authority corruption.

Posted on May 2, 2012 9:21:37 AM PDT
Sixties fan says:

Op-Ed: Peace Now What?

Published: Tuesday, May 01, 2012 8:12 PM

Peace Now seems to enjoy seeing Jewish families expelled from their homes.

Giulio Meotti
The writer, an Italian journalist with Il Foglio, writes a weekly column for Arutz Sheva. He is the author of the book "A New Shoah", that researched the personal stories of Israel's terror victims, published by Encounter. His writing has appeared in publications, such as the Wall Street Journal, Frontpage and Commentary.

Peace Now died last month, when Israel's leftist anti-"settlement" group won the battle to expel children and families from their homes in Migron.

The High Court's decision to evacuate the Jewish town was based on a Peace Now petition, arguing that the community had been built on "private Palestinian land" (despite the fact that up until this point every Arab who tried to prove ownership in court was thrown out in disgrace).

Peace Now represents a negligible minority in the marginal leftist fringe of the Israeli society.

But it's winning the battle to dismantle Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.

Cyclically, Peace Now has been pronounced dead.

Its ideological gospel over the years had been simple: the Arabs are totally committed to reconciliation with the Jews, all that prevents this wonderful agreement is Israel's refusal to withdraw from the territories, including east Jerusalem, and to demolish the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.

The group invented Israel's most successful political slogan: "Peace Now".

Under its pressure, Israel signed the disastrous Oslo Accords.

Under the continuing pressure of the same people and slogan, Ehud Barak went to Camp David (ordinary Israelis know what has followed since then and understand clearly how dangerous the entire concept of "Peace Now" has been since the late 1970s).

Peace Now then tried to create a Brit Yonit, a "Dovish Covenant" which would include the entire Left, both parliamentary and extra-parliamentary. They failed.

Then after two decades of advocating "a negotiated settlement with the 'Palestinians'", the group changed strategy and began demanding a unilateral withdrawal from Judea and Samaria, which means the eviction of over 400.000 Jews and the destruction of entire cities and towns.

The ocean of Jewish blood and tears of the Second Intifada buried Peace Now's illusion along with those of other extreme leftist groups such as Meretz, Gush Shalom, haKibbutz haArtzi, Netivot Shalom, Forum of Bereaved Parents, Democratic Choice and Students Draw a Border.

But after the collapse of the Oslo process, Peace Now had to find itself a new holy vessel - or cease to exist: that is when it invented "the land owners' myth".

It is part of their primitive view of history, a world divided between the good guys - the Arabs - and the bad guys - the "settlers". The "real thing" for them is not implementing "the rule of law", neither is it the issue of Arab land rights.

Rather, they just want to see Israeli soldiers and policemen bashing Israeli mothers and children with batons, a repeat of what happened in Amona. Young children and babies thrown out of their beds at 2 a.m., in the freezing cold while expelling families from their homes. Brave mothers treated criminally.

A legal pogrom of Jews against Jews.

...after the collapse of the Oslo process, Peace Now had to find itself a new holy vessel - or cease to exist.
Israel - and real peace - have paid a high price for Peace Now's utopia. One can only hope that Israeli leaders have learned the lesson. Pacifism in the face of terror has nothing to do with peace.

It will be a disgrace if thousands of brave Jewish families pay for Peace Now's peace of shame.

Posted on May 2, 2012 11:36:08 AM PDT
Diva says:
Hi nice Folks,

I just heard on Fox News Israel has mobilized some of it's reserves and placed them at the Egyptian and Syrian borders.

None of the Israeli News Sites make a mention of it. Any of you heard anything??

In reply to an earlier post on May 2, 2012 1:07:09 PM PDT
Rachel says:

A pleasure to have you here again!


In reply to an earlier post on May 2, 2012 1:09:10 PM PDT
Last edited by the author on May 2, 2012 3:35:54 PM PDT
Rachel says:
Jeff & Shalom Yerushalayim:

Let us not engage them in this thread.
Even when the provocations are beyond limit. Let us NOT have any contact with them here.

Of course we will enjoy our niche.

In reply to an earlier post on May 2, 2012 1:22:01 PM PDT
Susanna says:
Hi Diva,

I just did a quick scan of news from CNN website and did n't see anything on it either...will check again later

In reply to an earlier post on May 2, 2012 1:30:13 PM PDT
Diva says:
Hi Shoshy,

I watched it on Megyn Kelly's show with a live report from Jerusalem. It is not on Fox's website.

