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In reply to an earlier post on Aug 6, 2012 4:58:53 PM PDT
You are in error as is "Nonie". Rach is not a good person or Jew, here anyway, and there are many examples of them to see how short she falls.

Posted on Aug 6, 2012 5:00:05 PM PDT
"Arafat Reconsidered: Let's Have the Whole Truth"

There has been a spate of recent articles concerning Israel's involvement in the death of the former Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. I suggest that this is less important than analyzing the role actually played by Arafat in the Palestinian struggle for liberation while he was alive and how it set the stage for the desperate situation in which Palestinians find themselves today.

First, with regard to this story,(whether true or not), the Israelis could have killed Arafat virtually any time they wished before Oslo, as they had other senior members of Fatah in Lebanon and Tunisia since his security detail, like everything else around him, was based more on cronyism than ability (as I saw for myself in 1970 and 1983). That they did not, I believe, was based on their being aware that only Arafat was in a position to sign a document surrendering Palestinian soil to the Zionist enemy that the Palestinians would accept. And in exchange for what? Discontinuing the armed struggle, putting the Palestinian Authority in charge of Israeli security, and, with the cooperation of the US, the EU and the UN, relieving Israel from its financial and legal responsibilities as the occupier of Palestinian land. (Sharon-who didn't see the need to sign any agreements-did try to kill him with an implosion bomb on a Beirut building where he had been moments before, which took the lives of an estimated 154 others, but that was an exception).

"The PLO considers that the signing of the Declaration of Principles constitutes an historic event," wrote Arafat to Yitzhak Rabin on Sept.9, 1993, "inaugurating a new era of peaceful co-existence, free from violence and all other acts that threaten peace and stability. Accordingly, the PLO renounces the use of terrorism and other acts of violence and will assume responsibility over all PLO elements and personnel in order to assure their compliance prevent violence and discipline violators"

In other words, "Instead of the Israeli army it's going to be the Palestinian policeman. This is according to the agreement," Shafik al-Hout, the PLO representative in Tunis, told CounterPunch's Alexander Cockburn, immediately afterward.

If any reader still harbors the illusion that Oslo was anything but a betrayal by Arafat and his cronies, as I wrote in an earlier article, ( of Israel's chief negotiators, former military intelligence chief, Shlomo Gazit, put that notion to rest on the evening of November 17,1993. When challenged during a speaking engagement at Congregation Beth Shalom in San Francisco by an angry member of the audience who compared the agreement to that signed with Nazi Germany in Munich in 1938, Gazit calmly replied that while he was reluctant to make such comparisons, "if it's another Munich, we're the Germans and the Palestinians are the Czechs.".

Arafat, himself, did get something out of it quite a bit. $8 million a month from Israel paid into his private bank account which, ironically, was reported in the NY Jewish weekly Forward in a front page story. It seems that the former Russian Jewish so-called "prisoner of Zion," Natan Sharansky, wanted to stop the payments on the basis that Arafat's Palestinian Authority was not being run "democratically." Seriously, that's what he claimed which was true, of course, but Sharansky was hardly in a position to make such a charge. The Arafat controlled PA press never mentioned it, of course, if they knew about it. It was in 1993, however, roughly the same time, that the editor of Al-Fajr, the popular English language Palestinian weekly that had been in existence since 1971, wrote an editorial calling on Palestinians with information about corruption within the PLO (which was rampant) to contact the paper. Arafat immediately shut it down (just after I had renewed my subscription) and it never reappeared.

Until 1987, Arafat, like most Palestinians in the diaspora, was focusing his activities on the international arena. One got the impression that those under occupation in the West Bank and Gaza had given up resistance and were not worthy of discussion, a fact that was not lost upon those who initiated the first intifada that December. Every one of their communiqués began with the slogan, "No voice above the voice of the uprising!" They were intended as much for Arafat in his Tunis headquarters as they were for the Israelis and Arafat knew it. He began doing what he could to undermine the uprising, from engaging in a minuet with Secretary of State James Baker to having his representative, Abu Mazen ( Mahmoud Abbas) stick the fatal knife into its back and the back of the Palestinian people at Oslo. It must not be forgotten that the Palestinian delegation contained not a single lawyer. Not even his adviser, Sabri Jiryis. As one of them who should have been there, Raja Shehadeh of Al Haq, put it, "Despite Israel's well known and legalistic approach to negotiations, the Palestinian team in Oslo didn't consult with any legal adviser...throughout the process." That was clearly Arafat's decision and deliberately taken.

