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In reply to an earlier post on Nov 20, 2013 10:57:22 AM PST
Lientje says:
Sixties: " In a country as poverty-stricken as Cuba, simple things such as access to good food, medical care and a community center engender loyalty."

Yes, but don't forget. Rachel says this is just a band-aid.

Posted on Nov 20, 2013 10:54:58 AM PST
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Lientje says:
To Carol from me: "Carol: Before I leave, and find my way back into the office, I would like to tell you that in my mailbox when I returned there
was a copy of your book "Pinocchio." It is really quite well done....."

"0 of 2 people think this post adds to the discussion."

I'm sorry Carol. Sometimes it doesn't pay to have shills do the voting.

Oops, there it goes again.

0 of 3 people think this post adds to the discussion.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 20, 2013 10:52:23 AM PST
Lientje says:
Rachel: "My point is: Luther's own hatred and the chain that evolved from that. the damage is done from Luther to Hitler as today we commemorate 75 years on Kristallnacht.

And do you know that this is EXACTLY why I am here on these threads. Your hatred and your disrespect for the Palestinians, your
theft of their land, is going to create skirmish after skirmish after skirmish, with thousands of lives on the line in both camps.

You have got to get over this idea that the Jews are God's gift to the world. You may be truly wonderful, but so are a whole lot of
other people. You don't own the world, you are a part of it. And the sooner you quit blaming the rest of the world for every one
of your problems, the better off we will all be.

It boggles the mind that you can truly believe that nothing was EVER your fault. That through the millennia you were always the good guys.
You weren't always the good guys. That has been proven over and over and over. It isn't fun to acknowledge, just as my awareness of
the US's behavior in Cuba and elsewhere isn't fun to acknowledge. But the results don't go away just because we refuse to acknowledge.

Do yourself, yourselves, and the world a favor and concentrate on making friends, not enemies.

Posted on Nov 20, 2013 10:14:54 AM PST
Lientje says:
Carol: Before I leave, and find my way back into the office, I would like to tell you that in my mailbox when I returned there
was a copy of your book "Pinocchio." It is really quite well done. It is now my 7th copy of some version of that book. Two
were purchased in Italy, near his birthplace - one in 2004 and one earlier this year.

Posted on Nov 20, 2013 10:02:02 AM PST
Lientje says:
I've also got "Motorcycle Diaries" (the movie) on order from Netflix. I was told by my traveling
companions that it is very good. It is about Che Guevera.

Here is a piece of information that you might find interesting. While in Cuba, we saw wall after wall
with drawings and posters of Che Guevera and Jose Marti, but virtually none of Fidel Castro. I thought
this quite strange, and said so. The guide for the night told us that in Cuba it is the unwritten rule
that you do not make statues or other public notices of celebrities until after they have died. So I
imagine all those carvers and illustrators are busy readying their artwork for that momentous day
when he does die. And he is getting pretty old.

Posted on Nov 20, 2013 9:52:39 AM PST
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Lientje says:
I might also add that I spent a wonderful morning visiting Hemingway's home too. If you would like to hear more about his stay in Cuba, I would be happy to oblige.

What was amazing is that I did not see one picture of Hemingway in the Hotel National. I guess that wasn't his scene, though I know that he was big friends with Gary Cooper and Cooper's picture was there on the hotel wall. Perhaps Hemingway preferred deep sea fishing to gambling. Though no one can deny that he was into drinking big time.

P.S. I also found a book at that hotel called Obama and The Empire.
It is by Fidel Castro. I didn't buy it there, but I have it on order now from Amazon.
Do you think it will be complimentary ?

Posted on Nov 20, 2013 9:44:07 AM PST
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Lientje says:
I did not want to include Meyer Lansky and gang is the previous post because that just sort of muddies up the waters about Castro.

Meyer Lansky, of course, was not the only bad guy around. There was Bugsy Siegel also. And they had a couple of Italian friends too - Lucky Luciano, and I forget the other one.

In an attempt to find out who the fourth guy was, I ran into a YouTube offering "" And it opens up with an interview with him in 1971, led by some Jewish guy, who asked "Why are the American authorities after you." Guess what, he (Lansky) couldn't figure that one out. Who would have believed it?

Then, also discovered during the search: - - - - - - Meyer Lansky's Mafia Secrets Exposed By Daughter

Opening paragraph: "For decades, underworld boss Meyer Lansky kept mob secrets so explosive that if the truth ever came out it would alter American history. Now his little-known daughter, who kept her own Code of Silence over the years about her father's activities, is drawing back the dark veil of the mob's influence at the highest reaches of government and world events. "

In a later paragraph, I learned the name of the missing 4th guy, an Italian. Sam Giancana.