Posted on May 2, 2012 1:43:54 PM PDT
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In reply to an earlier post on May 2, 2012 1:45:52 PM PDT
John M. Lane says:
SPAM at twenty paces!

What a man!

Posted on May 2, 2012 2:46:11 PM PDT
Sixties fan says:

Stone Throwing Attacks Spike in Yesha

There were three separate attacks on Israeli vehicles in Judea and Samaria on Wednesday; and another in Jerusalem.

AAFont Size
By Gabe Kahn
First Publish: 5/2/2012, 9:27 PM
Smashed windshield
courtesy of Yesha Council, Avraham Weiss

There were three incidents of stones being hurled at vehicles in BInyamin and Gush Etzion in Judea on Wednesday.

Close to the village of El Arub, located southwest of Bethlehem on the Hevron-Bethlehem highway, Arabs threw stones at an Israeli bus. No one was injured, but the bus was damaged.

In Tatzpit, only a few minutes later, it was reported a group of Arabs hurled stones at another Israeli bus. No one was injured, but the bus was damaged.

Later, a group of Arabs stoned several vehicles near the village of Deir Abu Mashal, which is close to the Binyamin Junction. Vehicles were damaged and one woman was treated for shock.

In all three incidents, the IDF deployed forces to search for the instigators.

In Jerusalem, a fourth incident occurred in the mixed Arab-Jewish Abu Tor neighborhood. A bus carrying children aged from 3 to 13 was set upon by local Arabs who smashed the vehicle with cinderblocks.

The Arab bus driver hit the gas and sped away to clear the area. No one was injured, but the bus was damaged.

Such attacks have proven fatal in the past. On 23 September 2011, Arabs near Hevron hurled a large stone through the windshield of Asher Palmer, 25.

The stone smashed through the windshield, striking Palmer in the head and causing him to lose control of his vehicle. Both Palmer and his infant son, Yonatan, were killed when the car went off the road and down an embankment.

Regional activists say, "In the past two weeks there have been almost daily incidents of stone throwing at Israeli vehicles in at least one of these locations. This should be noted by officials. There was once a military checkpoint there that was staffed regularly, but it was removed a year and a half ago."

Posted on May 2, 2012 3:03:24 PM PDT
Sixties fan says:
Wednesday, May 2, 2012
CAMERA - The World Is Flat and Some Israeli Told Me So
02 May '12..

"The world is flat. How do I know? Some Israeli told me!"

That's about what 60 Minutes Producer Harry Radliffe would have us believe.

Radliffe, you'll remember, was the producer of the 60 Minutes segment on Christians in the Holy Land - the segment that falsely reported the security barrier "completely surrounds Bethlehem, turning the `little town' where Christ was born into what its residents call `an open air prison.'"

The security barrier does not "completely surround Bethlehem" but in fact passes by its northern and western sides.

CAMERA called Radliffe on Monday April 30, 2012 and asked for 60 Minutes' source of misinformation about the security barrier. Radliffe said that the Israeli Ministry of Defense was the source of information about the security barrier. He went on to say that maybe the people at the Ministry of Defense "don't know what they are talking about" suggesting that the error was not the fault of 60 Minutes, but was really the fault of the Israeli government.

When CAMERA asked Radliffe for the name of the official at the Ministry of Defense who gave 60 Minutes the information he said he didn't have the name and that we should call 60 Minutes' office in Tel Aviv for that information.

Later on Monday, CAMERA contacted the CBS communications department (via email) for the name of someone we should contact about 60 Minutes' "source" at Israel's Ministry of Defense. We have received no response.

So we are left with Radliffe's statement that the Israeli Ministry of Defense is the source of the error that appeared in the 60 Minutes episode.

This seems pretty incredible. The idea that the Israeli Ministry of Defense would provide such an obvious misstatement of fact about the security barrier just does not make any sense.


Well, the Ministry of Defense has a map of the security barrier's route on its website!

And the map clearly shows that the security barrier does not "completely surround Bethlehem."

Here it is:
(vide map online)

A map of the security barrier around Bethlehem from the Ministry of Defense website.

Is it possible that someone working for the Ministry of Defense gave the wrong information to someone at 60 Minutes?

Sure! It's not very likely, but it is possible.

But who? Who are the someones we are talking about?


In reply to an earlier post on May 2, 2012 3:33:49 PM PDT
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Rachel says:

Are these films available?

Rachel :-)
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