What he would have heard or read, and obviously didn't want to, was the opinion of Shehadeh and Gaza human rights lawyer Raji Sourani plus 20 other prominent Palestinian activists who in a Palestinian Declaration of Independence from the Israel-PLO Agreements issued at the end of April, 1994, declared to be "non-binding":

"[A]ny interim agreement reached between Israel and the Palestinians which seeks to legitimize, through securing Palestinian compliance, illegal unilateral Israeli actions taken in the course of Israel's occupation... [which is in] violation of international law."

Before the signing of Oslo, support for Arafat in Occupied Palestine had sunk to an all time low. Hence it became clear to PM Rabin and Foreign Affairs Minister Shimon Peres that something had to be done to save him out of the fear that should he fall, a new revolutionary leadership[ would replace him. And since most Palestinians had no idea and were not informed by Arafat of what the agreement contained, Oslo resurrected his reputation, at least temporarily. Israel's rescue operation was aptly depicted in a cartoon in the Jerusalem Post that had Arafat sitting up on a hospital stretcher giving the "V" sign. Carrying the stretcher were Rabin and Peres.

During his time in Tunis, he was visited by two American Jewish activist friends who, when they raised the issue of US aid to Israel, were stunned to hear Arafat tell them he didn't want that to be an issue in the states. At the time, it seems, Arafat was very much under the influence of Alan Solomonow, the head of the Middle East committee of the American Friends Service Committee's Northwest office in San Francisco and a frequent traveler to Tunis who, upon returning, would convey to the public what he said were Arafat's latest thoughts. Solomonow would not allow local Palestinians to be members of his committee without kissing his boots and when a member, at the time, of the Palestinian National Council, elected to attend one of the committee's meetings, he was allowed to watch and listen but not say a single word.

Solomonow's activities were viewed by the Palestinian and Arab-American community for what they were, protecting Israel, and after having been rudely dismissed by a representative from the AFSC's national headquarters when they complained about him, the community leaders decided to boycott Solomonow. They also authorized the president of the Arab-American presidents' association to write a detailed letter to Arafat regarding the community's problems with Solomonow, warning him against associating with someone they considered to be an "Israeli agent." Not so much an acknowledgement of the letter was forthcoming from Tunis but a few months later they saw a picture of Arafat and Solomonow, posing together, arm in arm.

In 2004, while in the West Bank with some North American activists, our group leader who had previously met Arafat on several occasions, requested a visit with him in his Ramallah compound, as a formality. I was looking forward to meeting Arafat because I wanted to ask him why he did not simply walk out of the compound which seemed to be a self-imposed prison. When we had walked by it earlier the street had been filled with Palestinians going about their business and there were no signs of Israeli troops anywhere in the vicinity.

What was Arafat afraid of? Clearly, not the Israelis who were not about to kill him but of his fellow Palestinians. From time to time they would show their dissatisfaction with the corrupt manner in which the PA was running what territory the Israelis allowed them to govern, its undemocratic nature, and the frequent arrests of its critics. And they blamed Arafat. It was at those times, strangely enough, that the Israelis would then start issuing public threats against Arafat for one clearly contrived thing or another. The result of such Israeli posturing could be predicted and what was no doubt expected and desired. The people would stop their complaining and rally around the "old man" who had betrayed them and thanks to the silence of those who still revere him, they still don't know it.

In reply to an earlier post on Aug 6, 2012 5:26:07 PM PDT
J. Schwarz says:
Arafat was a criminal and a thug who died from HIV. He did not care about the Palestinian people but sought instead to enrich his own pockets and sent millions to his wife. When asked why he did not accept the peace plan with the Israelis that would have given him 95% of what he wanted he stated he didn't want to be killed like Sadat by his own people. He was truly a coward instead of a man of vision. As for the polonium found on his clothes it was planted later because the readings were too high to have been planted when he died. So just another disfunctional Arab thief stealing from his people and lying to them. Similar to Abbas.

In reply to an earlier post on Aug 6, 2012 5:26:31 PM PDT
John M. Lane says:
Your posts lack specificity, Bookish, -- among other things.