An even later paragraph: "-Concerned that President Harry Truman was wobbly in his support for creating a new nation of Israel, Lansky reached out to the Kansas City underworld and they used their connections in the White House to persuade Truman, whose home state was Missouri, to change his mind, reminding the President of the union support that helped elect him to office. "

Ah, power. It can be so handy when you know how to use it. And imagine - Frank Sinatra hid from him because he feared for his life. That must have really made the shrimpy Lansky feel big and strong.

And this from Wikipedia - the Meyer Lansky site: "Batista's closest friend in the Mafia was Lansky. They formed a renowned friendship and business relationship that lasted for a decade. During a stay at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York in the late 1940s, it was mutually agreed upon that, in exchange for kickbacks, Batista would offer Lansky and the Mafia control of Havana's racetracks and casinos. Batista would open Havana to large scale gambling, and his government would match, dollar for dollar, any hotel investment over $1 million, which would include a casino license. Lansky would place himself at the center of Cuba's gambling operations."

His brother was the owner of the National Hotel, probably the most famous hotel in Cuba, even today. The walls are covered with oversized posters, by decade, of celebrities who showed up. Lansky was of course in the first decade (1930's) as is Gary Cooper, and I believe Ava Gardner, though she may be in the 1940's. That other mobster was also on the 1930's poster. The celebrities (that we know here in America) started petering
out in the 1960's. Off to the side, near the front of the cafe door, was a picture of some fairly long-haired guy with a moustache. He looked vaguely familiar to me. Finally it hit me - that looks like Sean Penn. I was told - that is because it is Sean Penn. Later I saw pictures of several 21st century stars, including Matt Dillon, and well, I forget the names now.

I bought a wonderful book there. It was called the National Hotel of Cuba (or Havana) and it was the story of this hotel written around the history of Cuba. I had read about the first forty pages or so, on the plane, and was just getting to the influx of celebrities. I read all about Tom Mix and Johnny Weissmuller and then I misplaced the book. It is now sitting (or was sitting) in some airport in Miami or Chicago. The book was originally written in Spanish and there were several available at the Havana airport, but I got the only one written in English.

I thought that it was a good probability that I could find a replacement here on Amazon, and I did find a copy on the first go round - for $990.00. (I paid $20.00 at the airport). Today, I can't even find that one.

Bookfinder. com hasn't been helpful so far either. So I guess I will never learn all the dirt there is to be had. More's the pity.

Posted on Nov 20, 2013 8:48:20 AM PST
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Lientje says:
This quote is from a previous post of mine which I wrote before I went to

The US, for whatever reason, decided to be on Batitista's side. Ok, let's think. Were any of the Jewish people part of the Robber Baron Crowd. I wonder. Did they have anything to do with the Hollywood gang that made up half the tourist business there? I wonder. Maybe I will find out when I am there."

I still cannot say with any great certainty why the US decided to be on Batitista's side, but a pretty good idea is that the US, being the capitalist country that it is, decided that Cuba should be able to have what we have.

Or something like that, anyway. What they got was an inflated situation of what the US has been experiencing itself these past several years. Pretty much, the winner take all mentality.

When Cuba and Che came along, they seemed a bit appealing to Americans for a bit (especially for churchified people) because the rumor was that now Cubans could choose their church for themselves rather than be expected to attend the Catholic Church. What they didn't realize was that Castro knew the US better than the US knew Castro. He hid his connection to Communism and the Soviet Union until after Batista had fled the country and the Revolution had been won.

There were many, first of all, who never wanted Batista to leave at all. These were the rich guys and a huge number of them fled to Miami, Spain, or wherever so they could still make their money without interference.

After about two loads of the rich guys left, then those who had been hoping for a nice middle class existence with at least a dash democracy thrown in, began to see what Castro was all about. They had been right all along about Castro's desire to treat all people within the country with dignity and equality. It really and truly was his goal to clean up the country and make it a haven for those who lived there. But as what so often
happens with leaders when they get a taste of power and success, they begin to feel that they have ALL the answers. When some of his most admiring followers asked him when he was going to hold elections, he responded by saying that there would be no elections. I AM THE REVOLUTION.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 20, 2013 8:28:35 AM PST
Lientje says:
Sixties: ONe thing I really have to give to your tribe. You sure do know how
to make lists. I'm surprised that the Ten Commandments are only ten. Why not
100, or 1000? You could have spent so much more time on them.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 20, 2013 8:27:01 AM PST
Lientje says:
Sixties: Gal Beckerman is the author of "When They Come for Us, We'll Be Gone" (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2010)."

Well, that ought to show them. Sorry, I couldn't resist.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 20, 2013 8:24:44 AM PST
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Lientje says:
Sixties: "Poll: 26% of Americans believe Jews killed Jesus"

Is the pollster making a direct connection between these two statements?

" Twelve percent of Americans harbor deeply anti-Semitic attitudes"

If he/she is, you can ignore that figure completely. And since that appears to be
the name of the poll information, the figure is as accurate as is Rachel's about my
anti-semitism. Or let's put it this way. Someone there in polling land needs to feel
hated, just like some in these forums find it so very necessary. It is the "excuse"
they need to believe that the choices they are making today are a requirement to
survive. Most of the sane world knows that it just the other way around.

