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430 Mar 23, 2015
Could Germany Won WWII If It Wouldn't Have Had Japan and Italy as "Allies"? 53 6 minutes ago
Who killed JFK on November 22nd, 1963? What are some of your answers and beliefs? VOLUME II 3281 50 minutes ago
Putin in the Ukraine, sanctions, more Russian military intrusions, what's next? 801 1 hour ago
History of the Palestinian Nation (Part IV) 1199 6 hours ago
Worst President in History 2473 16 hours ago
Was Groening guilty? 448 18 hours ago
Fact then and now: if you are a homeowner with a gun you are more likely to get a robber entering your house than he is to get you--READ!!! 83 19 hours ago
General Douglass MacArthur VS General George S. Patton. ...Battle Of the Super Generals 28 20 hours ago
A Place For Pro-Israel Posters III 7220 22 hours ago
The straw that broke the camel's back. The Vietnam War. 619 22 hours ago
Fighter aces head to head match up. 67 23 hours ago
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