In reply to an earlier post on Aug 6, 2012 7:17:27 PM PDT
William B says:
RE: "...your goal of world domination..."

LOL Projection in action!

In reply to an earlier post on Aug 6, 2012 7:56:38 PM PDT
William B says:
LOL What's unclear about "...anti-Jew screed by the truckload..."? Every time Larry posts from he unloads crap like this from one of its staff writers:

"American lies are Jewish lies. Since Jews control every important aspect of our lives through banking, finance, law, war, food & drugs and entertainment, we are literally floating on a reservoir of truth blocked by a dam of lies that keeps us from understanding anything about those several subjects, among many others. But now I'm thinking that we can break the dam that contains this reservoir, let out the truth and produce tremendous energy, which we would see in the form of anger. Anti-Jewish anger. When dams break we all need to get to high ground or be swept away. Big dams are impressive things but I think rivers are supposed to run. Truth also is meant to flow, not be dammed up by lies."

Of course, this is the same kind of bilge that Muslims hear every day and believe with all of their black little anti-Semitic hearts, so it's no surprise that you support Larry.

In reply to an earlier post on Aug 6, 2012 8:29:36 PM PDT
William B says:
Yes it was stolen several times and most egregiously so by antediluvian Arabs in the 7th century; but, that's ALMOST been completely corrected. You see, no-ish, Ishmael has always been "pereh adam", a wild-ass of a man and at about year 100 of the Common Era Ishmael was described as he who "crouches at the crossroads," meaning he waits in ambush as a highwayman. A thousand years later, Rashi called Ishmael "listim" - an armed robber - so fitting for the immoral cowards who not only stole "Palestine" but also stole the religion of Israel's rightful owners, the immortal Jew.

In reply to an earlier post on Aug 6, 2012 8:35:37 PM PDT
William B says:
A sturdy size twelve up aside the head for the sorry loser (which makes him a very good Muslim), no-ish!

In reply to an earlier post on Aug 6, 2012 8:52:32 PM PDT
I agree with the sentiment that Jews have their hands deep in every important pot, though don't think that they control every last detail.

We can't blame all or even most Jews for the ruthless and cynical manipulation by the most wealthy, as we can't blame Muslim for the problems of our society and the violence of domestic Christian terrorists.

In reply to an earlier post on Aug 6, 2012 8:53:31 PM PDT
William B says:
RE: "...his security detail, like everything else around him, was based more on cronyism than ability..."

LOL This sentence exemplifies the total rot of your "reconsidered" Arafat. His " detail..." was his little cadre of homosexual lovers:

"But I've got to admit that I didn't really know anything about him," said Munteanu, when he brought me his finished study on Arafat. The report was indeed an incredible account of fanaticism, of devotion to his cause, of tangled oriental political maneuvers, of lies, of embezzled PLO funds deposited in Swiss banks, and of homosexual relationships, beginning with his teacher when he was a teenager and ending with his current bodyguards. After reading that report, I felt a compulsion to take a shower whenever I had been kissed by Arafat, or even just shaken his hand." - Page 36 of Red Horizons: The True Story of Nicolae and Elena Ceausescus' Crimes, Lifestyle, and Corruption

In reply to an earlier post on Aug 6, 2012 8:59:26 PM PDT
Last edited by the author on Aug 6, 2012 9:03:54 PM PDT
\\ immoral cowards who not only stole "Palestine" but also stole the religion of Israel's rightful owners, the immortal Jew.\\

You should stick to abusing kids not interested in maths, because you don't know how to use words. Nor do you understand bias in taking historical reports from untrustworthy exclusivists -- ones who even rejected the Messiah and consider all people outside their tribe inhuman.

No one is immortal. You are outrageously deluded in religion.

In reply to an earlier post on Aug 6, 2012 9:22:46 PM PDT
William B says:
What a convoluted mishmash of moronic mindlessness. Of course you would agree with the anti-Semitic notion "...that Jews have their hands deep in every important pot..." That's part and parcel of your creed just as Nonie Darwish says.

And, to which "...domestic Christian terrorists..." are you referring? Wade Michael Page, Timothy McVeigh, and Anders Breivik were not even nominal Christians. Page, in fact, was a neo-Nazi Hammerskin:

As usual your attempt to minimize the deeply ingrained religious aspects of Islamic terrorism just won't fly.