Oh, Sixties, if only you could convince yourself to get out of the blogosphere at least
once a day and connect with real people, you would have something resembling a life

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 20, 2013 8:13:33 AM PST
Lientje says:
Sixties: "The UN found no time today, however, to comment on the international legality of President Assad gassing his own citizens to death."

Oh, no. This is not going to come up either. Then they would have to make nasty
remarks about the United States again. Or at least some of its recalcitrant States.

Again, this is not so much a "don't mess with the US" issue, but a "save your breath"
issue. It is always the friggin' right-wingers that need to live in the last century, because
this one is so immoral.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 20, 2013 8:08:19 AM PST
Lientje says:
Sixties: Oh, I am so glad you brought the United Nations vote up. I found out while
I was in Cuba that the United States and Israel are the only countries left who still
hold out for embargoes against Cuba. And the UN and the Pope are saying "enough
already. Get over it."

As you can imagine, this started me a'wondering. I'm pretty sure that this is not a
coincidence. I intend to write to Durbin and find out what is behind this. He is pretty
good at answering tough questions. But I have so many other things to do before then,
and besides I want to do a bit more research on it myself. I am pretty sure there is
a tit for tat here, if you get my drift. Let's just say that it has something to do with
Palestine, and of course the Palestinians.

I might also offer a little challenge. Anyone want to take odds that the offensive
interpreter is Jewish? Before you place your bets, here is a reminder. Netanyahu
offered her a job.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 20, 2013 7:51:23 AM PST
Lientje says:
Amit: " Luther was a "Loather"..

Well, thank you Amit for that insight. I could have saved so much time and space if
I had just asked you first.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 20, 2013 7:38:04 AM PST
Lientje says:
Rachel: If Lutherans like John M. Lane, tell me that they do not pay attention to this nonsense. I believe him.
That Lutherans have restored the virginity of Mary. I believe him too. "

Some have. Very few put on the top of their "must believe" list. No one in my
sister's church gives it any credence at all.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 20, 2013 7:19:12 AM PST
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Lientje says:
Sixties: In re your Bush post, and so many others - do you have a charitable bone in your body?

Also, since you Zionists need friends very badly to fulfill your mission, it would also do
you some good to at least pretend to have charity in your heart, even if you can't muster
any up in reality.

Posted on Nov 17, 2013 8:16:25 AM PST
Sixties fan says:

Poll: 26% of Americans believe Jews killed Jesus

October 31, 2013 4:18pm

NEW YORK (JTA) - Twelve percent of Americans harbor deeply anti-Semitic attitudes, according to a new poll conducted by the Anti-Defamation League.

The figure marks a decline of 3 percentage points from the last time the ADL took such a poll, in 2011, but approximately the same number as in an ADL poll in 2009. The latest ADL national telephone survey, of 1,200 adults, was conducted this month and has a margin of error of about 3 percent. The results were released Thursday.

"It is heartening that attitudes toward Jews have improved over the last few years and, historically, have declined significantly in America," said Abraham Foxman, the ADL's national director.

A 1964 ADL survey on the topic found 29 percent of American held anti-Semitic views.

In the latest survey, 14 percent of respondents agreed that Jews have too much power in the United States; 30 percent said American Jews are more loyal to Israel than to the United States; and 19 percent said Jews have too much power in the business world - all figures virtually unchanged from the 2011 survey.

The percentage of respondents who believe that Jews are responsible for the death of Jesus was 26 percent, down from 31 percent in 2011. Eighteen percent said Jews have too much influence over the news media and about one-quarter agreed that Jews talk too much about the Holocaust.

The survey was released on the first day of the ADL's two-day centennial conference being held in New York.

Read more:

Posted on Nov 17, 2013 8:08:54 AM PST
Sixties fan says:

Other articles of interest:

1923 Russian Jews Ignorant of Palestine Visas Awaiting Them

1923 Joint Foreign Committee of British Jews charge Soviets turning Jews into Atheists

1926 Soviet Government Plans Jewish Republic in Siberia

1927 Russian Jews Describe Religious Needs in Memorandum to Government

1929 Matzoth Importation Continues as Issue in the Soviet Press


1932 Starving Jews of Carpatho-Russia Accused of Being Responsible for Distress Among Carpatho-Russian Population

1933 Soviet Refuses Permission to Manufacture Matzo in Moscow

1935 Non-Russian Jews to be Settled in Biro-bidjan Next Spring

1938 Reich Opens Drive to Oust Soviet Jews; 60 Ordered Deported

1939 Nuremberg Laws for Soviet Jews Seen in Reich as Part of Red-Nazi Pact


1941 Nazis Launch Radio Drive on Soviet Jews; Urge Russian Troops to Turn Bayonets on Jews

1941 Nazi Anti-Jewish Atrocities Described at Meeting in Moscow

1944 Evacuated Russian Jews Return to Liberated Areas in the Ukraine

1945 532 Synagogues Destroyed in Russia by Nazis, Soviet Investigation Body Discloses

1949 Uproar Over the Soviet Union Breaks Out at Convention of World Jewish Congress


1953 Jews Throughout World Alarmed Over Moscow Anti-Jewish Plot

1955 Mass Arrests of Jews in Moscow Reported; Jewish Homes Raided

1956 Khrushchev Says Stalin Fabricated Anti-Jewish `Doctors Plot'

1956 Soviet Makes Jews "Collective Enemy" Argentine Socialist Charges

1958 Future of Jews in Russia Seen Dependent on Western Pressure on Moscow


1961 US Jewish Groups Complain to UN on Treatment of Jews in Russia

1963 Dr. King, American Negro Leader, Attacks Soviet Policy on Jews

1965 97,000 Israelis Sign Petition to Knesset to Act on Jews in Russia

1966 Moscow Rabbi Reported Surrounded by Suspected Government Agents

1968 Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry Plans New York Store-front Activities Centers


1970 Soviet Jewry Day Proclaimed in Latin-America; Meetings Scheduled in Jewish Communities

1971 Soviet Embassy Refuses Petition Signed by 700 Scientists on Behalf of Soviet Jews

1972 25 Soviet Jewish Musicians Fired

1975 Leadership Parlay to Focus on Soviet Jewry Issue in Light of Stepped Up Persecutions, Anti-Zionist Resolution

1978 200,000 People in Soviet Jewry Rally


1983 Soviet Jewry Expert Says There Is a Need to Get the Soviet Jewry Cause Back on the Track

1984 Moscow Rabbi Sharply Criticized For Saying That Soviet Jewry Rally Was An Anti-Soviet Event

1987 Abram Gloomy About Soviet Jewry After Reagan-Gorbachev Summit

1989 Soviet Jewry Movement to Reexamine Stance on Soviet Trade Relations

1989 Soviet Jewish Vaad Established; First Umbrella Group in History


1990 Soviet Immigration to Israel Passes the 100,000 Mark for 1990

1991 Secret Effort to Aid Soviet Jews Officially Revealed After 40 Years

1991 What Do Soviet Jewry Groups Do Now That the USSR No Longer Exists

1996 Years After Washington March, Fear for Russian Jewry Revived

1997 Matzah Played Central Role in Survival of Soviet Jewry


2002 Symbolism is Heavy as Bush Visits St. Petersburg Synagogue

2002 Half a Century Later, Events Honor Jewish Writers Executed By Stalin

2004 Across the Former Soviet Union: With Russian Police as Guards, Jewish Children Enjoy Summer Camp

2005 Across the Former Soviet Union: Russian-U.S. Jewish Groups Form Long-Distance Relationship

2007 Soviet Jewry Campaign Also Transformed American Jewry

Read more:

Posted on Nov 17, 2013 8:06:47 AM PST
Sixties fan says:

Soviet Jewry: The Struggle to Lift the Iron Curtain

May 3, 2010

By Gal Beckerman

In the 20th century, the Soviet Jewry movement helped define and form the two largest Jewish communities in the Diaspora, those in the United States and in the Soviet Union. The movement, which started in the 1960s, had as its goal to allow the free emigration of Jews, but it also allowed these two communities to overcome the deep scars they were each left with following the Holocaust. American Jews were psychologically scarred from not having done enough to help their European brethren during World War II, and for Soviet Jews there was a scar that ran the length of the Iron Curtain, a physical separation from the Jewish people and spiritual disconnect from the past and heritage.

With the rise of Communism in the USSR in the 1920s, the new Soviet regime tried to eliminate all vestiges of Jewish religious identity, turning much of the community into atheists. There was also a push by Stalin to move Jews into their own autonomous province, Birobidzhan, in Siberia.

The Nazi push into the Soviet Union in 1941 made the situation of Jews dire, as the Germans massacred Jews in the territory they conquered. The JTA was the first to report the slaughter at Babi Yar in September 1941, which typified the atrocities inflicted during that period. By the end of the war, 532 synagogues had been destroyed by the Nazis.

After World War II, Stalin became paranoid about his Jewish population and imagined they were a fifth column that needed to be stopped. This manifested itself in the infamous Doctors' Plot in 1952 and in his attempts to marginalize Jews in Soviet society by increasingly depicting them as enemies. It became clear to the rest of the Jewish world, even after Stalin's death in 1953, that the Soviet Jewish community was suffering a slow death of assimilation and, as some began referring to it, "spiritual strangulation".

From the first stirrings of a movement - on college campuses in the United States and in the Soviet underground - the JTA made attempts to capture the story. As early as 1964, reports of unprecedented Simchat Torah celebrations by as many as 15,000 Moscow Jews, dancing and singing in front of the city's Great Choral Synagogue, were making it out to the West. The Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry, one of the first grassroots groups mobilizing around the issue, held its founding demonstration on May 1, 1964. Early grassroots centers of American Jewish activity could also be found in other cities like Cleveland and Philadelphia .