In reply to an earlier post on Aug 6, 2012 9:36:19 PM PDT
\\with the anti-Semitic notion\\

That's not a notion, it is personal experience and undeniable fact.

In reply to an earlier post on Aug 6, 2012 9:39:18 PM PDT
\\Wade Michael Page, Timothy McVeigh, and Anders Breivik\\

Those are leading lights of current Western civilization, and people who actually implement what you parrot from the hate websites.

In reply to an earlier post on Aug 6, 2012 9:43:26 PM PDT
You folks are into mass genocide, as Nonie Darwish says Islam should be 'annihilated'.

The rally at which Darwish spoke was sponsored by the hate group Stop Islamization of America (SIOA). SIOA, which has been deginated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, is headed by two of the nation's leading Islamophobes, Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer.]

SPLC: Active Anti-Muslim Groups

Pamela Geller Associate John Jay Openly Calls for Mass Murder

In reply to an earlier post on Aug 6, 2012 9:52:30 PM PDT
William B says:
RE: You should stick to abusing kids not interested in maths [sic], because you don't know how to use words.

ROTFL What's that about not knowing how to use words?

RE: You are outrageously deluded in religion.

This from one who would still be smooching rocks and kneeling down to stones if their "prophet" hadn't stolen the monotheistic aspects of Judaism and Christianity. It's too bad the poor illiterate savage missed all of the most important ethical principles of both. If he'd kept his sword sheathed, his hands out of other people's pockets and his tallywacker in his sirwal then I wouldn't have to conduct these little seminars for ethically challenged Muslims.

In reply to an earlier post on Aug 6, 2012 9:54:28 PM PDT
William B says:
RE: That's not a notion, it is personal experience and undeniable fact.

LOL That's what all the bigots say especially the religiously motivated ones.

In reply to an earlier post on Aug 6, 2012 9:59:47 PM PDT
William B says:
More like the kids your religious leaders send off on suicide "operations" only these deluded devils don't have the sanction or blessing of ANY Christian whatsoever.

In reply to an earlier post on Aug 6, 2012 10:05:04 PM PDT
"Nonie" \\On his deathbed, Mohammed entrusted Muslims to kill Jews wherever they found them, which made this a "holy commandment" that no Muslim can reject. \\

Of course, NONE of you have the ability to verify or prove that!

\\Sharia also codified into law the duty of every Muslim to defend Mohammed's honor and Islam with his own blood, and allowed the violation of many commandments if it is for the benefit of defending Islam and Mohammed. Thus, Muslims are carrying a huge burden, a holy burden, to defend Mohammed with their blood, and in doing so they are allowed to kill, lie, cheat, slander, and mislead.\\

That's more of her unprovable trash.

In reply to an earlier post on Aug 6, 2012 10:16:44 PM PDT
William B says:
The SPLC has come out against the Boy Scouts, too.

In reply to an earlier post on Aug 6, 2012 10:23:49 PM PDT
William B says:
RE: That's more of her unprovable trash.

LOL You're living proof that every syllable is absolute fact; besides, she lived it, no-ish. Her father was one of your terrorist heroes, Colonel Mustafa Hafez, who was packed off to Muslim paradise by the righteous might of the IDF.

In reply to an earlier post on Aug 6, 2012 11:11:11 PM PDT
Last edited by the author on Aug 6, 2012 11:12:14 PM PDT
\\one of your terrorist heroes\\

Never heard of him! Why do you invent lies? I don't have terrorist heroes, except maybe George Washington.

Nonie Darwish is just a hatemonger for hire. No decent person associates with such a person. For more on her:

"Nonie Darwish Caught in a Pool of Lies"

She's part of an well funded effort:

"The Connection Between Zionism & Organized Islamophobia - The Facts"

Posted on Aug 6, 2012 11:28:53 PM PDT
William B says:
loonwatch? electronicintifada? Talk about loony hate sites!!!! You need to take a bunch more classes, no-ish.

In reply to an earlier post on Aug 6, 2012 11:34:36 PM PDT
Loonwatch is fact-based. I read the other one rarely.

In reply to an earlier post on Aug 7, 2012 12:04:32 AM PDT
William B says:
RE: Loonwatch is fact-based.

ROTFL Yeah, so is Loony Tunes!!!!!
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