But the movement only gained force in the 1960s as individual cases became more widely known, particularly as a result of press coverage. One of the first such stories was the arrest and trial of Boris Kochubievsky, an engineer in Kiev who, following the Six Day War, decided to protest his situation and try to leave the Soviet Union. The JTA covered the shady circumstances of his detainment in the summer of 1969 and then the reaction it elicited in the West, both New York and London.

However, the event that truly transformed the movement from being the province of a handful of student and grassroots activists in the West and a few brave dissidents in the Soviet Union into a global cause was the Leningrad Hijacking. This was the story of a handful of Jews from Riga and Leningrad who had been refused exit visas - becoming some of the first refuseniks - and decided to protest their plight by hijacking a small, 12-seater plane and flying it out of the Soviet Union. The KGB was on to them from almost the beginning, but let them continue until June 15, 1970, when they were all arrested on the tarmac. That December, the Soviet Union organized a major show trial and in the end the two leaders of the plot were sentenced to death. The JTA covered the enormous world outcry, from the threats by Meir Kahane that he would kill "two Russians for every Jew" to the unprecedented gathering in Washington to urge President Richard Nixon to press the Soviets. After only a week and a half, the Soviet relented and commuted the death sentences.

As the 1970s progressed, the Soviet Jewry movement grew and developed into an institution of American Jewish life. Two large, national organizations were founded devoted solely to the issue, the National Conference on Soviet Jewry and theUnion of Councils. And American Jews mobilized around the Jackson-Vanik amendment, a piece of legislation that would make any trade relationship with the Soviet Union contingent on a freeing up of emigration. The community even had toconfront Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, who was opposed to making this moral issue part of American foreign policy. Eventually at the beginning of 1975, after a two-and-a-half-year battle, it was signed into law.

The 1970s also saw the emergence of some prominent refuseniks whose stories were reported on in detail by the JTA. Much attention was spent on the tribulations and often trials of people like Vladimir Slepak and Ida Nudel . But no individual refusenik became better known than Anatoly Shcharansky, an activist involved with both the Jewish movement and the struggle for democracy and human rights in the Soviet Union. He was arrested in 1977 and put on trial in the summer of 1978. He was sentenced to 13 years in prison. The JTA also covered the campaign of his wife, Avital, who was a constant presence advocating for his release throughout his years in prison.

When Shcharansky was finally let go in 1986 it was one of the first signs that the Soviet Union was changing its attitude about its Jews. Mikhail Gorbachev was looking for rapprochement with the West and Ronald Reagan had made it clear - as had the American Jewish community - that freeing up emigration would be the price. In 1987, what the JTA first described as a "stagnant low" in emigration turned into a nine-fold increase, along with the release of most of the longtime refuseniks.

For many American Jews, the apogee of their Soviet Jewry activism came in December 1987 when they participated in a massive protest that greeted Gorbachev on his first visit to Washington. Jews from all over the United States went to great lengths to attend. Eventually a quarter of a million showed up, sending a strong message to the Soviets. It wasn't long before the exodus began.

Gal Beckerman is the author of "When They Come for Us, We'll Be Gone" (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2010).

Read more:

Posted on Nov 17, 2013 6:16:34 AM PST
Sixties fan says:
Sunday, November 17, 2013

(+Video) Anti-Israel votes are `a bit much'

As the interpreter noted today, there truly is a great deal of terrible things happening around the globe, but sadly, at the UN, "no one says anything about the other stuff." So busy targeting Israel, the UN simply cannot find the time.

Hillel Neuer..
Times of Israel..
14 November '13..

The truth comes out when we think no one else is listening.

On Thursday a United Nations interpreter, unaware that her microphone was on, uttered words of truth in reaction to the General Assembly's adoption of nine politically-motivated resolutions condemning Israel, and zero resolutions on the rest of the world.

Under the mistaken impression that she was speaking only to colleagues, the interpreter uttered the following words into the headphones of every UN delegate, and before a live webcast audience worldwide:

"I think when you have... like a total of ten resolutions on Israel and Palestine, there's gotta be something, c'est un peu trop, non? [It's a bit much, no?] I mean I know... There's other really bad shit happening, but no one says anything about the other stuff."

Laughter erupted among the delegates. "The interpreter apologizes," said the unfortunate truth-teller, moments later, followed by her audible gasp. I sincerely hope she won't get fired.

Because the one who should really apologize today is the UN. Founded on noble ideals, the world body is turning the dream of liberal internationalists into a nightmare.

For by the end of its annual legislative session next month, the General Assembly will have adopted a total of 22 resolutions condemning Israel-and only four on the rest of the world combined. The hypocrisy, selectivity, and politicization are staggering.

Today's nine resolutions, adopted by the GA's 4th committee, which is comprised of all 193 UN member states, condemned Israel for violating the human rights of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, of Palestinian refugees, and even of Syrians in the Golan Heights.

That's right: the UN adopted a resolution today that mentions the word "Syria" no less than 10 times-yet said nothing of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's massacre of more than 100,000 of his own people.

Entitled "Occupied Syrian Golan," the resolution condemned Israel for allegedly mistreating Syrian citizens in the Golan Heights. Israel was also condemned for violating the rights of Syrian citizens under international humanitarian law. The UN found no time today, however, to comment on the international legality of President Assad gassing his own citizens to death.

As it will soon do again by a second, redundant resolution on the Golan, the General Assembly today called on Israel to hand over the Golan Heights, and its citizens, to Syria.

Now, whatever one's view on who rightfully owns the Golan, for the UN at this particular moment to call for anyone to be handed over to Assad's rule-even as his massacres continue unabated-is both logically absurd and morally obscene. With Israeli hospitals now treating dozens of Syrians who escaped their country's bloodbath, the resolution is simply surreal.

It is well and good to hold Israel to account for its treatment of Arab and other minorities, just like every other nation.

Yet something is wrong when not a single word in today's Palestinian-themed resolutions mentioned the genocidal anti-Semitism expressed regularly by Hamas organs in Gaza, or the dangerous incitement by the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah, whose official schools, mosques, newspapers, and TV stations continue to glorify the murderers of Israeli civilians as heroes worthy of emulation.

Word is father to deed. Yet none of today's UN resolutions concerning the West Bank mentioned the outburst of Palestinian terrorist attacks over recent weeks, such as the brutal murder of Shraya Ofer outside his Jordan Valley home, as his wife managed to escape. The murder of Ofer by axes and iron bars was "a gift to the Palestinian people and Hamas prisoners, in honor of Eid al-Adha," the two suspects said under questioning.

By turning a blind eye to Palestinian incitement and terrorism, the UN resolutions promote a one-sided narrative that gives a free pass to Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the Palestinian Authority, encouraging intransigence instead of compromise.

It is the UN, therefore, who should apologize for misusing the world body's precious time and resources to produce politicized and polarizing texts that do nothing to advance Arab-Israeli peace, or to further the genuine protection of human rights. On the contrary, the selective and one-sided resolutions undermine the core principle that human rights standards are universal, and they push the parties further away.

It is the UN who should apologize for using Israel as a scapegoat, for demonizing and delegitimizing the Jewish state as a meta-criminal to be blamed for all of the world's ills.

And, above all, it is the UN who should apologize for ignoring the cries of the world's millions of genuine human rights victims-and for mocking them.

Last week I was at UN headquarters in New York with courageous human rights dissidents from China, Cuba, Russia and Saudi Arabia. UN Watch helped organize a press conference to plead for UN member states to oppose those repressive regimes' cynical candidacies for seats on the UN Human Rights Council. Yet despite their abysmal records, these serial human rights abusers were all elected by the UNGA, to become the world's newest judges on human rights.

Needless to say, this same UN assembly will not be passing any resolutions this year on China's subjugation of the Tibetan people or its imprisonment of pro-democracy activist Wang Bingzhang, on Cuba's violent harassment of journalists and bloggers, on Russia's persecution of gays, or on Saudi Arabia's laws banning women from driving and non-Muslims from practicing their religion.

Nor does the UN plan to say a word on religiously-motivated attacks on civilians in Iraq, Nigeria or Pakistan, or on the persecution of political dissidents in Uganda, Vietnam, or Zimbabwe.

As the interpreter noted today, there truly is a great deal of terrible things happening around the globe, but sadly, at the UN, "no one says anything about the other stuff."

So busy targeting Israel, the UN simply cannot find the time.


Posted on Nov 11, 2013 4:16:31 PM PST
Sixties fan says:

George W. Bush Embraces Jews for Jesus

No Surprise at Evangelical Gala - Just Enduring Outrage

W's Big Mistake: George W. Bush has agreed to speak at a $100,000-a-plate fundraising event for an evangelical Christian group which aims to convert Jews. What's wrong with that? How about everything.
getty images

W's Big Mistake: George W. Bush has agreed to speak at a $100,000-a-plate fundraising event for an evangelical Christian group which aims to convert Jews. What's wrong with that? How about everything.

By Jay Michaelson

Published November 08, 2013.

Who's surprised that former President George W. Bush is speaking at the Messianic Jewish Bible Institute benefit? Not anyone who understands Christian Zionism, `Jews for Jesus,' and the many links between them.

Christian Zionists are now the leading supporters of Israel's settler fringe. They are showering the Israeli Right with money, tourists, and political lobbying. Why? Because they believe that the end is nigh, and in order for the apocalypse to unfold on schedule, the Jews need to be in the Land of Israel. All of it.

And, of course, if Jews living in Biblical Israel provoke war with Palestinians, Arabs, and much of the Western world - so be it. After all, this is the apocalypse we're talking about. To make a rapture omelet, you've got to break some human eggs.

Well, many on the Jewish Right have asked, who cares? We don't think the rapture is imminent, so it doesn't matter what Christians United For Israel (CUFI), and a host of similar organizations, believe. We need the money, and as far as the prophecy of our imminent conversion and/or destruction... well, we'll just wait and see about that.

Unfortunately, Christian Zionism is not the only method for bringing Christ back by way of the Jews. In fact, Christian Zionists overlap substantially with the heavily-funded efforts to convert Jews to Christianity - or, at least, to Messianic Judaism, which is basically Christianity with a Jewish shmeer.

To be clear, Messianic Judaism is a sham. Yes, there are some people who believe themselves to be Jewish believers in Jesus - sorry, Yeshua - and who wear kippas around the Christmas Tree. But this small group of eccentric believers is propped up by millions of religious-philanthropic dollars. They are a front. Uncle Baums.

Most of the people supporting the Messianic Jewish Bible Institute, for example, are evangelical Christians who have a religious obligation to evangelize to the Jews. Indeed, MJBI is the Hogwarts of this form of Christianity, an academy that trains thousands of people to go out and convert Jews.

And as we have seen many times over the last several years, the Venn diagram containing the Christian Right, Conservative Republicans, Christian Zionists, and Convert-the-Jews Evangelists is filled with overlaps. Glenn Beck leads a CUFI mission to Israel, then comes back and gets an award from MJBI. Rick Santorum runs a Christian Right campaign for president, then gets an award from MJBI.

And now Bush 43. Surely there was never any doubt that the born-again Bush was, himself, a member of the so-called Christian Right. His policies, his belief that he was Divinely ordained to be President (God apparently works through the Supreme Court, too), his emphasis on "faith-based" organizations domestically and internationally - all of these, save perhaps his highly un-Christian espousal of supply side economics, are part and parcel of his sincere, deeply-held evangelical Christian beliefs.

In the pages of Commentary and The Weekly Standard, the significance of Bush's faith was consistently downplayed. Never mind the billions of dollars that Bush's administration diverted to Christian organizations - ironically, some of the largest beneficiaries of foreign aid, so loathed by some Republicans, are Christian missionary organizations working in Africa. Never mind the nightmarish consequences of relying on personal faith (in Jesus or Vladimir Putin) rather than reasoned analysis. Don't worry, Jewish Republicans said, Bush is good for the Jews.

Well, now the ex-emperor has no clothes. Unless you think that helping Jews find Jesus is "good for the Jews," this latest act of Bush's evangelical faith - entirely consistent with previous ones - should set that myth to rest. Evangelicals like Bush sincerely love the Jews, but they love us in a very particular way: because, by ceasing to become Jews, we play an instrumental role in the Christian apocalyptic narrative.

Appearances like Bush's should also make clear that the Christian supporters of the Israeli Far Right, the people writing checks to build more settlements in contested territory, do not really have Jewish, or Israeli, interests at heart. These are people with their own agenda, and it involves either the Jews' conversion, or our destruction.

Indeed, given the demographic catastrophe the settlements are rapidly bringing about in Greater Israel, that may just come about.

"The Bible predicted that the day would come when the blindness would come off the eyes of the people it all began with," said `Rabbi' Jonathan Berris, a Messianic Jew, at last year's MJBI conference. Berris's prophecy refers to all Jews, of course. But I wonder if it might now apply to some Jewish Republicans.

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Posted on Nov 10, 2013 10:49:03 AM PST
Amit kumar says:
Luther was a "Loather"..

Posted on Nov 10, 2013 6:58:39 AM PST
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Lientje says:
Rachel: I will probably print this same post on a couple of other threads also just in case you decide
to avoid this one while I'm gone since I won't be around to - you know - answer any of your questions.

I'm nearly ready to walk out of the house and into the great unknown - to me, anyway.
This morning I spent a fair amount of praying. A typical prayer for me is - Lord, give me strength. Amen.
I thought on this momentous day, a whole lot more was called for.

I mentioned Band-Aid in my prayer. I was just as mad about that word when I got up as I was when i
went to bed. By the time I was through with my pleas, and my thoughts of gratitude, I had come away
with this, in relation to Band-Aid.

It is called priorities, both human and divine.

First, we all need to acknowledge our Maker. It helps if we can focus on the absurdness of
having been, along with the planet itself, the result of some evolution of an
oil slick whose [ said oil slick ] origin itself has yet to be determined. And we all need to know that He/She/It loves us.

Second. We all need to eat, we all need clean water, we all need health if we are to do our daily tasks.

Third. We all need community. At home, with personal friends, with those we work with, with those we meet at various places in and around where we live, and we need to interact also with the world. Not just know that they exist but interact with them in some way or another to foster better understanding between ourselves, hopefully to set good examples, hopefully to learn truths about other people, not just by assuming or guessing or hearsay.

Fourth: We also need to learn what we REALLY need. We need to love our Maker, we need to know that our Maker loves us. If there are those who don't have that, perhaps we can bring that idea to them. That is goal #1 in our band-aid approach to our trip. Very important, but not at the top of our list is a push for democracy. If democracy were the single most wonderful thing in this world, we in the USA should be ecstatically happy people all the time. We are not. Even our Patriots (essentially, the gun nuts) think that
the Constitution was written for them alone. Civil rights, freedom to choose our own religion and not have it thrust on us, or taken away from us, is nearly a meaningless idea so many. And lord help us if we have to pay taxes for something that will not
benefit us directly, But I digress.

We are going there to help those who want and have asked for our help. We are in no
way intending to circumvent the current laws of the land. Nor have we been asked to.

For whatever faults the regime may have, we should also be very thankful that they have
very impressive records in their concentration on education and health care.

Being loved, being forgiven, being trusted are things that are so much more important than economic
success. or even freedom politically. I have been told by those who have been to Cuba on several
occasions that the people they meet are happy. Doesn't mean they never get frustrated or angry.
It means that frustration and anger do not take over their lives - and here I am guessing, a large part
of that is because they have God and each other in their lives. Cuba is the least religious country in
Latin America, so obviously I cannot say that they all see God as their answer. But one does not need to
assume that everyone there is miserable because they aren't Americans. Truly.

I hope that they do get democracy and economic stability. I would wish that for everybody. But our
mission, as a church, is to share our love of God with each other, and to help them in their church and
school work in any way we can. We also hope that we are bringing a better symbol of America than most
people have of us right now.

Peace. And Rachel, I hope, for the sake of all of us, that you find peace in your own heart and soul
sometime before you die.

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Lientje says:
Rachel: Perhaps you have not been reading my posts for the last three months.
I have read every book and watched every documentary I could get my hands on
about Cuba. I also went to classes for six months with people who
have been there many times before. I know the story at least as well as you do.
How can one woman be such a big bratty person - and a teacher, to boot

Though I do have to say that I did not hear about the synagogues very often. That is
probably because there is something like 200 Jews on the entire island. Not that they
aren't important. They shine there as they have shone everywhere they go. But
the story doesn't really center around them. I guess it was the jealousy.

I know all about their fury with the United States. They did like us for a little while when
we helped rescue you them from the grips of Spain. But then we sort of replaced Spain
with our own specialized control. Castro and Che became heroes when they decided
to get involved because the citizens were tired of still be treated like slaves even though
they had officially received their freedom and they were tired of the corruption of
Batitista and the Banana Robber Barons (who guess what - paid very low wages or
imported slave labor from other countries). The US, for whatever reason, decided to be
on Batitista's side. Ok, let's think. Were any of the Jewish people part of the Robber
Baron Crowd. I wonder. Did they have anything to do with the Hollywood gang that
made up half the tourist business there? I wonder. Maybe I will find out when I am

Your term band-aid mission is particularly amusing. You have now used it twice. I'll
let the people in Cuba know what you think of it. I may even tell them you are Jewish.
Then the Cubans can hate you too. I think that it is highly likely that major changes
will take place when Castro dies. I do know that his brother is slated to take his place,
and has even done so in a modest sort of way. But Raul is and always has been a man
who is completely devoted to his brother. I doubt that he would ever dream of changing
anything as long as his brother is alive.

But in the documentaries, the subtle suggestion is sort of told through insinuation, comparing
the brothers and how they are different. Fidel, for instance, is a man with 8
or 9 kids, only a few of which are actually by his wife. Raul is ALWAYS talked about
as being a family man. Which I take to mean that he actually practices some morals in
his life. There were many insinuations like that. Never quite spelling out how they
were different - only that they really are different. And Raul suffers from hero worship.

Many of Castro's followers were disgusted from the start. Some deserted him and moved
to Spain or the US, a couple were executed for their rebelliousness. More popular ones
were simply thrown in jail. Others followed Che to Peru and Argentina. And some stayed
with him in spite of the fact that they he did not turn Cuba into a democratic country as
they had expected. No one of the peasants actually got richer, but remained just as
poor as they always had been, but now also had a work a few hours a week for the
government - in their spare time.

But talking to the group of people who have gone before, and Baptists and Mormons and
Evangelicals and Presbyterians and Methodists and other protestant churches have groups
of people arriving like we are all the time. I looked at our sister church's schedule on
the internet and they must have guests from about 1/4 to 1/3 of the year. Those other
churches have similar schedules.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 9, 2013 7:16:03 PM PST
Lientje says:
Rachel: "an interesting book by a Mexican Cuban Jewish anthropologist who calls herself the anthropologist of homesickness."

Wow, what a surprise. Do you ever read anything that isn't about Jews?
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